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Season 14

302 :14x01 - Bodies

The public defender of a serial killer risks his career after he refuses to give information about his client's prior victims.
Guest Stars: Jordan Charney as Judge Donald Karan | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | Stephanie Berry as Evelyn Quilty | Connie Winston as Judge Shirley Taylor | Barbara Spiegel as Judge Harriet Doremus | Richard E. Hirschfeld as Assistant M. E. Brody | Lou Sones as Court Clerk | Ritchie Coster as Mark Bruner | Mimi Lieber as Wendy Weiss | Susan Floyd as Jessica Sheets | Vanessa Liguori as Julie | Jill Dalton as Megan Goddard | Katherine Leask as Ruth Galan | Anderson Matthews as David Galan | Michael Ryan Segal as Kurt Lemond | Thom Sesma as Detective Ed Goldstein | Michael Jannetta as Natowzki | Stefanie Nava as Katie Corwin | Adam Arian as Ari Mehlman | Dean Wareham as Ken Cramer | Frank Pando as Chris | Adam Sietz as Alex | Sam Marks as Police Officer | Melissa Gallagher as Woman | John Forde as Dispatcher | Kathy Danzer as Jury Foreperson | Alexander Chaplin as Tim Schwimmer | Thomas McCarthy as Lambert

303 :14x02 - Bounty

The murder of a bounty hunter takes Detectives Briscoe and Green to a reporter whose success seems to be the result of affirmative action.
Guest Stars: Mark La Mura as Wesley Schultz | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | Andrea Navedo as Detective Ana Cordova | Karen Shallo as Judge Anna Shiro | Mark Zimmerman as Judge Nathan Murphy | Emilio Del Pozo as Garcia | Gregory Weinberg as Court Clerk | Peter Jacobson as Randolph J. 'Randy' Dworkin | Reuben Jackson as Brian Kellogg | Richard Topol as Arnie Gleason | Colleen Clinton as Cosette Alexander | Dina Pearlman as Sybil | Chris Clavelli as Carl | Nadine Mozon as Melba | Greg Stuhr as Douglas | Paul Doherty as Glen | Hanh Tran as Lynne | Rodney Gilbert as Lester | Geoffrey Arend as Jeffrey | Megan Papier as Carla | Richard Duva as CSU Tech Grier |
Uncredited: Anne Lockhart as Policewoman
Director: Matthew Penn

304 :14x03 - Patient Zero

After Detectives Brisoce and Green find out about a car that has been stolen that has vials of the SARS virus, they head on a frantic search to find the first person that was infected.
Guest Stars: Helen Carey as Charlotte Swan | Robert Turano as Detective Ed Pachuco | Mark Kenneth Smaltz as Judge William Koehler | Mary Lou Mellace as Judge Antonia Mellon | Khrystyne Haje as Elaine Blanchard | P.J. Benjamin as Owen Franks | Daniel Gerroll as Dr. Charles Blanchard | Elizabeth Canavan as Kate Porter | Ronald Sylvers as Foreperson | Michael Mazzeo as Court Clerk | Michael J. Lombardi as Police Officer | Judi Beecher as Lisa Vitello | Stacey Ann Logan as Jane Kransky | Edmund Wilkinson as Joe Borelli | Scott Johnsen as Detective | Teddy Coluca as Kostas Theodoulou | Malcolm J. Goodwin as Lamont Tyler | Finnerty Steeves as Nora Adams | Shelley Williams as Kimberly Watson | Sharon Washington as Dr. Dorothy Hunter | Jack Gwaltney as Ian Hopkins | Phoebe Jonas as Janine Wilson
Director: David Platt

305 :14x04 - Shrunk

A young actress is found stabbed in the residence of a Tony-winning Broadway composer.
Guest Stars: Arthur French as Josiah Winthrop | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | J.K. Simmons as Dr. Emil Skoda | John Cariani as CSU Tech Julian Beck | Helmar Augustus Cooper as Judge Lawrence McNeil | Lynn Cohen as Judge Elizabeth Mizener | Joe Gonzalez (1) as Sergeant Martinez | Robert Foxworth as Dr. Frederick Barrett | Kathleen Chalfant as Lisa Cutler | Molly Regan as Margot Dalton | David Pittu as Stephen Cane | John Shea (1) as John David Myers | Ami Brabson as Dr. Felicity Cyrus | Tommy Nohilly as James Delancy | Isidra Vega as Lisanne Solo | David St. Louis as Mark Hamilton | Matthew G. Rashid as Store Clerk | Jessica Arinella as Female Patient | Mike Nelson as CSU Technician | Sam Turich as Uniform Officer | Joey Donovan Guido as Court Clerk
Director: Jace Alexander

306 :14x05 - Blaze

A deadly fire during a rock concert leads Detectives Briscoe and Green to try and solve the origins.
Guest Stars: Gordon Joseph Weiss as Mitch Selman | Mike Hodge as Judge Delano Burns | John Doe as Teddy Connor | Aleksa Palladino as Teresa Drosi | Jenna Stern as Kathy Teller | Steven Marcus as Nick Stoller | J. Smith Cameron as Linda Drosi | Jerome Preston Bates as Jerome Williams | Elizabeth Kemp as Debbie Grimes | T.J. Edwards as Tom Champa | Cheryl Gaysunas as Sally Gaines | Colleen Sexton as Nancy | Carmen Roman as Arraignment Judge Louise Einhorn | Jonathan Togo as Eddie | Victory Jory as Joe | Patrick M. Edwar as Frank | Leon Adair, Jr. as Court Clerk | Jay Patterson as Marty
Director: Gloria Muzio

307 :14x06 - Identity

The murder of a 'family man' leads the detectives on a case of stolen identity and a case of revenge from an elderly man.

