Season 2

12 :02x01 - Since You've Been Gone

Christmas has come and last year seniors are coming to Laguna for Christmas Break.

LC failed school and is leaving San Francisco. After his return home, Stephen rings Kristin and they have an awkward meeting on the beach, and she walks away after an awkward silence. Unfortunately for Stephen, Kristin is over him and has a new boyfriend named Matt.
Laguna's bad boy, Jason, has caused his own share of drama. He's dating Jessica. But Kristin doesn't think he's trustworthy as she says: Jason's probably cheating on her with Alex M. After all, says Kristin, it takes a cheater to know one.

Lo throws a Christmas party in her house, where everyone gather to see each other for the first time after spending 3 months in school. Kristin gloats over getting a call from her new boyfriend, Matt. Stephen finds this hard to witness, and he moves in toward Kristin to try to get her attention.

The night after, he takes LC on a romantic dinner date, and Kristin calls in the middle of it, but he doesn't answer it, .... Stephen and LC get a laugh out of that and ignore Kristin's call.

Kristin and the girls are bowling and after that they leave in a stretch limo.Jessica gets an upsetting call from Jason. Meanwhile, as the girls rock out in the limo and get silly, Stephen and LC chill out in the Jacuzzi and apparently go to her room after that.
Guest Stars: Dieter Schmitz as Stephen's Friend | Cedric Channels as Jason's Friend | Morgan Souders as Alex M's Friend | Casey Reinhardt as The new Girl
Songs: Bowling for Soup -- Almost, Ginger Sling -- Are You Gonna, Aslyn -- Be the Girl, Kelly Clarkson -- Behind These Hazel Eyes, The Randies -- Boys in Stereo, Atherton -- California, Journey -- Don't Stop Believing, Dashboard Confessional -- Ghost of a Good Thing, Zooland -- Girls Rock, Fonzie -- Gotta Get Away, Dante Thomas -- Miss California, Simple Plan -- Perfect, Vaughan Penn -- Ready to Rise, Junk -- Satellite, Sugarcult -- She's the Blade, Kelly Clarkson -- Since You've Been Gone, Jamie Paxton -- Sunshine, The Blondes -- Teenage Foxes, Strokes -- The End has no End, Jennifer Mclaren -- Today (Is Gonna Be Different), Jesse Sheely -- What Ya Need

13 :02x02 - You Can't Trust Him

LC makes Stephen breakfast after staying up until 4:00 am the night before and apparently he slept at her place.

Alex M. and Taylor run into Jason and Talan on the beach and Alex invites Jason to Morgan's poker night.
Meanwhile Kristin, Alex H. and Jessica are getting ready for a girls night out and Jessica tells them that Jason is going out with Cedric. On their way to the restaurant Kristin tells Jessica that Jason is definitely cheating on her, she knows it because he's doing the same thing she did to Stephen when she was cheating on him and Jessica admits that Jason is the boy version of Kristin.

At Morgan's Jason and Cedric play a little joke on the girls while they're innocently playing poker. After they reveal themselves Alex M. and Jason leave the group and go to the patio to talk.

Lo visits Lauren and she tells her that Stephen and her are getting back to what they were (good friends).

Later Jessica asks Jason what he talked about with Alex M. he says that they only talked about college and swears on their relationship that he's not laying!
Guest Stars: Cedric Channels as Jason's Friend | Casey Reinhardt as The New Girl | Lauren Hooser as Kristin's Friend | Morgan Souders as Alex M's Friend |
Uncredited: Cami as Herself
Songs: Vaughan Penn -- Almost Perfect, Howie Day -- Collide, Vaughan Penn -- I'm Over It, Nada Surf -- Inside of Love, Junk -- Joke, Lit -- Looks Like They Were Right, Duncan Shiek -- On a High, Simple Plan -- Shut Up, Samantha Newark -- This Is Me

14 :02x03 - It's Hard To Say GoodBye

It's LC and Kristin's birthday and they are celebrating it!

