Controlled Flight Into Terrain - Recap

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The episode begins and Barry arrives to meet Wes in Manila Philippines. Barry is there to pick up Christine. On the island, and imprisoned Sam has a chat with Chaplin about the rebels. Chaplin describes the rebels in some unflattering terms and calls Sam a coward. Chaplin is hurt that Sam didn’t warn him about the mutiny, but Sam argues he didn’t tell Chaplin as he couldn’t be sure of Chaplin’s response. Sam also suggests that Chaplin has begun feeling the island is his new home and he its ruler. Chaplin doesn’t appreciate the taunt and steps out. He is then informed that there are three warships converging on the island.

Turns out, they are Chinese warships. Chaplin confronts Zheng about the issue and he tells Chaplin that “last night” it was proven Chaplin’s crew isn’t maintaining order; hence the warships are being brought in. Zheng refuses to turn back the warships despite Chaplin warning him to do so. Chaplin decides to head for the Colorado to engage the Chinese fleet. Chaplin arrives on the Colorado with Sam and discovers that the rebels have taken control of the Colorado. The COBB arrives and tells Chaplin that he is being relieved of his command and soon an American fleet will arrive and take control of things. Chaplin’s firing keys are taken away from him and he is imprisoned. Sam and Chaplin are imprisoned in the same room. COBB in the meantime finds out that the rebel crew has no plan of returning to the US but instead want to sell the Colorado to the highest bidder.

He tries to stop one of the rebels and gets stabbed in the process. Shepard takes advantage of the distraction and gets her hands on a machine gun and begins firing at the equipment in the sub taking down all communication devices. Her ammo runs out in the end but she and the COBB manage to lock themselves in one section of the sub. The COBB is in a bad shape, and is bleeding profusely. Sam and Chaplin are in the meantime busy arguing about their beliefs. Just then a bunch of rebels enter and take Chaplin away. Sam warns one of the rebels to not hurt Chaplin, but the rebel sits Sam down and tells him “he ain’t coming back”. In Washington, Kylie is told over the phone to kill Robert to prove her allegiance. Kylie is at Robert’s house when she receives the call.

Robert tells her that he knows the reason for the call and asks Kylie to kill him with the gun she found in his drawer. Kylie is adamant about not killing Robert, despite his insistence. The rebels on the other hand are planning to hand over the Colorado to the Chinese. Shepard attends to the COBB’s injury and tells him he shall be fine for the time being. Just then, the rebels begin cutting through the door of the section, the COBB and Shepard have locked themselves in. Sam manages to escape captivity and rushes out of the room. One of the rebels who is actually Chaplin’s undercover guy frees him, he and Chaplin then begin looking for the other rebels, gun in hand. They find the rebels and gunfire is exchanged.

Chaplin’s guy gets shot in the gunfire and dies, but Chaplin manages to get away. Chaplin and Sam then join hands to take care of the situation. Sam gets in touch with Sophie on the island and asks her to contact Washington. He tells her to give Washington the coordinates of the Colorado so the US can hit it. Basically, Sam and Chaplin would rather have the Colorado destroyed than it going into the hands of the Chinese. Sophie is shocked to hear what Sam is asking of her. Sam insists that “this is what” he wants, although it means everyone who is presently on the Colorado including him and Chaplin dying. Sophie is in tears but agrees to what Sam is asking of her. Sophie then does as is told and sends the coordinates of the Colorado to Washington so it can be destroyed via an airstrike.

Sophie communicates with the rebels and tells them about the airstrike. She warns them to hand the Colorado back to Chaplin and adds that if they don’t, they will all be destroyed. On the island Zheng and Serrat who have taken over the control room, are shocked to find two F18s headed for the Colorado. On the Colorado, Chaplin is having a heart to heart with Sam, as they know they do not have long to live. Hal the leader of the rebels tells Chaplin he has both the firing keys and will be firing the missiles of the sub to Chaplin’s hometown, so the F18s back off. In Washington, Kylie tells Robert to take her hostage so he can walk safely out of this house. Robert in turn tells her “you are not worth anything to them.. Not until you prove you are”.

He therefore wants her to kill him so she can win their trust and fight them from the inside. He kisses her and says “make them all pay”. She with tears in her eyes then shoots him in the stomach and he falls to the ground dead. Chaplin and Sam on the other hand mange to sabotage the Colorado from its engine room below and the missile launch as a result is aborted. Zheng realizes he won’t be able to gift the Colorado to his masters and therefore proceeds to leave the island and return to China. The Colorado is in a really bad shape and has surfaced on the beach. Chaplin manages to kill Hal. Sam tells Chaplin they have to clear out before the F18s arrive, but Chaplin doesn’t want to leave the Colorado empty. Sam insists that he too will stay if Chaplin does, but Chaplin argues that the Colorado is his home and the sailors who died are his family.

He then tells Sam that for him life is “still out there”. Chaplin tells Sam he still has to take revenge and is not done fighting, whereas he is “all out of moves”. Sam in the end agrees to leave, but promises Chaplin that the world will know the truth and why they did what they did. The two salute each other and part ways. Next, Sam is show talking to a bunch of reporters and standing behind him are the other crew-members of the Colorado. In Washington, Barry brings Christine to Kylie. Both are happy to see each other. Barry leaves in a hurry. “I need you to do something for me” Kylie then tells Christine. She hands Christine the flash drive containing the footage from the helmet cam. She asks her to give it to the reporters and also tell them all that she knows. Christine turns around and sees on a nearby CCTV that there are a large number of reporters waiting outside the building.

Kylie then gets into an elevator before Christine can ask her anything else. Kylie enters a room where a banquet is being held. She is welcomed by her father who is there. He directs her to the President who is standing nearby. Kylie walks up to the President removes a gun and shoots him. It is then shown how Chaplin was laughing in his last moments before the Colorado was destroyed. The COBB, Shepard and Sam on the other hand are shown making it back to the island safely. The crew is next shown returning to US soil. James has stayed behind on the island with Tani. Sam and Christine are shown reuniting under media glare. The series ends at this point.