Playa Vista - Recap

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The scene opens with a pro women’s golf champion Kristin Halstead going to a charity event and misses a good golf shot. She goes to her home and bumps into a neighbor. The neighbor goes to the back yard and notices that the sprinkler water is red, but reaches down and realizes that it is blood. Rex and TJ get on scene and Kristin is lying dead in the courtyard. They see that couple of the hits went wild. They get into her apartment and they find that she needed money and was in debt. They go to the home of Ken Friendman, Kristin’s agent and he says Kristen was always on the road. Rex asks what was keeping her up and Ken says that Kristin has been off her game. They go to the Medical Examiner and she says that they are looking with a bar with a decorative knob at the end and also points out scratches on her arm that a car door wouldn’t have done.

They go to the location that was on Kristin’s GPS and meet with a valet driver. He says that Kristin was texting in her car all night. They go to the tech girl and she tells that her phone had texts, but there were throw-away phones that have calls all over the United States. Rex recognizes them as tournaments. He sees one in Vegas and says that there was a Poker tournament there. Chip Jarrow was one of the gamblers playing there. They go to his home and tell Chip that they have texts from Kristin and Chip to one another and he says that she wanted to talk about his endorsements and wanted career advice. He laughs when he finds out that they think that he was sleeping with her and says that Kristin was a lesbian. They go back to Ken and he confirms it, but tells them that he doesn’t know what she did on her personal time besides when Kristin went to the Gallery, she asks for a plus one. Carly Morris was requested. They go to Carly’s apartment and she says that she knew Kristin and says that they had sex, but says that they weren’t significant. Rex asks where Carly works and she tells that she is a student and waitresses every now and then. However, there are a lot of free things lying around to be just a student.

Rex and TJ go to a fancy shoe and dress store where Carly has gotten a lot of her “things” and the manager says that she can’t release any financial information. She tells that Carly comes in with a new man every single week. TJ tells Rex that Carly lied to them about being a student. TJ says that Carly had a job at the AK Lounge Club and Lt. Gonzales tells them to check with the other workers there. They get to the club and talk to one of the waitresses. She says that they don’t gossip about the other girls, but TJ lies and says that Carly is talking about her. The waitress says that they were with a guy on Tuesday and he wanted a foursome. She says that the man was called “Ace”. They ask if he paid with a credit card and she tells that she is not a hooker, but he did send nice gifts afterward. They go to the home of Steve and Jodi Morris and ask to talk to Carly. However, her parents tell them that she is not talking to anyone. Jodi says that a company wanted to fly her to Greenville. TJ checks the flight and finds out that Chip is the spokesman. They have the waitress identify Chip as “Ace”. They bring Carly in and her lawyer says that the charges are ridiculous. Carly says that Kristin and her dated briefly and told that she and Chip were serious. Carly says that she would never hurt anyone. TJ pulls up the text messages where Kristin called Chip a fraud and won’t get way with it and Chip calling her a lesbian.

They go to Chip’s home to find Chip and Monika fighting and they lie and say that Chip fell in the pool and Monica was trying to pull him out. TJ talks to Monica and she says that their marriage is rock solid. Rex talks to Chip and says that Kristin thought Chip was stealing her girlfriend. Luke, their son, comes downstairs and asks what is going on. She tells him that it is nothing. Chip’s attorney comes in and says that if his client is not under arrest, then they have to leave. They go out of the house and see Dekker there and he says that they have to bust his alibi and says that he will get the numbers. At the country club, they talk to Chip’s caddy and he says that he met up with Chip and the night of the murder of Kristin, he fronted for Chip and booked a room for him so that he could get with girls. He says that everyone had their hand out even his wife. He says that Monica caught Chip cheating 10 years ago and they signed a post-nuptial that gives Monica $1 Million every time she catches him cheating. They talk to Dekker and he says that they have to find out what Kristin was going to expose really and Rex says that Chip could have been anywhere on the night that Kristin was murdered.

They get a warrant to search the house and tell Monica to get Chip out. She says that he checked himself into Rehab as a “sex addict”. Upstairs, TJ finds the murder weapon in the master bathroom. Rex asks where Chip was and he says that he was with three women. TJ says that there should be blood on the wrapper too, but there isn’t. Rex thinks that maybe Chip is getting framed. TJ suggests that Monica had just as much to loose if Kristin blew the endorsement deals. Dekker says that they should talk to her son, Luke. He will know if his mother was home. They go to the High School and question him about his mother. When he thinks that they are trying to say that his mother killed Kristin he starts to ask if they found the murder weapon, but stops. Rex asks him about it, but ADA Stanton stops him. She tells Rex that the lawyers are not present and it could be thrown out of court. The lawyer tells that since Luke is not under arrest, then he is going home. Dekker says that they are going to search everything of Luke’s now.

They search the car and find a mailing list to a charity event with Kristin’s address circled. Monica comes in and says that Luke is just a boy and was probably one of Chip’s “Gold-Digging Skanks”. Rex and TJ tell Stanton that Monica co-chaired the event that has Kristin’s address on it and could have given the address to Luke. Dekker tells Luke’s lawyer that they are charging Luke as an adult. Dekker says that they are accusing his mother for giving him the address and Luke says that it was one of Chip’s “Gold-Digging Skanks”. Stanton says that is what his mother said too and shows that Luke posted that his facebook about his mom telling things that his mom is telling him about his father. Dekker presses that they are charging Monica on the basis of PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome) and the fact that she poisoned Luke’s mind to hate his father. The judge allows it, but won’t rule until she hears the case.

Later in court, a doctor says that Luke suffers from the condition and Dekker asks if Luke could kill his father and she says that he couldn’t so he would kill something or someone else. Luke takes the stand and says that he knows that his dad is bad and tells the story about Vegas and how Chip went off with the waitress and left him. Dekker cross-examines and shows the posts that he made about how his mother told him that Chip was cheating and Luke lies and says that he heard his father tell that Kristin and him were having sex. He presses and says that everything that Luke knows about his father is what his mother said. Monica takes the stand and says that she never wished any harm on anyone. Dekker mentions the Post-Nuptial agreement where she got $1 Million. Monica says that all the girls want money and Dekker shows the pictures of the women and she gets upset and says that Chip is a pig. The judge says that she is not going to allow the testimony for the PAS and Dekker says that they are going to drop the PAS and charge Luke for murder.

They go to the offices and Chip tells that he doesn’t want Luke to go to prison for life and Dekker says that someone is going to share the weight. Chip says that he killed Kristin and will say whatever they need and says that he can’t let Luke go. However, Monica says that Chip is not going to be allowed to be the hero and says that she was the one who helped Luke and told him that Kristin was a threat. Chip is disgusted with Monica that she is not lying and Monica says that she was willing to allow him to go to jail for a little bit. Dekker says that Monica is going to be charged with Manslaughter and Luke will be charged as a minor. The next day, they see that Chip’s game has not been affected and Dekker says that is all he has now.