Lassie's Fish Story - Recap

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Lassie and Timmy stand on a stream bank with fishing gear. Lassie always knows where the biggest fish are lurking. She spies a school of big trout. Timmy is thrilled but decides he needs special hooks for the big fish Lassie has found. He goes to Ed Washburne's hardware store in Calverton.

At the hardware store, Timmy tells Ed about the big fish Lassie has found. Ed is participating in the Volunteer Fire Department's fishing contest and would like to catch a big fish. Timmy reminds Ed they were partners once and offers to help Ed get a big fish. Ed, Timmy, and Lassie set off to fish together.

Streamside, Timmy notices the fish have disappeared. He's disappointed and apologizes to Ed. Lassie trots off and finds another big fish upstream. She hurries back to Timmy and Ed. They follow Lassie to the special spot, The big fish has disappeared. Nonetheless, Ed casts his line into the water. He catches a big fish.

Back at the hardwarde store, Timmy and Ed are photographed with the big fish. The fish weighs 4 lbs. 1 oz. Timmy tells the customers in Ed's store that Lassie found the fish. Mr. Bly, the tournament's first place contender is present and disqualifies the catch, telling everyone that the fisherman must find the fish himself -- not have a dog point the fish for him. Ed didn't see Lassie point the fish and doesn't believe a dog can point fish. He remains optimistic about winning the tournament.

The next morning at the Martin house, Ruth takes a phone call from the Associated Press inquiring about Lassie and her special abilities. Ruth is puzzled. Lassie enters with the newspaper. Ruth discovers a front page story about Lassie pointing fish. Timmy explains but Ruth refuses to believe that a dog can point fish.

Newspaper reporters meet Timmy at the hardware store. Timmy tells them he should never have mentioned Lassie's ability to find the biggest fish. Mr. Bly accuses Ed of trying to cover up Lassie's special skills. Timmy says that in Ed's case Lassie had nothing to do with finding Ed's big catch. The newsmen want Lassie to give a demonstration. Bly reminds everyone that if Lassie succeeds in pointing a fish, Ed will be disqualified from the tournament.

At the stream, Timmy and Lassie are the center of attention. Lassie paces about impatiently, ready to point fish. Timmy takes Lassie aside and tells her she has the opportunity to become the most important dog in America -- almost as important as the president! Lassie sits up proudly in her "let us pray" position. Timmy tells Lassie not to point fish this one time so Ed will not be disqualified from the tournament.

The reporters and fishermen stroll along the streambank. Lassie pretends to be looking for fish. Mr. Bly announces that Lassie is pointing. Mr. Bly drops his line in the water and catches a tiny fish. Lassie takes off to another spot. She points. But nothing can be seen in the water. Ed drops his line in the water and catches a turtle. Lassie looks pleased with her jokes. The newsmen complain about being led on a goose chase and suggest that Timmy get a good spanking.

Ed puts an end to the discussion. The newsmen leave. Ed tells Timmy that Lassie is still the greatest dog in the world even though she can't spot fish. Ed leaves. Timmy and Lassie remain behind. Timmy tells Lassie to "find fish" and the two run upstream together.

Later, Timmy pops into the hardware store with a string of huge fish. One fish weighs 5 lbs. Timmy doesn't tell Ed and Mr. Bly that Lassie found the fish. With a wry smile on his face, Ed hands Timmy the tournament trophy.