LC, Dieter, Stephen and Kaitlyn head to Mexico and celebrate Mexican style! After a night out including kisses, hugs and a birthday wish Stephen and LC find their way to a hotel room where Stephen puts the "Do not disturb" sign on the door.

Meanwhile in Laguna Jessica and Alex H. are planning Kristin's birthday party and they ask her who she doesn't want to invite and she immediately says Taylor!

Taylor and Talan go out and he tells her that he compares all the girls he have tried to date with her but there's no one like her!
But the next night at Kristin's birthday party she starts flirting with him and he falls into her game! "You have no choice but to hang out with me" he says.

LC, Kaitlyn, Stephen and Dieter head back to Laguna only to face the fact that Stephen has to go back to San Francisco. LC goes to say goodbye and it's clearly sad about it. They hug and Stephen drives off. She gets into her car and drives back home about to break in tears.
Guest Stars: Lauren Hooser as Kristin's Friend | Morgan Souders as Alex M's Friend | Dieter Schmitz as Stephen's Friend | Kaitlyn as LC's Friend
Songs: Jaime Paxton -- All the Girls, Keith Varon -- Can't Breathe, Big Chris and Jahsun -- Fiya Dance, Joe Sibol -- Forever Hold Your Peace, Yerba Buena -- Guajira, Jagstar -- Home, Shout Out Louds -- Hurry Up Let's Go, Armor for Sleep -- My Town, Ginger Sling -- Out of My Head, Calexico -- Quattro (World Drifts In), Five Times August -- Save It For Later, Kevin Little -- Turn Me On, Elle Hamm -- U Got it All, The Donnas -- Who Invited You

15 :02x04 - More Than Friends

Morgan S., Taylor and Alex M. do a little prank to the boys as they wrap Jason's car with plastic paper and putting something like paint on it. Later talking about what they did they decided that Casey and Alex M. should have dinner with Jason and Cedric.

Some of the guys gather to have dinner. Jason sits next to Jessica and he's obviously angry about something, she asks him what's wrong, "nothing" he says. She asks him to go outside to talk, he claims that she know why he is acting so weird. "If I knew how I was acting I wouldn't be asking" she says. Apparently they solved this little problem because they start kissing.

Kristin arrives at dinner with Talan. After complimenting their looks Kristin immediately asks what he wanted to talk about. Talan tells her he cares about her. Kristin asks about him and Taylor. Talan more or less says that Taylor's a tease and he can't get her. They continue talking, with Kristin admitting that she plays games with guys. They reminisce about the first night they ever hooked up.

Casey, Cedric, Alex M., and Jason arrive at the restaurant, Alex and Jason are left alone and Jason asks her is she has something to ask him "No!" she says and after that .

Meanwhile Jessica is in her house, trying to call Jason. But she only get his voice mail.

Taylor and Talan meet at the beach. Taylor is upset and tells him that he's not with Kristin because she won't be with him, and he responds that he has been with her because he couldn't find anyone else "go be with the whore" she says.
Talan tells her he doesn't want to admit that he cares about Taylor because he knows he can never be with her. He says, "I l-u-v you,"
Guest Stars: Morgan Souders as Alex M's Friend | Cedric Channels as Jason's Friend | Lauren Hooser as Kristin's Friend | Casey Reinhardt as The New Girl
Songs: Dashboard Confessional -- As Lovers Go, Keith Varon -- Be The Same, Alissa Moreno -- Far From Here, Dar Williams -- Farewell To The Old Me, Green Day -- Holiday, My Chemical Romance -- I'm Not Okay (I Promise), Backstreet Boys -- Never Gone, Dashboard Confessional -- Screaming Infidelities, Chantal Kreviazuk -- These Days, Wes Hutchinson -- Things We Need Most

16 :02x05 - Winter Formal

Winter formal approaches and Taylor and Alex M. creatively ask Jason and Talan. Aware that Jason is dating Jessica, Alex offers just to "hang out" after wards. At winter formal Jason barley spends time with Jessica.
Kristin surprises his friend Ian at work. And Jessica asks Jake

After the winter formal dance, Taylor and Alex M. stop for some fast food. And Jason and Jessica are fighting in their limo. "You're annoying" says Jason! But he agrees to sleep in her place!

