Carthay Circle - Recap

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The scene opens with a man named Ted Mullin doing yard word in Carthay Circle when his neighbor Kim Ho Lee drives up. Ted yells at her and says that raccoons have spilled garbage on his side of the property. She tells that she will be on it in a minute. Later that evening, Ted sees that the garbage is still not picked up. He goes up to her door and no one answers. He looks through the window and sees Kim lying on the floor. She is dead. TJ and Rex arrive on scene and sees that Kim was stabbed multiple times by a knife. The weapon is lying on the kitchen table. They find out that Kim lived with her boyfriend, Derrick Joyner, but he is not around. TJ finds a briefcase that belongs to Derrick and inside they find that he works for Corrigan Strategy Group and that he just put his Audi in the shop. Just as TJ is about to put a report on Derrick, Kim’s cell phone rings. It is Kim’s father and Rex gives the bad news to him.

TJ and Rex visit Kim’s father at a dental office in Koreatown and talk to the family. They immediately suspect Derrick. Rex talks to Min, Kim’s sister, and she says that her family is traditional and that they don’t like that Derrick is African American. She says that Kim was happy with Derrick. She shows them a poster that Kim designed and that Kim leased a car through their father’s practice. TJ and Rex find the car and find that it is parked at Union Station. They look at the ticket and find that it was parent at 6:14 PM on the night of the murder. At the station, TJ and Rex tell Lt. Gonzales an update and say that Derrick paid for a one way ticket to San Diego. They found that he is headed to a branch office of Corrigan Strategy. Ben Corrigan, a political strategist, talks to TJ and Rex about his company and says that Derrick was working on Prop 128, the California Marriage Protection Act. He says that Derrick travels a lot and that he is a ladies man. Rex gets a text that says that they arrested a man who was using Derrick’s credit card. At the station, Pilip “P-Dawg” Rice tells that he found the cards in a dumpster. He says that there was cash inside the wallet along with the credit cards. SID finds rodent excrement, fiberglass and insulation in Kim’s car. Rex realizes that the mix is what they found under the house. They do a search and find Derrick’s body underneath the house.

Back at the station, TJ and Rex talk to Gonzales and says that Derrick was beaten and then strangled. They found that his blood was overlaid with Kim’s. They tell that Derrick was the one who was killed first. The killer must have staged the train ticket to throw them off the real case. They say that there was a receipt for a cab in Derrick’s pocket. TJ and Rex talk to Milos, the cab driver who dropped Derrick off. Milos says that he saw a black male go up to Derrick’s home. TJ and Rex realize that Derrick left work early that and drive there. They talk to Helen, the receptionist. She says that everyone know that Derrick was leaving work early. She says that Roland Davison, a co-sponsor of Prop 128, was one of the three that he cancelled on. Derrick claimed to have a family emergency. They realize that Roland is the son of a Reverend Davison and that he is pushing the bill. TJ and Rex meet Roland and he tells that he collected 500,000 signatures thanks to Derrick’s cooperation. Roland admits to having an argument with Derrick, but says that he was driving to Bellflower for a fundraiser at a woman’s shelter. He says that Derrick would often come to him for his problem with the ladies.

They go outside and Rex sees that Roland’s car is covered in water spots. That would be consistent with the sprinklers. TJ and Rex drive to the woman’s shelter that Roland said that he was at. They talk to the manager, Patricia. She tells that Reverend Davison and Roland were there at the fundraiser. However, she says that Roland showed up at 8:00 PM. She tells that she doesn’t want to say anymore because the Davison Family are the top contributors to the shelter. TJ sees a poster for the fundraiser and it is signed by Kim. Patricia says that Roland found a high-end company to design the poster at no cost. They return to Koreatown and talk to Min. She says that Kim went to Roland’s mass a few times, she was devoted. Rex tells that Kim was wearing a cross and Min thinks that is impossible because Kim went to a Korean spa that afternoon and she left her jewelry at home in a box. They find that there are fingerprints that belong to Roland on the jewelry box and TJ and Rex arrest him for the murder of Kim and Derrick.

Later at the District Attorney’s office, Morales, Hardin and Price meet with Reverend Davison. He threatens Hardin to not fight this case close to election year. Hardin says that he won’t be able to vote for Prop 128 if he stays home like Reverend Davison wants. Morales insults the Reverend on his lack of respect for the proposition and quotes Dr. King. At the preliminary hearing, Roland’s laywer, Garth Miller, tells that Roland was having an affair with Kim. Morales is upset that he wasn’t told this and withdrawls the charges with the ability to re-file if needs be. Morales wonders why Roland would ruin his reputation over this. TJ, Rex and Price go to the case again and see that $80 Million was spent to get Prop 128 through to the ballot. TJ realizes that they never looked at the Audi that was in the shop. They find Prop 128 signatures under the passenger seat and find that 11 of them are fake. Someone messed with the voter registration. They realize that there could be thousands of fake signatures. They realize that Corrigan must be at the front of the scam since he is to gain for this. They get a search warrant and interrupt a press conference that is headed up by Corrigan and Reverent Davison. The fraud is pointed at Derrick and Morales is told that he is a savior come to clean up the mess. They get back to Hardin and tell that 30% of the signatures are fake and that makes 150,000 signatures unable to use. Morales also tells that Corrigan used the fake signatures into California laws that passed. Hardin says that he has to get a hold of the Attorney General. Morales and Price get Roland back to the station and tells him that he is going to be tried for murder, but they will take off the death penalty.

Roland thinks about it and says that he will talk. He says that Corrigan told him that Derrick was threatening to report the fake signatures and that his father would be ruined. Roland says that he tried talking to Derrick and Kim, but things went south and he killed Derrick. He panicked and knocked Kim unconscious. He says that it was Corrigan who came and stabbed her in the heart. Later, Barry Mooney, Corrigan’s lawyer, says that it was all Derrick and Roland. However, Morales says that he can prove that the fraud is not limited to this case, Corrigan says that he knows something that Morales doesn’t. Hardin tells Morales that the other cases of fraud are buried and that the Attorney General’s office has them. At trial, Roland testifies that Corrigan was the leader of it and that he covered it up. Mooney says that Roland was the one to organize the voter fraud and that Prop 128 was everything to his father. Mooney says that Roland is lying. Later, Price goes over the testimony with Reverend Davison and he asks what happens to Roland’s plea bargain if it turns out that he is lying. Price says that if Roland is lying, the deal is off.

The next day, Reverend Davison tells that Roland never said that there was a issue with the signatures. He says that he noticed some errors and that Roland said that he straitened everything out and said that it was just a clerical error. Corrigan and Mooney are happy, but Morales is upset and asks for a moment. Morales visits Roland in jail and says that his father betrayed him. Morales tells that it is possible that Reverend Davison was in on the fraud too. Back in the courtroom, Reverend Davison says that he was only trying to protect his son, but says that he has to do the right thing. Morales points out that a $20,000 donation came from a fake name. He says that there are thousands of donations tallying up to $1Million. He says that Reverend Davison blackmailed Corrigan for the donation. The Reverend takes a deep breath and says that events become confused. The jury comes back and says that Corrigan is guilty. As Reverend Davison leaves, he is forced to see the Lee family on the way out. The episode ends.