Hondo Field - Recap

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The scene opens with a young couple going skinny dipping in the ocean. They find a body floating inside. Rex and TJ arrive on scene later and identify the man as Freddy Ramirez. They turn him over and oil pours from his mouth. Later at the Medical Examiner’s, she tells that Freddy was dead before he hit the water and that the several lacerations on his head suspect that he was hit in the head several times. She shows that he had peanuts and alcohol in his system. They go to the offices of Goldshore Oil, the company that Freddy worked for, and talk to Mr. Braden and tell him that they need to get on his rig and they have a warrant. Braden says that Freddy was always drunk and going to work because they have to work for 2 weeks and then have their time off. Rex asks for a copy of the records that they have on Freddy.

They go to the rig and TJ sees that Freddy has had four suspensions for violations. They talk to the foreman and he says that Freddy worked on the drilling floor and shows that they found Freddy’s hat and the mud that is in it, is drilling mud. They go to Lucas, the person who checks in people. He says that he saw Freddy clock in at 2:36am. He says that he never saw him after that. They talk to Freddy’s crew that he worked with and they tell that the night he was murdered, they were having drinks and Freddy decided to go to a motel early. One of the men says that Freddy was always hooking up with someone. To the mention of the suspensions, one of the men says that their supervisor is not good. Rex and TJ talk to Valerie Roberts, the supervisor of the drilling floor. She says that she has to show who is boss and sometimes they have to get suspended. She tells that she has been working the rig since she was 19-years-old and knows what to expect. They go to Freddy’s bunk and it is clean. They go to the San Pedro Motel and they find that it is clean also except with a notebook with dates and a Federal Certificate of Inspection. They find the same mud that was found in Freddy’s hat. The owner says that they paved the driveway and it still isn’t dry. The debris matches that found in Freddy’s hat and it is not drilling mud.

They go to the parking lot and Rex says that they are getting played. They go back to the rig and talk to Lucas. He admits that he stepped out and when he got back, Freddy’s card was swiped. The killer planted the hat and they are back to square one. They talk to the bartender and he tells that the guys were having drinks and Valerie was having dinner with Zack, her boyfriend. He says that he last saw Freddy on the payphone. They trace the calls to the home of Douglas Kasdan and Douglas says that Freddy called for his mother, Lucy. They meet her and she is devastated that he is dead. She says that he always says that he loves her before he goes just in case something happened. Stephanie Kasdan comes in and comforts Lucy. They ask if Lucy thinks that Freddy knew something was going to happen and she tells that she doesn’t know. They go to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and show that Freddy had the Certificate of Inspection. He says that an oil rig worker shouldn’t have that and starts to defend the oil company over cutting corners. He says that Jason Callahan filed a complaint of the rig, but left before the man could contact him. They talk to Jason and he says that he gave up rig work and says that when he reported the problem to his supervisor, she made his life hard. He says that Valerie was always on Freddy’s case.

They go back to the rig and Lucas shows them to her bunk. A man answers the door and says that he shares the bunk when Valerie is not there. He says that he just cleaned up and says that there is blood. Later, they go to a bar and arrest Valerie. She tells that she didn’t do anything and tells the other crew members that it is not what they think. At the courtroom, Sarah Goodwin, a popular TV news lawyer and attorney, is representing Valerie. Lauren Stanton is the ADA trying her. They tell that the bail is to be set at $1 Million and the judge agrees. Lauren goes up to Joe Dekker and tells that Sarah Goodwin is representing Valerie. He laughs and tells her not to get upset. She shows that Sarah is filing a motion to dismiss the blood found. She goes into the courtroom and tells them that she is not going to need an opening statement with her case. In the chambers of Judge Martha Dreyer, she moves to dismiss the blood because the police had no warrant. Judge Dreyer agrees with Sarah and tells Dekker that it is inadmissible.

TJ and Rex are upset that all the evidence they found in her apartment can’t be used. Rex finds a t-shirt of Zack’s Dive Tours and says that Valerie’s boyfriend is named Zack and that a dive boat would come in handy. They talk to Zack and show him the bottle of oil that was found on the boat and immediately he flips on Valerie and tells that she called and told him that she told that Freddy fell and told that they have to get the body out of there. He says that he is getting a lawyer. Later in superior court, Sarah says that an accomplise cannot be admissible due to not enough evidence. However, in the court room, Dekker says that they are not charging Zack at all. Sarah switches tactics and says that they are filing affirmative defense because Freddy tried to rape Valerie. Dekker watches Sarah and Valerie using the press to gain the sympathy vote. Lauren comes in and Dekker asks what is on her mind and she tells that Sarah has gotten to Dekker.

Opening statements begin in court and Dekker says that they are going to hear of their statements and how Valerie is guilty. However, when Sarah gets up, she switches tactics again and says that Freddy was an illegal Mexican. Dekker objects and in the judge’s chambers, Dekker moves for a mistrial because of Sarah’s statements. However, the judge allows the case to move forward. Later that evening, Sarah goes up to Dekker at a Mexican restaurant and tries to be friends. He says that they are not friends and that she is only playing the race card in trial. She admits that everyone is a little racist, but Dekker is only interested in the truth. The next day in court, Dekker talks about Valerie’s behavior to one of the crew workers. He tells that Valerie was always going for Freddy. Sarah says that he has a problem working with a woman, but the crew worker says that it doesn’t matter. She brings up the incident when they went into her bunk when she came out of the shower. In Dekker’s office, Lauren says that women are making excuses instead of fighting. Dekker says that they need to find someone who can say good things about Freddy. Lauren hands Dekker Lucy’s number, but when he calls the number, it is not Lucy’s phone, but Stephanie Kasden’s number that Freddy called.

They visit her and she says that she can’t go on the stand because her father doesn’t know about her and Freddy. She says that it is all Valerie’s fault. She tells that Freddy was receiving texts from Valerie saying that she needed her car washed and other things. He was getting fed up with it and got a new phone and number. In court, Valerie is on the stand and retells what happened and the fact that Freddy tried to force himself on her and how he accidently killed him. That is when she called her boyfriend to help her. She says that she is sorry. However, Dekker cross-examines he asks when she found out that Freddy was an illegal alien. She tells that she just found out. Dekker shows the texts that Valerie was sending Freddy. Dekker says that Freddy was getting used as an errand boy, a handyman and by the way the text reads, a sex toy. She explodes and says that she had to do it because she was always ridiculed for being a girl. The verdict comes back and Valerie is convicted of murder. Later Lauren tells that Valerie is like a lot of women and says that they can’t realize that men are not going to give them anything and that they have to take it. The episode ends.