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Season 1

1 :01x01 - The Abominable Showman

Kibre goes after a Broadway producer for the death of an actress who he was dating when she went missing. The only problem is they have not found the body and have little evidence that he did it. Will they be able to make a case against him?
Special Guest Stars: Sam Waterston as Executive A.D.A. Jack McCoy |
Guest Stars: Craig Alan Edwards as Bailiff #2 | Lynn Chen as Amanda - Kressel's Assistant | Jill Flint as Karen Masters | Lev Gorn as Mr. Duzshinsky | Ana Maria Jomolca as Juror #4 | Rebecca Mader as Melani Ferris | Maria Smith as Karen Phelps | Bo Dietl as Toni Stotti | Alyssa Rae as Dede Blaylock | Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration | Tony Cucci as Juror #1 | Chris McGinn as Juror #2 | Antonio D. Charity as Bailiff #1 | Nikki E. Walker as Jury Foreman | Patricia Mauceri as Judge Francesca Caruso | Tom O'Rourke as Peter Behrens | Donald Moffat as Judge Matthew Sherwood | Annabella Sciorra as Maggie Dettweiler | Tony Bill as Kurt Lascher | Candice Bergen as Judge Amanda Anderlee | Janis Dardaris as Juror #3 | Lisa Emery as Lynn Blaylock | George Loros as Salvatore - Maitre D' | David Clayton Rogers as Assistant D.A. Ted Hearn | Cady Huffman as Penny Sterba | Ben Shenkman as Irv Kressel
Writer: Dick Wolf

2 :01x02 - Forty-One Shots

A police officer is killed by a criminal with a long rap sheet. The accused appears to have been shot 41 times by police and the defendant’s attorney has brought up claims of police corruption to help their case.
Guest Stars: Victor Cruz as Grand Juror - Man | Curtiss Cook as Detective Kwame Blakely | Cynthia Addai Robinson as Lillian Beaudriville | Nicholas Webber as Assistant D.A. Ross Campbell | Anne L. Nathan as Audrey Golum | Suzette Gunn as Elena Hernandez | Ezra Knight as Dr. Patrick Roy | Eric Morace as Technician | Joan Rosenfels as Juror #3 | Amir Ali Said as Toby | Gerrit Vooren as Vilis Lundelius | Tamilla Woodard as Grand Juror - Woman | Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration | Craig Alan Edwards as Bailiff | Sanjit De Silva as Assistant D.A. Ed Kapoor | Candice Bergen as Judge Amanda Anderlee | Charles Weldon as Juror #2 | Stephanie Berry as Bedelia | Peter Appel as Frederick Merriwether | David Lipman as Judge Morris Torledsky | Anthony "Treach" Criss as Bruno Johnson | Carey Lowell as Judge Jamie Ross | Cortez Nance, Jr. as Tancred Harlan | Jessica Chastain as Assistant D.A. Sigrun Borg | James Hanlon as Detective Hagen Burke | Peter Coyote as Mike LaSalle | Aliya Campbell as Amada Johnson | Mary Jo Mecca as Juror #1
Director: Caleb Deschanel
Writer: Walon Green

3 :01x03 - Vigilante

Gaffney and Kibre must prosecute a man who is charged with killing a pedophile who, according to the community, had been violating his parole. The case takes a turn when they discover that the defendant’s attorney helped him in the murder.
Guest Stars: Paul Lazar as Dave Baker | Aidan Gillen as Jimmy Colby | Julia Barnett as Beth Jordan (Reporter) | Brooke Elliott as Denise Bell | William Prael as Lyle Joynes | Katherine Puma as Nina Colby | Marco Verna as Roy Felder | Ray Weiderhold as Bailiff | Scott Cohen as Detective Chris Ravell | Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration | Sanjit De Silva as Assistant D.A. Ed Kapoor | Jessica Chastain as Assistant D.A. Sigrun Borg | Tom Zemon as Sam Crockett | Peter Van Wagner as Hearing Officer | Ron Orbach as Mike Railey | Sarah Hyland as Brianne Colby | James Murtaugh as Judge Addison Briggs | Seth Gilliam as Assistant D.A. Terence Wright | Mary Fogarty as Agatha Joynes | Rob Leo Roy as Attorney Millard | David Bishins as Tony Colby | Lorraine Bracco as Karla Grizano | Susan Blommaert as Judge Rebecca Steinman
Director: Dwight Little
Writer: David Wilcox

