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Skeleton Crew - Recap

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The episode begins with Chaplin and Kendal debating about the position they are in. Turns out, they are rehearsing for the negotiation that Chaplin has with the US Government later. In two hours they are going to be face to face with Secretary of Defense William Curry. “Control your feelings or I guarantee Curry will control them for you” Chaplin tells Kendal. Later, Kendal and Sophie have a heart to heart. Sophie feels the meeting with the US Government is a good sign, but Kendal feels it’s not that simple. Just then Kendal is informed that a part of the sonar sensor near the island which keeps enemy submarines at bay, has run out of batteries.

To change the batteries someone has to go 300 feet below the surface. It’s a job usually done by the US Navy, Kendal is informed. Kendal entrust Shepard with changing the batteries and leaves for the negotiations. “Don’t worry sir I will keep her out of trouble” the COB says. James too agrees to go along with Shepard, as they need a diver. Grace’s father Admiral Shepard also arrives with Curry for the negotiations. Shepard and team on the other hand are ready to make the descent into the depth. The offer given to Chaplin is that all the officers who were aboard Colorado the day they defied orders, would appear in front of a military tribunal. The crew would be sentenced to 7 years each in a federal penitentiary, with no parole. The negotiations aren’t going too well.

Chaplin loses his cool the moment Curry mentions Chaplin’s sons name during the negotiations. Kendal tries talking some sense into Chaplin and says he can’t expect the US government to apologize, as they won’t. James gets ready to make the dive to change the batteries. Admiral Shepard is told the charges against his daughter would be reduced if he can convince Chaplin to agree to the terms offered to him. Admiral Shepard is also informed that the Illinois has found a gap in the sonar ray line of the island, so it won’t be long before the Colorado is found and destroyed. The Admiral is therefore told to convince his friend Chaplin to settle. James uses a drill to open the battery casings, which creates a lot of noise, and in turn might be heard by nearby submarines.

Chaplin tells Curry he wants a public trial in front of the cameras. Chaplin then brings up the mention of the 6 Navy SEALs who have been picked up by them. Curry is visibly shocked to hear this and decides to break for lunch. The Illinois hears the sound of the drill and is heading to attack the Colorado. Shepard decides to go deep and James is dragged along with the sub. Kylie, who had her data stolen, is trying her best to get it back. Christine is informed and shown fake emails about how, Sam and Kendal were planning to defect to China and sell intel to them. Sam’s friend is slowly managing convince Christine that, Sam isn’t the person she thought he is. “What you did to Pakistan, do you ever wonder how history will judge you?” Chaplin asks Curry. Curry simply laughs at what Chaplin has just said.

James is still busy changing the batteries in the depth, but is trying to make as little noise as possible. In the middle of the negotiations Chaplin is informed that, three attack subs are circling Grace’s last known position. “If they had found her we would already be dead” Chaplin says, after taking Kendal aside for a private chat. James on the other hand has 9 minutes of oxygen left. Sophie feels they should pull James in, but Shepard says she can’t risk it, as while trying to do so they might be heard by the attack subs. They instead decide to stay put till the subs search for them and leave. She then tells the COB to ready the torpedoes to scare the subs off if required. James manages to change the battery packs, and waits to be pulled back in.

Christine and Kendal’s friend are apparently becoming quite friendly. The negotiation somehow isn’t going too well, with both the parties not managing to see eye to eye. Chaplin maintains that he wants his public trial. Chaplin says the Navy SEALS would also vouch for him. “You should have killed them when you had a chance” he tells Curry. After a bit of contemplation, Curry says he shall give amnesty to Chaplin’s crew and officers if Chaplin returns the submarine and the SEALs. Also, Chaplin and Kendal shall have to plead guilty to all the charges and shall be placed under two years, protective custody. Chaplin much to Kendal’s surprise turns down the offer. Curry then from two years comes down to 18 months, but Chaplin is still not ready to relent. “I want a public trial Mr. Curry” he reiterates. “Never gonna happen” Curry says.

Chaplin then leaves the negotiating table. Kendal isn’t too happy with Chaplin’s decision and tells him he can’t let him and the crew burn for “the damn truth”. Curry gives Sam a new offer. He assures Sam he and Shepard will never have to see the inside of a prison, and will get to retire to a country of his choice, with his wife. “Don’t let him drag you down with him” Curry adds. Kendal agrees to the deal, and says “you put that in writing; you got your sub back”. Curry is happy Kendal has accepted the and immediately decides to leave. Shepard informs her crew how she is planning to engage the sub in combat; she then gives them a pep talk and asks them to carry on. James has 6 minutes of oxygen left. Kendal realizes Chaplin provoked him. Chaplin says he did it to get the best deal out of Curry and to get him and Grace home.

Curry hands Kendal the official order as per the deal, but also informs him to not utter a word of what has happened to anyone. Chaplin is told that he shall be remanded under immediate custody for court marshal. Chaplin says he shall go willingly. Suddenly Kendal is told that the offer given to him has expired, much to everyone’s surprise. Curry is informed that the Illinois has a “firing solution on the Colorado” awaiting his order. “Kill her, kill her now” Curry orders. Then just as the orders are about to be given, Admiral Shepard shoots Curry, and is wrestled to the ground by his bodyguards. Shepard is informed that the Illinois is closing on them real quick. They are baffled as to why the Illinois still hasn’t attacked. Shepard figures that somebody has bought them time.

She plans to use this constructively and opens the torpedo doors to the Colorado. Curry on the other hand has only been shot in the leg and asks his men for a radio to give the orders to the Illinois. Colorado deploys its torpedoes just moments before Curry gives the orders for the Illinois to fire. The torpedoes hit their target. Shepard then warns all the other subs in the perimeter to back off and informs them that she has four nukes aimed at DC. James’s oxygen runs out at that very moment. Kylie sneaks into Christine’s house and tells her she believes the administration set her husband up, and with her help she can prove it. “You want some coffee?” Christine asks. Shepard and team find out James is still alive. Shepard with a smile on her face orders that he be retrieved. Christine is ready to do whatever Kylie wants her to.

Also, she tells Kylie how Sam’s friend Paul is a government agent sent to spy on her and turn her against Sam, and she knows this. She says she knows this because Sam is in love with his country and would never betray it. The COB and crew salute Shepard for all that she has done. She has at last earned their respect. Shepard is later told by Chaplin about what her father did. James arrives at the bar and he and Tani end up kissing each other. Chaplin returns to his room and sees his son’s photo. The episode ends at this point.