The next day Alex H. and Kristin are talking about pasts Winter Formals and Kristin is not sure if she misses Stephen or the comfort of having a boyfriend.

Taylor and Alex M's are at the beach discussing Jason situation with Jessica, while Jason and Cedric are in his house and Jason admits to have a thing for Alex M.
Guest Stars: Cedric Channels as Jason's Friend | Morgan Souders as Alex M's Friend | Lauren Hooser as Kristin's Friend | Casey Reinhardt as The New Girl
Songs: Dandy Warhols -- Friends, Fat Joe -- Get It Poppin, Avril Lavigne -- Nobody's Home, The Thrills -- Not For All The Love In The World, Ginger Sling -- Now That You're Here, Harry Palmdale -- Spinnin

17 :02x06 - I Hate Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day its coming and everybody wants a Valentine. Lo comes visit LC and introduce her new boyfriend.

Stephen is in town and is taking Kristin out to dinner. They talk and the conversation gets kind of awkward when Kristin asks him if he has been dating. He says that he hasn't but she doesn't believe him.

Jessica prepares a really romantic dinner at her house, even though the place looks good he tells her that she overdid it! and like that's not enough he also tells her that he thinks she's not good for him!

The next day LC and Kaitlyn are in LC's house talking about how much they hate Valentine's Day and Stephen stops by to surprise Lauren with chocolates and flowers! Lauren is overjoyed to see him and amazed that he doesn't have a Valentine's (that's what he told her).

Things aren't so great between Jason and Jessica He calls her to break up. Later Kristin is at Jessica's talking to her and Jason calls to say he's cruising by. Kristin leaves to leave them alone. They talk about their relationship and Jessica ends up really bummed. She calls Kristin crying and she comes back to support her.
Guest Stars: Kaitlyn as LC's Friend | Lauren Hooser as Kristin's Friend | Dieter Schmitz as Stephen's Friend | Courtney as Jessica's Friend | Patrick as Lo's Boyfriend
Songs: Kelly Clarkson -- Behind These Hazel Eyes, Course Of Nature -- Caught In The Sun, Leedsy Ports -- Further, Joseph Arthur -- In The Sun, The Orion Experience -- No Love In February, Yellowcard -- Only One, Ryan Cabrera -- True

18 :02x07 - Get Over Him

After Jessica and Jason's break up, she's still thinking about him, and she needs something to keep her away from missing him so bad. A trip Mammoth it's the perfect excuse to get away of everything! So Kristin, Talan, Jessica, Alex H. and Jeff head to the mountains!

While they head to Mammoth in Laguna Jason and Alex M. are officially together! Alex's dream came true!
He's asked her out and they enjoy a romantic dinner together.

Back in Mammoth Jessica called Jason and told him she loves him! (It seems like the distance isn't working!)
And Stephen calls Kristin to see if they can meet when she gets back to Laguna.

LC and Kaitlyn who are also in Mammoth go to lunch with Talan and he tells LC that Stephen went to dinner with Kristin on Valentine's Day. LC is clearly disappointed.
Guest Stars: Jeff B. (1) as Talan's Friend | Lauren Hooser as Kristin's Friend | Kaitlyn as LC's Friend | Morgan Souders as Alex M's Friend | Casey Reinhardt as Alex M's Friend | Cedric Channels as Jason's Friend | Johnny (1) as Snowboarding Instructor | Forrest as Snowboarding Instructor
Songs: Reliant K -- Be My Escape, Anna Nalick -- Breathe, The Doves -- Catch The Sun, Gorillaz -- Feel Good Inc., The Elms -- Hey Hey, Greenday -- Holiday, Jagstar -- Home, Leedsy Ports -- Ice On My Tongue, Jagstar -- Invite Me To Your Dream, Sheridan -- One In A Million, Wakefield -- Say You Will, Leedsy Ports -- Ticking, Ryan Cabrera -- True

19 :02x08 - What Goes Around...

