Angel's Knoll - Recap

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The scene opens with two men arguing. One tells another that he saw him dancing inappropriately with his finance. He walks out and Abby, the bride, asks what is going on. The man tells her that her future husband is jealous. Later, the groom goes to find his fiancé and goes into the room of the man he was arguing with earlier. His father and his fiancé’s father are with him and they find the man in a bathtub with his throat cut. The police come and they tell that the victim is George, the groom’s cousin. The medical Examiner tells that he must of killed himself, but when they take him out of the tub, they find that his private parts are missing and have been cut off. Morales and TJ talk to George’s cousin, Billy, and he says that George told Abby that Billy had a fiancé before and he turned his back to her. He tells that he was in his room last night. Morales comes up to TJ and he says that George could have had company from an Escort Service, but Morales says that is not true because there is no return call from the Escort Service.

They talk to George’s uncle and he says that George was weak and was a floor manager at a Casino. He says that Elizabeth Bennett was a girl that George was with. TJ says that there was a couple calls to Elizabeth. They go to a school and meet Elizabeth. She says that George was a little too clingy and that she got worried with his work. She says that George lived in a different world. They go to Wrangler Casino and a co-worker says that there are problems with the Chinese loaning money, but the customers don’t care. Morales and TJ go up to Mrs. Yu and she says that George was a good guy, but George owed $100,000 and she says that he kept promising that he’d pay back soon. They look at the finances of George and sees that he bought a boat and a home in Costa Rica. They find that he is maxed out on all his credit cards and that he was in serious debt. They feel that there is going to be a Casino robbery because George must have had an accomplice.

At the station, Morales tells TJ that in two weeks, George was going to send the rest of the money for the boat. They get a picture of the boat. It is called the “Teacher’s Pet”. They go to Elizabeth’s home and she is not there. They find a laminating machine and routers. Meanwhile, Security Arms goes to the casino to collect the money and Elizabeth is driving the truck. Inside, the receipt is locked because the printer is off-line. The armored car security guard tells that they need to hurry. When they get outside finally, Elizabeth and the truck are gone. Morales and TJ arrive at the casino and TJ realizes that Elizabeth hacked the routers at the casino. They get to the truck, but the cash and Elizabeth are not inside. At the station, they watch video of an old lady in a wheelchair and they put it together that she is really Elizabeth. They track where she got off and TJ and Morales go to the offices of Dan Rathman. He says that he sold the car to his sister Elizabeth months ago. He tells that he doesn’t want to believe that his sister is capable of stealing the money and says that he is a lawyer and is not going to talk.

Later at the station, TJ says that Dan called his sister and then a burner phone called him back. He says that the same phone called Elizabeth’s school and Charles Kennedy, a top notch lawyer. Morales believes that she is setting her representation before she is caught. TJ says that there was a call to Joseph Silman, a Captain at the State Prison. Morales and TJ go to the Warden and he tells that Silman is a Captain with no bad record and a wife with MS. Morales says that it would be good to have extra cash. TJ says that Elizabeth just called him again. Later they wait at a restaurant and see a woman with Blonde hair come in. It is Elizabeth with a wig on. She slides Silman the money and walks out. Morales arrests Elizabeth while TJ arrests Silman. He finds money on him. However, when they look in Elizabeth’s car, the money is not there, but there is a key to a motel room in her purse and an Inmate number. The warden looks up the number and it belongs to Walter Calvin, a swindler. He has kids and Dan and Elizabeth are two of them.

They talk to Walter and he tells that he is too old for escape and his lawyer says that he doesn’t need the money if he has a lot already. Morales tells that he can take some of the blame for the heist and the murder. He says that he didn’t plot anything. TJ asks about Walter’s cuts and he tells that he slipped in the shower. Meanwhile, Dekker and Rubirosa talk to Elizabeth and her lawyer. Elizabeth says that she didn’t kill George and Rubirosa and Dekker tell that she was robbed the armored car and Elizabeth says she did it under stress thinking that her father was in danger. Rubirosa talks to Dan and he says that Elizabeth idolizes his father and he says that his father is toxic. He says that their mother wouldn’t allow for her to see Walter. Dan says that 3 months ago, Walter’s lawyer filmed him with scratches and facial injuries. Rubirosa and Dekker meet with Silman and he tells that he beat up Walter so that he could swindle Elizabeth into thinking that he needed protection. He says that the money was for money for the good life. They go to the apartment of Jenn Mackie, a prostitute that was paid to have some visits and to have sex with Walter. She says that the “Little Princess” was getting money for her dad and that it was the least she could do for him. Later at lunch, Rubirosa can’t believe that Elizabeth didn’t see that she was being swindled. Dekker tells her that Walter is going to own up to half of what Elizabeth did.

At Superior Court, the hearing is heard and Walter’s lawyer says that he doesn’t care about the extra time and Dekker says that he is going to transfer Walter to a maximum prison. They talk to Elizabeth and she says that she is not going to testify any role of her father’s involvement and Elizabeth says that she is not selling out her father. Elizabeth’s lawyer says that the retainer was wired from a series of banks and it is from a commercial bank of Madagascar. They talk to Walter again and he says that he is broke, and tells that they found the bank that was used to pay his daughter’s retainer. Walter says that it will take time where the money ended up. His lawyer asks if they will guarantee that he will be in minimum security to recover assets. Later, Dekker talks to Jerry Harding and he says that his sympathy has its limits and tells Rubirosa that the FEDS like the fact that they are going to recover money, but Dekker doesn’t like it. Rubirosa finds that a bank in Bermuda and the bank in Madagascar are the same. She visits Walter’s ex-wife and asks about the bank accounts and laughs that one of the banks is in Madagascar. She laughs and says that it is a goose chase because they will not tell him anything. They get back to Walter and Dekker tells that he is headed to Maximum prison. Water tells that Elizabeth said that George was spending money for the heist and she said that she told him that she cut him with a champagne glass. His lawyer tells that there is a recording where Elizabeth told him that she was going to make George “go away”.

Later, Dekker hears the recording and hear that Elizabeth say that George is the one who called her “Little Princess”. They realize that Jenn Mackie did too. Morales and TJ talk to Jenn and she says that she didn’t kill George and they tell that her cell phone places her close to the scene of the crime. She tells that Walter wasn’t involved. Dekker tells that one of them has to break and they go to Elizabeth and play the recording. She tells that it is not possible. Rubirosa plays the recording of Jenn and she tells that Elizabeth is Walter’s monkey and talks about when she peed her pants when she was little. She still doesn’t want to convict her father. At the hearing, Dekker tells the court that they are going to sentence Walter to transport to Pelican Bay Maximum Prison. The judge rules in favor of Dekker and says them to bring in the next case. Elizabeth comes in and Walter tells her to tell the court that she killed George and asks what she is good for. Rubirosa tells Dekker not to renege on a deal. They only charge her with Grand Theft Auto. The episode ends.