Since You've Been Gone - Recap

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This season’s first episode begins with Kristin as the narrator introducing the cast members and giving some details about them.

First scene shows Jessica, Kristin and Alex H. sunbathing and talking about how cool is to be a senior and not a junior! How much difference they feel about not being juniors anymore. They talk about how Christmas is in two weeks and Kristin says that is going to be weird to see Stephen again.
The scene cuts to San Francisco where we see Stephen still in bed turning off the alarm clock. Then waking with his roommate and talking about how things are going to be back in Laguna.
Then is Lauren who is also in San Francisco, getting out of her school and getting into a cab.
After that we see Trey, Lo, and Morgan packing and getting their bags into their cars and hitting home.

Lo visits LC in her new house and they talk about how happy they are for being home, and how was school. Lo says that she’s excited for her Christmas party.

Then Stephen gets into a cab and reminisces about his relationship with Kristin and what they said before he left for school. With a “Every time you come back we still be together”. The cab arrives at Stephen’s house, he starts unpacking and give Kristin a call, they agree to meet at Oak Street Lookout, were they have an awkward conversation. Kristin tries to break the ice by asking what is he doing for Christmas and Stephen responds with: “Am I supposed to be really happy to see you or something?” a long silence follows and Kristin decides to go and leave him alone at the beach.

Next scene, Kristin, Jessica and Alex H. get inside a store were they run into Morgan. They talk about who they have being dating and Kristin says she’s over Stephen to what Jessica does a little cheers! Morgan leaves and Alex H. and Jessica talks about Jessica’s obsession with Jason, Kristin joins them and they get out of the store and they see Jason in a car and they greet him.

Then Stephen and Dieter are at Stephen’s talking about how bad they feel for LC and she moving back to Laguna, and how in love was Dieter with Jessica.
Then Dieter and Jessica meet and talk about Jessica and Jason and how weird is to be with Jessica and talk to her knowing that Jason doesn’t let her do that.

The scene cuts to the bating cage were Jason and Cedric talk about his relationship with Jessica. Cedric asks Jason if he has a crush on Alex M. and if they’d be hook up buddies
Then we see Alex M. and Taylor coming down in the mall getting down in an escalator. They get into the Christian Dior store and Alex M. buys a pair of shoes. They get into another store and talk about how cute Jason is and Taylor asks her if she’d hook up with him if he weren’t with Jessica, Alex M. says that she would probably do it.

Next scene is Jason and Jessica getting into a restaurant and then having dinner. Jason ask her what time does she has to get home? And she answers with another question: Why don’t you just sleep at my house? They leave the restaurant. Holding hands.

Morgan goes to visit Christina and they talk about Utah and how weird things are going to be at Lo’s party with Lauren, Kristin and Lauren, but they’re excited to go.

The following scene is at Lo’s house were she’s throwing a Christmas party. LC and Lo talk about how happy they are to be back and excited to see everyone. Everyone arrives at the party and Kristin makes a late entrance right in the moment when a guy flips over a couch and breaks a flower vase. She barely talks to Stephen and get all excited when she receives a text message from her new boyfriend Matt.

The next day Stephen and Dieter head to the beach. They talk about Kristin and LC. Dieter thinks, no matter what she says, LC still wants Stephen. Stephen's only reply is that he's "cautious about that one".

Kristin, Jessica and Alex H. walk down the street and decide to have a poker party, and then they realize the party is the same night as Casey’s party but they’re not going.

At Casey's house, Casey's hairstylist is doing her hair for the party. They talk about the party and Casey's new school. Casey likes it in Laguna better. She tells her stylist that she has been in at least five beauty pageants.

Alex M. and Morgan S. are getting ready for the party. They're both happy Casey came to their school. They think she's "sweet" and "genuine". Morgan says “Jason called me and he’s going to the party”. Alex can only say "uh oh".

At Alex H. house, Jessica, Kristin, Alex H., and two other girls are playing cards. Kristin says that everything about Casey is fake.

People are arriving at Casey's house. Jason calls Jessica. At the poker party Jessica answers and gives the phone to Kristin. In many more annoying words, Kristin tells Jason that she wants him to leave Jessica alone for the night, and that they haven’t seen Jessica lately because she’s always with him. After hanging up, she deems Jason "not boyfriend material". Jason, meanwhile, sits down with Casey, Alex M., and Talan. Alex has a surprise for Jason. Back at the poker party, the girls are still complaining about Jason.

Another day, at Kristin's house, she and Alex H. get ready to go bowling. Kristin asks Alex that if she had to choose some one in their grade to hook up, who would, she chose. She says nobody, but “if you had to” Kristin insists, she'd say Sam because "he's the hottest guy".
Kristin thinks she'll always have something for Stephen, but doesn't want it right now. The girls get in a limo. That takes them to Lucky Strike Lanes.

Stephen arrives at LC's house, The two head to dinner at Pomodoro. On the way there, they compliment each other on how they look, with Stephen calling LC a "hottie with a body".

The girls arrive at Lucky Strike Lanes. And start bowling with other kids form their grade.

Stephen and LC get their food and LC asks what's up with Kristin and her new boyfriend. It doesn't matter to Stephen. "Good," LC replies. Kristin calls Stephen. He picks it up, laughs, and shows LC the phone. She takes it, (apparently closes the call) and gives the phone back to Stephen.
“Shall we Jacuzzi” Stephen says and LC responds with “Yeah we shall” which makes Stephen make fun of her.

The girls get back in the limo. Jessica calls Jason, trying to find out where he is. The other girls want her to hang up. Meanwhile, Stephen and LC get in the Jacuzzi and remember the moment from season one where she showed him around and they sat in an empty Jacuzzi. The girls turn on the music and the song playing just happens to be "Since You Been Gone".

LC and Stephen get out of the steaming Jacuzzi and head inside the house.