Benedict Canyon - Recap

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The scene opens with a woman talking to another woman on the phone. She says goodbye and sees a man in a hooded sweatshirt riding a bike. Next thing she knows, he is next her car and shoots her. TJ and Morales arrive on scene and TJ says that Lily Walker, dresser to the stars, was the victim. They find a print on the car and find that it belongs to Harry Rice, a criminal with two strikes against him already. They go to the known address of Harry and find him. He runs away and tells that he is not going back to prison. He takes a gun to his mouth and pulls the trigger. TJ says that it is pretty much a closed case, but Morales points out that Harry had stitches this afternoon. The bike and gun match up with Harry, but the handprint didn’t show any stitches. Morales sees that there is fingerprint powder on the wall of Harry’s hotel room wall. He says that it was a very professional hit.

They go to speak to Douglas, Lily’s husband and father of their daughter. He says that he doesn’t know who would have killed her and says that Lily’s assistant would know. He says that he has to go because they fired their Nanny and his mother-in-law has his daughter. The detectives go to Rondo and talk to Greta, Lily’s assistant. She tells that they did work for Chloe Kardashian and she wasn’t happy. They go to a photo shoot and talk to Chloe and she says that Lily dressed her in an Emery dress that made her butt look big. She says that she used to dress her in Jill Jennings, but Lily denied it and walked away angry. They go to Alexander Emery’s place and he tells that he paid Lily’s assistant $10,000 to have Lily dress the celebrities into his clothing. TJ and Morales go to Greta’s place and tell that they know about the kick-backs and she tells she didn’t hurt Lily. She thought she was going out of business because all the expensive living stopped six months ago.

They go to the offices of Marty Fox and he tells that business was great. Marty says that Lily wanted to spend time with her daughter. He says that they reorganized the company giving Lily’s daughter the shares to the company. They ask how Douglas felt about it and he says that he doesn’t know. TJ speculates that Lily was going to spring a divorce on Douglas. With Lily alive, he gets nothing, but her dead, he gets everything. They talk to him and Douglas says that he doesn’t get a dime of the money and that Lily’s grandmother is in charge of the Trust. They go to Lily’s mother and talk about she tells that she sees Lily’s daughter and sees Lily. She tells that Lily and Douglas had a good marriage and says that the speculation that Douglas had an affair with the Nanny is wrong. She tells them to leave so that Lily’s daughter doesn’t see strangers in the house. TJ says that it has to be the Nanny who possibly killed Lily. However, Morales speculates that it was one of Lily’s clients that Douglas had an affair with. TJ finds an article that states that Lily and Jill Jennings were good friends until they had a falling out.

They get to Jill Jennings Fashion and she tells that they moved on. She tells that she never had an affair and says that Lily was the one who wasn’t faithful. Morales and TJ go to the limo company and the manager tells that Terry Briggs drove Jill. Morales says that Briggs was a former police officer. They ask for an address, but Morales knows where he is. Later that night, Morales meets Briggs for drinks and they talk about the old times and how he was working together with Morales. Briggs says that he was working Venice Beach. The next day they bring Briggs in and he tells no one trusted him. TJ says that the powder he used was found in his apartment. Briggs says that the person who hired didn’t pay him. He says that it was Jill Jennings who hired him by telling him to kill her. He asks if Morales can do anything. Later, Briggs meets with Jill and she doesn’t buy into the entire thing of her confessing. She is too smart for her own good. However, the police arrest her for murder. Her lawyer sits down with Rubirosa and Dekker. Jill says that her and Briggs were dating and she broke it off. She tells that she never told Briggs to kill Lily Walker. Dekker tells that they are going to court with it.

Later at the Superior Court, Briggs testifies and tells how he killed Lily on Jill’s orders. However, Jill’s lawyer brings up the time Morales when out drinking and says that they cooked up the story. Dekker is upset about it and the judge dismisses the charges. Dekker goes up to Morales and says that he doesn’t like being blindsided. Rubirosa isn’t buying revenge. Rubirosa meets with Douglas and he says that he was going to end the affair and says that Jill was thrilled that her client was wearing a Jill Jennings sweater. Douglas says that Lily could have found out where Jill and him were. Rubirosa and Dekker talk about the fact that Lily and Jill wrote checks to Barry Baitos, a massage therapist. Rubirosa talks to him and he tells that he told Lily about the restaurant that Jill and Douglas were going to and that Jill was being treated for the same back injury Lily had. She goes to meet with Lily’s mother, she tells that a private showing that she went to was set up with someone else. Rubirosa tells Dekker that Jill begged the event to allow Lily’s mother to go to the event and that gives her the chance to have Lily alone. The Detectives go into Jill’s shop and arrest her again.

Morales and TJ visit Briggs and tell him that they are going to prosecute Jill again and Briggs tells that he is scared because they are sending him to General Population. Morales tells him that he is on his own. Later at Superior Court, Jill’s mother testifies and Jill’s lawyer cross-examines and tries to tell that Douglas was unhappy and that she and Douglas and Briggs conspired against Lily to take the trust. He brings up the fact that Lily’s mother used to abuse Lily and lock her in a closet while she could party. She admits that she has a drug problem and has been clean for 28 years. Briggs gets on the stand and tells again the story about him killing Lily. The judge tells that it is late and the court will resume the next day. Dekker and Rubirosa walk up to their cars when Rubirosa gets a call that Briggs was stabbed in the neck. The lawyers gather and Jill’s lawyer calls for a mistrial. Dekker tells that can’t happen. She tells that she will take it under advisement. Dekker wants to know how Jill’s lawyer knew about Lily being abused. Rubirosa goes to the home of David and Ellie Jennings and they tell that Jill is not their daughter and that she was a foster child with deep emotional issues. Ellie says that her real name is Gwen Culter and that she had a doll that she stuck a sewing needle in the doll’s eyes.

Dekker offers a plea bargain of 15 years. Jill’s lawyer tries to contest it and Mrs. Walker comes in and Rubirosa tells that there was no car accident when she was young. Mrs. Walker recognizes Jill as her daughter Gwen. Turns out that Mrs. Walker lost both Lily and Gwen. However, when she got clean, she only took Lily. She tells that Lily was younger and needed more help. Dekker says that Gwen waited and Lily was probably thrilled to find her sister, but Gwen slept with Douglas to try to break up their marriage. Gwen cracks and says that it was Mrs. Walker’s fault and that she should have taken them both. Both Morales and TJ are at the bar when Dekker comes in and says that Gwen took 15 to life. Morales tells him that is not an apology. They laugh and order another round of drinks. The episode ends.