Eighteen Candles - Recap

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It's Christina's 18th birthday and her mother gives her a great birthday present. She has the opportunity to have an audition for a Broadway show while she's in New York for Spring Break.

She's having a birthday party and everyone is going, well everyone except for LC and Lo. "Besides we weren't invited to their birthday" says Christina.

At the party Kristin and all the girls spot a hot guy on the table next to them, and she writes him a note and sends it with the waitress. The guy stands up and approaches them. "How come is my birthday and you get the guy" says Christina.

Things aren't so great at LC's house; she's getting grounded for her bad grades. Her best friend Lo comes to the rescue and tries to convince LC's dad to let her go out, but at the end Lo's help becomes useless when she agrees with LC's mom that she should be getting better grades.

In New York Christina is nervous for her audition and Morgan is trying to cheer her up and ends up annoying her. It's finally time for her to walk in and sing her heart out, and she gives the best of her.