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Series 8

46 :08x01 - Flaw

Ronnie and his new partner Joe are leading an investigation into the death of jeweller Harry Bernstein who is found dead with no hands or teeth. His wife Lindsay, her lover David, and a former business associate, Mickey Belker, are all possible suspects. But the case takes a surprising turn when Bernstein’s sister turns up with his severed hands. They were delivered to her house in a box to lend weight to a very simple message: ‘not guilty’.
Bernstein’s sister, Rebecca, is on the jury for the trial of Dale Horgan; a drug dealer and murderer that Ronnie has been trying to nail for years. This threat to Rebecca points to jury tampering. So Jake and Kate have to take a dramatic approach to win the case, against formidable defence barrister Eleanor Richmond, and with Henry’s stern eye on them at every turn. But will Ronnie’s evidence be enough?

Source: ITV
Guest Stars: Habib Nasib Nader as Winkleman's Solicitor | Duncan Pow as David Winkleman | Sidney Kean as Frank | Adelayo Adedayo as Kayla | Nicola Sanderson as SOCO Joy Ackroyd | Elly Fairman as Julie Taylor | Isabel Pollen as Rebecca Waldman | Rosalyn Wright as Miranda Jones | Peter Barrett as Dale Horgan | Jack Beale as Court Clerk | Ray Edwards Mbe as Harry Bernstein | Nicholas Blane as Pathologist Oswald Spear | Eric Kofi-abrefa as Kris Akron | Helen Baxendale as Eleanor Richmond | Tracy Brabin as Lyndsey Bernstein | Diana Quick as Lady Justice Hall | Christopher Fulford as Mickey Belker | Michael Culkin as Lord Justice Lockwood | Sonny Serkis as Danny (Eyeris) | Nikesh Patel as Tom | Jenny Rainsford as Beth | Alexander Perkins as SOCO Pete
Director: Mat King
Writer: René Balcer

47 :08x02 - Safe from Harm

The stabbing of Doctor Gardner, a psychiatrist who treated teenagers and children, initially leads Ronnie and Joe to question his violent adolescent clients. However, when they uncover evidence that points to him having an affair with one of his patients, they begin to suspect that his wife Alison might have had more motive than anyone else.
Although she initially denies killing her husband, Alison quickly changes her defence when the evidence stacks up against her. Her argument that she wasn’t in her right mind and lost control when she stabbed him, challenges the prosecution and Kate questions whether they should be trying her for murder at all. But Jake is determined to see justice done and through some last minute detective work, our team are finally able to uncover the truth.

Source: ITV
Guest Stars: Greg Patmore as Barry Downing | Scarlett Milburn-smith as Heather Downing | Ted Reilly as Paul Downing | Mandana Jones as Dr. Antonia Carey | Carolyn Pickles as Maureen Riley | Adelayo Adedayo as Kayla | Damian Kell as William Farmer | Emma Davies as Antonia Clarke | Clive Hayward as Jonathan Shale | Jude White as Riley Gardner | Ramon Tikaram as Vijay Prasad | Hattie Morahan as Alison Gardner | Cyril Nri as Lord Justice De Marco | Holly Earl as Lisa Gardner | Antonia Clarke as Anna Sands | Mark Frost (2) as Doctor Philip Gardner | Nicola Sanderson as SOCO Joy Ackroyd
Director: Mat King
Teleplay: Tom Grieves

48 :08x03 - I Predict a Riot

Whilst helping out the drugs squad on a bust, Ronnie and Joe stumble upon a body that has been hidden inside the boot of a car in the River Thames. It turns out that the man was Taylor Kane, a black undercover policeman who went missing in the 80s, at the time of the Brixton riots. Through clever detection, unsettling evidence is unearthed as Ronnie, Wes and Joe raise issues that the police would rather forget. Wes finds himself personally putting his head above the parapet when he gets an unexpected visit from the Commissioner.
Jake takes up the cause with Ronnie, Joe and Wes as defence barrister Philip Nevins, argues the case for his defendant DS Darren Grady. Accusations of are thrown around as our heroes get in deeper and deeper when the case hits the headlines and Kane's sister, Nikki Carroll, comes knocking at their door. It is time to pick a side as friendships and loyalties are tested and careers are put on the line for justice.

Source: ITV
Guest Stars: Pasha Bocarie as River Police Officer | Annabel Mullion as Pathologist Eleanor | Ellen Thomas (1) as Rebecca Houghton | Michael Cronin as Maurice Bennett | Paul Darrow as Lord Justice Prentice | Jessica Gunning as Angela | Chereen Buckley as Journalist | Lace Akpojaro as Frank | Craige Els as Dave Simmons | Antony Byrne as Detective Sergeant Pete Langham | Jenny Jules as Nikki Carroll | Graham Cole as Terry Wilson | Ralph Brown as Detective Sergeant Darren Grady | Roger Lloyd Pack as Alex Greene | Pip Torrens as Defence Barrister Philip Nevins | Don Warrington as Police Commissioner
Director: Mat King
Teleplay: Richard Stokes

49 :08x04 - Pride

The death of a seemingly innocent family man leads Ronnie and Joe to go on the hunt for the murderer. But what they find is that the accused is Eddie Stewart, a man in his 70s who just so happens to be Ex-DI Natalie Chandler's father. It is a tough day for Ronnie as he has to deliver the news to his old friend.
No one can understand why Eddie would commit murder, least of all Natalie who argues with Jake when she confronts him over the charge against her father. Jake is sympathetic but there's nothing he can do without Eddie's cooperation. Natalie wastes no time in getting Ronnie to go above and beyond to help her find the real killer, even if that means getting him into trouble with a frustrated Wes. But, how far is Ronnie willing to go in order to help his friend?

