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Season 20

434 :20x01 - Memo From The Dark Side

Detectives Lupo and Bernard investigate the murder of a young veteran who is found dead in a parking garage. The murder is found to be connected to a law professor that used to work for the Department of Justice.
Guest Stars: Ned Eisenberg as James Granick | Michael Gibson as Court Officer | William Connell as Foreperson | Nicola Barber as Janice Mazern | Mark Morettini as Jerry | Marc Damon Johnson as Sergeant Kupchack | Melissa Maxwell as Judge Arlene Jones | Michael Milligan as Michael Gendel | Nancy Opel as V.A. Doctor | Michael Berresse as Mr. Gardner | Monique Fowler as Attorney Strawn | Deborah Offner as Judge Rachel Cates | David Alan Basche as Kevin Franklin | Creighton James as Greg Tanner | Lisa Joyce as Megan Tanner | Tijuana Ricks as Sergeant Royce | Jordan Gelber as David | Addison Timlin as Hayley Kozlow
Director: Fred Berner

435 :20x02 - Just A Girl In The World

A crime scene investigator is found dead with her unfaithful fiance as the prime suspect.

Remade for Law & Order: UK
Guest Stars: Ward Horton as Josh Barton | Kevin Alexander as MLI Mark Rainey | Erika Rolfsrud as Detective Penny Miller | Jennifer Lim as MLI Daisy Chao | Lawrence Ballard as Sergeant Butler | Todd Faulkner as Foreperson | Chad Lindsey (2) as Correction Officer | Rey Lucas as Jorge Marquez | Deirdre O'Connell as Dr. Valerie Knight | Chris Mulkey as Judge Robert Maxen | Camille Chen as Emma Kim | Peter Scanavino as Jim Anderson | Anita Hollander as Clerk | Ramses Jimenez as Nestor Maldonado | Remy Auberjonois as Emma's Lawyer | Michael Patrick Crane (3) as Colin Burke
Director: Marisol Torres

436 :20x03 - Great Satan

Detectives Lupo and Bernard investigate when an aspiring musician is found dead. A bag of cash leads them to multiple suspects.

Guest Stars: Olivia Birkelund as Darlene Sorenson | Jesse J. Perez as Harry | Morgin Felicia as Sarah | Terence Patrick Schappert as Terry Hart | Gene Gallerano as Jimmy Caruso | Royce Johnson as Paramedic | Linda Eve Miller as Sergeant | D.K. Bowser as Arthur Jackson | Yaniv Eyny as Joe Darwish | Scott Johnson (1) as Sergeant Fred Shapiro | Adinah Alexander as Judge Sandra Schaft | Ben Youcef as Sameer Armed | Portia Reiners as Jill Sorenson | Joanna P. Adler as Barbara Speight | Al Espinosa as Store Owner | Sean Nelson as Van Buren's Son | John Bolger as Don Sorenson | Michael K. Williams as Charles Cole | Anthony Grasso as Randall Vance | Tommy Schrider as Wendell Phelps
Director: Michael Dinner

437 :20x04 - Reality Bites

The mother of ten adopted children is found dead, and the detectives find out the father, Larry Johnson, wants to be in a reality show like "Jon & Kate Plus 8". The detectives find out that a single mother of ten also was in the running for the reality series.
Guest Stars: Baron Vaughn as Assistant M.E. | Robert Harrington as Bailiff | Livia Scott as Foreperson | Nina Lisandrello as Belinda Alvarez | Cole Escola as Tim Johnson | Mark Gerard as Brad Lovell | Izzy Hanson-Johnston as Amy Johnson | Phillip Bramwell as Steve Johnson | Sean-Michael Bowles as P.A. | Tara Greenway as Mandy Lovell | Hunter Gallagher as D.J. Lovell | Jim Gaffigan as Larry Johnson | Marin Hinkle as Attorney Novelle | Geneva Carr as Larry's Accountant | Michael Showalter as Artie Kramer | Dorothy Lyman as Judge Dorothy Carr | Zoe Winters as Suzanne | Theresa McCarthy as Carla Johnson | Erica Berg as Joy Johnson | Jonathan Epstein as Judge Patrick Devon

438 :20x05 - Dignity

A doctor who performs late-term abortions is murdered in church.

