Echo Park - Recap

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The scene opens with a woman on the beach drinking wine. A police officer goes up to her and tells that there is no drinking. He takes her license and sees who she is. He goes up to her again and tells her to dump out the wine and says that she is around decent people now and she has to follow the rules. The woman hears whistling and panics. Later, they find the woman’s body and identify her as “Baby” Jane Lee Rayburn, one of the Echo Park tribe members. Rex and TJ look over videos and find that there was nothing really important and Lt. Gonzales tells them that was a 17 year old runaway. Gonzales says that Dennis Lee Watson, the tribe leader is still in prison.

They go to the law office of Heather Benedict and she tells that Jane stopped getting threats, but Heather received one. She plays the message and it is from Henry Franklin. They go to his place and find that he is not there. However, there are clippings of the Echo Park murders all over the place and Jane’s schedule. He has been following her. They find Henry in the middle of town trying to give out massages. Rex and TJ walk up to him and Henry confesses that he was the one who killed Jane. They take him down to the station and ask what he killed her with. Henry says that it was with a kitchen knife. They get up and leave he room. Rex tells Lt. Gonzales that he is not the killer because the knife was a curved blade and not a strait one. They go to the Ocean Bay Medical Clinic and the doctor says that he has never seen Henry there. Jane’s doctor says that Jane complained about hearing whistling. They go back and watch the video and there is whistling, but no killer.

They go to the Central California Women’s Facility, they talk to a former member of the Echo Park tribe and play the whistling from the video. She tells that it is Dennis and says that he got Jane because she got all soft. That is why she got released. She immediately demands to leave. They see Dennis and he says that no one has anything to say to him and says that he has no power. TJ plays the whistling and he says that is nice. He says that he didn’t kill her and that ideas are like children and they go where they want. They look at Dennis’s fan mail and at Rex’s house and Rex’s wife gets home and ask if a he got the kids to bed easily and Rex tells that he did. TJ says that he has something and shows a letter stating that someone needs to kill Jane. It is from another prison and Rex says that they might be able to lift a print off from the original.

Rex and TJ go to the Innocence Coalition and speak to Rachel Forester about the letter and Jim Roman comes up and says that Rachel isn’t answering any more questions about the case and tells them to do their job. Rex finds a Maura Dillon and finds that she served 6 years in prison and was in the same prison of Jane. They visit Maura and she tells that Jane was like a mother to her. They see scars on her and she says that they are from the fire trying to save her kids. However, TJ and Rex know better. They visit the warden of the prison and she says that Maura and Jane were in the same cell and Maura filed a complaint on Jane, but then withdrew the complaint. They look at the complaint and then at the letter that someone wrote Dennis. It is the same handwriting. They search her home and than speak to her at the station. They show that they found a picture of her with a curved knife, the same type of knife used to kill Jane. Jim Roman comes in and says that the interview is over and Rex says that they are placing her under arrest. As they pass Rex’s desk, Maura sees the woman who forced her to confess about the fire. It is Casey, Rex’s wife.

Rex gets home and talks to Casey about the fact that Maura is telling that it was Casey who forced a confession out of her. Meanwhile at the Lynwood County Jail, DDA Joe Dekker and ADA Lauren Stanton are taking over Maura’s case and is focused only on the murder of Jane Rayburn. Maura tells that she doesn’t want any more lies, but Jim tells her to keep quiet. Jim says that he has a case and the jury is going to see his way. Lauren says that Maura has one thing going for her, but Joe says that they are going to have to take the case apart. Joe tells TJ and Lauren to go visit Abner Featherstone, the Chief Fire Safety Engineer and get to the bottom of it. He says that he had investigated a dozen of them. However, they do their own test and Featherstone was wrong. The fire was cased from a short in a kitchen appliance. They go to Mattawin Studios and find out that the man who worked the case says that Casey Ryan, Rex’s wife, was the officer in charge.

They get back to Joe’s office and tell that it wasn’t arson. Joe goes to DA Jerry Hardin’s office and tells that Maura was innocent of the fire and she didn’t kill her kids. Jerry says that he couldn’t just charge her for the murder of Jane, but Joe says that it is going to come up anyways. Jerry says that they are going to offer her 12 years and call it a win. Joe says that they shouldn’t try to cover and Jerry tells that it is good politics. At the house, Rex questions Casey and she says that Rex doesn’t believe her. Rex asks if there is something that she needs to tell him. She avoids it and leaves. The next day, Joe and Lauren offer Maura 12 years and Jim Roman says that they want admission of the truth. Maura says that she needs the world to know. Joe says that the offer is off the table. In Jerry’s office, Joe tells that Maura deserves her “day in court” and Lauren says that Jim Roman is serving people for bad tampering. Lauren says that it has worked before.

Casey gets served and Rex wants to know what Casey is going to do and he says that he wants to protect her. At the Superior Court, the trial begins and Joe says that they are going to hear about how Maura killed Jane Rayburn and hear from several angles. Jim Roman tells how they are going to prove that it was self defense and that Maura feared for her life. Rex goes to the courtroom and talks to Joe. He says that Jim is going to put her on the stand. When he does, Joe tries to dismiss Casey, but the judge allows it. Joe looks back at Jerry and says that the state will admit that Maura was not guilty of killing her children. He says that he is sure of doing that. They excuse Casey. After a recess, a doctor says that Maura was victimized. Joe cross-examines and says that Maura waited 3 years after the abuse and the doctor says that the trauma could last a long time. Maura takes the stand and tells her abuse. However, when Joe asks her about what her children would think of her, she admits that she killed Jane even though Jane was helpless and no a harm to anyone.

Later in the office, Joe offers Maura 12 years with 6 years time served. Jerry is upset that Maura only got 6 years, but tells that it is a win nonetheless. He says that he is going to have to explain things with in Parker Center and the Police Chief is not that happy. Later at Rex and Casey’s house, Rex asks Casey what she would have said. She says that she would have been under oath, but ignores the issue altogether.