Law & Order: Los Angeles

Law & Order: Los Angeles

"In the City of Los Angeles, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups. The police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories."

There's a place where crime has reached celebrity status. Welcome to Los Angeles, home of the rich and famous, and the completely unscrupulous. They say this is the place where anyone with the right attorney can get away with murder. We say this is the place that needs some Law & Order. From Dick Wolf, the acclaimed producer of the powerful Law & Order franchise, comes a foray into the glitz, glamour and guilt of Los Angeles. From the tony Beverly Hills to the seedy side of Hollywood, LAPD's elite Robbery Homicide Division is on the case. Fusing classic ripped-from-the-headlines storytelling with the backdrop of LA, the series delves into the high-profile crimes of the West Coast.

Law & Order: Los Angeles follows Detectives Ricardo Morales (Alfred Molina) and Tomas "TJ" Jaruszalski (Corey Stoll) as they pursue cases through the diverse City of Angels. As members of the Los Angeles Police Department’s elite Robbery Homicide Division, Morales, a former Deputy District Attorney, has returned to the police force after he became frustrated with the system, while TJ, who grew up the son of an Oscar-winning Polish cinematographer, knows too well the dark underside that is behind-the-scenes Hollywood.

Protecting the detectives who serve under her is Lieutenant Arleen Gonzales, (Rachel Ticotin) who is driven, focused, and meticulous. She is a 20-year vet with a background in military intelligence who now oversees the Homicide 1 section of Robbery Homicide Division.

Deputy District Attorney Jonah "Joe" Dekker (Terrence Howard) is a white knight crusader whose political ambitions often bring him into conflict with his boss. He sincerely believes in fighting the good fight. At the same time, he has never been one to turn down a high-profile case.

At Dekker's side is Deputy District Attorney Connie Rubirosa (Alana de la Garza). Rubirosa served as Assistant District Attorney in New York and she recently located to Los Angeles to help her ailing mother. (Source: NBC)

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Prev: 1x21 -- Van Nuys (Jun/27/2011)

A birthday party turns into a horrific scene after all of the guests are beaten to death by some uninvited visitors. With several clues left behind, the detectives are led to believe it was drug related. However, when they learn one of the guests escaped it leads them to a shocking discovery about the murders. Meanwhile, DDA’s Morales and Price ask for fellow DDA Dekker’s help to convict the culprit.

Alfred MolinaAlfred Molina
As Detective Ricardo Morales (Deputy D.A. E01-E09; E18-E22; Detective E10-E17)
Corey StollCorey Stoll
As Detective Tomas "TJ" Jarusalski (E01-E22)
Wanda De JesusWanda De Jesus
As Lieutenant Arleen Gonzales (E01)
Rachel TicotinRachel Ticotin
As Lieutenant Arleen Gonzales (E02-E22)
Rachel TicotinRachel Ticotin
As Lieutenant Arleen Gonzales (E02-E22)
Terrence HowardTerrence Howard
As Deputy D.A. Jonah "Joe" Dekker (E01-E22)
Regina HallRegina Hall
As Deputy D.A. Evelyn Price (E01-E09; E18-E22)
Regina HallRegina Hall
As Deputy D.A. Evelyn Price (E01-E09; E18-E22)
Megan BooneMegan Boone
As Deputy D.A. Lauren Stanton (E01-E09; E18-E22)
Megan BooneMegan Boone
As Deputy D.A. Lauren Stanton (E01-E09; E18-E22)



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Good cast, decent plot lines .... the problem is that the old magic that made the original Law and Order is gone. The "bad" guy loses every episode, so once it's about halfway through you can tell who's going down. Now, the last episode made finding the bad a guy a little more interesting, but still missing the best part of the original series. The "good guys" didn't always win, yes they won MOST of the time ... but not always. Read more

Review posted on Saturday, October 30th 2010 at 3:39 am

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1x21: Van Nuys recap: The scene opens on Appian Way in Laurel Canyon where a woman named Chloe Schwab throwing a party for her husband, David. She has several guests including Jackie Lee and porn actresses Lacy Von and Erin Gradin. Erin talks to Lacy and says that she is going to quit porn. They are called inside and Erin decides to hang back. She hears screams and then a thud in the house. She sees several people holding iron bars and sees Lacy fall onto the patio with a crushed skull. She runs away. The people with the bars realize that Erin is not there, but they are too late, she is already gone. Later, the media gets wind of it and named the case “Appian Way Massacre”. TJ and Rex arrive on scene and find five people dead. TJ finds a piece of rebar with blood on it and says that due to the rubber grip, the job was professional. They find that the Schwab’s jewelry and money were not stolen, but TJ finds a piece from a brick of cocaine in the closet. Lt. Gozales comes in and she sees that all the victims are clean-cut. However, Lacy has a possession charge and had two joints and $800 in her purse. She tells TJ and Rex to focus their investigation on Lacy... read more.