4 :01x04 - Truth Or Consequences

A young woman is raped and murdered. Three boys from different backgrounds are accused of it. Who, if any of them, will be found guilty of the crime?
Guest Stars: Adelia Saunders as Kristen Ames | James Hiroyuki Liao as Assistant D.A. Eddie Perkins | Kahan James as Peter Voight | Warren Kole as Justin Birch | Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Danny Wallace | David Vadim as Detective Saunders | Angel David as Detective Fosen | Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration | Lizbeth MacKay as Judge Suzanne Conover | Hudson Cooper as Arraignment Clerk | Peter Gerety as Dean Connors | Patrick Collins (1) as George Ames | Jeffrey DeMunn as Professor Norman Rothenberg | Ann Dowd as Karen Ames | Paul Calderon as Detective Burdette | Matthew Cowles as Ruben Bailey | Ron McLarty as Judge William Wright | Adam LaVorgna as Carter McSherry | Catrina Ganey as Forewoman

5 :01x05 - Baby Boom

Kibre and Gaffney prosecute the nanny of a young child who died from what appears to be shaken baby syndrome, but is the nanny really the one that caused it?

This episode is dedicated to Jerry Orbach, October 20, 1935 - December 28, 2004.
Guest Stars: Anne Rose Hopkins as Eve Walsh | Isabel Glasser as Jean Nevins | Linda Emond as Dr. Emily Downey | Geneva Carr as Talia Rawlings | Lisa Barnes as Juror #1 | Russell G. Jones as Arraignment Clerk | Tim Kang as Dr. Liam Kelly | Rik Alan Walter as Bill Donovan | Ann Hu as Assistant D.A. Sharon Matsu | Flint Beverage as Ray Nevins | Nicholas Webber as Assistant D.A. Ross Campbell | Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration | Marty Zentz as Juror #2 | Marlon Morrison as Court Clerk | Bruce Davison as Peter Betts | Michael Cullen as Detective Joseph Terrano | David Wagner as Roger Dyson | Candice Bergen as Judge Amanda Anderlee | Seth Gilliam as Assistant D.A. Terence Wright | Anthony Mangano as Nick Marks | Gordana Rashovich as Judge Lillian Alverio | Elisabeth Moss as Katie Nevins | Aasif Mandvi as Judge Samir Patel | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | Lindsay Campbell as Reporter | James Andrew O'Connor as Bailiff

6 :01x06 - Pattern Of Conduct

A big name basketball player is accused of rape and murder. Problems arise when Kibre has to deal with the jury, the fans and his defense lawyer. The case takes another turn when the defendant’s wife makes a mistake on the stand.
Guest Stars: Marlyne N. Afflack as Diane Harris | Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration | Charles Techman as Grand Juror #1 | Damaine Radcliff as Ken Jackson | Clarke Peters as Rex Da Silva | Jessica Leccia as Hope Newhall | Shaun Powell as Drew Mehlman | Paul DeBoy as Steven Leone | Susan Pellegrino as Grand Juror #3 | Cherita Armstrong as Reporter | Rydell Rollins as Autograph Boy | Olivia Ford as Autograph Girl | Jamie C. Ward as Father | Brian R. Sausa as Hat Son | La Tanya Hall as Jury Foreman | Lindsey Kraft as Miss Prokolsky | Zoe Lister-Jones as Trisha Ford | Danny Johnson as Byron Holmes | Sherri Saum as Tiffany Jackson | George Palermo as Grand Juror #2 | Seth Gilliam as Assistant D.A. Terence Wright | Ben Shenkman as Irv Kressel | Michael Mulheren as Judge Harrison Taylor | Irene Glezos as Judge Evalyn Rene | Mercedes Herrero as Alba Calros | Nadine Mozon as Grand Juror #4 | Brian O'Neill as Detective Zack Martel | Mitchell Green as Clarence Mebane | Anna George as Adele (Kressel's Assistant) | Umit Celebi as Dr. Herbert Spellman | Pascale Armand as Assistant D.A. Cilla Preston | David Clayton Rogers as Assistant D.A. Ted Hearn | Anne L. Nathan as Audrey Golum