Guest Stars: Christina Kirk as Jennice Morrow | Katie Kreisler as Jill Casey | Ami Brabson as Judge Madeline Drake | Steve Routman as Judge Allister Delaney | Sue-Anne Morrow as Lydia Jones | Pilar Witherspoon as Patty Larson | Enid Graham as Carla Howell | Lou Irizarry as Arraignment Clerk | Evan Enderle as Jonah Leland | Mylinda Hull as Mother Jess | Brian Tyree Henry as Ben | Colleen Werthmann as Mrs. Grogan | Deirdre O'Connell as Dr. Valerie Knight | Eric Deskin as Jury Foreman | Tijuana Ricks as Sergeant Royce | Matthew Boston as Dr. Walter Benning | Michael Hollick as Minister | Tracy Sallows as Francis Benning | Jessica Dickey as Lisa Barnett | Tolan Aman as Will Grogan | P.J. Sosko as Wayne Grogan | Jessica Varley as Blair Morton | Bill Sage as Kevin Morton | Richard Thomas as Roger Jenkins | Mark Blum as Expert Doctor
Director: Jim McKay

439 :20x06 - Human Flesh Search Engine

An investigation into the death of a fashion company owner leads to a threatening website.

Guest Stars: Patrick Carroll (2) as Andrew Mason | Harriett D. Foy as Judge Arlene Jones | Zach Wegner as Hipster Dude | Antoinette LaVecchia as CSU Tech Di Grappa | Harry Bouvy as M.E. Investigator Stan Palchuk | Noah Weisberg as CCS Detective Dan Josefson | Steven Boyer as Sal Jerome | Jason Furlani as Officer | Kacie Sheik as Bonnie Allman | Danielle Skraastad as Rebecca Davies | Chloe Cmarada as Allie | Rob Corddry as Jim Leary | Carolyn McCormick as Dr. Elizabeth Olivet | René Ifrah as Sid Maxwell | Ernie Hudson as Frank Gibson | Ben Shenkman as Nick Margolis | Joe Forbrich as Detective Joe Cormack | Christopher McCann as Judge Colin Gerard | Will Rogers (2) as Mr. Keegan | Jeremy Beiler as Terry Clark | Tina Benko as Kerri Sands
Director: Darnell Martin

440 :20x07 - Boy Gone Astray

A young woman is murdered in her apartment. A security video from the lobby reveals a connection to a drug cartel.

Guest Stars: Ron Simmons as Warden Derek Kleban | Kelly Deadmon as Lexi Trudeau | Raúl Castillo as Eddy Blanco | Marisa Redanty as Judge Karen Gilner | Chinasa Ogbuagu as Dr. Theresa Burkhardt | Jeremy Bobb as Plain-Clothes Cop | Kate Rogal as Nina Wilshere | Craig Geraghty as NJ State Trooper | Steve Hamm as Sergeant Jordan Smith | Paul A. Schaefer as Gavin Peters | Mordecai Santiago as Sammy Molina | Chloe Sehr as Bailiff | Sean Meehan as DEA Agent Rory Califano | James Martinez as D.J. Jonny Cortez | Ernie Hudson as Frank Gibson | Peter McRobbie as Judge Walter Bradley | Jonathan Cake as Marcus Woll | Mario Quinonez, Jr. as Rafael Alvarez | Manny Perez as Ricardo Alvarez | Elizabeth Rodriguez as Isabel Alvarez | Ali Marsh as Esther Pinne | Sean Nelson as Van Buren's Son | James Biberi as Chief of Ds Laird | Jeremy Webb as Lucas Evra | Susan Pellegrino as Patricia Wilshere | Jessica Pimentel as Tina
Director: Rose Troche

441 :20x08 - Doped

A nasal spray that can disorient its user is found at the scene of a terrible car crash and the detectives become suspicious of the victim's boss.

Guest Stars: Derek Milman as Saul Cooper | Carleigh Chirico as Allie | David Shumbris as Steve | Tess Paras as Reporter | Marcia Haufrecht as Eileen | Bess Rous as Leslie | Max Antisell as Nicky | Christina Rouner as Attorney Sanders | Peter Francis James (1) as Judge John Laramie | Brennan Brown as Attorney Hoyt | Stephen Bogardus as Austin | Chris Bowers (1) as Matt Sawyer | Rich Sommer as Zach Marshall | Michael Countryman as Dr. Charles Price | Baylen Thomas as Bob Renquist | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | John Rue as Patrick Foster | Mark Doherty as Captain Jarrell | Bryan Farrell Wilson as Chris | Sandra Joseph as Brenda Sawyer | Julian Joseph as Charles | Doan Ly as Dr. Georgia Sloan | Jeremiah Miller (1) as Boris | Eric Zuckerman as Bryan Gionna | Andrew Grusetskie as Jack Shea | Polly Adams as Judge Ida Zeller | Victor Cruz as Nelson Quintana | Sarah Wilson (3) as Sandy Renquist

