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The Last Dance - Recap

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t's Senior Prom and the all girls are wondering who will ask them, except for Lauren/LC who reserved a date on freshman year. Kristin receives an anonymous note asking her to prom and she's anxious to know who her secret admirer is.

Dieter and Trey made huge signs to ask their dates. Dieter does it at school and Trey on his backyard.
Morgan's date left balloons, fish, and " Of all fish in the sea will you go to prom with me?" written on her mirror.

Trey made a pre prom party and everybody meets there to take pictures and just hang out before going to prom.

After prom the limo stops in a hotel to leave Kristin, Stephen, Dieter, Jessica, Trey and his date. Morgan, LC, Lo and Christina are left bummed about this being their last prom and that after they leave for school they won't the same relationships, the same bond they have now while they listen to Michelle Branch's "Good Bye to You"