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Series 8

46 :08x01 - Flaw

Ronnie and his new partner Joe are leading an investigation into the death of jeweller Harry Bernstein who is found dead with no hands or teeth.
Guest Stars: Habib Nasib Nader as Winkleman's Solicitor | Helen Baxendale as Eleanor Richmond | Tracy Brabin as Lyndsey Bernstein | Diana Quick as Lady Justice Hall | Christopher Fulford as Mickey Belker | Michael Culkin as Lord Justice Lockwood | Sonny Serkis as Danny (Eyeris) | Nikesh Patel as Tom | Jenny Rainsford as Beth | Alexander Perkins as SOCO Pete | Eric Kofi-abrefa as Kris Akron | Nicholas Blane as Pathologist Oswald Spear | Ray Edwards Mbe as Harry Bernstein | Duncan Pow as David Winkleman | Sidney Kean as Frank | Adelayo Adedayo as Kayla | Nicola Sanderson as SOCO Joy Ackroyd | Elly Fairman as Julie Taylor | Isabel Pollen as Rebecca Waldman | Rosalyn Wright as Miranda Jones | Peter Barrett as Dale Horgan | Jack Beale as Court Clerk
Director: Mat King

47 :08x02 - Safe from Harm

The stabbing of Doctor Gardner, a psychiatrist who treated teenagers and children, leads Ronnie and Joe to question his violent adolescent clients.
Guest Stars: Ramon Tikaram as Vijay Prasad | Hattie Morahan as Alison Gardner | Cyril Nri as Lord Justice De Marco | Holly Earl as Lisa Gardner | Antonia Clarke as Anna Sands | Mark Frost (2) as Doctor Philip Gardner | Nicola Sanderson as SOCO Joy Ackroyd | Jude White as Riley Gardner | Clive Hayward as Jonathan Shale | Emma Davies as Antonia Clarke | Greg Patmore as Barry Downing | Scarlett Milburn-smith as Heather Downing | Ted Reilly as Paul Downing | Mandana Jones as Dr. Antonia Carey | Carolyn Pickles as Maureen Riley | Adelayo Adedayo as Kayla | Damian Kell as William Farmer
Director: Mat King
Teleplay: Tom Grieves

48 :08x03 - I Predict a Riot

A skeleton in a car boot at the bottom of the Thames sees Ronnie and Joe drawn deep into a case in which the law itself is in the witness box.
Guest Stars: Antony Byrne as Detective Sergeant Pete Langham | Jenny Jules as Nikki Carroll | Graham Cole as Terry Wilson | Ralph Brown as Detective Sergeant Darren Grady | Roger Lloyd Pack as Alex Greene | Pip Torrens as Defence Barrister Philip Nevins | Don Warrington as Police Commissioner | Craige Els as Dave Simmons | Lace Akpojaro as Frank | Pasha Bocarie as River Police Officer | Annabel Mullion as Pathologist Eleanor | Ellen Thomas (1) as Rebecca Houghton | Michael Cronin as Maurice Bennett | Paul Darrow as Lord Justice Prentice | Jessica Gunning as Angela | Chereen Buckley as Journalist
Director: Mat King
Teleplay: Richard Stokes

49 :08x04 - Pride

Ronnie and Joe are on the hunt for the killer of a seemingly innocent man when the investigation leads them to Ronnie's old boss, ex-DI Natalie Chandler.
Guest Stars: Roy Hudd as Felix Hargreaves | Harriet Walter as Natalie Chandler | Martin Jarvis as Eddie Stewart | Laura Rogers as Sally Lester | Alexander Aze as Ethan Lester | Nicola Sanderson as SOCO Joy Ackroyd | Roxy Sternberg as Alice Edwards | Ella Kenion as Cashier | Matt Slack as Rob Hebden | Melanie Kilburn as Julie Perkins | Leila Hoffman as Florence | Jessica Gunning as Angela | Geoffrey McGivern as Geoffrey Sykes | Jack Beale as Court Clerk | Cyril Nri as Lord Justice De Marco | Fraser James as Dr. Toby Marsh | Michael Luxton as Paul Harrison
Director: Mat King
Teleplay: Matt Evans (1)