442 :20x09 - For The Defense

After a key witness in a murder trial is found dead outside her hotel room, the detectives suspect that Marcus Woll, a former district attorney, may be involved in a series of murders of witnesses that may also implicate Connie Rubirosa.
Guest Stars: Tessa Keimes as Maggie Hayes | Danny Downey as Waiter | Michael Braun (1) as Les Gomez | Betty Gilpin as Paige Regan | Jonathan Cake as Marcus Woll | Ty Jones (1) as Alvin 'Mad Dog' Jackson | Irene Glezos as Shelly Lovett | Jenna Stern as Judge Linda Taft | Casey Siemaszko as Bart Rainey | Michael Shulman as Maxwell Cavanaugh | Andrew Pang as Judge Gus Ishikawa | Nick Hoge as William Avery | Alan Zweibel as Doorman | Roger DeWitt as Judge John Marconi | Rich Hollman as CSU Tech | Kate Burton as Woll's Attorney
Director: William Klayer

443 :20x10 - Shotgun

A man defends his store from an armed robbery that may have been a scare tactic for a shakedown.

Guest Stars: Karen Walsh as Diane Crutchfield | Sean Andrew as Sensei Joseph | Nikki E. Walker as Mother | Wole Parks as Sergeant Elias | J. Paul Nicholas as Leon | Ken Krugman as Court Clerk | Ross Johnson as Son | Guy Lockard as Duane Jefferson | John McMartin as Julian Hayworth | Armando Riesco as Gregory Cardenas | Audrey K. Amey as Desiree | Susan Heyward as Alicia Rodriguez | Sam Stricklen as Tyler Jefferson | Jack Carpenter (2) as Max Purcell | Elliott Gould as Stan Harkavy | David Garrison as Judge Richard Billings | Judith Hawking as Judge Noreen Morrison | Jason Jones as Len Pewls | Scott Bryce as Otto Bradshaw | Michael Rivera as Angel Colon | Kate Hodge as Serena Kensey | Maureen Mueller as Sally Corman | Marilyn Torres as Sonya Colon
Director: Roger Young

444 :20x11 - Fed

Lupo and Bernard discover that a murdered member of a progressive community activist group may have been a conservative trying to expose the group's wrongdoings. Meanwhile, Van Buren gets bad news from former detective Rey Curtis.
Special Guest Stars: Benjamin Bratt as Reynaldo "Rey" Curtis |
Guest Stars: Ramon Fernandez as Arturo Ramirez | Boris McGiver as Jerry Gans | Jesse Lenat as Linus Kepler | Sam Robards as Davis Webb | Danai Gurira as Courtney Owens | Kevyn Morrow as Adam Owens | Keona Welch as Marissa Rumstead | Alaina Dunn as Michelle Gattis | Angela Pietropinto as Sheryl Gayley | Dan Bittner as Jim Landy | Clayton Apgar as John Munson | Ernie Hudson as Frank Gibson | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | Jo Twiss as Audience Member #1 | Jason Cottle as Audience Member #2 | Anne DuPont as Shirley | Sean Jeanness as Sergeant Anvers | Marcus Lorenzo as Wetzel | Ramiz Monsef as Terry
Director: Alex Chapple

445 :20x12 - Blackmail

When a journalist is found dead in an abandoned apartment, the investigation uncovers a relationship between the victim and a daytime talk-show host, who admits to a series of workplace affairs and a blackmail threat.
Guest Stars: Danny Burstein as Judge Sam Murray | Jason Schuchman as Willis Jacobs | Jana Robbins as Bella | Toks Olagundoye as Claire | Amy Rutberg as Megan Kerik | Jason Kravits as Attorney Baron | Brandon Williams as Wayne Carville | Jose Sonera as CCS Tech | Samantha Bee as Vanessa Carville | Major Dodge as Sergeant | Tom Lipinski as Derek Fanning | Raúl Esparza as Dennis Di Palma | Marty Garcia (4) as Defense Attorney | Jeff Grossman as Assistant D.A. | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | Ezra Barnes as Mark Beck | Joann Baron as Judge Danielle Payne | Jerold E. Solomon as Clerk | Alexandra Silber as Sara Bradley
Director: Marc Levin