7 :01x07 - Bang & Blame

Kibre prosecutes a man who shot up the bank where he worked, killing the woman who was responsible for his son being in a coma. The man decides to represent himself, and a sympathetic jury means they have to do some old fashioned police work to make their case.
Guest Stars: Ken Cheeseman as Patrick | Ranjit Chowdhry as Anji Reddy | Sandra Daley as Althea Hill | Johanna Day as Jocelyn Webber | Ron Domingo as Albert Hsu | Daniel Eric Gold as Nick | Mark Lotito as Sergeant Edward Kozak | Scott Robertson as Bank Manager | George R. Sheffey as Officer Ricky De Mateo | Felix Solis as Miguel Guzman | Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration | Marc Aden as Adam Burge | Aasif Mandvi as Judge Samir Patel | Jonathan Daly as Sheldon | Sharrieff Pugh as Sharaud Williams | Marisa Redanty as Leslie | Keith Reddin as Marvin Figgs | Jeff Perry as Andrew Soin | Seth Gilliam as Assistant D.A. Terence Wright | Aaron Lohr as Zack Stone | John Scurti as Herman Mudgett | David Lipman as Judge Morris Torledsky | Hudson Cooper as Bridge Officer | Carey Lowell as Judge Jamie Ross
Director: Caleb Deschanel

8 :01x08 - Skeleton (2)

Kibre works with Detective Fontana to find out why Detective Ed Green was really shot, and Kibre puts her career on the line to solve the case.
Special Guest Stars: S. Epatha Merkerson as Lieutenant Anita Van Buren | Jesse L. Martin as Detective "Eddie" Edward Green | Richard Belzer as Detective John Munch | Sam Waterston as Executive A.D.A. Jack McCoy | Dennis Farina as Detective Joe Fontana |
Guest Stars: Richard Furlong as Surveillance Tech Rob Hawken | Tyrone Grant as Court Officer | Joe Hickey as Resident | Bryan Scott Johnson as Deputy Warden Taylor | Kevin Hogan as Legal Aid Attorney Flint | Mariann Mayberry as Janet Davis | Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration | Brud Fogarty as Officer Beckway | Michael Brian Dunn as Jury Foreman | Margarita Levieva as Stephanie Davis | Tim Hopper as Dr. George Gibson, M.E. | Gene Canfield as Judge Eugene Timmons | Debrah Farentino as Danielle Blair | Lucas Papaelias as Desmond McCarron | Ritchie Coster as Shane Lucas | Jose Soto as Emiliano Ortiz | Jonathan Hogan as Everett Phelps
Director: David Platt
Writer: David Wilcox

9 :01x09 - The Line

Despite good advice not to, Kibre puts a lot at stake to re-try a case where a murderer was released due to falsified evidence. Her hopes lay with a witness who doesn't want to remember, and she is faced with an ethical problem.
Guest Stars: Gil Deeble as Line Up Guy #2 | Edwina Findley as Kim Evans | Samuel Ray Gates as Line Up Guy #5 | Christina Kirk as Lee Sullivan | Judy Marte as Marisol Rodriguez | Amy Raudenbush as Maya Sullivan | Malcolm Foster Smith as Line Up Guy #4 | David Don Miller as Prison Guard Roy | Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration | Craig Alan Edwards as Bailiff | Richard D'Alessandro as Detective Braschi | Peter McRobbie as Judge Walter Bradley | Jaime Tirelli as Dario Rodriguez | Philip Casnoff as Assistant D.A. Nick Forster | Lori Tan Chinn as Mrs. Park | Kevin Mambo as Detective Weber | Wendell Pierce as Dr. Richard Link | Gabriel Casseus as Kenny Thompson | David Aaron Baker as Todd Eckhart | Curtis L. McClarin as Charlie Lansing
Director: Richard Pearce

