Fast Cars and Fast Women - Recap

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Kristin wants a new car, and asks her brother if there's any probability that she might get one, "keep dreaming" he says. But she doesn't take a no for an answer, and Alex, her crush Sam and her go to see new cars. This is a great opportunity to flirt with Sam. But one their way back home Kristin's car breaks down in the middle of the road and causes a traffic jam. Ironically she came from seeing new cars and her old one breaks down!

Lo, LC and Jen have lunch together and talk about the bonfire and how bummed Stephen was because of the situation with Kristin, and Lo says that LC and Stephen will get marry.

Trey, Stephen and LC head up to LA to a fashion show. In the hotel LC flirts with Stephen, but during the fashion show Stephen starts checking out one of the models and LC gets mad. "This is not working" she says before leaving the after party.

Back to Laguna Stephen and Kristin go out and talk about what they did last night. Kristin says she went to dinner with a boy and Stephen tells her how friendly he got with one of the model.