Remade for Law & Order: UK
Guest Stars: Maddie Corman as Andee Mae Haley | Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Dr. Paul Jackson | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | Carolyn McCormick as Dr. Elizabeth Olivet | Lorraine Toussaint as Shambala Green | Charlotte Colavin as Judge Lisa Pongracic | Megan Byrne as Myra Camp | Jeannine Comeau as McCoy's Secretary | Tim Miller as Court Clerk | Paul Benjamin as Lonnie Jackson | Roscoe Lee Browne as Aaron Miller | Carl Gordon as Horace Washington | Jodie Markell as Daphne Hitchens | Mark Hammer as Judge Randall Welch | Starla Benford as Eileen Hargrove | Robert Levine as Zev Mishaan | Marty Grabstein as Shlomo Lineberg | Lane Binkley as Darcy Adams | Lora Chio as Andrea Gelman | Bradford Cover as David Richards | Todd Cerveris as Rusty Brown | Kevin Cahoon as Scott Soluk | Taylor Patterson as Mila Hitchens | Tolan Aman as Joaquin Hitchens | Anita Flanagan as Forensic Technician
Director: Jace Alexander

308 :14x07 - Floater

A woman's body that was found in the Hudson River opens a door to a big judicial scandal.
Guest Stars: Nicole Orth-Pallavicini as Jane Evans | Diane Tyler as Tamara Fein | David Lipman as Judge Morris Torledsky | Jason Kolotouros as Derek Greer | John Cariani as CSU Tech Julian Beck | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | Frank Bonsangue as Clerk | Kirsten Sans as CSU Technician | Keith Byron Kirk as Forensic Technician | Nicoye Banks as David | Greg Thornton as Chet | Paul Albe as Doorman | Adrienne D. Williams as Linda Fairborn | Michael Rupert as Darryl Prior | Amy Delucia as Terry Collins | William Paulson as Raoul Welch | Sophie Hayden as Karen O'Farrell | Greg Wood as James Markle | Dion Graham as Ron Hamilton | William Bogert as Alvin Hartmann | Zena Grey as Lena Marchetti | Erick Avari as Ravi Patel | Sean Cullen as Gene Marchetti | Jan Maxwell as Judge Ruth Alexander
Director: Richard Dobbs

309 :14x08 - Embedded

Detectives Briscoe and Green investigate the murder of a reporter who made enemies while covering the War in Iraq.
Guest Stars: Robert Hogan as Judge Hugo Bright | P.J. Morrison (1) as Peter Franz | Michael Medeiros as Stewart Griffin | Kevin Eldon as Bernie | Nick Chinlund as Frank Elliott | Keith Nobbs as Sergeant George Meacham | Bess Wohl as Gia Whitchurch | Conan McCarty as Lt. Colonel Doug Denton | Jonno Roberts as Barry Boyd | Thomas Schall as Ted Lester | Chris McKinney as Mac | Libby George as Judge Iris Chapman | Jean McDaniel Jackson as Victoria Wagner | Kahan James as Asst. US Attorney Andrew Spivack | Peter Smith (1) as Evan Underberg | Melissa Maxwell as Dr. Binder | Tara White as Denise Meacham | Wendy Scharfman as Betty Meacham | Owen Hollander as Pat | Jason Betts as Joey | Stephanie Bast as Lisa Kim | Michael Bakkensen as Paul | L.J. Ganser as FBI Agent Glover | Nicole Haywood as Court Reporter
Director: Ed Sherin
Writer: Craig Turk

310 :14x09 - Compassion

The detectives investigate the murder of a conman who is poisoned at a restaurant, who was posing as a grief counselor at the time.
Guest Stars: J.K. Simmons as Dr. Emil Skoda | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | Fran Lebowitz as Judge Janice Goldberg | Iris Little-Thomas as Judge Barbara Lusky | Adam Stein (1) as Assistant M.E. Cantor | Andrea Navedo as Detective Ana Cordova | Joe Capozzi as Uniform Officer #2 | Ann Dowd as Dr. Bethany Allison | Bernadette Quigley as Mrs. Padgett | Lawrence Arancio as Dr. Matthew Allison | Jack Koenig as Swift | Frederick Rolf as Dr. Joe Kleeger | John C. Havens as Dr. Jon Lehmann | Jen Jones as Edna Arnofsky | Tim Gallin as Gideon Blake | Brad Aldous as Jason Markus | Alfredo Narciso as Juan | Madeleine Martin as Annie | Paul DePasquale as Howie | Paul Navarra as Bob | James B. Strong as Officer Brady | Scotty Dillin as Clerk | Annie Campbell as Kayla | David Andrew MacDonald as Maitre d'
Writer: Roz Weinman

