Nuke It Out - Recap

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The episode begins with Kendal searching on the island for Chaplin’s firing key. He is going through the stuff of all his men. Chaplin comes in and instructs Kendal to not inform anyone about the missing key. Kendal argues that if the goal of the person who stole the key was to “render us defenseless” the person would have done it by now. Chaplin in turn argues that the person who has stolen the key has probably “not reported their success yet” but once they do, there would be trouble. “We keep searching the crew” Chaplin orders Kendal. “We keep this up, we won’t have a crew” Kendal counters.

Kendal and Chaplin question Booth who is in captivity. Booth is the one who made Serrat drug the water supply of the island. They ask him who the traitor is. They find out that Booth works for the CIA. Booth says “compartmentalization Captain”, elaborating that he doesn’t know the name of the person, and neither does he know the person by face. Chaplin concludes Serrat might know something. He confiscates all of Serrat’s stuff, to go thought it. James leaves to bury his friends, who were killed by Booth and his men. Booth admits to Kendal that, the President is the real villain and Chaplin and his men are the good guys. “Look Booth, can you get us home or not?” Kendal asks. “We don’t want you to come home Sam” says Booth.

Booth says, the Colorado has to be the symbol of resistance and has to keep doing what it’s doing. He also reveals that he wants Kendal to be in charge, as he doubts Chaplin’s sanity. Booth says the President won’t last for more than 6 months to a year. Kendal isn’t ready to wait that long. Booth then offers to bring Christine to Kendal. In Washington, Kylie gets her hands on some high end tech, to spy on someone. Kendal tries explaining to Chaplin that the morale of the crew is going down, but he at the moment is only concerned about the key and asks Kendal to keep looking for it. James and Barry figure out that there is still one guy from the Black Ops team who is still alive. They are basically talking about Booth. They question Shepard about it, but she oblivious to the truth insists that all the members of the Black Ops team are dead and have been buried.

She later asks Chaplin about it, but he denies that any of the Black Ops survived. In Washington, Kylie is told by a woman named Forrest that, Admiral Shepard is in jail and therefore obviously can’t meet her. She tells Kylie, how Straw was shot and killed on St. Marina last week. Forrest basically wants Kylie to expose this piece of news to the media, so the President looks like a liar and people as a result start doubting him. On the island, Shepard goes for a drink with other women from the crew, despite a curfew declared by Chaplin, till the key is found. Kendal in the meantime, is shocked to see the footage of him kissing Sophie, when he was drugged. In Washington, during a TV interview Christine who has been given a photograph of Amanda Straw’s dead body by Kylie, shows it to the camera.

She tells the interviewer how the government is trying to cover up Straw’s death, just like the government is “trying to cover up the truth about my husband and the USS Colorado”. Serrat on the other hand is mad on finding out that one of his men has been beaten by the COB, for peddling drugs to the Colorado’s crew. Kendal passes along some beer to the crew and arranges for them to see an old football game. His gesture seems to go a certain extent in raising the morale of the crew. Later, James and Barry find Kendal taken a beer to Booth. They confront him. He explains that Booth might know of a way to get everyone home and therefore asks the two to stand down. The idea seems to appeal to James and therefore he and Barry decide to stand down “for now”.

Booth tells Kendal “your sleeper will be communicating with Langley through a secure channel, which means there is a com site on this island”. In other words, to find the traitor, Kendal will have to find the com site. Booth then talks about how, Chaplin can be taken prisoner, but treated well and then Kendal can take over command. He adds that, the new US administration when it comes into power, will give the whole crew amnesty. James arrives at the camp, and tells Shepard that the fifth Black Op is alive and Kendal and Chaplin are keeping him “locked away”. Just then everyone watching the game sees a woman from the crew being thrown out of a vehicle. The vehicle then speeds away.

She asks everyone to stop and not come near her, as her body has been rigged with explosives. James gives the explosive which is on a timer, a closer look. James eventually manages to diffuse the explosive, much to everyone’s relief. In Washington, Kylie manages to place the device she acquired earlier, in Paul’s car, while Christine distracts him at home, by making him fix the faucet. On the island Shepard tells James “you were good”. The two then kiss each other passionately and end up having sex. After they are done having sex, Shepard tells James “one time thing”. “Sure” says James. Shepard then thanks James and walks away. Chaplin arrives at Serrat’s lair, with his crew. Serrat says he isn’t the one who strapped the bomb, but one of his men, who thought doing such a thing, would impress Serrat.

Serrat brings the man to Chaplin, who instructs his crew to shoot the man. One of his crew shoots the man. Serrat is shocked to see this and tries attacking Chaplin, who in turn beats him up. “Try me again and I will be your judge, jury and executioner” Chaplin warns Serrat. Kendal is visibly shocked to see this side of Chaplin’s. In Washington, thanks to Kylie’s device, Christine and she can listen in on Paul’s phone conversations. They hear him talking to Curry. He tells Curry “I don’t want to do this anymore”. “Do you want to see Daniel again?” Curry asks. “Of course, he is my son” Paul replies. Curry then simply asks Paul to “stick to the plan” and not get too attached to Christine.

On the island, Sophie assures Kendal that she isn’t working with Serrat, but only paying a debt her ex-boyfriend had. Basically, she is testing the soil on the island for rare earth minerals. “This island is worth a lot of money” she informs Kendal. She requests Kendal to keep this fact a secret, “from everybody” and not just Serrat. “I can’t promise anything to you right now” Kendal tells her honestly. She says, that’s his choice, but promises him that she will never lie to him. Serrat on the other hand takes the COB captive.

He burns the bottom of the COB’s feet and then hands him a few vials of pain medication. He also injects into the COB, some of the medication. He basically wants the COB to get addicted to painkillers. Cortez, a woman from the crew, is shown going into the woods and hiding Chaplin’s key under some rocks. The episode ends at this point.