Pasadena - Recap

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The scene opens with a woman going home for the night. Her co-workers ask her to stay around for drinks and she says that she has to get back home. She walks outside and suddenly a car comes up behind her and runs her over. Later, the two detectives Rex and TJ come on scene and find out the woman was Rebecca Townley. She was rushed off to the hospital. The police officer says that a homeless man saw the entire thing. He says that the car ran over her and then ran over her again. Rex shows that there was an ultrasound in her purse and says that it could be a murder charge. They go talk to the owner of the restaurant that Rebecca was a manager at and he says that he doesn’t know who would have done that. They tell him that Rebecca was pregnant and his says that he doesn’t know anything about that.

They go to the home of Rebecca and the landlord says that he hasn’t seen Rebecca come home for a month. They look through the house and everything was removed from the closet and the landlord says that he hasn’t seen anyone snooping around. They decide to talk to the ex-husband, Layton Forester, thinking that things weren’t so good after all. They go to his house and he pulls up in a taxi. He says that he was in Palm Springs. They tell that Rebecca was in an accident and they tell that she is in a coma. He says that they talked about some financial stuff and he says that they divorced because she cheated. They asks if it is the same guy that got her pregnant and he is shocked that Rebecca was pregnant and says that it was probably some guy where she works. Later they go through her car and find a corporate gas card with the company logo of Yarborough Media Strategies in her purse. TJ thinks that her baby’s father works there.

They go there and talk to Adam Yarborough, the owner. He says that Rebecca is not one of their regular employees. Rex asks if he is going to ask about the baby and Adam says that they can talk to his lawyer. They get to the station and talk to Lt. Gonzales and that they probably have a “shag palace”. Rex says that Rebecca was going to a doctor in Pasadena. He shows the address that Rebecca gave her and it is the same as Adam Yarborough. TJ says that they found their “shag palace”. They go to the address and find Carolyn Yarborough, Adam’s wife. They show that they have a warrant to search the house. TJ walks down the stairs with the Prenatal Vitamins that belong to Rebecca. Adam comes in and tells Carolyn not to say anything. Rex tells Adam that Carolyn has been lying since they entered and asks him if he wants her to be arrested or simply come to the station and check alibis. They come down to the station and TJ talks to Adam who says that Rebecca was carrying their baby and that a fertility doctor impregnated her. However, Rex is talking to Carolyn and she says that Adam had a brief affair with Rebecca and when she got pregnant, they decided that they will keep the baby. Carolyn said that she offered to help Rebecca.

Rex goes into where Adam is and TJ says that a fertility doctor impregnated Rebecca. Rex says that Carolyn said that Adam had a fling with her and that he got her pregnant. TJ asks where he was and he says that he was at a political fundraiser. They visit the woman who hosted the fundraiser and she tells that her husband kicked everyone out at 10:30pm. They ask if Adam seems preoccupied. Congressman Nelson and Adam left together. They go to Congressman Thomas Nelson’s office and talk about Adam. He says that that he started off as a staffer and then ran two of Nelson’s campaigns. Nelson says that Adam is a loyal person. They talk to the bar tender and the bartender says that Congressman Nelson and Adam were drinking and says that Adam left early. They talk to Adam again and Adam says that he went strait home and wouldn’t ever hurt Rebecca. He admits to the affair. His story is shaky and Rex doesn’t believe him. ADA Evelyn Price tells Rex to arrest him for obstruction of justice and they will get a DNA test. Lt. Gonzales gets a call and tells the two detectives that Rebecca Towsley just woke from her coma. They go to the hospital and ask her about the night and at the mention of her baby, she realizes that she lost it and tells that it is all Thomas Nelson killed their baby.

Morales and Price arrive and Rex and TJ talk about what Rebecca said and he says that they need more. Price talks to Rebecca’s mother and she says that Rebecca never told her who the father was. She offered to help Rebecca to get back home, but she told her that she doesn’t have to worry about her because she’s moving up in the world. Price tells Rex and TJ what was said and it seems that Thomas Nelson is the father and they tell that Adam’s wife is going to crack. Price goes to talk to Carolyn and she says that Nelson convinced Adam to cover it up and Nelson told Carolyn that she would get a spot in his cabinet. She says that Nelson offered to give Rebecca to a Dr. Teketa to help her. Price goes to Dr. Teketta’s office and she realizes that it is an abortion clinic. Price goes to Morales’s office and he says that they need to get his DNA and then find the driver. They go to Nelson’s home and he tries to deny the test, but they have a warrant. Price sees Nelson’s wife, Patricia. She says that she enjoyed her book and found it brave to talk about her ovarian cancer. She tells that she is alive. She apologizes for what happened. They leave and Nelson tells Patricia that they have to get ahead of this. She says that they have to tell their son about this.

Price tells Morales that Layton Forster works for AQG Industries and that is the same that have $100 Million in military contracts. Morales sees that Nelson stole Rebecca and gave Layton a comfortable job. They talk to Rebecca and ask how Layton reacted to the pregnancy and she tells that she never told her. Rebecca says that the car was loud and she changes her tune and says that Nelson was not the one to kill their baby and Morales says that they could find the car because they had to stop for gas. Later at Mataro Gas, Rex and TJ talk to an attendant and he says that someone broke the lock of a hose and gives them a shirt they found. They also found Layton’s thumb print. Later, they take Layton to the court house and the press tries to talk to him. Morales says that they have to get Nelson now. Later Jerry talks to Morales and Price and Morales say that they want to press charges of Nelson. Price and Morales talk to Layton and he tells that he wasn’t involved in the murder and that he was in his hotel. They tell that

The tech woman at the station, she says that Layton’s computer was being activated from another location and she finds that it was at Nelson’s office. Nelson tells them that they can do what they want and Morales says that Nelson is to be charged. Later in the courtroom, the lawyers try to dismiss the case, but Morales says that they can prove that he disguised the fathering of a child and that he hired someone to take that out. The judge allows the case to move forward to trial. Nelson’s lawyers want to talk and Nelson says that he had nothing to do with hurting Rebecca and says that he loves her. Morales believes him that he loves Rebecca and asks who would be hurt more in this and they need to hide the assets. Price sees that a Family Trust and went to the same lawyer. They go to Rebecca and she says that Nelson was putting her on the family trust and says that his wife didn’t know about it. Morales says that they need to talk to Nelson’s wife because she could have cancer again and Nelson is making moves to replace her.

They go to Patricia and say that they know that the cancer came back and she admits that she has a short time to live. Morales says that it must have been shocking. Morales tells that he knows that she would never stand by while Nelson replaced her. He tells her that the police are on their way to her Aunt and Uncle’s house and Price gets a text that they are at the house. Morales says that if she admits to the crime, he will keep her out of prison. She admits that she hired Layton Forester and said that she was the one who forged Layton’s alibi. She tells that he couldn’t erase her. They open the garage, but no car. In court, Patricia’s plan backfires and she is sent to prison for a year. Nelson goes up to Patricia and hugs her. He tells Morales that he loves his wife despite what he did. Price laughs at that and Morales says that is men’s biggest fear, being alone. The episode ends.