10 :01x10 - Blue Wall

Kibre must prosecute 2 police officers who are accused of the murder of a man who died in their custody, but is that what really happened?
Guest Stars: Mike Colter as Billy Tolbert | Deep Katdare as Dr. Philip Brem | Domenick Lombardozzi as Joe Petro | Mark Mineart as Prison Guard | Jack O'Connell (1) as John Whitney | Ash Roeca as Officer Scott Davis | James Matthew Ryan as Jim McNeil | Ed Vassallo as Detective Brad Cosgrove | Susan Kelechi Watson as Jill Tolbert | Curtis Mark Williams as Mitch Potter | Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration | Richard Chew as Male Attendant | Yvonne Cecelia as Forewoman | Jason Kolotouros as Officer Bob LeMay | Brian Tarantina as Officer Mike Bressler | William Hill (2) as Jack Miller | William Sadler as Paul Rice | John Doman as Tim Grace | Armand Schultz as U.S. Attorney Curtis Fuller | David Fonteno as Judge Derek Hafner | Gordana Rashovich as Judge Lillian Alverio | Donald Corren as Martin Addas | Joseph Siravo as Deputy Police Chief Doug Conley | Geoffrey Cantor as Ronald Hardin
Director: Joe Ann Fogle
Writer: Rick Eid

11 :01x11 - Day (2)

A.D.A. Kibre works with Detectives Stabler and Benson to prosecute a serial rapist Gabriel after an attack on A.D.A Novak. The man's trail of victims through the years has been whitewashed by his wealthy and protective mother Eleanor. So Kibre must also overcome witness intimidation and a defense lawyer who will do anything to prove his client's innocence.
Special Guest Stars: Christopher Meloni as Detective Elliot Stabler | Tamara Tunie as Dr. Melinda Warner, M.E. | Angela Lansbury as Eleanor Duvall | Diane Neal as Assistant D.A. Casey Novak | Mariska Hargitay as Detective Olivia Benson | Alfred Molina as Gabriel Duvall | Rita Moreno as Mildred Quintana | Carolyn McCormick as Dr. Elizabeth Olivet |
Guest Stars: Nicole Leach as Catherine Selles | Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration | Allan Miller (1) as Judge Ambrose Trillin | Anya Migdal as Nina Zergin | Joe Holt as EMS Tech | Gretchen Cleevely as Meg Lonegan | Arlene Chico-Lugo as Hispanic Woman | Nicholas Webber as Assistant D.A. Ross Campbell | Mary Jo Deschanel as Julia Lonegan | Bradley Cooper as Jason Whitaker | Jo Yang as Foreman | Larry King as Himself
Director: Caleb Deschanel

12 :01x12 - Boys Will Be Boys

Kibre has to prosecute a man accused with the murder of his girlfriend, but the case takes a turn when the man's father confesses and she must figure out which of them is telling the truth.
Guest Stars: Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration | Joey Parsons as Spokesman | Tim Hopper as Dr. George Gibson, M.E. | Krystal Rodriguez as Christina Ramirez | David Brown, Jr. as Court Officer | Brandon Demery as Bartender | Jason Marr as Jury Foreman | Michael Diskint as Waiter | Peter Scanavino as Robert Hassel | John Luke Montias as Detective Mitch Quinlan | Catherine Wolf as Judge Jean Gorman | Nancy Ticotin as Rosario Ramirez | Betsy Aidem as Judge Lynn Polsky | Rosa Arredondo as Ana Mendez | Victor Rasuk as Luis Ramirez | Nestor Serrano as Pedro | Marie Barrientos as Maria Martinez | Giancarlo Esposito as Orlando Ramirez
Director: Aaron Lipstadt
Writer: Rick Eid

13 :01x13 - Eros In The Upper Eighties

A doorman at a high-end Upper Eastside building saves a tenant's life when he pulls a homeless man off her, but kills him in the process. What appears to be an act of a Good Samaritan is actually much more complicated.
Guest Stars: Maximiliano Hernandez as Officer Miguel Montez | Chuck Lewkowicz as Grand Jury Foreman | Alvin Keith as Grand Juror #1 | Kim Sullivan as Bridge Officer | Joseph Kolinski as Male Juror | Don Puglisi as Press Photographer | Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration | Jane Bodle as Grand Juror #2 | Stephen Beach as Detective Paul Youngren | Mitchell Greenberg as Judge Harry Stang | Marceline Hugot as Justine Ashford | Lothaire Bluteau as Andres Voychek | Colman Domingo as Gus Johnson | Ron Silver as Bernie Adler | Tristine Skyler as Abigail Phillips | David Fonteno as Judge Derek Hafner | Wendell Pierce as Dr. Richard Link | Zachary Knower as Greg Lumbard | Adam Richman as Officer Marty Cataldo | Julie Evan Smith as Female Juror
Director: Joe Ann Fogle
Warning: Law & Order: Trial by Jury guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 03, 2005
Ended: May 06, 2005
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