Ballona Creek - Recap

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The scene opens with two city workers taking water samples when a group of gang members give one of the guys a hard time. One of the men asks the other if he is going to be alright and he says that he will. The next day, a girl on roller blades tells the city worker that there is something in the net. It is the guy that was getting harassed by the gang members. Rex and Luis Valdez was the one worker that called it in and Don Heller was the victim. The Medical Examiner says that Don has 4 stab wounds. Rex and TJ talk to Louis and he says that he saw the body after a girl on roller blades saw him. Louis feels bad that Don was killed. Later, they talk to Don’s wife and she says that she doesn’t know who would have done this. TJ comes up and says that they found Don’s truck around the Venice 13 gang territory. They go there and find nothing out of the ordinary. Rex finds water samples with the last one being on Berrymen Street in the Ballona Creek. Once there, they find blood and Don’s hat. They have found their crime scene.

They go to Don’s work and the manager says that there were high mercury in the water and shut down a big corporation. He takes them to Don’s car and Rex finds that Don’s GPS had several addresses plugged into it. All of the addresses are in South Central. Rex and TJ go to a Mexican restaurant and no one recognizes Don. They leave to Cindy Heller’s house and asks why he would be doing down in South Central. TJ shows that Don printed out murder victims of 8 murders. They go to the station and tell Lt. Gonzales that Bob Reedy was the officer at the time. Rex tells that one victim survived, Diana McDermott. They go to her home and ask her if she can pick the attacker in a line up and she remembers the night when she was attacked, but could not identify him in the lineup they give. They get a call of another murder of an unidentified female. The murder weapon is the same and the way that she was killed is the same too. The killer is at it once again.

They get to the station and Lt. Gonzales tells them to go through the old property found in the murders in the past investigations. TJ finds property to Silvia Watson. TJ and Rex go to the home of Shelia and Charles Watson and ask about the type of bra that Silvia had. Shelia points out that her bra was the hot pink one. TJ and Rex will catch the killer of their daughter and the other girls as well. However, Charles says that they didn’t know about the other girls and asks why they didn’t tell them about the other murders before Silvia. Rex is upset that the police officers didn’t tell that a serial killer was loose in their neighborhood. TJ and Rex talk to Bob and he says that he knew that it was a single suspect and says that people didn’t want people to panic and it wasn’t his call. He laughs that the killer is still killing. ADA Lauren Stanton reads in the paper that they are calling the killer the “Slauson Slasher”. They need to get DNA off of the bra. Stanton says that they want to run a search for familial DNA and tells that they need to get permission from the Attorney General’s office. Rex and TJ get a match to Brandon Duffy. However, when they get there, Mark Duffy, Brandon’s dad doesn’t want to have anything to deal with a DNA swab and says that he is calling his lawyer. TJ picks up a cigarette with Mark’s DNA and leaves.

At the station, Lt. Gonzales says that they have a restraining order from Mark Duffy and has the ACLU backing them up. In court, the judge rules in favor of the restraining order and there is to be no investigation. Rex shows a new victim and Dekker goes up to Ms. Caffey of the ACLU and says the next one’s on her. Dekker asks if Brandon Duffy’s relatives were near the crime scene and they don’t know. However, there was a restraining order from Maria Cordero. They go to her home and she tells that she is not supposed to talk about Mark Duffy. Rex asks what the restraining order was for and Maria says that she wanted to see Brandon. She says that her daughter, Angela, was raped when she was 17 and the baby that she gave birth to was Brandon. They gave him to an agency and it was the Duffy’s who adopted him. However, Mark didn’t want Brandon to know how he was born. Mark Duffy and his relatives are off the suspect list. They have to look into Angela’s relatives now and TJ says that they lived in South Central. A man by the name, Luis Cordero, was living with them when they lived there. His last known work was at the Rampart Division years ago. They go there and the officers say that they remember him and says that Luis used to repeat the last thing you said like an echo.

Rex and TJ go to Luis Valdez again and ask him if he ever worked as a janitor. He says that he didn’t and Rex says that Luis Cordero did. Luis runs and Rex tackles him. They search his place and find the knife that was bleached and the bras from the victims. At arraignment court, Luis is held without bail based on the evidence. Mark Duffy comes up to Dekker and says that they have to make a deal with Luis so that they don’t scar Brandon’s life. Dekker says that he doesn’t do that with a serial killer and needs to look out for the 11 victims. Ms. Caffey comes into the judges chambers and says that Luis wouldn’t have been found if it wasn’t for Brandon’s DNA that was found to be inadmissible. The judges agree and tell that Luis is to be released because of the lack of evidence. Dekker says that he needs a line up. However, at the line up, but Diana McDermott cannot identify him. Dekker orders two cars to be on Luis. Dekker says that they need to use the DNA on Silvia’s bra and get Luis’s DNA into the system somehow. Dekker has an idea and goes to Angela and Maria Cordero and Dekker asks Angela to tell about the rape so many years ago. She says that the man who raped her was Luis, her uncle because she heard him tell her that if she told her mother, he would kill her. She asks what they are going to do and Dekker says that she has to report the crime to the police.

Dekker and Stanton go to Orange County’s District Attorney office and tell them that they have to prosecute Luis. She agrees. As the police are watching Luis, the San Anna police arrest him. Once in the system, they get a match. In the superior court, the judge agrees with Dekker’s evidence and says that the case is going to court and allow a jury to convict him or not. Mr. Solomon, Luis’s lawyer tries to get a deal, but Dekker says that he is going to enforce the death penalty. Luis says that he was good when he was taking the pills and that Don Heller wouldn’t leave him alone and found out that he changed his name. He promises to take his pills and Dekker tells him that he is going to show the same mercy to Luis that he showed the women. At court, Dekker opens with telling the jury about the murders of 11 women that are no longer going to saw anything and that Luis Valdez is the killer who did it and they are going to prove it. The episode ends.