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Lassie's Time of Peril - Recap

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Corey and Lassie are seen at the edge of a spectacular gorge surveying a powerful waterfall. Corey remarks that the water is high. Corey and Lassie walk upriver.

Elsewhere, heavy rains at a lumber camp loosen a skid of logs. Rangers remark on the bridge pilings downriver and the danger the logs pose.

Corey needs to put a log chain across the river. We see the log chain in the bottom of Corey's rubber boat. Corey sets off on the river telling Lassie to stay on the bank. Lassie runs ahead of Corey and notes the dangerous amount of logs running downriver.

Lassie barks a warning to Corey. Corey continues downriver. Dangerous rapids lie in Corey's path. Corey looses his oar. With logs coming downriver and rapids ahead, Corey is in grave danger!

Lassie jumps into the water against Corey's command. She retrieves a long thick stick Corey can use as an oar. She carries it to Corey's boat. Corey takes the stick and tries to haul Lassie aboard but is unable to do so.

The boat approaches the rapids. Lassie is swept into the turbulence. Corey rows feverishly and enters the rapids. Lassie swims bravely against the rapids. She manages to pull herself ashore on a rocky ledge momentarily before she is swept into the rapids again.

Lassie finds refuge on an enormous fallen tree in the river. She is safe for a moment. Corey appears in the boat. Lassie barks. Corey anchors his boat against another fallen tree. A logjam is created and Corey fends those off that may damage his boat.

Corey prepares to rescue Lassie. He ties a rope to his log and uses it to carry himelf to Lassie's unsteady refuge. He reaches Lassie, ties the rope around her waist, and returns to his boat. He hauls Lassie upriver to his boat. Lassie is saved! Corey hugs her.

Meanwhile, logs continue to pour downriver. Corey and Lassie set off in the boat downriver. Corey has difficulty managing the boat in the turbulence.

Lassie and Corey make land and secure the boat. Corey ties one end of the log chain around a large tree Lassie and Corey climb into the boat and paddle to the opposite bank while playing out the chain into the river. Corey brings the boat to the opposite bank and pulls the log chain tight. Then secures the end of the chain to a tree.

Logs begin amassing against the chain. The bridge pilings downriver are safe!

Corey and Lassie congratulate themselves on a job well done. Corey radios Mobile 2 to inform all that the logs are chained off. Corey and Lassie head home.