Alex M. and Alex H. meet for lunch trying to become friends again. But they still have to make Kristin and Taylor like each other.

At Kristin's house Jessica tells Kristin that she just found out that Jason and Alex M. are together. And that she fells bad because Jason and she aren't talking anymore.

That night everybody meets at the beach for a bonfire. Jessica is uncomfortable with the idea of seeing Jason and Alex M. together. Surprisingly Alex M. tells Jessica that they need to talk so they leave the group to discuss the situation. "As a respect for you I would never kiss him in front of you" says Alex M. But later when Jason arrives she gets all over him.

The next day Jason, Cedric and Talan are playing golf and Jason calls Jessica to see if she wants to hang out. She gets to the golf course and soon they leave to the beach.

Alex M. calls Alex H. and invites her and Kristin to dinner with Taylor. They get to the restaurant after an awkward moment someone calls Alex M. and tells her that Jessica and Jason are hooking up at the beach. Kristin and Alex H. look surprised on the news!

Kristin seriously worried about the situation asks Jessica what happened with Jason "Nothing" she lies. We didn't do anything; I wouldn't do that to Alex M.

Alex M. confronts Jason and asks him why he kissed Jessica. He says that it was a mistake and that he's sorry!
But he's not sure if he wants to be with her.
Guest Stars: Morgan Souders as Alex M's Friend | Lauren Hooser as Kristin's Friend | Jake as Jason's Friend | Cedric Channels as Jason's Friend | Casey Reinhardt as Alex M's Friend
Songs: Michelle Branch -- Are You Happy Now, Motion City Soundtrack -- Everything Is Alright, Leedsy Ports -- Shine Like A Star, Death Cab for Cutie -- Soul Meets Body, Kings of Leon -- The Bucket, Sean Stewart -- The In Crowd, The Doves -- There Goes The Fear, 5 Times August -- Up To Me, Jason Mraz -- Wordplay, Orion -- Your New Boyfriend

20 :02x09 - Cabo, Cabo, Cabo

The guys are going to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, and everyone is excited to go there, well...that is everyone except for Jessica. After she hooked up with Jason, no one knows what to expect when Jessica and Alex both decide to go to Cabo. Will Jessica and Alex fight it out? Luckily, Jason decides to go to Costa Rica, instead of going to Cabo.

As Kristin and Alex H. prepare to leave, they both plan on having a fun and crazy time. "What happens in Cabo, stays in Cabo" says Alex H as Kristin makes a toast to hot boys in their room at Mexico.
Once they all arrive in Cabo, the tension builds between Alex M. and Jessica. Jessica spends the entire time hanging out with Emily and not with Kristin and Alex H. But Jessica certainly doesn't seem to be crossing Kristin's mind... she's too busy hanging out with Talan.

Fighting erupts one night at a night club, when Alex M. spots Jessica entering the club. Emily begs her not to ruin everyone's trip, but Alex doesn't listen to her. The inevitable happens as Alex and Jessica shout it out in a screaming match until Jessica finally gives in and apologizes and admits that she is a slut. Alex doesn't think that she's really trying to apologize and tells her "You're one low chick."
Guest Stars: Morgan Souders as Alex M's Friend | Lauren Hooser as Kristin's Friend | Cedric Channels as Jason's Friend | Emily (1) as Jessica's Friend |
Uncredited: Sam (1) as Kristin's Crush
Songs: The Donna's -- 40 boys In 40 Nights, Bloc Party -- Banquet, Jonathan Balas -- California Here I Go, Junk -- Cheap Flight, Jagstar -- Crazy, Louis XIV -- Finding Out True Love Is Blind, Kylie Minogue -- In Your Eyes, The Caesars -- Jerk It Out-, Avril Lavigne -- Losing Grip, Jaime Paxton -- So Mean, Death Cab for Cutie -- Sound of

