Runyon Canyon - Recap

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The scene opens a girl in class at college. She gets a text stating that they are on. Later, the same girl is seen running away when she steps on something and cutting her foot. A man walks out and she tells that she cut her foot. He doesn’t care and drags her back in the room. The next day, Morales and TJ arrive at a dog park and find the girl dead. Her name was Beth Garrett, a pre-med student. The Medical Examiner says that there are two sets of bruising on her neck and that strangulation was the cause of death along with torturing. Beth has a Kappa Kappa Roe tattoo. They meet with Beth’s House Mother at the Sorority and she tells that she has to go tell the other girls. They look through their things and TJ finds a thong in Beth’s drawer. Lt. Gonzales, Morales and TJ meet with Beth’s parents and her mother says that last month, Beth defriended her on Facebook. Morales says that Beth was a bookworm and that there was a piece of glass from a crack pipe. TJ says that Beth got a text from Sylvie Lester saying “we are on” the day she was murdered.

They go to the University Chem Lab and find Sylvie there. She says that Beth and her were friends and Morales sees Sylvie’s drawings. She says that she was at the Library for a while and Beth told Sylvie that Beth went to the pool. However, Beth wasn’t at the pool last night. Morales sees that Jesse Beckman was always a minute later than Beth 5 times on the days that she came into the pool. They go to Jesse’s dorm room and find out that he is a law student. Morales tells that he is familiar with the law and knows that he could be tried of the coincidences that he was there at the swimming pool. Jesse says that he has a girlfriend. TY sees a picture of a hand that looks like Sylvie’s drawing. He guesses that Sylvie is Jesse’s girlfriend and takes away his mint candy and tells him that he is in danger of going to jail. He says that Sylvie was acting weird and says that he was at the basketball game last night. They go to find Roger Darden, a friend of Jesse who was also at the game. He says that after halftime he snuck down to the front row. TJ asks what the Arizona coach was yelling at his team and he says that he saw Jesse at the end of the game. TJ knows that he was lying because the Arizona coach was ejected from the game a minute before the half.

They get to the station and Morales says that Roger and Jesse left before the game. TJ says that Roger is a security guard who was guarding an abandoned house in Runyon Canyon. They go there and find the piece of glass with blood on it and the candles that were used on Beth. They get back to the station and Roger’s prints were on a bag of Salvia in the place. They sit down with Roger and his lawyer and he tells that he drove to get a sandwich. They get up and tell that Roger admitted that he drove while under the influence. They search Roger’s car and find a cup from the game with mint inside. They need to get a warrant for Jesse now. They bring Jesse in later and tell that the candles found in his room were the same candles that were in the abandoned home. He says that he and Roger went there to get high and he brought the candles. They tell that they are going to find out that he killed Beth one way or another. Jesse’s lawyer comes in and tells them that the interview is over. Morales tells Jesse that whoever speaks first gets the deal. TJ tells Lt. Gonzales and Morales that it was Sylvie who got the lawyer for Roger and Jesse. Morales picks up the drawing of Sylvie’s hand and it matches the strangulation marks on Beth’s neck. He takes it to the Medical Examiner and she confirms that it is a fit. She says that the first set of marks didn’t kill her and that it was because of Erotic Asphyxia. It was the second set of prints that killed her.

TJ and Morales go to Sylvie’s dorm and she tells that she and Roger and Jesse went up to party and Beth wanted to try Erotic Asphyxia and didn’t trust Roger to do it. Sylvie pushed on her neck while Roger had sex with her. She says that Jesse started kissing Beth and that is when she yelled at him and Beth ran outside. She says that she tried to find her, but she was hiding. She asks for a lawyer and Morales says that they have to arrest her. They escort her out and everyone is talking to their friends that someone is getting arrested. They sit down with Jesse and Roger and both tell that it was Sylvie’s idea and that it was her who wanted Beth to try the Erotic Asphyxia. Rubirosa doesn’t believe that a fragile woman was giving orders. However, the stories of Roger and Jesse match up and later at a restaurant. Morales says that there are too many details to be made up. TJ says that there is something about her and Rubirosa asks if Morales has a problem with the fact that Sylvie was bossing the men around. Dekker tells Rubirosa to bring the facts.

Lt. Gonzales and Rubirosa talk to Sylvie’s parents and Rubirosa asks if Sylvie had friends. Rubirosa talks to Molly Patterson, Sylvie’s friend. However, she tells that Sylvie changed and says that she used to play with her dog with her all the time. Rubirosa asks if Sylvie and her used to take the dog to the Dog Park. She says that they did. Later at the Preliminary Hearing, Dekker tells the courts that Sylvie had prior knowledge of the Dog Park where they found Beth’s body and that she has a history of sadistic behavior. Sylvie’s lawyer tries to tell that Sylvie is innocent because she sold Girl Scout cookies. The judge isn’t buying it and puts the case to trial. Sylvie’s mother comes into Lt. Gonzales’s office and tells that her daughter could never kill anyone. Lt. Gonzales tells TJ and Morales to look into the case more because it is not lining up to her. The Medical Examiner tells that there were dog hairs that were found in Beth’s throat and TJ realizes that Beth didn’t get murdered by Sylvie because she didn’t take her in her car. They take the information to Dekker, but he says that they are going to trial anyways. Dekker and Rubirosa talk to Beth’s parents and they tell Dekker that they are counting on him to give them justice. Rubirosa tells Dekker that 3 good cops think that they are jumping too soon. Dekker says all the facts point to Sylvie.

TJ and Morales go to the Dog Park and pass out fliers. Later a woman comes in and says that there is a man with too Scotty Terriers who always hits on women. She says that he was on a reality TV show. Dekker sits down with Morales and Morales tells him not to put him on the stand. He says that he can falter because he is not convinced that Sylvie did it. At the trial, Sylvie’s lawyer asks if Morales asks if they have looked at all leads. He says that they have not. TJ comes in and says that Trevor Cannon is the guy they are looking for. They meet with him and he says that he changed Dog Parks. When TJ and Morales try to get a dog hair sample, Trevor grabs Morales’s hand. They laugh and say that he just violated his probation. Back at the trial, Rubirosa tells that TJ and Morales have a suspect. However, Dekker presses on Sylvie and she tells that she didn’t kill Beth despite the fact that she was there and that she practiced Erotic Asphyxia with Beth. Meanwhile, TJ and Morales interview Trevor about the crime and tease him about the episode of the reality TV show that he was on and show the clip where he got dumped after the third episode. He lashes out and Morales tells that Trevor doesn’t like people laughing at her.

Back in trial, Dekker presses on Sylvie again and she tells that she didn’t want people to know about her behavior. Dekker tells that Sylvia killed Beth, but she tells that she didn’t kill Beth. Back at the station, Dekker and Rubirosa come in and Dekker says that they need a confession or it is no deal. Morales and TJ are not getting anywhere, but when Dekker and Rubirosa start to leave, they hear Morales tell that Trevor’s mother’s house is the same path that Beth would have taken. Trevor admits that he strangled Beth when she told him no. Dekker tells the court that the State has dropped all charges against Sylvie. Beth’s parents look at Dekker and walk away. The episode ends with Dekker alone in the courtroom.