1x12: Benedict Canyon recap: The scene opens with a woman talking to another woman on the phone. She says goodbye and sees a man in a hooded sweatshirt riding a bike. Next thing she knows, he is next her car and shoots her. TJ and Morales arrive on scene and TJ says that Lily Walker, dresser to the stars, was the victim. They find a print on the car and find that it belongs to Harry Rice, a criminal with two strikes against him already. They go to the known address of Harry and find him. He runs away and tells that he is not going back to prison. He takes a gun to his mouth and pulls the trigger. TJ says that it is pretty much a closed case, but Morales points out that Harry had stitches this afternoon. The bike and gun match up with Harry, but the handprint didn’t show any stitches. Morales sees that there is fingerprint powder on the wall of Harry’s hotel room wall. He says that it was a very professional hit... read more.

1x15: Hayden Tract recap: The scene opens with Celeste Kelman giving a speech to a crowd when suddenly a man asks where his daughter is and opens fires on the crowd killing several people including Senator Kelman. Detectives Morales and TJ arrive on scene and there have been 7 people killed. Morales tells the police to gather up the cameras. A man says that he could have stopped him because he has a carry permit, but he bought a soda. They start talking to the witnesses and they talk to Mr. John and apologize to him for his daughter, but he says that Jenny wasn’t his daughter. He tried to protect the kids. They review the videos taken with the cell phones. They see that the killer ran into the building after the shooting. A security officer says that a week ago he found a messenger in the maintenance closet. He said that he was lost... read more.

1x14: Runyon Canyon recap: The scene opens a girl in class at college. She gets a text stating that they are on. Later, the same girl is seen running away when she steps on something and cutting her foot. A man walks out and she tells that she cut her foot. He doesn’t care and drags her back in the room. The next day, Morales and TJ arrive at a dog park and find the girl dead. Her name was Beth Garrett, a pre-med student. The Medical Examiner says that there are two sets of bruising on her neck and that strangulation was the cause of death along with torturing. Beth has a Kappa Kappa Roe tattoo. They meet with Beth’s House Mother at the Sorority and she tells that she has to go tell the other girls. They look through their things and TJ finds a thong in Beth’s drawer. Lt. Gonzales, Morales and TJ meet with Beth’s parents and her mother says that last month, Beth defriended her on Facebook. Morales says that Beth was a bookworm and that there was a piece of glass from a crack pipe. TJ says that Beth got a text from Sylvie Lester saying “we are on” the day she was murdered... read more.

recap: The scene opens with a man getting a bunch of money from the bank. When the security guard asks to see the transaction receipt, he pushes him and runs. However, the teller tells the security not to go after him because he has her son. Morales and TJ arrive on the scene and the woman shows the picture that the man gave her. Morales tells that they will bring back her kid. They go to a print shop and find where the kidnapper made the copy of the picture. The teller tells that a man came in and paid cash for the prints. TJ finds out that the picture is a photoshop fake and that there was no kidnapped boy. Morales spots a guitar case and go to Iredia Hills Elementary School. They find the boy and he tells that a guy took his picture and that was it. His mother reunites with her son... read more.
Recurring Guests

Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration (32 eps)
Tamlyn Tomita as Dr. Nishizawa, M.E. (18 eps)
Peter Coyote as District Attorney Jerry Hardin (12 eps)
Tammy Klein as SID Criminalist (12 eps)
Tina Huang as Computer Tech Stacy Maris (5 eps)
Francesca P. Roberts as Judge Martha Dreyer (4 eps)
Clyde Kusatsu as Judge Bradley Rumford (4 eps)
Jodi Long as Judge Sonya Cruz (4 eps)
Currie Graham as Attorney Max Hern (4 eps)
Angela Bullock as Judge Ellen Fabricant (4 eps)

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Network: NBC ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama
Status: Canceled
Airs: Mondays
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 29, 2010
Ended: July 11, 2011
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