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The Man of Tomorrow - Reviews


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You Wait and You Wait...
!!!!!! This review contains spoilers !!!!!!

You wait, and you wait for the pilot of various shows that you are interested in -- and then the day arrives. It couldn't have been a more joyous day for me. I tuned into the CW and began to watch their newest program at the moment -- Legion of Super Heroes. My heart skipped a few beats as the shows' theme began to play. I admired the various scenes that where displayed in the main opening.

So onto the episode. It was a pretty good way to kick off the pilot episode. I loved seeing the Booster Gold cameo in the episode which I felt was a nice treat for us fans. Superman's reaction to being in the future was pretty well played out. I didn't understand why the team gave Superman a flight ring, since he can already fly, though I guess that it is meant to prove that he is in the Legion of Super Heroes.

I don't understand how his appearance didn't turn many heads though. I mean, don't you think somebody would be upset about somebody stealing the Superman suit? Do you think that people would be a little curious as to why Superman was flying around in the future? I know I would be.

Overall, I give this episode a nice 9 out of 10.
Review posted on Friday, October 13th 2006 1:09 pm
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