Damn the Torpedoes - Recap

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The episode begins with Sam sitting on the beach all by himself and having a drink. He then takes a dip in the sea. Chaplin informs Shepard who is on the Colorado that a Chinese supply ship is headed for the island but a US destroyer is on its way to intercept it. He asks Shepard to make sure the supply ship reaches the island. Chaplin asks Shepard to alert the crew that “this will be combat patrol mission”. Cortez in the meantime informs her bosses that Chaplin has allied with the Chinese, she is immediately ordered to kill Chaplin. Chaplin sees Sam packing his stuff and tells him he doesn’t have to grieve alone. Sam was there for him when he needed it and now he wants to be there for Sam.

Sam though, isn’t very forthcoming. Chaplin then tells Sam about the Chinese supply ship and the US destroyer approaching it. He says he is taking the Colorado to deal with it. Sam then voices his displeasure at Chaplin’s decision of aligning with the Chinese. Chaplin mentions that they have to survive and aligning with the Chinese is the best possible option at the moment. “I will not allow the people of the island and our people to starve” Chaplin says emphatically. “My wife didn’t die because you could become the leader of some third rate banana republic” Sam says in anger. Chaplin in anger relieves Sam of his command. “I’m way ahead of you captain” Sam says and walks out. In the meantime in Washington, a coup d’état is being planned.

It has been discovered how the President was the one who got the weapons inspector sent to Pakistan, killed by Navy SEALS. Barry confirms to the Speaker and other high ranking officials the orders he was given in Pakistan. She also shows them the footage from the helmet cam. Chaplin figures out that, China basically is using him and the Colorado as a proxy, for a war against the US, which is the reason why it is sending an unguarded supply ship to the island. In Washington, Admiral Sinclair who is heading the operations tells the officials what their roles will be in the coup d’état, including how Washington will be completely shut off and the President and the Vice President will be placed under arrest. A joint session of Congress would then be called and the Speaker as the third in line would assume the Presidency.

On the island the COBB and a few other sailors are planning to eliminate Chaplin. They are all surprised to see Sam arrive at the meeting and immediately reach for their guns. Sam fathoms their intentions and runs out. They all give him chase. Sam runs though a wooded part of the island, with the men close behind. The COBB catches up with him and the two get into a fight. In the middle of the fight the COBB raises a “white flag”. He then takes Sam through a path which is safe and where they won’t be spotted. Chaplin, who is on the Colorado, has a chat with the captain of the US destroyer over the radio. Captain Evan Throne of the US destroyer tells Chaplin how he knows him as he was at one of Chaplin’s lectures. Evan tells Chaplin that he is a fan of his.

The two then get down to business. Evan tells Chaplin that he knows the Colorado can easily destroy his ship, but his orders are to stop the Chinese supply ship and he shall do it at the cost of his own life if he has to. Evan adds that he believes “Marcus Chaplin will never fire on a US ship”. Chaplin tries to reason with Evan that it’s an unarmed Chinese supply ship and therefore should be allowed to pass. But, Evan is adamant and says he has to follow orders. Left with no other option, Chaplin gives Evan 20 minutes to clear out and if he doesn’t, the Colorado will be forced to fire, Chaplin clarifies. On the island the COBB and Sam discuss about the sailors who are bent on mutiny. Sam reminds the COBB how he had promised Chaplin after being released from the brig that he wouldn’t work against him.

The COBB mentions how Chaplin too had promised he would get them all home. Basically, the COBB is simply trying to find a way to get back home, whatever the means. The COBB then throws the ball in Sam’s court and tells him the time has come for him to decide what his country really means to him. On the Colorado, Shepard and James tells Chaplin they have a plan to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. James says he has munitions training and can reduce the payload of the Colorado by 80%, so if the Colorado has to fire, the destroyer can be sent home “in a sling not a coffin”. Chaplin likes the idea and tells the two to “get it done”. Chaplin once again asks Evan to turn around, but Evan is adamant and says nothing can change his mind. Also, he is sure Chaplin wont fire at him.

James reduces the torpedo payload, but asks Chaplin for a little more time. The destroyer in the meantime is locked on the Chinese vessel and is about to take it down. The destroyer fires warning shots at the Chinese vessel asking it to stop, or the next shots will sink the vessel. Chaplin tells Shepard they don’t have any more time. The torpedoes with the reduced payload are readied. The destroyer begins firing at the Chinese vessel. Chaplin deploys the torpedo and it hits its mark. Chaplin warns Evan over the radio that the next torpedo would take down the destroyer and asks Evan to retreat. A little later Chaplin is informed that the destroyer is pulling out. On the island, Sam and the COBB are having a debate about whether Chaplin is right in what he is doing.

COBB feels Chaplin isn’t the same person he used to be, but Sam argues that Chaplin is only adapting to the situation. COBB doesn’t agree with that and feels Chaplin isn’t doing right by his men, who simply want to go home. He tells Sam that Chaplin will be overthrown whether Sam likes it or not. The COBB makes it clear though, that he will not let Chaplin come to any harm. In Washington, some officials are having second thoughts about the coup, and a general even tries to walk out of the meeting, but is shot before he can leave. On the Colorado, Cortez conceals a gun and walks into Chaplin’s room. Chaplin, who is reading the bible, reads her a verse.

Chaplin then explains that the verse is about choosing to do the right thing, even if it means you have to stand alone. “Did they send you here to kill me?” Chaplin then calmly asks her. “Yes sir” Cortez says and removes the gun. She then with tears in her eyes places the gun on a nearby table. She reveals to Chaplin that she was put on the sub by the CIA. She tells Chaplin that she didn’t know from the day the whole thing started, who she was, suppose to stand by. But, now she has made her choice. “I have enemies Cortez” Chaplin says. “I know, but I am not one of them” she says with tears in her eyes.

Sam buys into the COBB’s plan of overthrowing Chaplin, but says he wants to be kept in the loop and Chaplin shouldn’t be hurt, is his other condition. The supplies are brought to the island by Chaplin and his men and the people on the island are overjoyed. Sam returns and meets Chaplin. They make amends and Chaplin puts Sam back in command. The episode ends at this point.