21 :02x10 - Lies And Goodbyes

Talan makes Kristin a romantic dinner "from the bottom of my heart" as he says. The day after she heads up to San Francisco to see Stephen were he has "something to show her at night" the share Chinese food under the stars and the fireworks and Stephen admits that he feels weird being just friends with her, that he'll always be attracted to her. Kristin feeling awkward says that it's not the best time for her to have a boyfriend.

LC and Casey meet up for coffee, they talk about college and high school and Casey says "All the girls are against me now"

Here's the reason why Casey had spread a nasty rumor she heard about Alex M. "She said I have a bad Hygiene problem" Alex tell Taylor.
But Casey trying to salvage her friendship with Alex and her popularity with the girls apologizes to Alex but this only make things worse. "What am I supposed to do, be like hey I like I forgive you, when I don't like you at all" says Alex M.
Guest Stars: Lauren Hooser as Kristin's Friend | Cedric Channels as Jason's Friend | Casey Reinhardt as Herself
Songs: Ben Lee -- Catch My Disease, Aiden Hawken -- Crush, Paulina Gretzky -- Fly, The Click 5 -- Just The Girl, Sheridan -- Over Under, Coldplay -- Speed Of Sound, Joe Sibol -- The Moon Is Full, Rachel Yamagata -- Worn Me Down

22 :02x11 - Don't Hate The Game

Alex H. and Kristin throw a party and invite everyone except Alex M. and Taylor!
In that Fiesta as they call it, Jessica tells Kristin that she has a crush on Jeff and that she still has some feelings for Jason.
After that Kristin gets "friendly" with Jeff while Jessica is down at the beach with Alex H.

After that the girls go to the Wave House in San Diego to see the boys "surfing" on fake waves. And Alex M. asks Jessica what she thinks about Jeff, and once again she says she has a crush on him, but she feels bad that Kristin hooked up with him, because Kristin is twenty times better and prettier. And Taylor says no way! you are not only beautiful on the outside gorgeous on the inside.

Mean while Alex H. and Kristin are having their nails done and talking about Jessica and Jeff and Kristin says that she feels bad for hooking up with him and tells Alex H. that she wasn't thinking straight.

Stephen and Lauren meet in San Francisco. "Are you following me" LC says after Stephen told her that he's moving to L.A. They go to a restaurant to have dinner and reminisce, about their first kiss and LC tells him that it was the sweetest first kiss. "What do you think would've happened if you and me had a relationship that lasted" ...Without knowing what to answer LC says "I don't know".
Guest Stars: Lauren Hooser as Kristin's Friend | Cedric Channels as Jason's Friend | Morgan Souders as Alex M.'s Friend | Jen as LC's Friend | Jeff B. (1) as Talan's Friend
Songs: Holograms -- Are you ready for it?, Futureheads -- First date, Sahara Hotnights -- Hot night crash, Journey -- lights, Johanna Stanley -- Nothing I would change, Rilo Kiley -- Portions for foxes, Ryan Cabrera -- shine, Salme -- Take it off baby, Rod Michael -- The things, Everclear -- Wonderful

23 :02x12 - Our Last Prom

It's time for prom in Laguna Beach High School and the seniors are preparing for this occasion. The boys ask the girls in the most creative ways.

