Sylmar - Recap

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The scene opens with a woman driving up to a house and she leaves her kids in the car for a moment. She goes inside the house and suddenly there is an explosion that covers the car in flames. Rex and TJ arrive on scene and find the mother, Kim Miller, devastated that her kids were killed. Rex tries to talk to her, but she is uncontrollable. They find that the house that had the explosion was a meth lab. They go to Kim again in the ambulance and ask what she was doing there. She says that Ronnie, the guy who owns the house, forgot his sunglasses at work and she was bringing them back for him. They ask her to describe them and she says that they were plastic frames with dark lenses. However, when they go inside, they find wire frames with yellow lenses.

Later, Rex and TJ visit Kim and Kevin Miller’s home and talk to Kim again. TJ is inside the kitchen with Kevin, Kim’s husband. He asks if he knows Ronnie and he says that he played softball with a guy named Ronnie. Kevin goes up to Kim and asks if she was with Ronnie. Kevin says that Kim killed the kids over cheating on him. She tells that she doesn’t know where Ronnie is. Kevin tells that Ronnie lived with his mother and that is where he dropped him off before. They go to Ellen Powell’s home, the mother of Ronnie, and his sister, Amy, asks what Ronnie did this time. TJ asks Ellen if he can have a glass of water. Rex talks to Amy and asks why she thought that Ronnie was in trouble. Meanwhile, TJ talks to Ellen and she says that she doesn’t know Ronnie’s friends and that she only knows that Ronnie was into building model airplanes. She says that UPS delievered some supplies. They go to the place where Ronnie ordered supplies and he says there is a big order for Zeta-Max. TJ sees that it has 99% Nitro Methane, the same stuff to blow things up. They talk to the officers that cleared the crime scene and they say that they didn’t find any traces of Nitro Methane. Ronnie is running around with a bomb possibly.

They get to the station and Lt. Gonzales gets a call saying that Ronnie’s car was spotted. They bust into a house and take down a guy who says that Ronnie is in the bedroom. However, when Rex goes in the room, he finds that the crawl space vent has been moved. Rex tells TJ that Ronnie is in the crawl space and TJ says that they have rats trained to get people out of crawl spaces. Ronnie surrenders his gun and says that he hates rats. They take him into the station and Gonzales says that the crime lab found Denatured Alcohol in the garage. They go into talk to Ronnie and ask where the Nitro Methane is. He tells that he doesn’t know what they are talking about. He says that he never ordered Nitro Methane and they ask about the Denatured Alcohol that was found. He realizes that the only person in his garage was Terry, Amy’s fiancé. They talk with DDA Dekker and he tells that he is not going to give any deal to a child killer. Gonzales tells Rex and TJ to talk to Amy again.

They get to her place of work and she tells that Terry is at a camp site until he can get back on his feet and then be able to get married to Amy. TJ tells Amy that they can go together to where Terry is. They drive out there and meet Terry. He asks if Amy is in trouble and they ask him a few questions about Ronnie. Rex sees that the hitch doesn’t match his trailer and tells TJ that someone else was driving the truck. They get back to the station and Rex tells Gonzales that there were other men with Terry, but they haven’t been seen. They go to Ellen’s house again and Ellen says that Terry seems like a nice man. She shows a dress that is for Amy. It is an Abia, a type of dress Muslim women wear. TJ finds a video of Amy telling that she is happy when an American soldier gets killed after killing innocent Muslims. They go back to Amy’s work and she shouts at the people watching her and calls them Godless people and gets escorted to the station. Once there, DDA Dekker and ADA Stanton see the video and find out that Amy and Terry belonged to an American Terrorist Cell. They find an address that was searched on Amy’s computer.

They go to the home of Jason McParr, a cartoonist of a cartoon. He recognizes Amy as someone who was looking at him. They talk to Amy and her lawyer and they try to get her to tell where Terry is, but she is still thinking as a Muslim woman and is loyal to him. Stanton says that Amy is going to have to snap out of it. TJ says that facial recognition came back and the other two members of the Cell are Joey Pine and Roger Hagen. They find out that Roger served time and an old cellmate has a welding business. They get there and he tells that Roger came by with a job for him to do. They realize that the pieces of metal that was cut fit the size of the RV. They are going to turn the RV into the bomb.

They get to LAX and find out that they were staking out the airport. Rex goes to Amy and gives her the news that Terry is going to kill thousands of people at the airport. Dekker comes in and has a softer approach saying that Terry is a good man and that the other men twisted it. Amy says that she found a girl who was renting out a garage. They get there and find the men there. The bomb squad go into the RV and find the bombs. He says that they were ready to go. In court, Terry tries to tell that he is a Muslim warrior. However, they are interrupted by Robert Shuller, government attorney. They are reprimanded into the government’s custody and are going to be charged with Treason. Dekker tries to call Jerry and tells him to stop them, but he says that there is nothing he can do. Dekker meets with Shuller and he tells that the government has the right to charge the terrorists. Dekker says that he has had 100 murder convictions versus the government’s conviction for treason. He tries to talk to Jerry again and Jerry says that Terry would turn it into a circus. Dekker says that if he was a political man, he would fight.

Dekker goes to the press and Stanton says that he is pushing a boulder where it is hard to push. At the federal courthouse, Dekker convinces a judge to allow the case to be tried in Los Angeles. Jerry tells Dekker that he needs to be careful what he wishes for and it is Lane Garfield and he is going to turn it into a terrorist pep rally. Dekker says that he will handle it. Later in court, Dekker tells that they are not charging the men for terrorism. Dekker begins his case and he talks about the two kids that were killed and that the men caused it. Lane talks about the terrorists and Dekker objects and shuts him up. Kim Miller takes the stand and tells what happened. At every turn around, Dekker objects with Lane’s attempts to talk about terrorism. Amy testifies that Terry was pouring alcohol into the hot plate. However, when Lane questions her, he shows that there was a ring. Terry was going to propose to Amy. Immediately she changes her statement and says that it was her that put the denatured alcohol. However, Dekker is smarter and tricks Amy into confessing that she had to obey her husband and had to get his permission first. This makes the jury know that Amy was telling the truth first.

In closing arguments, Lane tries to tell the jury that they need to acquit them because they didn’t get a fair trail because all the evidence wasn’t presented. Dekker stands up and tells that taking innocent lives is never justified and someone needs to speak for the dead children. Jerry walks in and shakes his head in agreement. The jury comes back after deliberating and they find them all guilty of murder. Terry goes out screaming that the message is coming and that there are others out there. Dekker and Stanton go out of the courtroom and tell Kim and Kevin Miller that they are going to have to wait months for the execution, but they will get a call telling them when it will be so they can witness. However, Kevin says that they have seen enough. The episode ends.