Plummer Park - Recap

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The scene opens in the Fairfax District where a man named Nick Libergal says goodbye to his wife and children as they get ready to go to their grandparent’s home. Dorothy, an elderly woman walks back and goes inside. Later that night, Dorothy calls the police and tells them about a car that has been empty and running for an hour. Officers go to the door and two Russian men with guns answer the door. The officers kill the Russians and investigate the home. They find that Nick is dead in the bathtub and is dissolving in quicklime. The Medical Examiner arrives on scene and says that Nick originally died of a heart attack and says that he was beaten. The detective looks through the Russian’s bag to find that they were initially going to kidnap Nick rather then kill him. They realize that the quicklime was doing its job and trying to dissolve the body. They go out to the car and there fingerprints and the Russians don’t have any identification. They find that Nick immigrated from Russian back in 1988. TJ and Rex talk to Dorothy and she tells that Nick was good with his wife and kids and also to everyone else. She tells them that she saw a town car that was there when the police arrive. It honked and then drove off. They look at where the town car was and find cigarette butts and chewing gum wrappers. It was clearly a surveillance job and that the town car driver is the leader of the botched kidnapping.

The next day, they question Amy, Nick’s wife. She says that they don’t have a lot of money, but she says that Nick’s brother owns an oil business and still lives in Russia. Homeland Security steps in and says that they tracked the two Russians two weeks ago. They say that they have a video that shows them meeting with a man. They tell that the men listed their place of employment as Eagles & Bears Friendship Club. They go to the building manager and he says that the space was rented to Mr. Oblomov. TJ sees that there is an address in Laurel Canyon. They go there, but there is no one in the house. However, they find the same gum wrapping that was at the crime scene. They enter and find that there is a mattress screwed into the floor. They go in the backyard to find a shallow grave and take-out containers. They go to Canyon Country Store, the place where the take-out containers are from, and shows Laurie, an employee, some photos of the suspects. Laurie says that she remembers a Russian man who was in their twice and paid cash. She says that it was the same stuff until three days ago where he waned napkins and a hairbrush. TJ and Rex realize that the kidnappers have a woman. They go back to headquarters and TJ finds that the town car was ticketed in Hollywood. Rex says that it is near Plummer Park, a place where Russians like to gather and play chess.

They go there to find that they remember seeing the men and that they talked to Anna Ackroyd, a local who hasn’t been around for a few days. They go to Anna’s home and spy on the house to see that Anna’s husband, Dennis, is there. TJ dresses as a delivery man and goes up to the house. He says that he knows that Anna is missing and Dennis tries to tell TJ to go away, but his daughter, Mila, and Andrej, Anna’s uncle, overhear and Mila yells that “they” are going to kill her mother. TJ gives Dennis his card and leaves. The team set up surveillance around Anna’s home and Rex tells Lt. Gonzales that Anna is Russian and that she met Dennis in Canada. They immigrated to Los Angeles 11 years ago and Dennis is a teacher at CalTech. Anna is a librarian at USC. TJ says that it is possible that Mila will talk if they get her alone. Gonzales tells them to get her on Truancy and take her to the station. Once there, Mila tells that Anna disappeared last week and that their home was tossed. That is when masked men Skyped them and demanded a ransom. TJ asks her to email the file to them just before Dennis comes by and picks Mila up.
The detectives watch the conversation and the men in the film ask for $10 Million to be delivered in a week. TJ sees that there is stitching on of the men’s lapels that resembles that of the Eagles & Bears Friendship Club. TJ and Rex visit Lenny and he says that he made a suit for a guy named Oblomov. He gives him the phone number to the guy. Later, TJ and Red go to another home in Laurel Canyon and find the man that they are looking for and Anna in a bathtub. They find that there is a freshly dug grave in the backyard. They take Anna to the hospital and she tells that she doesn’t want to talk about the abduction. She is reunited with her family. Instead, TJ and Rex talk to the two men that they arrested and they don’t want to talk about the list on names that they found until they have a lawyer. Anna and Dennis have their lawyer, Madeline Maynard, and talk about the abduction. They tell that Andrei is rich and that they came up with the kidnapping plan so that they can get money for Mila’s education. Dennis says that no one was supposed to get hurt and that they are not going to testify in the kidnapping.

TJ and Rex talk to Andrei and he tells that his family is greedy. Dekker watches and doesn’t see how he is going to make a case without the testimonies of Anna and the family. He says that he has until the preliminary hearing or else the men are going to be deported. Rex says that they need to send SID to Anna and Dennis’s home and search for any evidence of the kidnapping. After the search, they find that there is a fingerprint of someone who was a “person of interest” by the FBI from 10 years ago. Agent Bossey and Rubio come in and say that they don’t want to talk about it and say that it belongs to a spy handler. TJ tells them to hurry because Andrei is to go home in a few days. TJ and Rex meet Marie-Anne St-Cerny at the Canadian Consulate and discover that Dennis is not who he says he is because the identity is to a man who has been dead for a while. They tell that there is no record of Anna at all. They take the news back to the District Attorney and the FBI says that Anna and Dennis could be sleeper spies and that they were sent to America by the Russians. Dekker says that the FBI need to arrest Anna and Dennis. Mila says that she wants to stay at home, but Rex says that she will be taken to Family Services. Meanwhile, Dekker talks to Anna and Dennis. He says that now they know who they are, he wants them to testify. Anna agrees.

Back at headquarters, Rex and Lt. Gonzales talk to Mila. She tells that she can’t believe that her parents are actually spies and that they are going to be deported. Agent Bossey talks to Dekker and says that Anna and Dennis were college sweethearts and that they were recruited and sent to America to try to befriend academic and policy makers. They tell that they never did anything wrong. Dekker decides that he is going to have to act fast to get Anna’s testimony. Paul Mironov, the suspects’ lawyer, says that they are ready for a deal. Dekker offers 25 years to life or deportation back to Russia. The suspects say that the government will only trade Dennis and Anna and they won’t be around for testifying. Dekker thinks fast and tells at a preliminary hearing that Anna and Dennis only have a few days before they will not be able to testify. The judge allows it. The trial begins and Anna points to the two men as her kidnappers. Mironov calls Mila to the stand. She tells that she overheard her parents talking about the Libergal case and tells that they regret for getting involved in the kidnapping business.

Later, Dekker yells at Mila for doing that and says that they could go away for murder now. Mila tells that she is mad at her parents for lying to her and says that they deserve to go to jail. He says that it is not right that her parents lied, but that doesn’t mean that the kidnappers get to go free. In order to help Mia, they have Anna and Dennis sign a declaration of emancipation for Mila. They get back in court and Mila tells that she is recanting her testimony. The case is set to trial. Dekker and Stanton later watch Mila saying goodbye to her parents as they get on a plane and leave to go back to Russia. The episode ends.