446 :20x13 - Steel-Eyed Death

When a family of four is found murdered in their home, Detectives Cyrus Lupo and Kevin Bernard discover that the deaths may be related to the deceased teenage daughter's troubled friend, Bonnie. As Lupo and Bernard track down Bonnie, the detectives become aware of another suspect, Justin, who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder making the case more complicated when both suspects' mental states come into question.
Guest Stars: John Rothman as Expert Witness | Karen Young (1) as Mrs. Sachs | Kevin O'Rourke as Amanda's Attorney | Kevin Geer as Mr. Evans | Emily Meade as Bonnie Jones | Rebecca Creskoff as Veronica Masters | J.K. Simmons as Dr. Emil Skoda | Fred Melamed as Judge Bertram Hill | James Ciccone as Card Dealer

447 :20x14 - Boy On Fire

When detectives Cyrus Lupo and Kevin Bernard come upon the burning body of Cesar, a sixteen year old charter school student from a bad neighborhood, they begin to question his young mentee Moses, who was the last person to see him alive. After evidence leads the detectives to a shocking cell phone video of the crime being committed, they soon realize that the four people in the video may be in cahoots with an unexpected ally. The investigation leads the detectives to the high school principal, Mrs. Woodside, who has all of the right answers. With a shady educator, tampered alibis and jealous schoolboys all coming into play, the detectives discover that their case may be more than elementary.
Special Guest Stars: Debra Winger as Mrs. Woodside |
Guest Stars: David Aaron Baker as Jake Nemeth | Cheryse Nicol Pickens as Jolie Henderson | Shamika Cotton as Mrs. Dolan | Aaron Shaw as Moses | Noel Rodriguez as Cesar | Peter McRobbie as Judge Walter Bradley
Director: Rose Troche

448 :20x15 - Brilliant Disguise

After a young woman, Justine, is found brutally murdered in a hotel and her body stashed away on a food service cart, evidence leads Detectives Cyrus Lupo and Kevin Bernard to a young medical school student. When a crafty lawyer, Ray Backlund, becomes involved, the detectives realize that it is going to take more than superficial evidence to put the murderer behind bars. This quickly becomes a case of mind over matter.
Guest Stars: Jason Jurman as Jordan Pinter | Erika Burke Rossa as Stacey Tipton | Adam Driver as Robbie Vickery | Todd Weeks as Robby's Attorney | Jason Cerbone as Bruce Tipton | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | Gregory Jbara as Oscar Newton | Jess Weixler as Carrie Newton | Laura Campbell (3) as Justine Stebbins | Timothy Busfield as Ray Backlund | J.K. Simmons as Dr. Emil Skoda | Wayne Duvall as Judge Norman Barclay | Daniel Eric Gold as Alex Conway
Director: Alex Chapple

449 :20x16 - Innocence

Detectives Cyrus Lupo and Kevin Bernard detain a man who is tried and found guilty of killing a gay man as a hate crime. Shortly after, Emily Ryan steps in with The Innocence Collective, determined to prove his innocence and reverse the verdict. Assistant District Attorney Michael Cutter soon discovers that Emily's overeager student assistant, Lisa Klein, may have crossed the line to get a testimony in her client's favor. Before long, personal relationships are threatened as the integrity of the entire trial is called into question.
Special Guest Stars: Amy Madigan as Emily Ryan |
Guest Stars: Ernie Hudson as Frank Gibson | Zach Grenier as Judge Cormac Braden | Robin L. Taylor as Cedric Stuber | David Wilson Barnes as Attorney Gilman | Cheyenne Jackson as Jon Sorrentino | Anna Chlumsky as Lisa Klein
Director: Fred Berner

450 :20x17 - Four Cops Shot

When Detectives Cyrus Lupo and Kevin Bernard arrive on the scene of four fallen police officers, they have to act fast to find the shooter. With a room full of witnesses, they have a description of the culprit but little else. The case becomes even more complex when the detectives discover that the police officers may have known the shooter. The investigation quickly leads them to a circuit of drug dealers, a jealous husband and a remorseful judge who are all pieces of a larger puzzle.
Guest Stars: Glenn Morshower as Captain | Greg Keller as Unknown | Deirdre O'Connell as Dr. Valerie Knight | Matt Servitto as U.S. Attorney Horvath | Jenna Stern as Judge Linda Taft | Michael Potts as Stokes's Attorney | Stivi Paskoski as Charles | Julito McCullum as Calvin Stokes | Margaret Colin as Mary Markson | Adriane Lenox as Dolores Martin
Director: Jim McKay

