Harbor City - Recap

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The scene opens with a man packing his surf board in the back of his truck when he finds that it has been keyed. A blue Impala pulls up and when he gets out, the driver takes off. The man walks into a dispensary and a man tells him that he made his deliveries. A kid walks in and tells that a NARK in a blue lowrider looking at his door. The man tells him to get out. His friend asks if there is trouble and he tells that he can handle it. Later Rex and TJ find the man in the back room. The victim is Trevor Knight, a pro surfer. They talk to his friend who called it in and Rex sees the scratch in Trevor’s car and asks about it. The man says that a lot of people are made that there is a marijuana dispenser next to them. They ask where Trevor kept the books at and the man says that he kept them at his house.

They go to the home of Liz Knight, Trevor’s mother, and talk with her and Trevor’s wife, Deena. They ask to see the financial records. TJ sits with Liz and helps her roll her joint. Meanwhile, Rex asks Deena how much the business was doing and she tells that they were getting $10,000 a week. She tells that Trevor had missed a couple of pickups from the armored truck because he had to take his mother to the hospital. They get back to the station and they see that the armored car company knew how much was in the safe. They go to Security Arms and question the manager. He says that everyone has been vetted and Rex sees that the parent company went and bought out companies. They figure out that the dispatch office was involved. They go to a woman and she says that her husband owed a guy in prison in money and she gave the name of the dispensaries to Chuck Rocker and Trevor Knight was on the top of the list. Rex tells that she is going to call Rocker and tell that she has another target.

At Holistic Green, Rex and TJ are posing as employees there when a van pulls up. It is Chuck Rocker A civilian walks in and tries to buy marijuana without a permit. They tell the guy to get out and the guy realizes that they are cops and runs out, scaring Rocker and his gang. TJ and Rex run out and arrest Rocker and the rest before they can take off. They take him in and he lawyers up. However, when Rex and TJ tell that they are pinning murder on him, he recants his lawyer plea and says that he didn’t do it. He says that he was going to hit Trevor’s place, but a Samoan man was there. They go to the LAPD Gang Unit and the detective there says that they are looking for Joey Fatu. He is the leader of the SOS gang in Los Angeles. The detective says that the contact that Joey gave was to Deena Knight. Rex and TJ visit Deena and she says that Joey is her ex-husband and they say that Deena was going to run off with the money. Deena says that Joey was a silent partner and Trevor wanted to close the shop. They go to the employee that used to work for Trevor and find his trailer torn apart. He has a cut on his face and comes clean that Joey came to see him. He says that he thought he stole the money. He says that Joey told him that if he wanted to kill Trevor, he would have done it at the beach. They look at the surveillance video and they run the plates to see that it is registered to Traci Mathers.

They go to her house and Joey is there. Traci tries to tell TJ and Rex to get out and Joey tries to calm her down. Rex tases Joey and he falls on top of her. She says that she can’t breathe and they take Joey into custody. At the station, Joey says that he didn’t kill anyone. He tells that he was going to profit off of Trevor from his surfing. He says that he went to Del Broadleaf to “convince” him not to surf. They go to Del’s surf shop and he tells that Joey did come up to him, but Trevor told him not to listen because he wanted to beat Del in the tournament. Del says that Trevor needed another board because it looked like someone had taken a hammer to his. They get to the beach and they see a tag MBC. They see a surfer and see that his board is banged up too. He blames it on the sharks. A home owner comes out and tells them that it is private property where they are. Rex tells that it is public property. They ask the surfer if the “sharks” had anything to do with the tags on the wall, but the surfer is not interested in talking about it.

They go to the Sherriff’s office and he says that MBC stands for the “Moon Bay Crew”. He tells that they were charged with assault, but the victim never pressed charges because he was bought off. TJ and Rex go back to the station and see their website. Carlton Campbell, Logan Rudman and Patrick Scott are the member of the Moon Bay Crew and Morales and Price are there and Rex says that they have nothing on them. Morales tells Rex to pick up Patrick because he is going to have the worse lawyer than Carlton and Logan. They pick him up and see that he has cut marks on his hands and take him down to the station. He says that he lawyered up. Morales talks to him and tells TJ to turn off the camera. Morales says that he will give Patrick a deal if he rolls on his friends. Patrick says that they wanted to teach Trevor a lesson. He says that it was Logan’s idea to mess up his board. Carlton was the one who kicked Trevor in the head. Carlton took the money and said that they need to make it look like a robbery. They get to Carlton’s house and they are already expecting them. Carlton’s dad says that they have invoked their right to a lawyer and have videotaped their condition.

At the house, Morales talks to Mr. Campbell and asks about the petition that he is trying to pass. He says that people are trespassing on his property. Morales says that it is public property and Mr. Campbell says that people are peeing on his flowers. Morales suggests that he petition for more public bathrooms instead. He tells Morales to go because the search warrant doesn’t cover the living room. At the arraignment court hearing, Carlton and Logan are held without bail. Carlton and Logan’s attorney comes up to Price and Morales and tells them that Patrick is a rapist. They talk to Patrick about the rape and says that Logan and Carlton were cheering him on when they got the girl drunk. At the station, Rex and TJ show the photos and see that there is a can of lighter fluid next to the fireplace. They suggest that they were trying to burn something and needed more fire power. Later, Morales and Price talk to Mr. Campbell and the lawyer representing Carlton and Logan and say that they found traces of a wetsuit and money that was burned. They tell that his fingerprints were on the tools that helped start the fire. They get up and Mr. Campbell says that his son didn’t do anything. Morales tells Price to tell Rex and TJ to arrest Mr. Campbell for willfully allowing gang activity to happen in his home. Price tries to stop him, but he tells her to make it happen.

After the arrest, Morales and Mr. Campbell’s lawyer talk to the judge and Morales says that his case is important to charge him with the crimes. After talking about how Mr. Campbell paid off the girl who got raped and was told not to press charges and was paid $5,000. When Mr. Campbell takes the stand, he tells that he admits paying the money and Morales brings up when Mr. Campbell paid $10,000 to cover up the assaults. The judge rules in favor of Morales and Mr. Campbell and his lawyer meet in private and Mr. Campbell tells how his son burned the money in the fire and how Carlton killed Trevor Knight. All three boys of the Moon Bay Crew receive their sentence with Patrick only getting 6 years and Carlton and Logan getting 15 to life. Later, Morales takes Price to the beach for lunch and says that it is good to be at the beach.