Jake hires a towing company to tow Taylor's car while she's having her nails done in a nail salon.
Talan gets into Kristin's garage dressed up in a tuxedo, and decorates it with red balloons, rose's bouquets, and rose's petals on the floor. He leaves flowers outside on the sidewalk and a note that says how special Kristin is for him, "You have this amazing ability to make me laugh, yet you have this beautiful way of making me cry" says the letter and then instructs her to close her eyes and count to ten. Meanwhile the garage door opens and when she opens her eyes and she sees Talan standing in front of her holding with a roses bouquet "Will you go to prom with me?" says Talan and of course Kristin says Yes!.

Jeff B. and Jeff C. dress up in gorilla costumes, and carry a huge banana signs that say Prom? and approach Alex H. and Jessica while they're having lunch. They jump up and scare the two girls holding the signs up. After a few seconds the girls realize that they are being asked to go to the prom.

Cami Jason's date for the prom asks Alex M. if its okay for her to go to prom with Jason, Alex says that it's fine, but then admits that she got mad for like an hour.

Prom day arrived and the seniors go to Sarah pre-prom party at her house. They take pictures, and get time to "discuss" Casey's dress.

Even if Jason and Alex M. had their official dates they spend the whole night making out.

Stephen and LC meet up just to hang.
Guest Stars: Jeff B. (1) as Talan's Friend | Morgan Souders as Alex M.'s Friend | Lauren Hooser as Kristin's Friend | Cedric Channels as Jason's Friend | Jake as Talan's Friend | Kyndra as Sophmore | Cami as Sophmore | Jeff C. (1) as Alex H.'s date
Songs: Big Hello -- Action Now, Straylight Run -- Existentialism On Prom Night, I 94 -- Good Friend, I 94 -- I Will, Jason Fioto -- Near Me, Ciara -- One Two Step, Five Times August -- Roll Into You, Jet -- Roll Over DJ, Unwritten Law -- She Says, Skies Of America -- So High, Junk -- Stuck Like Glue

24 :02x13 - Boyfriends Are Like Purses

LC and Jen decide to have a barbecue to kick off the summer and see all their friends. Stephen and Dieter are excited with the idea.

Meanwhile Kristin's car is finally "dunzo" as she said last season and her father gets her a brand new BMW X5! She's shocked with her new baby as she called it.

Back at LC's house everybody is there, but the party doesn't really starts until Talan and Jason arrive. LC and Jason starts to flirt and Stephen is clearly bummed about it!
The next day Talan and Jason are playing basketball and talking about how much fun they had at LC's BBQ. Talan comments that LC is hot and Jason agrees!

LC, Jen and Heidi are lying down by LC's pool and talking about how good the barbecue was and end up comparing boyfriends to bags. While they're talking Jason calls LC and asks her out. It seems like LC is over Stephen!

Stephen is surprised about the fact that LC and Jason are going out on a date.
Guest Stars: Lauren Hooser as Kristin's Friend | Jen as LC's Friend | Morgan Souders as Alex M's Friend | Casey Reinhardt as LC's Friend |
Uncredited: Dustin as Casey's Crush
Songs: LFO -- Every Other Time, Vines -- Get Free, Salme -- Hello California, Michelle Branch f/ Carlos Santana -- I'm Feelin' You, Unwritten Law -- She Says, Interpol -- Slow Hands, Citizen Cope -- Sun's Gonna Rise, Plain White T's -- Take Me Away, Billy Talent -- The Ex, Xoch -- The One", Johanna Stahley -- There Is Life, Shout Out Louds -- Very Loud, Ginger Sling -- We Are Young, Lifehouse -- You and Me

25 :02x14 - The End Of The Beginning

Graduation day is finally here and the seniors are kind of frightened about it!
Stephen and Dieter decide to go see Kristin and Jessica graduate.

LC and Jason spend the day at his grandparent's house and get "friendly" in the hot tub. They admit that they're a really random couple.

Back to graduation, everybody is getting ready for the occasion. Jessica tries on a little dress and asks her sister if it's too scandalous. While Cedric tells Jason that he's only wearing boxers under the gown.
The parents give the kids graduation presents and Kristin receives a frying pan! What a strange gift for graduation! Jessica, Alex H., Taylor receives jewelry, but nothing compare to the Tiffany's jewelry set Casey got as a present.