451 :20x18 - Brazil

When Dr. Oscar Silva, an environmental scientist, is poisoned during a conference, Lupo and Bernard suspect competitors from Silva's field of study.
Guest Stars: Cindy Katz as Judge Wendy Forman | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | Stephen McKinley Henderson as Judge Marc Kramer | Mark Nelson (1) as Symposium Organizer | Reed Birney as Dr. Everett Brown | Michele Pawk as Attorney Marks | Julie Boyd as Sharon Lehman | Michael Tucker (1) as Nelson Lehman | Elliot Villar as Dr. Oscar Silva | Tony Hale as Phillip Shoemaker | Tammy Blanchard as Mrs. Silva

452 :20x19 - Crashers

When the body of Brenna Lane is found burning in an alley, Detectives Lupo and Bernard go in search of her killer. With no witnesses, they must retrace the victim's final steps to get insight into her last days. They discover that just before her death, Brenna crashed an upscale political event.
Guest Stars: Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | Lee Wilkof as Judge Jack Margel | Ernie Hudson as Frank Gibson | Tess Paras as Leslie Snow | John Ventimiglia as Mr. Dibbins | Lily Rabe as Andrea | Ben Schnetzer as Dustin Henry | Constantine Maroulis as Hair Dresser | Kathy Baker as Camille | Tony Roberts as Senator Peterson | Sabina Gadecki as Brenna Lane
Director: Darnell Martin

453 :20x20 - The Taxman Cometh

When a young heiress dies of an apparent drug overdose, Lupo and Bernard begin to suspect her cousin, whose inheritance increased after her death.
Guest Stars: Daniel Abeles as Randy | Martin Ewens as Norman | Morgan Lynch as Annie Douglas | Welker White as Family Court Judge | Jessica Stone as Randy's Attorney | Peter Francis James (1) as Judge John Laramie | Chelsea Altman as Mrs. Casey | Kathleen Garrett as Judge Susan Moretti | Robin Weigert as Catherine Douglas | Damian Young as Bruce Graham | Mark Linn-Baker as Dr. Balicheck | Clea DuVall as Amanda Green | Christopher Evan Welch as Attorney David Haig
Director: Fred Berner

454 :20x21 - Immortal

A man is stabbed to death, which uncovers a decades-old medical scandal.
Guest Stars: David Harris (2) as Eddie Robinson | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | David Costabile as Glen Dolan | Seth Gilliam as Reed’s Attorney | Adella Gauthier as Dora Reed | Terence Archie as Jerome Turner | Jacinto Taras Riddick as Joseph Hernandez | Doug E. Doug as Michael Reed
Director: Jim McKay

455 :20x22 - Love Eternal

A reality TV crew finds a dead body locked in a dog cage.
Guest Stars: Katy Selverstone as Westhampton Police Detective | Joanna P. Adler as Defense Attorney | Reg Rogers as Joshua Felner | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | Ernie Hudson as Frank Gibson | Michael Bunin as Marty Ashcroft | Anna Gunn as Marielle DiNapoli
Director: William Klayer
Writer: Ed Zuckerman

456 :20x23 - Rubber Room

A blog entry leads the detectives on a search for a potential school bomber, but school officials and the teachers union think procedure is more important than the threat.
Special Guest Stars: Lindsey C. Kildow as Alicia |
Guest Stars: Jason Noel Fisher as Rob | Nadia Alexander as Morgan Jones | Deirdre O'Connell as Dr. Valerie Knight | Paul Schulze as Mr. Kraleck | Angela Goethals as Moira Scott | John Speredakos as Asst. US Attorney Schlicter | Edelen McWilliams as Morgan's Mom | Conor Leslie as Eliza | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | J.K. Simmons as Dr. Emil Skoda | Ernie Hudson as Frank Gibson | Patrick Murney as Duane Phillips
Director: René Balcer
Writer: René Balcer
Warning: Law & Order guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 13, 1990
Ended: May 24, 2010
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