Reseda - Recap

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The scene opens with a man getting a bunch of money from the bank. When the security guard asks to see the transaction receipt, he pushes him and runs. However, the teller tells the security not to go after him because he has her son. Morales and TJ arrive on the scene and the woman shows the picture that the man gave her. Morales tells that they will bring back her kid. They go to a print shop and find where the kidnapper made the copy of the picture. The teller tells that a man came in and paid cash for the prints. TJ finds out that the picture is a photoshop fake and that there was no kidnapped boy. Morales spots a guitar case and go to Iredia Hills Elementary School. They find the boy and he tells that a guy took his picture and that was it. His mother reunites with her son.

Later at the station, Morales finds the surveillance video of the bank parking lot and see the criminal crash a bike. TJ suspects that he took public transportation back. They go to the MTA Warehouse and a woman tells that they have many things left on the bus. They find the bike and the lady says that it is a $2,000 bike. They get the prints off the bike and they belong to Stanley Vaughn. They go to the last known address and are about to knock in the door when a woman comes across the street and tells that Stanley is never home during the day. She allows them in and they find the place vacant. The owner of the house says that the house was filled with boxes. Suddenly there is an explosion. They run outside and find that an officer’s leg was blown off by a landmine that was in the backyard. The bomb squad gets there and PETN was the explosive that was kicked around that made it explode. He says that Stanley would have needed a plasticizer. The Detectives go to Petro-Chem Supply and talk to the owner. He says that Stanley had references and that he was legit. He says that Stanley told him that he was a gold collector.

They go to The Gold Ore LLC and talk to the owner. He is not cooperative at first, but when they tell that they are Detectives to his clients and they leave, that is when he tells that he knows Stanley. They get a call that a bank robbery is in progress. They get to the bank and there was another picture only to find that the child was safe all along. They go back to the gold jeweler and tell that they are going to set up a sting. A woman named Emily walks in and says that she is there for Stanley and would like to buy a gold coin. Morales follows her out when the owner tells that they have none. They arrest her and Rubirosa sits down with her and tells that they can put her to jail for life from the 3 strikes law if she is not going to help them. The police go to Stanley’s house and TJ finds himself in a room with a flashing light. The bomb squad chief tells him not to move. Morales offers to stay with his partner. The team removes their trucks and Morales has small talk with TJ when one team member tells that they have Stanley coming. Morales tells to let him through. Stanley enters the house and Morales puts up gun to his head and leads him to the room. He tells TJ to step on the decals. He does and makes it out of the room. They take him into custody.

In court, Rubirosa tells that Stanley is a threat to the city. Stanley’s lawyer tries to get the release of his client and the judge sets the bail at $1 Million. They talk to Emily and she tells that she didn’t know that Stanley was making bombs. She tells that she only sold weed to get an abortion. She tells that her and Stanley were supposed to take care of each other. Rubirosa asks Dekker about the plea on the Manslaughter offense and she says that Dekker declined to charge on the second strike. Dekker says that Stanley said that someone put a knife to his throat. She tells that she wasn’t questioning him, but he says that she was and she has the right to do so. Dekker gets a call where the Governor said that they have to burn the house down. The Bomb Squad chief tells them that they have to do it. Meanwhile, a reporter talks to District Attorney Hardin and asks if his office turned down to prosecute on a second strike. Hardin comes in and yells at Dekker and he tells that Hardin signed off on it. Hardin says that he wants Stanley put away for good.

Later at Superior Court, Stanley’s lawyer tries to get the case dismissed and Dekker says that they will get their evidence. Dekker only gets the Robbery. Hardin says that they need to find something else. Dekker tells that the spirit of the law is not going to be held. Hardin says that the victims of Stanley’s crimes are going to have to come up. Dekker goes to the hospital and sees the police officer who lost his leg as he struggles to get into the wheelchair. He goes back to the office and tells Rubirosa to count the pens and find a charge. Morales and TJ talk to Emily and ask about the bike. She says that Stanley stole it and she was there with him when he did. Hardin watches on the news later that the bike was stolen in San Bernadino and that Stanley had it in their jurisdiction. Emily testifies in court and tells Stanley that they were supposed to be together. As they get out of the court room, an officer from San Bernadino comes up and tells that they have a warrant for her arrest for a crime she committed. Dekker and Rubirosa go to the office of District Attorney Walter Exley in San Bernadino and tell that Emily was working with them. Exley tells that he is not going to be lenient on her.

Dekker goes to Hardin’s office and he says that they have to do what they have to do and Dekker realizes that Morales may have been right about Hardin and that he is not looking to protect people and that it is nothing but politics with him. Hardin warns Dekker if he quits, he is an outsider and ineffective. Rubirosa and Dekker talk to Emily and Dekker says that if there was a way to make this right, he’d do it. Later at Superior Court, Stanley’s lawyer asks for the bike to be withdrawn and Dekker calls Hardin to the stand. He asks him if he is tacking on the bike on Stanley for political or lawful reasons. Hardin admits that it was because of the mistake on the 2nd strike and steps down. He tells Dekker to drop the bike charge. They drop the charge and the judge says that the robbery is to go to trial. However, back in San Bernadino, Exley refuses to release Emily and Dekker and Rubirosa tell that they never Mirandized Emily and that the testimony was without a lawyer present. They laugh and Emily gets set free. Hardin warns Dekker not to get a ticket in San Bernadino. Stanley got 15 years and Hardin tells that it will be a different DA’s problem. He says that he hopes that the new DA will be up to the task. Dekker tells that he will be. Hardin laughs and the episode ends.