50 :08x05 - Customs

When the body of an elderly woman is discovered at the foot of a well-known suicide leap, Ronnie wonders if there might be a terrorist connection.
Guest Stars: Haydn Gwynne as Madeline Morgan | Dhafer L'Abidine as Tariq Mahmoud | Hara Yannas as Safia Mahmoud | Akin Gazi as Dr. Yafeu Elsayed | Gillian Saker as Kayleigh | Solomon Israel as Carl | Nicola Sanderson as SOCO Joy Ackroyd | Jessica Gunning as Angela | Gareth Snook as Giles Moss | Offrie Haddie as Laila Mahmoud | Annabel Mullion as Pathologist Eleanor | Glynn Pritchard as Graham | Fraser James as Dr. Toby Marsh | Delroy Brown as Dr. Turnball | Gregory Floy as Lord Justice Maisden | Shamaya Blake as Yasmin
Director: Joss Agnew
Teleplay: Jamie Crichton

51 :08x06 - Bad Romance

A blood-stained hotel room and a stolen credit card lead Ronnie and Joe to believe a young woman gave birth there - but there is no trace of a baby.
Guest Stars: James Wilby as Charles Hutton | Lucy Boynton as Georgia Hutton | Greg Austin as Rufus Barton | Lacey Bond as Linda | Philip Rosch as Alan | Anna Marie Cseh as Magda | Svetlana Biba as Ioana | Nicola Sanderson as SOCO Joy Ackroyd | Steve Furst (1) as Edward Blanchard | Adelayo Adedayo as Kayla | Joanna Brookes (1) as Marsalee | Emma Campbell-Jones (1) as Camille Hutton | Nicholas Jones (1) as Edmund Rintoul | Paul Bentall as Harold Maysby | Adjoa Andoh as Pathologist Lilly | Alice Sanders as Poppy Lupton | Nimmy March as Dr. Elizabeth Rawls | Janet Dibley as Karen Hannay | Joseph Millson as Maitland Cosby | Karen Archer as Lady Justice O'Neill
Director: Joss Agnew

52 :08x07 - Hard Stop

When a spate of shootings claims one of Ronnie and Joe's own, the pair are left with little time as the next target seems to be CPS boss Henry Sharpe.
Guest Stars: Mark Bonnar as Mark Glendon | Elinor Crawley as Abby Glendon | Adelayo Adedayo as Kayla | Rachel Atkins as Cleo Finch | Priyanga Burford as Martine Leyton | Gerry Cowper as Hope Corday | Bradley Hall as Adam Glendon | Julia Hills (1) as Hayley Ashburton | Alexander Perkins as SOCO Pete | John Rowe as Lord Justice Silverton | Matt Sapsford as Armed Police Officer | Pip Torrens as Defence Barrister Philip Nevins | Lauren Trickett as Cashier
Director: Jill Robertson
Writer: David Wilcox
Teleplay: Noel Farragher

53 :08x08 - Repeat to Fade

Still reeling from the shocking death of one of their team, Ronnie and Joe have a new case to deal with when an innocent young mother is stabbed to death in a busy London market place.
Guest Stars: Pippa Bennet-Warner as Zana Washington | Kasey McKellar as Bobbi Washington | Colin Salmon as Defense Barrister Doug Greer | Tony Gardner (1) as Commander Douglas Stone | Jing Lusi as Gabby | Natasha Sparkes as Carla | Joss Porter as Rodin | Raffaello Degruttola as Niccolo | Nicholas Blane as Pathologist Oswald Spear | Adelayo Adedayo as Kayla | Mark Bagnall as Thomas King | Cliff Barry (2) as Albert Carlow | Liam Sargeant as Jack Carlow | Adjoa Andoh as Pathologist Lilly | Leo Gregory as Warren Lennox | Shereen Gray as Shonda Washington | Fady Elsayed as Jamal | Nisha Nayar as Namita Cresswell | Michael Culkin as Lord Justice Lockwood | Michael Byers (2) as Robert Page
Director: Jill Robertson
Teleplay: Richard Stokes
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: itv ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Wednesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: February 23, 2009
Ended: June 11, 2014
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