The moment has come and everybody is on their sits very excited, well everybody except Jason who isn't graduating and Talan who decided to get his G.E.D.

The next day Kristin and Alex H. are lying in bed trying to understand the meaning of "the end of the beginning"

Casey invites Alex M., Morgan S., and Taylor over to her house for lunch trying to become friends again. I made sandwiches she says! They're also amazed about graduation, and they decide to leave the drama behind, because they're college students now.

At the beach Alex H. tells Kristin and Jessica the big news: Jason and LC are officially dating. They can't believe what they're hearing! How odd is that they say.
Guest Stars: Lauren Hooser as Kristin's Friend | Dieter Schmitz as Stephen's Friend | Jen as LC's Friend | Morgan Souders as Alex M's Friend | Cedric Channels as Jason's Friend | Diana as Jessica's Sister | Dennis Cavallari as Kristin's Dad | Judith (1) as Kristin's Mom | Lisa (1) as Alex H's Mom | Darrell as Jessica's Dad | Ken as Taylor's Step-Dad | Craig Murrel as Alex M's Dad |
Co-Guest Stars: Kelly Reinhardt as Casey's Mom | Shannon as Alex H's Cousin | Dominique as Alex M's Step-Sister | Annette (1) as Alex M's Step-Mom | Karen Smith (2) as Jessica's Mom | Alex B. (1) as Senior Class Speaker
Songs: The Handcuffs -- All Shine On, Treble Charger -- American Psycho, Guster -- Careful, Jason Fioto -- Forever, Dirty On Purpose -- Girls And Sunshine, Dave Mathews -- So Damn Lucky, Lina Morgana -- Something About You, Tracy Speulher -- Time, Chantal Kreviazuk -- Time, Orion -- We Are The Ones

26 :02x15 - I Saw You Kiss Her

Trey and Lauren organize a benefit to help the victims of the land slide and the call it "Fight the Slide 2005" where they have a fashion show, an auction and performances by Talan and Alex M. Everybody is contributing with the benefit, they're modeling, looking for donations and giving some of their time to it.

At the rehearsal Jason flirts with Jessica in front of Lauren. When Jessica tells Kristin that, she ironically says that maybe they're becoming friends again.

The next day Kristin, Alex H., and Jessica agree with the fact that LC likes to be hurt and she doesn't know how to pick a boy.

Everybody is at 7 degrees getting ready for the show. First to performance is Talan, while he's singing Jason calls Jessica over and she sits on his lap. When he finish Jason stands up and goes up to LC , and she's mad!
Alex M. goes up the stage and perform.

It's time for the fashion show, LC is making sure everyone is ready, but surprise surprise Jessica needs to be touched up! that's because you were sitting on his lap and dancing around, LC says.
After that Jessica approaches Jason and he grabs her head and kiss him, but LC is there to witness this. She's really mad, but there's nothing she can do while the show is on, she needs to see that everything is in order.

Later Jason tries to talk to her but she firmly tells him to get away from her. She goes up to Dieter and almost break down, but Dieter tells her to hold it. Then Dieter goes up to Jason and they call Jessica to figure out what happened, Jason tells him that Jessica started the kiss but she denies everything.
LC tells Dieter that she saw everything and it was Jason's fault not Jessica's.

LC leaves and Jason is left devastated thinking about what he did and the consequences of it.
Guest Stars: Dieter Schmitz as Stephen's Friend | Morgan Souders as Alex M's Friend | Lauren Hooser as Kristin's Friend | Polster as Trey's Friend | Jen as LC's Friend | Cedric Channels as Jason's Friend | Jeff B. (1) as Talan's Friend | Heidi Montag as LC's Friend
Songs: Keren Deberg -- Boy On The TV, Gorillaz -- Dare, Talan Torriero -- Dead In Hollywood, Alex Murrel -- Hello, Kirsti Gholson -- I Got The Message, Backstreet Boys -- Incomplete, Better Than Ezra -- Juicy, Shins -- So Says I, Foo Fighters -- Times Like These

27 :02x16 - Nothing More To Say

LC decides to throw a big party before everyone leaves for college. LC invites everyone except Jason and Jessica of course.

