Cinderella Liberty - Recap

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The episode begins in Karachi Pakistan where James and the other SEALs are. This is 3 hours before their rendezvous with the Colorado. There are Pakistani soldiers who are helping them. One of the soldiers is worried and says that in Pakistan it can be a “little hazardous” to help Americans. An old who is also on-board tells James, how there will be peace, once he writes a report stating there are no stray nukes in Pakistan. Back in the present, James suddenly wakes up with a start in Tani’s room. The boat with the families of the crew is on its way and will be at the island momentarily.

It is then shown that, a submarine is hiding under the boat and travelling to the island. Kylie gets in touch with Sam through the radio and informs him that everything the government has done is to cover-up the mission the SEALs were carrying out in Pakistan. Also, the “helmet cam” footage that the SEALs have is the only way to expose the truth. “You need to get Christine the memory card from that helmet-cam footage” Kylie says. On the boat Paul asks Christine what she is going to tell Sam. “I don’t know yet” replies Christine. Paul then tells her that he wants to be honest with her unlike Sam. He says he has a son, who hasn’t seen for a long time. Sophie finds out there is a sub hidden under the boat approaching the island and alerts Sam and Chaplin about it.

Suddenly, armed men wearing army uniforms climb onto the boat and begin firing in the air. With all the people on the boat alerted, a uniformed man who looks to be a high ranking officer comes on deck. The man tells everyone, they are now the prisoners of the Pakistani Navy. He then sends a message to Chaplin that he has taken over the boat. Chaplin and his crew along with the SEALs immediately spring into action. Cortez immediately goes to the location where she has hidden the key and retrieves it. The captain on the boat is shot dead when he refuses to hand over the passenger manifest. Paul suggests Christine hide, as she would be in danger if the men from the Pakistani navy realize she is onboard. Sam in the meantime asks James about the memory cards in their helmet cams and tells them about the call he received from Kylie.

Sam says they will deal with this issue once the issue at hand is resolved and leaves. James is told that the memory cards were buried with the body of the SEAL, who died. The Admiral of the Pakistani Navy comes onboard the Colorado, for a meeting with Chaplin. Chaplin assures him, the Colorado did not fire on Pakistan. “Yes I know that’s why I am here” the Admiral says. The Indians are attacking Pakistan now that their nuclear arsenal has been locked down by the Allies. Basically, with their nukes gone, the Pakistanis do not have a deterrent against the Indians. The Admiral therefore wants Chaplin to fire a nuke at the Indians, or he shall begin killing innocent civilians on the boat headed for the island. Chaplin sees on the news that one of the civilians, who is the family member of one of the crew, is shot dead by a Pakistani soldier. He is visibly pained by it. The Admiral tells Chaplin that he has 30 minutes until the next civilian is killed.

“I need to make some calls” Chaplin says leaving Shepard in command. James sees on television that the Pakistani soldier, who killed the civilian, is the very same soldier who was assisting him on his mission in Pakistan. Flashback to James’s mission and he is shown bonding with the Pakistani soldier. Barry is on the other hand planting some “fissionable material” into a bag with his helmet cam on. He is being ordered on the com by a senior officer to do so. While Barry is doing so, he is also reporting how some fissionable material was found on Pakistani soil. The fissionable materials are basically compact nukes called suitcase bombs. He also mentions how Dr. Mills, the old man onboard was killed, although he is still alive. James arrives just then and asks Barry, what he is doing. Barry says he has gotten “new orders”. He then removes his gun and leaves.

Back in the present, James and the other SEALs plan a rescue mission and brief Chaplin about it. Chaplin has a chat with the Secretary of Defense, about his predicament. The Secretary says the best he can do is send a SEAL team to rescue the civilians. Chaplin seeing no way out threatens to nuke India, if the Indian general doesn’t stand down. Chaplin later tells the Admiral to release half the hostages on the boat and in return promises to give him the missile. The Admiral gives the order to the soldier over the com, but he doesn’t comply and instead begins shooting civilians. Chaplin is livid and catches the Admiral by the collar. The Admiral says the only way his soldiers will stop, is if Chaplin fires the nuke.

James and his team in the meantime approach the boat. Sam is also with them. James sees the Pakistani soldier and flashes back to his mission. It is shown that Barry shoots the soldier’s brother who is sitting with Dr. Mills. Mills in turn shoots Barry in the arm. James immediately shoots Mills in the chest, killing him. The Pakistani soldier comes running at the scene and see the carnage. He also sees James pointing a gun at him. The Pakistani soldier finds out about Christine. Christine comes forward and tells the soldier, he doesn’t need anyone else onboard but her. Sam sees all this and is extremely worried about Christine’s well being. James asks Sam to hold his horses warning him that, if he makes a false move all the hostages will die.

James jumps in to stop the soldier from hurting Christine. He says he works “directly for the people responsible for hurting” Pakistan, so he can resolve the issue. He says he just has to make a call, to get the Pakistanis what they need. The soldier doesn’t seem to believe Paul and instead shoots him. Christine kisses Paul in tears while he lies dying, in her arms. Sam is shocked to see this. The Admiral urges Chaplin to launch the missile if he wants to save the hostages. Chaplin is about to tell him he doesn’t have the other launch key, when he is shocked to see Shepard bring the other key and say that they are ready for launch. Chaplin tells the soldier over the com that, he is prepared to launch. “I’m watching” the soldier says.

Chaplin hurriedly adds that he is launching the missile at the Admiral’s hometown in Pakistan. Turns out, the soldier is from the same home town as the Admiral. Chaplin warns him that he has two minutes to release the hostages, or the nuke shall be launched. The Secretary of Defense finds out about the Colorado’s missile door opening and calls Chaplin to warn him to not nuke India. Chaplin in turn asks the Secretary to stop the Indian general from crossing over to Pakistan. James and his team in the meantime, take down the soldiers on board, including the Pakistani soldier who James knows. Another SEAL team sent by the US Government also comes aboard and takes away the civilians, including Christine. Chaplin finds out that the Indian General is retreating.

The Admiral is happy with the outcome and is handed over to the naval authorities on Chaplin’s order. Later Shepard tells Chaplin she didn’t take his firing key, she just found it in “plain sight”. Chaplin says there is a CIA mole on his sub, he asks her to find the mole in order to prove to him that she is innocent. James and Barry dig up the grave to recover the memory cards of the helmet cams. James later tells Sam and Chaplin about his mission in Pakistan and what he and his team were told to do. The episode ends at this point.