Source: ITV
Guest Stars: Leila Hoffman as Florence | Jessica Gunning as Angela | Geoffrey McGivern as Geoffrey Sykes | Jack Beale as Court Clerk | Cyril Nri as Lord Justice De Marco | Fraser James as Dr. Toby Marsh | Michael Luxton as Paul Harrison | Melanie Kilburn as Julie Perkins | Matt Slack as Rob Hebden | Ella Kenion as Cashier | Roy Hudd as Felix Hargreaves | Harriet Walter as Natalie Chandler | Martin Jarvis as Eddie Stewart | Laura Rogers as Sally Lester | Alexander Aze as Ethan Lester | Nicola Sanderson as SOCO Joy Ackroyd | Roxy Sternberg as Alice Edwards
Director: Mat King
Teleplay: Matt Evans (1)

50 :08x05 - Customs

When Ronnie and Joe are called to a suicide it doesn’t take long for Ronnie to suspect foul play: Ranya Habib had no reason to kill herself. Although they are initially suspicious of a Dr Elsayed, recently arrived in the country to visit Ranya, they can’t find any evidence against him. Turning their attentions back to Ranya’s family, they soon suspect Ranya’s son, Tariq. However, as the evidence comes in, it all points to Tariq’s wife: Safia.
Safia eventually admits that she killed Ranya but says that she didn’t mean to: it was in the heat of an argument and she refuses to say what the argument was about. Joe, however, thinks he knows: Dr Elsayed’s medical history includes the practice of FGM, female genital mutilation, on young girls - and he believes Ranya brought Elsayed over to perform FGM on Laila, Safia and Tariq’s daughter. Appalled by this, Kate struggles to remain professional and jeopardises her entire career leaving Jake to prosecute the case alone.

Source: ITV
Guest Stars: Offrie Haddie as Laila Mahmoud | Annabel Mullion as Pathologist Eleanor | Glynn Pritchard as Graham | Fraser James as Dr. Toby Marsh | Delroy Brown as Dr. Turnball | Gregory Floy as Lord Justice Maisden | Shamaya Blake as Yasmin | Gareth Snook as Giles Moss | Jessica Gunning as Angela | Haydn Gwynne as Madeline Morgan | Dhafer L'Abidine as Tariq Mahmoud | Hara Yannas as Safia Mahmoud | Akin Gazi as Dr. Yafeu Elsayed | Gillian Saker as Kayleigh | Solomon Israel as Carl | Nicola Sanderson as SOCO Joy Ackroyd
Director: Joss Agnew
Teleplay: Jamie Crichton

51 :08x06 - Bad Romance

A body is found and it proves difficult to ascertain the crime. However a stolen credit card soon lead Ronnie and Joe believe they have found their suspect in Charles Hutton a wealthy man who dotes on his wife Camille and daughter Georgia. It soon becomes apparent Georgia gave birth in the room that the murder was committed in but the baby is nowhere to be found. Georgia's father wants to protect his daughters future so when it comes to Jake and Kate trying to prosecute her and her boyfriend Rufus, many hurdles are put in the way. Especially when Jake's nemesis Maitland Cosby is on the defence counsel.
Guest Stars: Greg Austin as Rufus Barton | Lucy Boynton as Georgia Hutton | Joseph Milson as Maitland Cosby | James Wilby as Charles Hutton
Director: Joss Agnew

52 :08x07 - Hard Stop

When a series of shootings claims one of their own, Ronnie and Joe have little time to grieve – they must catch the killer before he or she can reach the next people on the hit - list. And in first place on that list is Henry Sharpe, head of the Crown Prosecution Service. The link between all the targets becomes clear - the common factor is the case of Mark Glendon put away for the murder of his wife four years ago. But he is still in prison, though soon to be retried. However, the police struggle to find concrete evidence that connects Glendon to the shootings and the race is on the catch the killer before the jury delivers their verdict.

Source: ITV
Guest Stars: Mark Bonnar as Mark Glendon | Elinor Crawley as Abby Glendon
Director: Jill Robertson
Writer: David Wilcox
Teleplay: Noel Farragher

53 :08x08 - Repeat to Fade

After a fatal stabbing in a crowded market place, the pressure is on to make Londoners feel safe again. But with a new boss and Ronnie’s effectiveness as a detective being questioned at every turn, is it the end of the road for his career?
Ronnie and Joe have a new boss to contend with. DI Elisabeth Flynn is determined to put her stamp on the MIU, declaring her own personal crackdown on knife crime. It is horribly embarrassing for her then, that the first case to come in under her rule is a stabbing. Under pressure from all sides, Ronnie and Joe struggle to gather enough evidence to charge the youth they believe to be responsible: Bobbi Washington. However, when Bobbi inadvertently confesses to Ronnie, he thinks he’s got him – but with the confession uncorroborated by anyone else, Ronnie begins to realise that his honesty is in question. Can he prove to DI Flynn that he is no 'dinosaur'?

Source: ITV
Guest Stars: Pippa Bennet-Warner as Zana Washington | Kasey McKellar as Bobbi Washington | Colin Salmon as Defense Barrister Doug Greer | Tony Gardner (1) as Commander Douglas Stone
Director: Jill Robertson
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
Status: Returning Series
Network: itv ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Wednesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: February 23, 2009
Episode Order: 8
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