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Hayden Tract - Recap

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The scene opens with Celeste Kelman giving a speech to a crowd when suddenly a man asks where his daughter is and opens fires on the crowd killing several people including Senator Kelman. Detectives Morales and TJ arrive on scene and there have been 7 people killed. Morales tells the police to gather up the cameras. A man says that he could have stopped him because he has a carry permit, but he bought a soda. They start talking to the witnesses and they talk to Mr. John and apologize to him for his daughter, but he says that Jenny wasn’t his daughter. He tried to protect the kids. They review the videos taken with the cell phones. They see that the killer ran into the building after the shooting. A security officer says that a week ago he found a messenger in the maintenance closet. He said that he was lost.

TJ and Morales go to B&C Westside Messenger and the owner says that the man they are talking about is John Freeman. She says that he just started and was looking for his daughter Ariel. However, Morales says that there are no records of a missing girl, but there are newspaper clippings that tell about John and his search for his daughter. TJ says that the Mormon Church is one of them too. They go to the Mormon temple and talk to the man there. He says that John blamed the church for protecting the people who took his daughter. He says that John said that the same people that took Elizabeth Smart were the ones who took his daughter. He says that he just had the police escort him out. Back at the station, Morales finds that John was arrested under the name Laurence Sheppard for approaching Elizabeth Smart’s parents. TJ suggests that he changed identities after the arrest. Morales says that John/Laurence bought a gun and the Lieutenant suggests that he is going back home.

They get to the home that is on file and a woman walks up and asks what they want and they ask where Laurence Sheppard is and she says that he is her brother and hasn’t lived with them for months. She says that he doesn’t have a daughter and says that he is Schizophrenic. She tells that Laurence was diagnosed in college, but is harmless. She says that she feels bad about the people who were shot, but doesn’t want him to get hurt. TJ and Morales get back to the station and tell that Laurence has not been in his home for six months. Morales says that he was at a meeting with Celeste and asks about “Shadow Hills” a video game where a man is in search for his daughter. They see that it was designed by Celeste’s old company. They go there and they tell the detectives that “Shadow Hills” was the last game Celeste created. The employees tell Morales and TJ that a guy called and asks for source codes to hack into the game. They tell that he hacked into the system and was shut down. Later at the station, TJ gets an email telling him about Cesar Vargas. Morales comes in and TJ says that there are messages that show that Laurence was communicating with someone. Morales says that the IP address routes back to an apartment of Samantha Lorber in Fontana.

They arrive at the apartment and she tells that she was helping him find his daughter. Morales and TJ inform her that he doesn’t have a daughter and that his really name is Laurence Sheppard. She tells that she helped because the same thing happened to her. She tells that she was 13 when she was abducted and that she got away. They tell Samantha that Laurence killed several people. She says that she can contact him. Later that night, Laurence goes up to Samantha and asks for a keycard. However it is not Samantha and the police show up. Morales and TJ catch up to Laurence and he puts a gun to his throat. Morales tells him that he needs to be there for Ariel. He surrenders his gun and is arrested. Later at the arraignment, Laurence’s lawyer tries to tell that his plea is not guilty by reason of insanity, but Laurence says that he doesn’t want that. Max Hern comes up and tells that he is representing Laurence now and agrees with Laurence. Dekker says that they are seeking the Death Penalty. The judge orders a screening to see if he is competent to stand trial. Meanwhile, TJ arrives in Mexico telling that he is only in Mexico to go to the beach.

Dekker and Rubirosa watch Hern talking to the press and Dekker tells Rubirosa that Hern is a soapbox lawyer and will bleed his clients dry of their money. Dekker tells that it is up to Hern whether or not he wants Laurence to get the death penalty. Back in Mexico, TJ meets with a contact and he tells that he has seen the girl in the picture, but tells him to go back to his hotel and to finish his beer. Back in California, the doctor tells Rubirosa that Laurence is competent to stand trial. She asks him what kind of treatment a State Prison will give Laurence. The doctor shows that there are cages for them with a counselor sits in front of them and listens. If he is sent to a facility for the insane, Laurence will get treatment. Back in Mexico, the girl tells TJ that Cesar doesn’t know who she is and tells that he killed her parents. She asks if TJ is serious and he says that he is. She gives him her phone number and tells him to call her when he is ready. TJ’s phone rings. It is Morales. He ignores the call.

Later in the trial, Morales tells about Laurence’s arrest and Hern tries to tell that Laurence didn’t shoot the people and that there have been many threats on Celeste’s life. Dekker tells that they have enough evidence to proceed and the judge asks Hern if Laurence wants to change his plea. He says that he doesn’t. Rubirosa says that she doesn’t like that Hern is not looking out for Laurence. She talks to Laurence’s sister and she doesn’t understand what he is doing. She tells that Laurence is saying that if people think that he is crazy, they won’t look for the girl. Dekker shows that Laurence change his plea and says that Hern told him that Rubirosa talked to Laurence’s sister about it. He tells her that to run for office for prison reform if she wants him to have better treatment. He says that he knows that she is like this and says that they don’t have room for a loose cannon. Meanwhile, TJ arrives at work and is accussted by two men in the garage. They attack him, but he manages to shoot one and arrest another. Lt. Gonzales and Morales arrive and Morales says that they were going to abduct him. Lt. Gonzales asks if it is about Vargas and TJ lies. Morales asks what the attack was about. TJ finds Casey’s address in the one of the men’s wallets. The team goes to Casey’s home and tells her to pack the kids up and go. TJ says that he started something and has to finish it.

At the courtroom, Laurence changes his plea and Dekker tries to bait him by telling him that Laurence is agreeing that he doesn’t have a daughter. Rubirosa tells Dekker that his behavior was “classy” and Dekker tells her that Laurence is a dangerous man and that he could be released next week if doctors deem him sane. He says that he doesn’t think that Laurence acted on insanity and says that Rubirosa is going to prove that he is not insane. Rubirosa meets with the psychiatrist and they watch a video of his screening. The doctor says that he articulates his endings and knows that he didn’t act on insanity. In the interview, Laurence talks about an alcohol IV drip and says that was 10 years ago, right around the time Laurence was diagnosed. Rubirosa and Dekker goes to Meadow Hills Park in Portland, OR to meet with Sondra Miller, Laurence’s girlfriend in college. Rubirosa asks if she got pregnant and Dekker tells that Laurence was talking about a girl that went missing claiming her to be his daughter. He shows a picture and Sondra says that it is her when she was a young girl. She says that Ariel was supposed to be their girl. She says that she got an abortion because Laurence went Schizophrenic.

They talk to Hern and Laurence and tell that they have proof that Laurence didn’t have a daughter and make a plea with them because they will reject his insanity plea and he asks if Dekker will take the Death Penalty off the table. He says that he will get back to him. Dekker and Rubirosa talk to the victims’ family and they tell that they are not going to testify. One person says that he will testify, but tell that they want justice. At the trial, Laurence tells that he was killing Celeste. Dekker has the Medical Examiner read the autopsy reports of all the victims so that the parole board won’t try to get him paroled for this crime. At the station, Lt. Gonzales tells that Laurence got Life without Parole in prison. She asks where TJ is and Morales says that he had some sick days. The episode ends with Morales calling TJ and no one picking up the phone.