Captain - Recap

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The episode begins with Navy SEAL lying injured in a motorboat, and his colleagues attending to him. The injured man is bleeding from the right side of his chest. One of them informs someone over his headphone that they are at the “rendezvous point”; just then a submarine appears from under the boat. A man inside the sub named Kendal orders that, the injured man, be brought inside as soon as possible. Turns out, Kendal is the second in command on the sub, with a man named Chaplin in command. Later, Kendal and Chaplin watch the news, where they see that four generals have resigned in Washington. The generals seemingly have an issue with the President.

The two, drink to the fact that, they are away from all the chaos at Washington. Marcus Chaplin then tells Sam Kendal that, he has recommended his name for a desk job, as Sam has a wife and should spend some time with her and think of starting a family. Later, the US Navy sub crosses the equator and Chaplin signals his team to begin partying. Music is then played and everyone on the sub begins frolicking and dancing. Suddenly, Chaplin is handed an instruction that comes in. Everyone is then alerted to get back to their positions. Basically, a missile fire order has been received from the DOD. Kendal and Chaplin confirm the fact that the orders are authentic. The missiles on the sub are then armed, as per the order.

The targets are then locked but before the missiles can be deployed, Kendal asks Chaplin as to why the Antarctic Network in which they are in being used, as it’s only to come into effect if “DC command was gone or inoperable”. Chaplin then decides to make radio contact to confirm the orders, but the Captain feels they would be in direct contradiction of procedure if they break radio silence. Chaplin though, pays no heed to the captain and asks over the radio, as to why such a command has come through a secondary channel, when it is to be used only if DC command is down. He then makes it very clear that he isn’t going to annihilate 4.3 million Pakistanis unless he gets a direct order. “Get me someone I can talk to” he adds and then hangs up.

A woman in DC on the other hand is shown telling a man as to how well equipped the sub USS Colorado is, just before they are about to make out. She also reveals that the Colorado leaves no magnetic signature because of a device she has put on board, and hence can’t be spotted. Then just as they are about to have sex, she receives a text which says “472 CHAPLIN”. She panics on seeing the text and begins wearing her clothes in a hurry. She then apologizes to the guy and leaves in a hurry. Chaplin receives a call on the radio from the Deputy Secretary of Defense William Kirk. Kirk tells Chaplin that, he is relieved of his command. He then asks to talk to the second in command. Kendal comes on and is told that he has been promoted to the commanding officer.

Kendal is then instructed to fire the missiles, but he too asks that an order be officially sent through the official channel. The SEALs who are on board, point guns at Kendal and ask him to follow the order. Just then they are all informed that, a cruise missile is heading the submarine’s way. Kendal and the whole crew get into action and submerge the sub, as a result of which the missile misses its target. The sub then spins out of control and settles at the bottom of the ocean. The walls of the sub are breached thanks to the impact and water starts gushing into it as a result. The crew on the sub, including the SEALS, tries to do all it can to save themselves and the others. On the other hand, a lush green island is shown, with people on it.

A car is shown entering a facility with the board “Property of NATO” stuck to its fence. Inside the facility a man is talking on the phone about equipment malfunction and “missile signature”. A woman is standing nearby looking at a screen. She tells the man the missile signature reveals that “it’s an American Tomahawk”. The guy Julian, who entered the facility in his car, comes in just then and hands the woman Julie a bag of provisions. He tells her everything in the bag is a gift. In the sub, Kendal informs Chaplin of how grim the situation is. Chaplin tells Kendal, he is in command now, so he has to take charge. The sub is still languishing at the bottom, but the breach has been contained.

Kendal briefs his crew, asking them to get the sub to somewhere safe “so we can see our families again”. Kendal is then informed that they were attacked by the Illinois, which is one of their own. The Captain feels it’s because they ignored orders. Kendal disagrees, saying they didn’t ignore but only questioned the order. “We can’t hide from the US Navy forever” the lieutenant exclaims. Chaplin comes in just then and takes over the command of the sub. Lieutenant Kale isn’t happy about it, as Chaplin was relieved off his duty. Captain Cobb too, isn’t very happy about the situation. Chaplin tells Kendal, he has found out where exactly they can escape to, for the time being.

On American soil in the news it’s being shown that, the USS Colorado was shot down by a Pakistani warship. It’s also reported that, all the 150 people onboard are dead. Kylie the woman who was shown talking about the USS Colorado earlier, during making out, confronts Admiral Sheppard of the US Navy and tells him “we both know the Pakistanis didn’t sink the Colorado. Turns out, her company’s prototype is on the sub, and hence she won’t see it get wasted in this fashion. “You sank your own boat” she tells him, describing to him how she knows all the details. She then figures out that, the Admiral might not have known about it, as his daughter too was on the sub.

Julie too sees the news about the lie that Pakistan attacked the sub. She then sees two nukes going off in Pakistan, and bursts into tears. The sub on the other hand surfaces near the island, with the residents of the island looking on in surprise. Later, Chaplin and his whole crew enter the facility and tell Julie that he is taking over, when she protests that the “station belongs to NATO”. Lieutenant Grace the Admiral’s daughter, later speaks to him over the phone. He is in tears on hearing her voice, and is relieved that she is alive. Then, just as the Admiral begins talking to Chaplin, the Military Police enter his office, and snatch the phone from him. Later, the location of Chaplin and crew is triangulated and they are informed that there are B1 bombers heading their way.

Chaplin decides to retaliate by deploying the missiles on the sub. He then deploys a missile which he directs towards DC. He then calls Kirk and informs him of the missile and how it’s heading toward DC. He asks Kirk to call off the bombers, in return for disarming the missile. The bombers are eventually called off, but Chaplin doesn’t disarm the missile and lets it detonate in DC, but in an area where no one is hurt. Chaplin now feels he has managed to get the attention of the US Government.

He then declares a no man’s land around the island and asks the US Government and the world to not breach it, or they shall have to face the consequences. He reminds the world that they have 17 more nuclear missiles on board and won’t hesitate to use them if threatened. Later, Chaplin tells Kendal that, the island might be their new home, where they can start from scratch. The episode ends at this point.