Blue Water - Recap

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The episode begins and Sam leaves in order to rescue his wife Christine. James and he then arrive in Manila Philippines. James takes Sam to a friend of his named Bullfrog. Bullfrog isn’t happy to see them there. “We need some information and then we are gone” Sam tells Bullfrog. Sam says he wants to locate the whereabouts of his wife who was taken by the SEALs two days ago. Bullfrog is reluctant to help Sam as he himself has a wife and kid and if anybody finds out he is helping Sam he will be “back on the grid”. “I am just trying to protect my family, same as you” Bullfrog tells Sam.

Bullfrog after a bit of contemplation agrees to help Sam, but says he will need 10k for the whole operation. James feels he can arrange that money. Christine is being held captive in a small room somewhere. A man comes in, asks her to get cleaned up and tells her she is going to be shifted somewhere else in 6 hours. Chaplin in the meantime is contacted by the Chinese authorities who claim they want to help on humanitarian ground, as they have discovered that the island has run out of supplies. Shepard feels it’s a “Trojan Horse”, but Chaplin much to her surprise allows the authorities to approach the island. A Chinese envoy named Zhu then arrives on the island with his men. Bullfrog’s wife has a chat with Sam.

Bullfrog asks Sam about his and Christine’s relationship. Sam fondly recollects how he and Christine met, fell in love and then got married. Sam feels it’s his fault that Christine is having, to suffer. Bullfrog wants Sam to promise in return for helping him that, if Sam gets caught he will never mention anything about Bullfrog. Sam promises him he will never betray his trust. In Washington, Kylie on her part is also trying to do her best to locate the whereabouts of Christine. She while talking on the phone sees Barry standing in front of her. Barry says he is not there to hurt her, but she doesn’t believe him and instead attacks him. Barry fends off her attacks and restrains her. He then tells her who he is. Barry shows her the memory card from the helmet cam that he has. He is ready to give her the card in return for some money.

The COB returns and tells Chaplin the reason for his 6 days disappearance was that, he had some problems with the locals. He also mentions that, he is aware of the visit of the Chinese official. Chaplin meets the Chinese official and tells him, he is aware of the intentions behind the official’s visit. Basically, the Chinese want to legitimize Chaplin and his crew by officially recognizing their existence and in return China is hoping to garner prestige and international recognition. In turn, it would also attack US credibility, but in the process Chaplin would turn into a mere puppet in China’s hands. The official assures Chaplin, China can’t make him into a puppet even if it wanted to as he and his crew have become a symbol of courage after it refused to attack Pakistan.

He feels the heart of America lies within Chaplin and his crew. Shepard finds out that there is really something wrong with the COB, as he is barely able to stand. Sam sees that James has arranged for the money and other equipments required for their mission. Sam concludes James has contacts in Manila, which is the reason why they came here. James says the money is insurance “in the unlikely event that you become an inconvenience to your country”. James tells Sam about his plans of taking off, after they rescue Christine. Bullfrog comes in and gives them the contact of a guy who might be able to help them find Christine. They profusely thank Bullfrog before taking off. “Get her out and don’t look back” Bullfrog advises Sam before he leaves.

From the contact Sam and James find out where Christine is being kept. They are informed that there are four Pilipino and an American guarding her. The two see a man staring at them from across the bar where they are at, getting the information. James recognizes the man from a long time ago. The two later arrive the location where Christine is being kept. They neutralize the guards and Sam enters the room where Christine is. They are both relieved to see each other. Sam takes her and leaves. Later, when the two are together in a room someplace, Sam asks her about Paul. She assures him that nothing happened between her and Paul. “It was all just an act. It the only way I could get to you” she says.

Christine assures him that she only loves him and all that she did was only to get him back. “I believe you” Sam says, calming her down. The COB wakes up in a room and finds Shepard sitting by his bed. She asks him “what’s going on?” He tells her what Serrat and his men did to him. Chaplin and Zhu are in the meantime indulging in a board game and negotiating. Chaplin says that he believes one day he shall be able to return to the US and clear his name. Zhu offers to help Chaplin and his men by providing them with supplies and medicine, which they desperately need.

In return China needs nothing Zhu says. “Everything is in the acceptance” he adds. Basically, China wants to make Chaplin its ally. “I cannot accept” Chaplin says after some contemplation. “I wonder Marcus, what will become of you” Zhu counters. Sam discusses with Christine how they could disappear off the face of this earth and start life anew. He says he is tired of always doing the right thing and for a change wants to live his life with her. James later arrives and tells Sam that he has arranged for them to leave town “tomorrow”. James says he is planning to head to Costa Rica and asks Sam if he has made up his mind.

Sam says he is thinking about Bali. James tells Sam the guy they saw at the bar is an ex-SEAL, who has now turned a mercenary. James informs Sam that the US has put a bounty on his head of $5 million. James explains to Sam that the guy from the bar is really vicious and there would probably be 100 more guys like him trying to track down Sam, for the bounty. Sam is visibly devastated to heart this. Barry lets Kylie confirm that the memory card is genuine and then tells her he will hand it to her once she gives him $6 million. He says half is for him and the other half is for James. Kylie agrees and just then Robert arrives and begs the two to come along with him, as a coup d’état is being planned. Sam, Christine and James go back to Bullfrog. Sam tells Christine there is a private plane waiting to take her to Geneva as she can’t go back to the States.

Sam on the other hand is planning to go back to the island. Christine wants to go with him but Sam tells her “if you are with me you are not safe”. Christine resists but Sam in insistent. Then while they are saying their goodbyes, vehicles rush at the scene. Armed men rush out of the vehicles and there is exchange of gunfire. Bullfrog in the meantime rushes Christine into his vehicle parked nearby. But, before they can make their getaway the vehicle catches fire due to multiple gunshots and then explodes. Sam is devastated at the sight. James tells Sam they have to get out of there if they want to live. “She is gone” he tells Sam. Sam, who is still in a state of shock, then leaves the scene with James.

Chaplin agrees to take help from China, but says no Chinese official will ever be allowed onboard the Colorado. “You will have your supplies in 48 hours” Zhu replies. Also, he with Chaplin’s permission wants to stay on the island. Chaplin agrees. James and Sam return to the island and are shocked to see the Chinese flag fluttering on one of the huts. Next, it’s shown that Christine is alive and is being held captive by Bullfrog in his house. He tells her he isn’t a bad guy and is only doing this to protect his family. The episode ends at this point.