East Pasadena - Recap

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The scene opens with a police chase. When the police find the car, they find a woman dead in the passenger seat. Detectives Morales and TJ get to the scene and the victim is Amanda Russell. Morales says that blunt force to the head killed her. Morales finds that she is a Marine. TJ and Morales go to a home where they find the real crime scene. TJ finds a picture Dave Farland is the man in the picture. They talk to Amanda’s parents and they tell that Dave was a suspicious person. Amanda thought that Dave was following her at night. Amanda’s father is overcome with emotion and says that he thought that she was finally going to be safe when she came home. TJ and Morales talk to Lt. Gonzales and she says they need to get on top of the case. TJ shows a picture of Amanda and Dave and they are standing in front of a painting.

TJ and Morales go to Arturo’s Art Studio and he tells that he hasn’t seen Dave. However, Morales sees that the welding tools are still warm. They find him on the edge of the roof and he says that he did a terrible thing. They convince him that the fall won’t kill him and he steps down. They take him to the station and he tells that he got into Arturo’s car and after that it got fuzzy. He woke up with Amanda’s head bloodied and he thinks that he killed her. He says that he drove her to the parking lot because he panicked. They talk to Arturo and he says that Dave told him that he might have killed Amanda, but Arturo remembers that he helped Dave inside and the lightbulb was unscrewed. TJ tells Lt. Gonzales that there are signs of a break in and that the lock was picked. She tells them that Amanda thought someone was following her and tells them to look into that. TJ and Morales talk to Dave again and asks if Amanda had any enemies. Welders and Plumbers need a special license to work at her office.

They go to the Office of Don Wheeler and he says that he hired Amanda and says that she had bookkeeping and data entry. Don leads them to her desk and they find that it has been wiped down with bleach and that the hard drive to the computer is gone. Later they talk to a Plumber about the company that Amanda worked for and he says that he had to sign a Civil Compromise. They talk to Rubirosa and she says there is no such thing. They decide to set up a sting and find out about the “special licenses” that contractors need. Later, TJ and Morales pose as painters. A police officer stops them and tells them that they need a license in East Pasadena. The officer fines them and tells them to pay the fine at the East Pasedena City Hall. They go there and the receptionist, Susan Foreman, tells that it will be $425. She asks how many trucks do the company that they have $500 per truck.

They go to Susan and Mike Foreman’s home and arrest her. They take her to the station and she tells that she is only doing her job. Morales talks to Don Wheeler and he tells that he is following Lt. Petrocelli’s orders. They talk to Rubirosa and Lt. Gonzales tells that they have to move on it now. They go to the Civil Center to the Council Chamber. The officer at the desk tells that there is a city council meeting going on. Suddenly women run out of the room and tell that a man has a gun. Morales goes around and TJ goes to the side. Morales opens the door and it is Mike Foreman who has the gun. TJ bursts in and Morales shoots Mike in the shoulder and in the chest as well when he turns to shoot Morales. Lt. Petrocelli comes in and fires his gun too. They find out that Don Wheeler was shot too and Morales believes that Petrocelli shot Wheeler. Morales says that Mike said a lot about the city council and Mayor.

They go to the Mayor Veldman’s office and he says that Mike went crazy. TJ asks if Mike addressed him about being a thug and he says that he doesn’t remember. Dekker and Rubirosa talk to Susan and she says that Mike wasn’t fired, he quit. She says that the Mayor was getting kick-backs from the construction crew and they put cheap playground equipment. She tells them to talk to Eva Ruiz, the treasurer. Rubirosa talks to her and she says that she asks about the $500,000 that the construction company gave the City Hall. Eva runs off and says that she has to leave and Runirosa sees that she is driving a brand new car. She tells that she bought it because she makes $250,000 a year and the Mayor makes for times that and City Council voted on it. She gets back to the station and Lt. Gonzales tells that the report came back that Petrocelli’s gun was the one that shot Wheller. Morales says that Veldman said that Amanda was strangled in her bed, but only the killer would have known that. He says that Petrocelli made a call going away from Amanda’s house to the City Hall. Dekker says that Morales did a good thing protecting and doing his job.

In the Equipment room at City Hall, they track down the extension of the city council room. A custodian worker tells that there were Don Wheeler, Mayor Veldman and Councilmen Yeling. They go to the City Hall and arrest the 4 men and Veldman gets a tomato thrown at him. Morales sits in Dekker’s office and tells what he heard. Dekker warns that they are going to go after Morales. Rubirosa gets a summons and says that it has already started. Later at Superior Court, the attorney of the City Hall suspects tries to get what he can and asks for the psychiatric evaluation of Detective Morales. Dekker says that it is privileged and the judge agrees. The attorney says that they could get it if Morales has nothing to hide. Amanda’s parents come in and tell that everyone is saying that Morales and the other police are covering up something. Lt. Gonzales tells them to ignore all of it.

The Chief of Police comes in and tells that everyone is asking for a fitness review of Morales and asks why Morales won’t sign the consent. Morales says that there is nothing to stop the report from being all over the internet. Morales gets to his desk and TJ asks why he doesn’t sign the consent form. Morales tells TJ that part of his psych exam was on TJ and the fact that TJ hesitated to enter. He tells him that he knows that Casey has leaned on him and that he is taking care of Rex’s kids. He says that he won’t sign it until he gets the consent from TJ. Later, TJ tells him all of the report is true and that he should sign the consent. The next day at the Superior Court, Morales tells his statement and the City Hall’s lawyer tries to contradict Morales’s mind at the time. He talks about the 17-year-old drug dealer that Morales killed. The guilt from that made him made up the entire thing. He tells that he would never do that.

Closing arguments commence and the lawyer of the City Hall members tries to convince the jury that Morales is making it up. Dekker gets up and tells that Amanda was killed by them and that they are trying to destroy Morales’s reputation. The jury comes back in and votes that the men are all guilty. Morales comes back to the station and tell that Petrocelli is getting the death penalty and the rest get life in prison. TJ asks Morales what he would have done if he’d told him not to sign the consent. Morales says that thought didn’t cross his mind. The episode ends.