What Happens in Cabo - Recap

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It's Spring Break and the cast is getting ready to go to Cabo San Lucas. Before leaving everyone share the idea of "what happens in cabo stays in cabo"

While Stephen, Dieter , Trey and Jonathon are playing golf they ask Stephen who is he hooking up with in Cabo and he says he won't hook up with LC. Dieter doesn't believe that and makes a bet that LC will be in Stephen's room before the end of the first night.

They arrive to their hotel and their first night there is full of drama thanks to Kristin. She's all over Sam and Stephen confronts her and makes a scene in the middle of the club.

The next morning everyone is talking about it and Dieter says that the next time they go out they should do it without her.

That night they're all having dinner and Stephen and LC leave the table together and Kristin is left alone.

Back in Laguna Stephen's friends are asking him what happened with LC, and Lo asks her what happened with Stephen. Neither of them confirm if they hooked up or not.