Eight Bells - Recap

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The episode begins and a fight has broken out in the village square among sailors and village people. It turns out one of the sailors has stolen a banana. Kendal sets things right and makes the sailor pay. Three soldiers are missing, Brannan, Cortez, and a third named Red. It's determined that they are kidnapped and it's time to go looking for them. Chaplin decides it would be a good idea to let Cob go free to help with this since he is doing more damage stirring up trouble with those loyal to him. Chaplin asks for his word that he will follow orders and Cob gives it to him. Kendal is unconvinced that this is a good idea. Chaplin receives a call from a White House adviser saying their window for surrender is closing.

Chaplin begs off. She then tries to play on his emotions telling him that his dead son is sitting in a Navy freezer and won't be given a proper burial until Chaplin surrenders. He hangs up. In the course of a poker game with a local, James turns up Cortez's watch, which the local was using to bet with. He gives it to Shepard and tells her to not say he never did anything for her. So they deduce that Julian has the soldiers. They go to Sophie for guidance in dealing with Julian. She explains to them that it will have to just be the Captain and herself that meet him. Julian is holding the sailors at his compound. It turns out that during the firefight with the Russians an innocent teenage bystander was killed. His family is mourning and Julian wants someone to pay.

He asks them about Chaplin, how he is as a leader, why he hasn't come for them yet. He clearly feels disrespected. When he's about to take it out on one of them, Cortez stops him and asks him to speak in private and says it will be worth his while. It is implied that she gave him a sexual favor to stave off his rage. Kylie gets a call and agrees to meet with someone. Before she does, she puts her hard drive, with the entire tech for the Perseus prototype, in her home safe. She tells her boyfriend not to let anyone in. She then meets with Admiral Shepard, Grace's dad. He says he knows she heard the order for the Colorado came from the Antarctic network and she confirms this saying it makes no sense. He says he needs that order.

She reluctantly hands him the piece of paper she got from Linus with the order number on it. He says this will help but she has to do more, make some noise, and really start investigating. Just then Chaplin and Sophie arrive and Serrat has his goons throw the sailors in a pit under the compound. He and Chaplin size each other up. Chaplin warns Serrat that he should not try to fight because he will lose. Serrat counters that the death he is speaking about is a death by a thousand cuts and that would be no picnic for Chaplin either. He proposes a deal. One of his villagers is dead. He has a shipment of precious cargo that is stuck outside Chaplin's perimeter. Chaplin and his crew must fetch that shipment by sunrise or he will kill Chaplin's sailors.

James takes a boat ride with Tani somewhere deep within the recesses of the island where her father and brother live life off the grid with a group of others. During the boat ride it is revealed that Tani's mom is dead and both of James' parents are still alive. With few choices, Chaplin and the gang head out to sea and under the noses of the many warships hanging outside the perimeter. Kylie goes to Rob, who is a staffer to a senator and tells him to nose around about the order. She tells him to be careful and have the senator do it, not himself. Chaplin and his men make good time, engage Perseus and get the cargo. As they are preparing the night's meal with the group Tani’s brother announces he is about to "become a man" and go through a specific ritual. He then talks about staying here after he does.

Tani becomes incensed hoping that her brother would want to rejoin civilization. He says he's happy here. She snaps at him that he doesn't know the difference. She rails at her father and stalks off. He tells James he's still welcome to stay. James though goes after Tani. Two destroyers come after the Colorado dropping depth charges that rattle them. They go even deeper running silent. Just when it looks as if they're about to get away a sailor drops a flashlight, the noise is enough for the warships to lock on their position and come back to drop more charges. Chaplin makes some smooth moves and they get away but they are running blind without sonar and navigation and are so deep they have to go through a large canyon.

Tani is at her mother's grave site lighting candles. She explains that her father is not a great guy like James thinks and that when her mother got sick he convinced her to stay on Sainte Marie and use holistic methods instead of going back to Australia for medical care. She died painfully. Rob is visited by a man who clearly makes him apprehensive. The man asks Rob if he knows who he is. Rob says he does. The man is glad saying this will make things easier. Later, Kylie is at home and hears the door. She calls out to Rob but it is not him. She opens her safe and it is empty, the hard drive is gone. She is stricken.

Tani and James go to the spot where her brother will do his ritual, it's a waterfall. She doffs her dress and dives in. He follows suit. With Sophie's help Chaplin and crew make it through the canyon with a few scrapes and back to the island. It is past sunrise, however, and Serrat grabs the soldiers and asks Cortez which one he should kill. She can't answer. Then Brannan speaks up and tells them to kill Red, and he does. Chaplin shows up and notices he's down a sailor. Serrat says he was late. Chaplin is upset but does nothing, but leave. Back in town he tells Kendal who Kendal says if they don't avenge Brannan they are sending the message that they aren't loyal to their crew.

Chaplin says if they make a war with these people it will be the death by a thousand cuts that Serrat spoke off: sabotaged vehicles, IEDs, kidnappings and that they will bleed out. He says they will take retribution at a time and place of his choosing. The door opens and the man who visited Rob enters. Kylie is relieved; it is her dad, who hugs her as she explains the hard drive and all the info are gone. Chaplin talks to Cortez. He pours her a drink. She lies and says they picked Red and that he had been mouthy, covering for what really happened. He apologizes.

She says no one thinks it's his fault. He joins her in a drink. Kendal enters just then. They look down from the Buzzard's Nest and see the funeral procession for the young islander who was killed. Kendal reassures Chaplin that his son will get a proper burial. The episode ends at this point.