The Pointy End of the Spear - Recap

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The episode begins with Kylie and Robert in bed discussing about the coup, after having sex. Robert is worried about the whole things and Kylie pretends she is not. Kylie hopes nothing will go wrong during the coup. On the island, people are gearing up for celebrations as there is an island festival coming up. The Chinese official on the island Xhu, tells Chaplin that Serrat wants the help of the Chinese, as the soil of the island is very rich in minerals, which he wants to exploit. Xhu suggests Chaplin and he partner so they can exploit the minerals on the island.

Xhu also mentions how the minerals are more valuable than gold. Xhu feels Chaplin could rule the island economically instead by the threat of fear if he exploits the island’s minerals. “Alright I am listening” Chaplin says. Sam from a distance sees Chaplin negotiating with Xhu and is apparently not very happy. Tani tells James she is leaving the island and taking her brother back to Australia. “A lot’s changed it’s not safe here anymore” she says. “I wanna go with you, wherever you are going” James says. Tani is happy to hear this. Admiral Arthur Shepard gets in touch with Chaplin, through the com link, with Cortez’s help. Arthur tells Chaplin about the coup. Arthur assures Chaplin that once the coup is successfully carried out, Chaplin and his crew can come back. “I would like nothing better” Chaplin says.

Chaplin is in a predicament about whether he can share this info with Sam, after Cortez questions Sam’s loyalty because of his wife’s death and the circumstances she died in. Another Chinese supply ship that was headed for the island capsizes, due to an explosion. The crew though, makes it safely to the island. Xhu says he will have to give his government a full account of why the boat capsized. Chaplin mobilizes a team to find out. Xhu tells Chaplin if there is a possibility of a security threat to its supply ships, China might have to reconsider its offer. Turns out, the rebel crew members of Chaplin’s team sank the boat. They tell the COBB how they did it. The men tell COBB that they have to secure more guns, if they are going to take Chaplin and his men down.

The COBB meets Serrat and tells him he needs guns. In return for the guns, the COBB promises to get the USS Colorado out of Serrat’s “business permanently”. In the meantime, one of the rebels reports to Chaplin about the COBB and his men’s movements. The rebel sailor it turns out is Chaplin’s mole. The mole tells Chaplin how Sam walked in on a rebel meeting and was chased by the COBB and his men. Sam sees that the COBB has managed to acquire more guns. The COBB tells Sam he has 4 hours to convince Chaplin to see sense, or else he and his rebels will move forward with the plan of taking down Chaplin. Sam then talks to Shepard and tries to get her on his side, by telling her that Chaplin is losing the capability to make sensible decisions.

Chaplin later has a chat with Sam in private and tells him about the coup that is going to be attempted in Washington. Sam is skeptical and believes it could be a trick being played by the US Government. Chaplin says he is confident it isn’t. Chaplin then says he knows what COBB and the rebels are “up to”. “What are you up to Sam?” he asks. “What I am asking for is a few hours before you condemn me too” Chaplin tells Sam and walks away. Sam gives James a list and tells him, on it is names of people he doesn’t want taking control of the Colorado if something happens to him or Chaplin. He asks James to promise him that he will take care of the Colorado and its crew is both he (Sam) and Chaplin are no more. James reluctantly promises that he will.

Later, James tells Tani that he can’t go with her to Australia. Tani says she will stay back then, but James insists that she leave with her brother and so that she hates him, he tells her he slept with Shepard while she was gone. Tani is livid on hearing this and is now convinced she should leave. James breaks down after she walks out. In Washington, Kylie meets the Speaker and they are about to go out in the senate to mobilize the coup, just then the Speaker gets a text and looks visibly worried. But, he tells Kylie that everything is fine and adds “I’ll see you out there” and walks out. Kylie gauges that something is wrong. On the island Chaplin tells the COBB he knows what the COBB is up to. “No sir, you have no idea what I am up to sir” the COBB retorts. “You want to wear the big hat Joe? Come take it off my head” Chaplin tells the COBB and walks away.

Chaplin then waits to see on television, if there is any news about the coup. In the meantime he rehearses his speech about returning to the US and surrendering the Colorado back to his country. In Washington the Speaker begins his speech in the senate and Kylie watches it on a TV screen in his chambers, with bated breath. In the middle of his speech, she sees a man walking up to the Speaker and murmuring something in his ear. The Speaker right after, stops his speech and says that he and everyone who plotted with him have committed a sin against the country. He then removes a gun from an envelope kept nearby and shoots himself in the throat, much to Kylie’s horror.

Later, while rushing out of the building, Kylie is told by two men to come with them. The men pick her up and put her in a car, which speeds away. Sitting inside the vehicle is her father. “We should talk about all this don’t you?” he tells a visibly surprised Kylie. On the island, Chaplin sees on the news that the Speaker has died after shooting himself. Chaplin is visibly devastated to hear this. “So what now captain? What do we do now?” Sam asks Chaplin, after hearing the news. Chaplin tells Sam that they need to get “a handle on the mutiny situation”. Sam retorts that the rebels won’t give up, as they want to go home. “Nothing’s changed” Chaplin reasons. Sam on his part is helpless and says he can’t hold off the rebels any longer.

Sam argues that the rebels have lost faith in Chaplin, which is why there is nothing they can say or do that will convince the rebels to stop. “It is over, we need to go home and we need to face the music” Sam says. Sam tells Chaplin to step down quietly so no one gets hurt, but Chaplin is in no mood to relent. On the walkie, Chaplin asks Shepard who is on the Colorado to make her intentions known. If she is with Sam, Chaplin asks her to fire one flare and if she is with him he asks her to fire two flares. Shepard fires two flares, confirming she is with Chaplin. In Washington, it has been discovered that Arthur was at the helm of the coup attempt, the names of the other conspirators have also been unearthed.

But, Kylie’s name is not on the list and her father has made sure of that. Kylie’s father stops the car on an airstrip and she is shocked to see him stepping out and walking towards the Air Force One. In the meantime on the Colorado, Shepard is taken hostage by the guy who was driven away by Chaplin, for being a rapist. The episode ends at this point.