Zuma Canyon - Recap

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The scene opens with a man and woman talking about a party of the Alcazars that is happening next door. Suddenly gunmen enter the party in masks and open fire on the party and kill several people. Rex and TJ arrive on the scene and see the bloody carnage that is left. Rex sees that assault rifles were used in the murder. The owner of the house, Mr. Alacazar is dead. Mrs. Alacazar talks to Lt. Gonzales, Rex and TJ and she says that she can’t believe her husband is dead. One of the guests says that there was a white Cherokee with a roof rack as one of the vehicles. Mrs. Alacazar tells that her husband said that there were some problems at work, but she didn’t think that it was something serious. At Rex’s house, Casey asks if it was a hard case and he says that it is. He asks if the kids are asleep and she tells that she put them to sleep already. He tells her that he won’t wake them up. The next day, TJ and Rex go to Alacazar’s work and a co-worker says that he had a big project fall through and TJ finds pictures of a place in the desert.

They go to the location and see a sent. They sneak up on it and see that there is food and comics. They look further and see that the person who is staying in the tent is guarding a marijuana crop. They get a team together and continue the search. They find a boy with a gun aimed at Rex. He tells the boy to put the gun down in Spanish. He obeys and puts it down, but tries to run. Rex gets him. They take him to the station and get him food. He says that his name is Fernando. They ask who the person that owns the land is. He is silent. He says that Snake Feet told him that he will get killed if he talks. He tells that he is not talking anymore. Lt. Gonzales and DDA Price talk to Mr. Dega from the Mexican Consulate. He tells that he can’t allow them to do anything if they have a witness that won’t talk. Lt. Morales tells Rex and TJ to find the owner of the land. They go to Ralston Resource Management and they talk to the owner of the land. He says that he closed it down until an individual named Caesar leased the land to grow avocados. They show the picture of the marijuana that is growing in the field. The owner says that he is going to need a lawyer.

Rex and TJ go to a title company and an employee tells that she did a title search for her cousin Ray Mota. When she did the title search, Ray had a friend with him named Caesar. She realizes that Ray was doing something wrong. She says that Ray drives a white Cherokee with a roof rack. They go to the home of Ray Mota and ask who Caesar is. A guy claims to be Caesar and ask Rex and TJ walk away, the guy calls him a sucker. Rex turns around and sees that one man has snake skin boots. He tells the man with the boots to get against the wall and takes his ID. He is Caesar Vargas, also known as Snake Feet. They take a picture of him and his boots. They take the pictures to Fernando and he still is not going to talk. Lt. Gonzales tells that tomorrow they are going to see if there were any DMV records pulls. That night at Rex’s house, they get done with dinner when Rex sees a man come out of the roof of a car with an assault rifle. He grabs his daughter and falls to the ground. Casey rushes to Rex’s side and he is shot. She tries to tell their daughter that everything is fine, but Rex dies. The phone rings and the machine picks it up. Caesar is on the other end and he tells that him that now he knows who he is. At the hospital, it is confirmed that Rex died. TJ tells that they are going to get the man who did this.

TJ talks to Ray Mota at the station, but he tells that Caesar left his house after the barbecue. He tries to tell that he is pinning it on him. He tells that he wants a lawyer. Meanwhile, Lt. Gonzales talks to Ray’s girlfriend and she is not helping either. TJ comes in and tells that Ray has been texting other girls. She tells that Ray got a call in the morning about the kid from the canyon; Fernando needed to be silenced at East Lake. Morales and Price go to the Mexican Consulate and talk to Mr. Dega. He says that he had nothing to do with telling Caesar Vargas about Fernando and says that they are going to keep Caesar with them at the Consulate because he presented himself seeking refuge. Morales says that they want him to go with him and Mr. Dega tells that they have no rights. Morales says that he doesn’t like how the Drug Cartel has corrupted the Consulate. Jerry goes into Morales’s office and tells him that he has done a bad thing going against the Mexican Consulate. Jerry says that there is a Mexican Prosecutor in the Department of Justice in Mexico. They meet with Deputy Dega and his boss and Jerry tells him that they are going to offer 3 women who have been serving time in their prisons for Caesar. He tries to decline, but Jerry has Marseille Diaz on the phone and she tells him to surrender Caesar.

They escort Caesar and he is happy that he is going to be able to go back to Mexico. However, the people driving the car stop and get out of the car. The LAPD get there and TJ throws Caesar out of the car into the street. He arrests him for 10 counts of murder and for the murder of an officer. Morales and Price talk to Caesar and his lawyer and they request bail. Morales and Price tell him that he isn’t going to get it. Morales goes to Fernando and talks about family. He talks to the State Department and says that he promised Fernando that he would get his family over the border if Fernando testifies. He tells that his motion is declined and Morales serves him to Federal Court. Later there, Morales fights that Fernando is a key witness to a cop killer and that his testimony will put him away. The judge agrees with Morales and Fernando’s family gets there. His father thanks them.

At the trial, they escort Caesar in and Morales says that he will go check on Fernando. He asks if Fernando is scared. He says that he is a little bit. Morales says that he is happy that he is doing this and that he is very brave. The trial begins and the judge tells them to call their first witness. However, the phone rings in the court. Morales, Price and TJ go to Fernando’s cell and find Fernando has been killed by a woman posing as a translator. Caesar’s lawyer moves that the trial be dismissed from lack of evidence and Morales tries to fight back, but the judge agrees with him. Caesar is let go and Casey is devastated. The father of Fernando tells that Caesar killed his son. Morales goes into Jerry’s office and tells that they can get the Federal Government on it and that they can push again. Jerry tells that he stuck his neck out for him and Morales says that he will quit since being a lawyer is all politics to him. Later that evening, TJ sees a letter to Rex and puts it in his drawer. He sees Morales with a badge on his suit and the episode ends.