Van Nuys - Recap

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The scene opens on Appian Way in Laurel Canyon where a woman named Chloe Schwab throwing a party for her husband, David. She has several guests including Jackie Lee and porn actresses Lacy Von and Erin Gradin. Erin talks to Lacy and says that she is going to quit porn. They are called inside and Erin decides to hang back. She hears screams and then a thud in the house. She sees several people holding iron bars and sees Lacy fall onto the patio with a crushed skull. She runs away. The people with the bars realize that Erin is not there, but they are too late, she is already gone. Later, the media gets wind of it and named the case “Appian Way Massacre”. TJ and Rex arrive on scene and find five people dead. TJ finds a piece of rebar with blood on it and says that due to the rubber grip, the job was professional. They find that the Schwab’s jewelry and money were not stolen, but TJ finds a piece from a brick of cocaine in the closet. Lt. Gozales comes in and she sees that all the victims are clean-cut. However, Lacy has a possession charge and had two joints and $800 in her purse. She tells TJ and Rex to focus their investigation on Lacy.

They go to her townhouse and find that it has been torn apart. TJ says that it is clear that Lacy had a roommate that must have left in a hurry. TJ finds a picture of Erin and sees that she is wearing the same pink hoodie that they found at the crime scene. Rex finds a porn DVD staring Lacy and Erin and a woman named Sasha Jaynes. The production company is Velour Pictures. They meet with the head of the company, Adam Brennan, and he says that they must have been hired by a private individual and says that he doesn’t want to give Sasha’s real name. He tells the detectives that he gave everyone the day off. TJ tells that Erin has been paying mortgage on a property in Bakersfield. They trace the ATM transaction and see that she is on her way there. They go to the property and talk to her parents. They tell that they thought that Erin worked as a jewelry designer. TJ tells that the people looking to hurt Erin will hurt them as well. Erin sticks her head out of a bedroom and asks for protection for her family as well.

They sit down with her and she tells that Jackie Lee was the guy having the party and she says that she knew the wife of the guy having the birthday. However, she didn’t see the murderer’s faces and that she didn’t know about the drugs. Jackie left the party early and he has been calling her. However, Erin hasn’t called back. TJ tells Erin that they will protect her and her family. He asks her to call Jackie. Later that evening, TJ and Rex wait outside and arrest two Armenian gang members named Eznik Abajian and Abgar Grigorian. A lawyer named Brandon Abel is representing the gang members and Mike Sarkissian, the kingpin, watches. Price asks for a $1 Million bail set on the gang members based on the fact that they were going to kill a witness in the murder that happened earlier. Able says that it doesn’t matter because he is claiming that the clients got lost on their way to a party. Price tells the detectives that they need to find out how the Schwabs were mixed in with Armenians. Rex says that it is possible that Jackie helped with the drugs and then set them up. They realize that Jackie helped the Armenians find Erin. They go back to Erin and she tells that she can’t believe that Jackie is mixed up in this and says that Jackie used to have a boyfriend named Larry. Rex sees that TJ is forming a bond with Erin and tells him outside that he needs to be careful. He tells that they found Larry.

They go to Palm Springs and he says that he is done with Jackie because he lent his car to him. He tells that Jackie is off to find someone else. They see by the GPS that Jackie visited Eileen Gold. However, when they get there, Eileen is not there. The workers at Eileen’s place tell Rex and TJ that the house was burglarized two weeks ago. TJ and Rex go to Palm Springs Police Department and talk with Sgt. Bart all about the burglary. He says that Mike Sarkissian is Eileen Gold’s son. Rex puts out a APB on Jackie Lee and gets a warrant to search Eileen’s home. TJ says that they had it wrong and that Mike hid the drugs at his mom’s home and it was Jackie and the Schwabs were the ones who ripped him off. That is when Jackie ratted out the Schwabs to Mike. At the Palm Springs PD, Sgt. Bart tells them that Jackie is in the system and says that Brennan bailed him out. They find that Jackie called Brennan. TJ and Rex search the warehouse and find Jackie dead.

