Another Fine Navy Day - Recap

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The episode begins and it’s mentioned that its three hours after a chemical attack. Kendal is shown running through the forest with a syringe in hand and his face is all bloody. He arrives at the village square and sees that the whole place is deserted. He picks up a machete and arrives at Tani’s bar. He enters the jungle behind the bar and sees the village folk lying senseless on the ground near a stream. The ones lying senseless also include Kendal’s colleagues of the US Navy. He then hears some music at a distance and sees Serrat packing stuff into his car in a hurry.

Kendal with the machete pointed at Serrat, asks him about at least a 100 people lying senseless nearby. “You don’t remember? It’s ok you are not well” he says. “You, those people back there, you have all been drugged” Serrat says. Kendal then sees blood on Serrat’s shoes and asks him about it. Serrat tells Kendal “your friends were already dead when I got here”. Kendal shocked to hear this, enters the village hospital, outside which they are standing. Inside he sees two SEALS lying dead on the floor. Just then Serrat comes from behind and tazes him. Kendal collapses on the floor. The scene then flashes back to 4 hours earlier, which is 20 minutes before the chemical attack.

Chaplin is shown talking to the injured SEAL named Barry Hopper, who is still on the hospital bed. Chaplin says the SEALs are all welcome to stay with him and his team, if it’s unsafe for them to go back home. Barry is livid on hearing this offer and angrily reminds Chaplin how he “nuked” his own country. “You’re just too stupid to fall down” Barry angrily says. Kendal later tells Chaplin that the SEALs are definitely hiding something, but it would not be possible to force information out of them. Chaplin decides to see what happens when he tells Curry the SEALs want to meet the press.

Later at the base, COB informs Chaplin and Kendal that they have all been drugged with a military issue drug called BZ, which is nicknamed Buzz. Basically it’s an odorless military incapacitating agent, but it doesn’t kill. The side effects of the drug include paranoia, delusions, poor judgment, blackouts, hallucinations etc. Ultimately the victims lose consciousness and the symptoms last for 8 hours. Kendal and Chaplin figure out that the island has just one source of water supply and if the drug is mixed into that supply, it can affect the whole town. The antidote for the drug is Epiphens. Chaplin asks Kendal to inject himself and as many crew members as he possibly can, so they can defend the island for the next 8 hours. “Stay awake and alive for the next 8 hours, casue something bad is coming” Chaplin says.

Chaplin and Shepard on the other hand proceed to move the sub to a secure location. Chaplin and COB are informed that the Epiphens are gone. Turns out, the medical locker was broken into. In the village, everyone is acting crazy including Kendal and his crew. The scene then flashes forward to 3 hours after the chemical attack. Kendal wakes up on the hospital floor and walks out. In the sub Chaplin is busy instructing his crew to secure themselves to their bunk. The drug is beginning to have effect on him and Shepard too. Kendal runs into James who has taken an antidote. He says he is searching for Serrat. “Guess that makes us partners” James says and hands him a gun.

The two then sneak into the base and while hidden, see an injured man and a few other men talking to Serrat. Serrat seems to be working for those men. The two then see Hopper tied to a chair. The injured man who seems to be the leader, asks Hopper about the whereabouts of something. “Who are these guys? What the hell are they looking for?” the two wonder. The scene flashes back to one hour after the chemical attack. Kendal is shown entering the hospital. Inside he sees the man who is now questioning Hopper. The man seems to have broken his arm and is putting it in a sling. The man claims to be a crew member of the Colorado and is wearing the uniform, but Kendal doesn’t recognize him.

He tells Kendall how Hopper attacked him. Kendal sees a gun lying nearby, picks it up and points it at the man. “I don’t know you” he says. The man in turn tries to explain it’s the drug that’s showing its effects. The man tells Kendal his name is Jim McClure and he works in supplies. Kendal seems convinced and says he is looking for “Epi shots”. Jim tells him they are all out of Epinephrine. A section of the Colorado has caught fire and Chaplin proceeds to deal with it himself, as everyone else has passed out. On the way he begins to hallucinate. Kendal figures out that McClure is an impostor. Kendal then despite his condition wrestles McClure to the ground. The two fight it out, but Kendal eventually gets the better of him as he is in a sling.

Kendal ties him to a chair and asks “who are you?” The scene then flashes forward to 4 hours after the chemical attack. Kendal and James manage to kill McClure and his men. Serrat is then questioned and he says he was told to drug the water and that is all he knows. “I was promised my island back. They lied” he says. They let Serrat live and ask him to get out of there. Sophie who is now conscious thanks to a dose of Epiphen, helps get the com back online. In the sub Chaplin passes out before the he can put the oxygen back on, after the fire has been taken care of. Kendal on the other hand is trying to get in touch with the Colorado; over the com. Chaplin eventually wakes up and sees a syringe injected into his chest.

He then sees that the oxygen levels are normal again. He goes back to the control room and talks to Kendal over the com. He tells a visibly relieved Kendal that they will make their way back, once the crew wakes up. Kendal tells Chaplin that the island is secure, although two SEALs are dead. James and Hopper discuss, about who the guys who tried to kill them were. James comments on how in Pakistan they killed the guy they were send in to save. “The mission directive got changed from extraction to elimination” Hopper says. “I wasn’t given new orders” James says. “I was” Hopper in turn replies. Chaplin tells Kendal, someone on their crew might have helped Serrat. Both wonder as to who the person might be and who the person is working for.

Kendal is then shocked to know that when Chaplin was unconscious someone took his “firing key”. “We now have no nuclear launch capabilities” Chaplin says. “We have to find the key” he tells Kendal. Kendal assures him that he will. The scene then flashes back to 3 hours after the chemical attack. Kendal is shown questioning McClure, who is tied to a chair. Sam then finds Epi shots on McClure and injects himself with one. Back in the present, Sophie is watching a video of Kendal kissing her, imagining her to be Christine. The video is from the time of the attack, when Kendal was hallucinating. The episode ends at this point.