Westwood - Recap

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The scene opens college aged kids playing a pick-up game of soccer. The girl in the group tells a guy that she needs to go and practice. He says goodbye to her. Later at practice, the girl impresses the coach. A teammate on the stands looks down and screams at a dead body. Detectives Rex Winters and TJ Jarusalski arrive on scene and look at the body of Javier Gomez. He was beaten to death. They go to Javier’s home and talk with his mother and father, Jorge. His mother says that Javier was there this morning. Jorge says that Javier worked day labor jobs. Rex sees a picture of a girl. They say that it is Malia, their daughter. She is a student for UCLA. They go to tell Malia about Javier and she tells them that she just saw him 2 days ago. Eric, Malia’s boyfriend, comes in and Eric says that Javier was great and tells he is from Brentwood. Rex sees a broken window.

Malia’s RA tells the Detectives that Malia is being cyber-bullied because of a racy website where Malia is being made out to be something she is not. They go back to the station and see the website. It is pictures of girls’ faces posted on a body of someone else. They find a petition that would put the University in jeopardy because they are not treating the female athletes the way they should be. They talk to Eric and he says that people are upset that Malia signed the petition and that the sport to go would be baseball. TJ mentions to Rex that the Medical Examiner found would in the wounds of Javier. It is consistent to a baseball bat. They talk to the owner of the website that put Malia’s face on there and he says that there was a guy who was asking about the website and asked if Malia was who he said she was. He says that the man was talking about getting back to Santa Monica. TJ tells Rex that Javier’s car was in Santa Monica.

They go to the office of Davies Investigations. They question Davies about Javier and he says that he hasn’t seen him. They tell that they don’t have a warrant and can’t be there. Rex and TJ go to a security guard and he confirms that Javier was there and says that he asks to go to Davies’ office. They go back to Jorge and Javier’s mother. She says that a man from UCLA came that they were going to give Malia an award. Rex and TJ talk to the coach and she tells them that Davies talked with her. She says that Javier got Malia a job playing pro soccer. They go to Zapata Community Center and talk to the owner. He says that she was only playing soccer. He says that he told Javier that a UCLA person came around asking about Malia. They talk to a man at the community center and he says that Davies came by and worked them over. He says that he is a hired gun for Ketner Hangers. He says that Ketner had a baseball bat.

Rex talks to Eric and asks about his dad. He says that he is a normal dad. TJ talks to Malia and she keeps looking over to Eric. They are definitely trying to hide something and Rex and TJ pick up on it. They go to Ketner’s business and he tells them that he doesn’t have any problem with Malia and says that his son is with her for right now. Rex asks Ketner for an alibi. He says that he went out to pizza with Eric and Malia. TJ sees that Ketner went to UCLA. They go to the campus parking garage and the guard says that he was there and another officer finds a tooth in Ketner’s parking space. They go back to Ketner’s place of business and arrest him. In the arraignment, the bail is set for $5 Million. Afterward, Morales asks what they have and the Detectives tell that they don’t have much to go off of. They talk to Eric and Malia about Ketner and they show Eric the records of the Private Investigator while, TJ and Price talk to Malia. Eric tells Morales and Rex that he should talk to his father’s lawyer and Rex tells him to sit down and grabs his arm. Eric says that his father killed Javier in self defense. Morales tells Malia the news and she tells them that she loves Eric and thought that they were going to be happy.

Morales and Price meet with Ketner and his lawyer and say that there were 10 separate blows. At Superior Court, Ketner’s lawyer gets Eric’s testimony thrown out when she cross-examines. Eric tries to go up to Malia and she tells him that she can’t talk to him anymore. Jorge says that it is not fair that Ketner gets to go home. At the office, Morales gets a call. They go to the scene of the crime where Ketner has been shot and killed. The police pull up with a suspect running a red light. It is Jorge. He says that it was self defense because Ketner hit him with a shovel. Eric talks to Price and TJ and says that he heard Jorge’s voice. TJ says that he didn’t know it was Jorge until he saw them. There are holes in the case and Morales tells Price that they have to charge him. They offer Jorge a plea bargain and Jorge says that there is not deal. Morales says that they need to talk to the wife.

Price and Morales go to Jorge’s home and talk to his wife. She says that her husband is a nice man. Malia says that Jorge was protecting his family. Morales says that he grew up where they are and Morales and Price walk down the street. A pair of gang members come up and tells Price could get better. Morales tells them something in Spanish that makes them back up. At the trial of Jorge, Eric adds things to his testimony and says that his father swung a shovel and hit a tree. Morales tells Price to call the detectives and they find out that there is no way that Eric could have seen anything. Morales looks at the crime scene photos and says that there is another person who saw the incident because the gun powder was only on his hands. Jorge takes the stand and retells the story. On cross-examine, Morales tells that there was someone else in the car with him that really killed Ketner and not Jorge. Morales points out the different pictures of thing that disprove the testimonies of everyone. Jorge stands up and says that he will take the deal.

They meet in chambers later and Jorge’s lawyer says that he will take the plea. Morales tells him that there is no guarantee of parole and that he can die in prison. Malia tells Jorge that he doesn’t have to do this. Malia confesses that she was the one who killed Ketner and says that after Ketner hit Jorge with a shovel, she shot him. Jorge took the gun and shot him a second time. Malia goes before the court and tells the judge what happened. She gets sentenced to 11 years in prison for her crime. Afterward, Morales says that he is going to go have dinner with his father and the episode ends.