They go to the station and Rex says that there were slugs that were in Jackie’s body that match the ones found in Eileen’s basement. The bullets enough will allow for an arrest warrant for Mike. TJ and Rex go to Erin at the hotel and tell that she isn’t going to be allowed out of Protective Custody yet. Rex sees that TJ is getting awfully close with Erin and warns him again. The police arrive in Morales’ office to see Hardin telling the press that they won’t rest until they get the Armenian Power Gang and dismantle the gang. Morales tells that TJ and Rex need to focus on getting the evidence that proves that the Schwabs were at the break-in those years ago. TJ finds that Chloe Schwab used her credit card at the hospital and when they get there, Hallie, the doctor on site remembers and says that she got stitches on her thumb. She told her that she was going to be sailing Marina del Ray. Morales and Price talk with Able and Mike at the jail to go over the details of the case. He tells that the Schwabs were sailing on the day of the break-in and by knowing this, it clears him. However, Price brings up that there is still the matter of the slugs that were found. Able tells that the gun was stolen in the break-in and that they have an insurance claim. Morales thinks that the Schwabs were not the intended victims and brings in Erin to talk about the night.

Erin gets there and says that Brennan laid her off and that is why she took the job at the Schwabs. Jackie was the one who invited Erin in and she asked Lacy to come with her. She tells that she never did drugs, but found out that her ex-boyfriend was an addict. She tries to get him to rehab, but he refused. She says that he left her a voicemail that sounded mean. TJ and Rex go to Joe Starke, Erin’s ex. Rex talks to him and TJ looks around. He sees some herbal supplements and realizes that Joe is HIV-Positive. Erin doesn’t know about it either. They find out that the same day that Joe left the message to Erin, he called Brennan. It is possible that Joe told Brennan that Erin was HIV-Positive. It is possible that Brennan set up the hit because he didn’t want anyone to know about it and cause for a six-month closure. Lt. Gonzalez says that there are too many holes in their theory and tells them to find out what Brennan knew. They get to the studios and the Personal Assistant, Sara, tells them that she schedules the tests. Brennan laid off Erin because he wanted to start to film Asian. He did asks about her HIV test prior to laying her off. Sara says that Brennan had her box up all the sex toys that Erin used on the movie and to bring it to his office. TJ and Rex go to Morales and says that Brennan could have tested the toys without anyone knowing. Morales says that they need to confirm that Erin is HIV-Positive.

TJ and Rex bring Erin down to the station and tell her the news. She tells that she never used a condom and most of the actors didn’t either. Erin cries and tells that it is not fair. Hardin is upset that Brennan is arrested and says that he was going to take down Mike and the Armenian Power. He says that Morales needs to make a deal with Brennan to get Mike. Morales goes to Dekker and together they talk with Brennan and Mike. Brennan acts arrogant and says that he will get full immunity on the Appian Way murders, Jackie Lee’s murder and wants protective custody at the Four Seasons if he testifies at Mike’s trial. Dekker puts Brennan on the stand and says that he wanted to upset Mike so that he would kill the people responsible. He says that he had to make the death of Erin look like a murder. However, Able tells that Brennan runs a sleazy business and says that Brennan is the one responsible for the murders. Dekker tells that Brennan is afraid of Mike. The jury comes back and finds Mike guilty of all the murders. Morales goes up to Brennan at the Four Seasons and arrests him for 12 felony counts of unprotected sex with a HIV-Positive carrier. Brennan tells that he has immunity, but Morales points out that it is only for the murders. Later, Morales and the rest of the crew meet with Erin and tell her that she needs to testify. However, Erin says that she isn’t going to because her parents don’t know about her porn career. TJ tries to defend Erin and Morales pulls TJ to the side. They argue and TJ tells that Erin shouldn’t have been used as bait for the Armenians and doesn’t want to use her again. Price steps in and convinces her to testify.

Later, Morales puts Erin on the stand. She tells that they didn’t use condoms all the time and that Brennan told them that it turned the viewers off. Erin tells that Brennan knew that she was HIV-Positive and still had her have sex with eight people. She tells that she would have been responsible if she would have known. Brennan’s lawyer attacks Erin on the stand by telling that Joe was the one who gave Erin HIV and that it had nothing to do with Brennan. Erin yells at Brennan’s lawyer. She tells that Brennan did a bad thing and says that he tried to kill her and infect other people while making money off of her. Morales says that sex workers are normal people who are worthy of protection. The judge decides that Brennan will go to trial. Morales tells Erin later, that Brennan took a plea of 20 years. TJ says goodbye and Erin’s parents take her home back to Bakersfield. The episode ends.