Blue on Blue - Recap

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The episode begins and Chaplin is informed by his crew that, 20 warships are closing in on their location. Chaplin then orders engaging a prototype called the “Perseus”. The prototype has basically made the USS Colorado, invisible to sonar and every other sort of detection. The USS Illinois is close by trying to hunt the Colorado, but is unable to locate it, thanks to the prototype. A disabled warhead that is launched by the Colorado, hits the Illinois just then, as a result it turns back, fearing another attack. Later Chaplin has a meeting with the imprisoned Cobb. Cobb tells Chaplin, he is no longer his captain.

He also reminds Chaplin that, his duty was to follow orders without questioning them, which he did not do. Shepard asks Kendal to relive her, as no one seems to be paying heed to her orders. Kendal though, asks her to deal with it rather than quitting. Just then they see an aircraft flying overhead, and it is flying at a distance closer than the 200 mile buffer, which was ordered by Chaplin. It’s a passenger 747. They see it turning around, after the warning. Kendal concludes that a Delta Force team could have been dropped from that plane, into the perimeter. He decides to take a team, and go check it out. Shepard too volunteers for the mission. Kendal and Shepard later meet up with James, who tells them “you got a bad case of 7 or 10 special forces”. Kendal asks James to help them come up with a plan.

James on his part is in no mood to help, as he doesn’t agree with what Chaplin is doing. Kendal later receives a call from his wife Chrissie. She informs him he shall be given full amnesty, all he has to do is “give them the sub and give them Marcus”. She suddenly yells out “don’t trust them, whatever they say to you whatever I say to you”. She has the phone snatched away from her. Chaplin tells Kendal “sometimes the enemy is just the man keeping you from getting home”. In Washington, Kylie is informed; her Perseus prototype was tested by Chaplin, and it works. Linus, her informer also tells her “they will take it away from you”, because of all that has happened. She feels she has to find the order that was given to Illinois to fire at the Colorado, as that order might be her “get-out-of-jail-free card”.

She blackmails Linus in order to convince him, to get her “that order”. Kendal and his team proceed to intercept the Delta Force operatives. Sophie joins them, as she knows the terrain. Kendal’s wife on the other hand is being mentally tortured by officials at Washington. Tani isn’t happy about the fact that, James let Kendal and his men go off alone. She basically tries to arouse his conscience. Chrissie is informed; Kendal was a captive in North Korea for 17 days. Chaplin had gone out of his way to secure Kendal’s release. The official tells Chrissie, Kendal never told her about it, therefore he could be hiding many other things from her, he suggests. Chaplin over the phone speaks to Curry, who is the secretary of defense.

Chaplin asks him to call off the Delta, but the secretary claims “there are no Delta on your island” and hangs up. Shepard on the other hand is being taunted by two men on the mission, for killing an officer earlier. The two were sent on the mission by Cobb, to deal with Shepard. “If you are going to shoot me in the back, maybe you can wait until we are done here” she tells the man. Kendal and the team are waiting for the Delta to breach the kill zone, set by Chaplin. From their hiding place, they see the Delta arrive. Kendal doesn’t want to shoot the Deltas, and therefore yells out that he is coming out to talk and is unarmed. While Kendal is busy trying to talk to them, he is informed on the com by Kendal that, “they are not Deltas, they are Russian Spetznas”.

Kendal on hearing this runs for cover, and his men begin shooting at the Spetznas. Chaplin talks to Victor, the head of the Spetznas, and tells him that, he shall blow up a base in Ukraine, where Victor’s sons are stationed, if he does not call off his men. Victor offers to call off his men, if Chaplin surrenders the sub to him. Chaplin makes Curry hear this conversation. Curry is outraged at the fact that, the Russians are trying to get their hands on American defense hardware and warns Victor to call off his men. Kendal and his men are getting creamed, but just then James comes in and takes out the Spetznas. Kendal informs Chaplin that they have two prisoners and the rest of the “Russians have been wiped out”.

Kendal’s friend Paul comes in and tells Christine that he is a lawyer and is there to get her out. He as it turns out, was called in by the officials to pretend like he is helping her. “Come on let me take you home” he says and escorts her out. At the camp, Chaplin asks Shepard to lock up the prisoners. “I know what you did, try it again and still be here” Shepard tells Cobb. Cobb from the lock up yells out to Chaplin to reveal to the men that, his son who was posted in Afghanistan was killed in friendly fire. Cobb then suggests that, whatever Chaplin is doing, he is only doing it because he wants to get back at America for taking his son away from him. “Tell them the truth Marcus, tell them what they are really fighting for” he yells. “All of you, you know me” Chaplin tells everyone, and walks away.

Later at Tani’s bar Shepard comes and sits on a bar stool next to James. “You think I came to thank you?” she asks him. “One of these days you have to decide what you believe in” she says. Kylie receives a call and arrives at the hospital where Linus is kept on life support. She is informed that it was an allergic reaction to something he ate, “but by the time they got to him, he had been without oxygen for 10 minutes” his wife says. She accuses Kylie for the whole thing, as she knows it wasn’t an accident. Kylie finds a piece of paper in Linus’s bag that says “Order 998”. “I hope you die alone” Linus’s wife tells Kylie, with tears in her eyes.

Kendal and Chaplin reminisce about Jeff, his son. Unable to control his emotions, Chaplin breaks into tears. “I can’t imagine what you are going through, but I am your friend I and know who you are” Kendal tells him, while holding his hand. “I trust you” he adds. Eventually, Kendal manages to pacify Chaplin. A video recording of Jeff is shown telling his father that, he loves him. Shepard is shown making a recording to send to her father. Later, Kendal, Shepard and Chaplin, stand looking at a US flag fluttering in the wind. The episode ends at this point.