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Law & Order: UK

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Detective Sergeant Ronnie Brooks [S01-S08], played by Bradley Walsh (1)

Lively and loveable, Ronnie Brooks is the man you'd want to give your daughter away if you were indisposed. Ronnie adores his job. He's a copper's copper. A reminder of another era of London policing; an era Ronnie's determined to keep going. He knows every nook and cranny of the city. When he's off duty, he can be found playing snooker, or watching West Ham (he's been a season ticket holder for 35 years).
Anglican by upbringing, Ronnie's a humanist by experience. A proper old-school East End gentleman who understands the complexities of life and death. Ronnie uses his laconic wit to cover the reality of too many dead bodies and disappointments. A recovering alcoholic, Ronnie drank his way through two marriages and the distancing of two daughters. Although he typically shrugs it off, Ronnie's feelings of guilt are transparent. He now lives alone.
His genuine insight into the human condition, makes him a brilliant interrogator and reader of people. He is socially liberal, a man of great tolerance: but he's also a realist about life. Ronnie's a force for good - and everyone who has ever worked with him adores him. He loves working with Matt. Ronnie sees Matt as a bit of a surrogate son, best friend and confidante.
Detective Sergeant Matt Devlin (Deceased) [S01-S05], played by Jamie Bamber

DS Ronnie Brooks' younger and more impulsive partner, friend, and surrogate son.
Matt is from an Irish-Catholic family in Kilburn. Devlin has a romanticized idea of policing and absolutely loves his job. Despite rejecting the "absolutism" of his upbringing, he still has a black-and-white view of the law: people are either innocent or guilty.
Detective Sergeant Sam Casey [S06-S07], played by Paul Nicholls

DS Sam Casey is a headstrong young officer with a strong sense of justice brought in to investigate the shooting of DS Matt Devlin.
Detective Sergeant Joe Hawkins [S08], played by Ben Bailey Smith

A young officer who has come straight from child protection to the murder squad.
Detective Inspector Natalie Chandler [S01-S06], played by Harriet Walter

Brooks' and Devlin's boss - Her job is to push her detectives, making sure they stay within the lines of propriety and to play devil's advocate to their investigations.
A working mother, Chandler brings a sympathy and softer side to her detectives, considering their families even when they don't. Despite maintaining her emotionality, Chandler will be the one bastion of objectivity when all others cannot.
Detective Inspector Wes Leyton (Deceased) [S07-S08E07], played by Paterson Joseph

Detective Inspector Wes Leyton, the new commanding officer for DS Ronnie Brooks and DS Sam Casey. DI Leyton has been with the Met since the age of 18, he’s been through it all and knows the only way to change things is from the inside. Newly appointed as DI, Wes is frustrated by the amount of time spent dealing with budget issues and filling in forms but he is determined to make a good job of it and get results.
Detective Inspector Elizabeth Flynn [S08E08], played by Sharon Small

DI Elisabeth Flynn is determined to put her stamp on the MIU, declaring her own personal crackdown on knife crime. It is horribly embarrassing for her then, that the first case to come in under her rule is a stabbing.
Senior Crown Prosecutor James Steel [S01-S04], played by Ben Daniels

James Steel is the senior crown prosecutor and partner of Alesha Phillips. He has wizened with age and his ability as a CPS Officer has grown with experience.
Prior to his eight years with the CPS, Steel was a defence barrister; but the coincidence of a three-time rapist's case and the birth of his first child changed his outlook on life, and he defected to the Crown Prosecution Service. However, his new passion for the other side of the law consumed his life, alienating him from his family until his wife left for Edinburgh with his son; his work now fills that hole as well.
Senior Crown Prosecutor Jacob Thorne [S05-S08], played by Dominic Rowan

Jake is unashamedly a prosecutor, never afraid to go for the jugular in the courtroom. With his working class roots, he had to fight hard to get where he is, but he's fiercely intelligent and brilliant at his job. Jake's a bit of a player and if a gorgeous female barrister crosses his path you can bet they've got history! Jake's a dark horse who keeps his private life very much to himself and keeps Alesha guessing, but they make a great team.
Junior Crown Prosecutor Alesha Phillips [S01-S06], played by Freema Agyeman

Alesha works as a Junior Crown Prosecutor on the Crown Prosecution Service, and works alongside James Steel as his assistant.
Phillips grew up on a council estate with her single mother and attended university on scholarships and hard work. After being rejected from four different law firms, Phillips became worried about whether it was because of her credentials, or because she was a black woman from Hackney. Definitively on the side of the disadvantaged and the underdog, Phillips brings the empathy and shades of gray to her working relationship with Steel. While Phillips works as a crown prosecutor, because she trained as a solicitor, her title is "solicitor advocate"; as such, she doesn't wear the wig, because she didn't train as a barrister.
Junior Crown Prosecutor Kate Barker [S07-S08], played by Georgia Taylor

Kate Barker is a former defence barrister turned crown prosecutor. Kate is straight-talking, charming and likeable and very used to getting her own way. The first in her family to go to university, she is head strong, experienced and not a fan of hierarchies; the perfect combination to infuriate her new associate Chief Prosecutor Jacob Thorne.
Crown Prosecution Service Director George Castle [S01-S04], played by Bill Paterson

As Crown Prosecution Service Director Castle ran his office with an iron hand, keeping the pressure on Steel and Phillips, of whom he was fiercely protective. Castle was an independent barrister before working for the CPS, and is driven by a sense of justice.
George Castle has recently been appointed Director of Public Prosecutions, Henry Sharpe takes over the job of Director of the CPS.
Crown Prosecution Service Director Henry Sharpe [S05-S08], played by Peter Davison

Henry Sharpe rules his team with a firm but fair hand. Henry has a very clear understanding of the psychology of offending behavior and the foundations, pressures and lifestyle choices that lead to a life of crime. He takes a very broad view when looking at a case but ultimately he always acts in the public interest, a voice for the victim, and does what's best for the public, not the offender. Henry brings real warmth to the show and his history with Jake - as his mentor - makes him a bit of a father figure.
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: itv ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Wednesdays
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: February 23, 2009
Ended: June 11, 2014
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