Talan and Jason talk and Jason admits that he really likes LC and Talan tells him that he needs to go talk with her and apologize. "She's hurt" Talan says.

Morgan S., Taylor and Alex M. are talking about LC's party , who's going and how sad it will be to say goodbye to everyone. Alex M. says that "everyone needs to get over Jason!"

It's time for the party. Stephen asks who's coming over and when he finds out that Jessica and Jason aren't invited he ironically asks if they're having a hot date.
Taylor approaches Lauren to talk about what happened with Jason. She shows sympathy for LC and tells her that everyone knew something like that was going to happen. LC says that Jason is good apologizing!

On the other side of Laguna Kristin, Jessica and Alex H. are having dinner and deciding if they're going to LC's party or not. " I think you should go" Jessica says.
Kristin calls Stephen and surprisingly LC says "Tell her to get her little butt up here" it seems like she's over the awkwardness between them.
Kristin is on her way and says that she's going to talk to her, she's growing up and it's time to stop whatever is happening between them. But still she's kind of nervous to go inside the house. They gets in ignore LC and sit aside with Stephen. " They're clicking again" Alex M. says! They leave without saying goodbye to LC!

The next day Kristin tells Jessica and Alex H. that maybe she should have talked to LC, but soon starts talking about how good she is with Stephen now.

LC, Jen and Heidi are shopping. Jen tells LC that Jason told her that he's devastated!

But the devastated Jason calls Jessica and invite her to his house. She gets there and they talk about future and his relationship with Lauren. "You should call her" Jessica honestly says.

It seems like Jason followed Talan and Jessica's advice and calls LC, she agrees to meet him outside her house. "I wanted to say I'm sorry" says Jason, but LC doesn't trust him anymore. "Put yourself in my position it's humiliating " LC says... "What do you want me to say?" "Nothing more" says Jason, and he drives off.

Guest Stars: Morgan Souders as Herself | Cedric Channels as Himself | Lauren Hooser as Herself | Dieter Schmitz as Himself | Jen as Herself
Songs: Story of the Year -- Anthem Of Our Dying Day

28 :02x17 - The Last Surf

Summer has gone and after a year they'll never forget, full of drama, entertainment and gossip. With it the guys are leaving Laguna and heading up to college.
This makes Kristin, Alex H. and Jessica think about the future and how they see themselves in 10 years.

Taylor is in her house packing and Alex M. stops by and realizes that she's really leaving "who am I going to hang out with now" says Alex M. crying. They know things are going to be different. Alex M. doesn't want to say goodbye to Taylor, she knows that after that hug, she'll be miles away!

Stephen stops by LC's house while she's packing her stuffs. She makes a break and they go to her patio. They talk about her love life and how excited she is to go to Los Angeles "It'll work out this time" she says.

Later on Stephen meets Kristin at the beach. Kristin is kind of scare about leaving Laguna and everyone going separate ways. Stephen comforts her saying that he felt the same way last year. They hug and Stephen drives off.

Later Kristin and Alex H. are in Kristin's house talking about how weird it is now that everyone is gone. Jessica stops by and they can't believe their going to separate after all they've lived together. Jessica leaves and Kristin drives off to the beach and stares on the crashing waves thinking about her relationship with Stephen and all the good things she experienced that year. "This has been the best year of my life" she says.
Guest Stars: Lauren Hooser as Herself
Classification: Reality
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: MTV ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 10:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 28, 2004
Ended: November 15, 2006
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