Hollywood - Recap

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The scene opens with a car driving through Los Angelas. Two women get out and go to a club and the owner, Nick Manto, says hello to Chelsea Sennette and her friend. Nick walks up to an actor, Colin Blakely and tells that he could do whatever he wants. Chelsea walks up to Colin and they start kissing. Meanwhile, a woman wakes up and walks around the house calling for Colin. She sees someone in her house and tries to leave. She is caught by one of the burglars and is beaten with a blunt object. Detective Rex Winters and Thomas “TJ” Jaruszalski enter the crime scene to evaluate the damages. They find that 8 boxes of Rolexes have been stolen from the home. TJ tells Rex that the victim is Miranda Clark, a girlfriend of Colin Blakely and he tells her that she is alive despite the beating she got by one of the robbers.

Rex visits Miranda at the hospital and she tells that she says a woman in the house and she ran to the door. That is when she was beaten. Rex asks if she has family or friends to stay with and she tells that she doesn’t. Meanwhile, TJ interviews Colin about his whereabouts the night Mirand was beaten and he doesn’t want to talk about that he was having an affair with Chelsea Sennette at the club. TJ tells Rex and they laugh of the promiscuous life that she does despite the image she is trying to hold. They visit the home of Chelsea and she tells that they were having fun and that was it. Rex takes Trudy Sennette to the side so TJ can talk to Chelsea alone about her promiscuous life. TJ tells that burglars target girls like Chelsea and she tells him to talk to her friend Vicky. At the Style One Salon, they meet with Vicky and she tells that she had a burglary happen a while back and her $2,000 T-shirt was stolen from her house. She tells that she didn’t report it because she was going to London. She tells that they need to ask KK, Chelsea’s ex-boyfriend about everything. Outside the salon, TJ and Rex wonder about the shirt and find a conclusion that it could be on Facebook.

Sure enough they find a girl that is wearing the T-Shirt. She tells that she bought it from a girl at the club named Kai. Rex tells that the girl that the girl got the T-shirt from is a Kai Ming.
They go to X-Ray Photo and the photographer tells that he takes everyone’s picture and they find out that every time Chelsea was at a club, Kia was not car behind. Meanwhile, the burglar, who is introduced as Sam Loomis, meets with Nick Manto and sells him the 8 watches. He gives him less than he originally agreed on. That night, Sam, Kia, and Tanya are in front of Chelsea Sennette’s home and Tanya tells that she doesn’t want to do it. Sam tells that they need the money. However, inside one of the robbers is shot. TJ and Rex arrive on scene and the robber who was shot was Sam Loomis. Rex asks if Trudy has ever seen Sam before she shot him. She tells him that she didn’t. She tells that she reached for the lock box and grabbed the gun. Rex walks outside and Chelsea is doing a press conference. Counselor Deputy District Attorney Evelyn Price tells that she has a case ready to go to trial and Rex and TJ tell that they have a case going on and that they need more time to build a case. She tells that she will stall.

The detectives go to KK and he is in the middle of a shoot. He tells that he loves Chelsea and always has. They show him the pictures of Kia Ming and Sam Loomis. He tells that he doesn’t know them but then he tells that he has seen the guy who audited his acting class. They go to Jay Bickson and he tells that he got a headshot and that Sam was really proud of it thinking that it was going to make him a star. TJ finds out that Maria Olsen, the photographer to the stars, took the photo and Rex wants to know how a poor kid can pay for that. They visit Maria and she tells that Sam paid cash and that his make-up girl was Tanya Green. She tells that Kia Ming used to come and hang out with them too. They show the picture and she tells that is right. Maria asks if she could take Rex’s picture. They go to a hotel and the owner tells that Chelsea and her mother have been banned there because Trudy was making out in the elevator with some guy. At glance of the video, that guy is Sam Loomis. The detectives update the case to Deputy District Attorney Ricardo Morales and he tells that he needs more evidence to convict. Rex and TJ go to the Sam’s father and he tells that he was trying to get into acting and that he is not a thief. He tells that he was staying at a friend’s house. It was Tanya Green.

TJ and Rex bring in Kia Ming and Tanya Green and Tanya tells that she wanted to stop. She tells that they sold the stuff to Nick Manto. She tells that Sam knew who to hit. Morales tells that they need a search warrant to Nick Manto’s home. Morales and Price meet with Nick and his lawyer and he tells that “hypothetically”, he was buying stuff off of someone and that he had a list. He tells that there are 25 burglaries. He tells that Trudy Sennette as the leader of the burglary crew. He tells her to check the TMZ Tip Line. The next scene, Trudy is being arrested and Chelsea doesn’t know what is going on. Morales and Price meet with Trudy and her lawyer and they play the recording. The lawyer tells that it is just Nick Manto giving upset because they are husband and wife. They are going to plead for Spousal Privilege. They meet with Nick Manto and he admits that he got married but they are separated. Trudy told him that she would take car of it. Both lawyers meet in Judge’s chambers and she gives the case to Morales because of the fact that illegal acts trump Spousal Privilege. Meanwhile, Price is trying to get Chelsea to testify that her mother told that Sam was “cute” and she won’t do it. Morales tells that he is not going to beg her and tells that they don’t need her.

The trial of Ms. Senate begins and Detective Rex Winters is on the stand. They show the elevator pictures of Trudy and Sam and tell that she knew the victim from the shooting. Nick Manto talks about Trudy telling Sam that she was going to get into acting. Trudy’s lawyer cross-examines and he tells that Nick is upset and resents a criminal conspiracy. Nick tells that he lent her $400,000 and she paid back in three weeks. Price finds that the deposits into Trudy’s account and Rex and TJ visit the home of KK Curren and he tells that he paid Trudy the payment to be able to date Chelsea for 6 months. In the courtroom, Morales asks if she ever gained on Chelsea’s fame or used her. She tells that she has not. Morales tells that they would like to enter a confession from KK Curren and Trudy asks to speak to her lawyer privately. She makes a deal to Murder Two and she is sentenced to 15 years to life in the State Correctional Facility. Chelsea cries and Rex tells TJ that someone needs to tell her the truth and TJ tells that she wouldn’t believe it. Chelsea comes out and the press is everywhere. Rex asks if she needs someone to take her out back. They get into the elevator and the doors close.