Silver Lake - Recap

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The scene opens with a man named Don Alvin coming back from fishing with his son and Kathy, his wife, comes in. Don thinks he hears something, but ignores it. A shadow apprears and the next scene shows Don on the floor tied up. He manages to crawl to the pool and tells that he needs to call 911. Detectives Jaruszalski and Morales arrive on scene and the Medical Examiner says that the boy died from a broken neck and they see that he has bruising on his hands. They go to Kathy and she was raped and killed all the time Don was locked inside the bathroom. They question Don and he tells that he doesn’t know much and says that he thought someone was there and then he got hit. He tells them that the man who killed his family was naked. He says that there was a smudge on his left leg and says that there were flashes like a camera. Morales sees footprints in the house and see that the man was at his house for a while getting “ready”.

Jaruszalski and Morales talk to Lt. Gonzales and show her all the facts. Lt. Gonzales asks Morales how things are going and he says that he will get it. She asks how Jaruszalski is doing and he says that he is fine and tells that she should be worried about Casey. Jaruszalski and Morales go to the home of Joe and Louis Rivlin who tell that their daughter found a picture of her underwear on her computer. Morales sees that the Rivlins have the same sound system as the Alvins and asks for the name of the tech. They talk to the tech guy and he says that he does all the installations himself. However, he tells that he beat out six estimates. Morales and Jaruszalski get back to the station and Morales says that on name, Nolan Sounds, popped up to match the motive. They decide to set up a sting. Later, Lt. Gonzales tells the IT guy that she wants a sound system installed and the guy gets a little confused. Jaruszalski and Morales question him and find out that he is not Nolan Sounds, but Steve Inman. Steve tells them that he was played and says that a woman said that she wanted to surprise her husband. At the station, Steve’s alibi checks out. Morales says that the State has a social security number for Nolan Sounds, but he has been dead for many years.

Morales shows Don a sketch and he thinks that it could be him, but he isn’t sure. He says that the killer was very polite. He says that he asked when the best weekend would be and he told him not to go on the weekend he was going to be away fishing. Morales says that they need to find the missing steps and Lt. Gonzales agrees. They go to the home of Annette Kay, another victim of rape, but the only reason she survived was because she told the man that he doesn’t seem like the type of person who would do this. She says that she felt a scar on his left leg. They ask if she ever gave information to anyone as to where she lived and she tells that there was an investigation in her company because the computers were hacked and over 5,000 credit card numbers were stolen. She says that the Secret Service did the investigation. Jaruszalski and Morales go to the Secret Service Office and they talk to one of the agents and see a picture of Raymond Garza, the supervisor. Morales sees that he has a scar on his left leg. At the station, Lt. Gonzales is shocked that the killer could be a Secret Service Agent. Morales says that Garza has an assignment in Ventura and Jaruszalski gets a text of Joanne Dixon, a waitress who went missing days ago. Morales tells that they tell Garza to only come in to discuss details of the Annette Kay case.

Later, Morales talks to Jaruszalski a little bit about losing a partner and how he has lost two. Garza comes into the office and Morales tells Jaruszalski to get ready. Meanwhile the new ADA, Constance Rubirosa comes into the station as well. Garza comes into the interrogating room and talks about the details of the case. Dekker and Rubirosa come in to observe. Morales shows that the killer has a scar. He tells that there is a scar on Garza’s left leg and talks about the case of Joanne Dixon and show the picture of Garza in the parking lot of a hotel. He tells that he needs to explain things and he tells that he doesn’t know. Garza comes clean about having sex with Annette Kaye and says that it was consensual. Morales tells him that they are going to dig up things at his house, but if he tells where Joanne is, then he will be able to keep his honor. Garza tells that he wants to speak to his lawyer. Dekker tells Lt. Gonzales that they needed him to take them to her body to get the death penalty. Jaruszalski comes in and says that Garza’s SUV had onion peels on the tread. Morales knows where Garza buried the body and asks Lt. Gonzales if they can have a search team in Ventura.

The next day, Jaruszalski and Morales go to the field and show Garza that they are searching for the body of Joanne Dixon now. He shows them where he buried her and they find the body. Later, they look at all the photos of Garza in women’s underwear and Dekker says that they are ready to sign off on Life without Parole for Garza without the need of a trial. However, Lane Garfield, Garza’s lawyer, says that that they don’t mind a trial because the jury is going to see that Garza is a government employee that has risked his life. He says that the jury is not going to hear about Joanne Dixon’s murder because he moves for a dismissal. In the chambers of Judge Dreyer, Garfield moves that Garza was already under the protection of council when Detectives Jaruszalski and Morales interrogated him about the body and had him show the body. The judge doesn’t like that Morales, a former ADA, pulled that stunt and dismisses the body. Garfield hands Dekker an envelope and says that Annette Kaye’s incident is out too. Rubirosa visits Annett Kaye with the pictures of her in bondage when she and her ex-husband were into that and Rubirosa says that this discredits her testimony that it wasn’t consensual. She tells that she is not going to testify.

Dekker goes to Don Alvin and tells him the latest. He says that he can’t call himself a good man if he couldn’t protect his family. At Superior Court, Dekker questions Don and he lies and says that he hit Garza a couple of times. He tells that his wife and son were murdered. However, when Garfield questions Don, he discredits him when he tells that his son fought back and he didn’t. Don starts to panic and Garfield tells that Don was the one who killed his wife and that he is lying. Later in Dekker’s office, Dekker wants to know why he made up the lie. He tells that people are calling him a coward. He shows Dekker the emails and one email stands out about his son puking all the way from Big Bear. Dekker says that those details were never released to the media. They search Garza’s cell and find a smart phone. Back at trial, Garfield tries to make Garza a hero, but when Dekker shows the evidence of the emails that were written to Don from the smart phone number found in Garza’s cell, it is over. Garza is sentenced to two life sentences without the chance of parole. Morales asks if he can buy him a drink and Don tells him to go home to his family.