311 :14x10 - Ill-Conceived

Detectives Briscoe and Green investigate the murder of the owner of a garment center business and try to track down the victim's midnight visitor.
Guest Stars: Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | Merwin Goldsmith as Judge Ian Feist | Rochelle Oliver as Judge Grace Larkin | John Driver as Dr. Harrington | Angel Desai as Dr. Judy Waxman | Joseph Vincent Gay as Officer Penner | Joe Capozzi as Officer Barnes | Rick Johnson as Clerk | Roma Maffia as Vanessa Galiano | Jacqueline Anderson as Helene Zachary | Zilah Mendoza as Maria Villanueva | Agustin Rodriguez as Miguel Camacho | Joseph D'Onofrio as John Rotelli | Marilyn Torres as Sonya | Sol Miranda as Lucy | Suzanna Guzman as Lourdes | Charles Stransky as Mike Kilberg | Perry Wolberg as John | Melonie Diaz as Bettina | Jared Miller as Dino Renzetti | Joe White as Bart Hanson | Don Sparks as CSU Tech Dill | Angel Caban as Geraldo
Director: David Platt

312 :14x11 - Darwinian

A careless publicist strikes a homeless man and dies, although the detectives find out that this is not a hit and run.
Guest Stars: Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | John Cariani as CSU Tech Julian Beck | Lynn Cohen as Judge Elizabeth Mizener | Gustave Johnson as Judge Robert Daniels | Mark Casella as Jury Foreperson | Kate Burton as Erica Gardner | Reg E. Cathey as Gerald Tollers | Christopher Donahue as Max Edgars | Brigitte Bako as Carrie Salter | Dylan Baker as Defense Attorney Sanford Rems | James Biberi as Stewart | Robert Funaro as Richie Lupo | Sekou Laidlow as Prial | Tonye Patano as Feldman | Reg Flowers as Dr. Robert Emmerich | Leslie Cohen as Gina Fisher | John C. Vennema as Dr. Aaron Geller | Elliot Cuker as Alan Stein | Lair Torrent as Matt Roberts | Kiran Merchant as Sanjit Korde | Adam Wade as Noah | Ashlie Atkinson as Wendy | Nance Williamson as Dr. Erika Malchiodi
Director: Jace Alexander

313 :14x12 - Payback

The murder of a reformed bookie turned mob informent leads the detectives to an unlikely hit man as the suspect.
Guest Stars: Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | Ben Shenkman as Nick Margolis | Pippa Pearthree as Judge Esther Morrow | Larry Sherman as Judge Colin Fraser | Larry Gregory as Guard | T. Scott Cunningham as Cary Stillman | Matthew Del Negro as Vinny | Joseph Ragno as Federico Righetti | Jana Robbins as Asst. US Attorney Jean Piccone | Mercedes Herrero as Asst. US Attorney Jessica Myers | Brian O'Neill as Eddie Collins | Dan Ziskie as Joshua Kramer | David Brummel as Judge Gus Stamos | Joseph Riccobene as Peter Righetti | Brienin Bryant as Nurse | Paul Romero as Frankie | Eric Hoffman as Albie Sullivan | Herb Lovelle as Phil | Debra Wiseman as Bank Officer | Jerry Dixon as Detective Alvin Roberts | Gina Bonati as Marie Tortino | Perri Gaffney as Nurse | Sal Ranieri as First Goon | Michael McCartney as Uniform Officer Russell | Alice Connorton as Jackie | Hudson Cooper as Bailiff

314 :14x13 - Married with Children

A murder and apparent kidnapping of a young girl is put on trial that challenges the laws of gay adoption and custody battles in a gay relationship.
Guest Stars: Patrick Tovatt as Paul Winslow | Elizabeth Franz as Alison Bishop | Peter McRobbie as Judge Walter Bradley | Timothy Britten Parker as Forensics Expert | David Rosenbaum as Judge Alan Berman | Tim Miller as Charlie | Liz Larsen as CSU Tech Jessica Reed | Richard E. Hirschfeld as Assistant M. E. Brody | Patrick Breen as Kevin Hobart | Olivia Crocicchia as Sophie Winslow | Lucinda Jenney as Renee Bishop | Fulani Hart as Shawn Beatty | Carol Linnea Johnson as Lynn Mills | Jurian Hughes as Susan Roberts | David Toney as Ian Wrightsman | Lucy Martin as Vera Winslow | Trish McCall as Nancy Shapiro | Kendra Leigh Landon as Alicia Parsons | Shawn McLean as Julius West | Ian Stuart (2) as Jeffrey Goldsmith | Georgina Corbo as Lorena Lorca | Eva Kaminsky as Gretchen Goldsmith | Spencer Chandler as Desk Clerk | Patrick Frederic as Doorman | Dwayne Grayman as Driver | Elizabeth Chiang as Woman | Douglas D. McInnis as Police Officer #1 | Robert Gerard Larkin as Police Officer #2 | Sarah Knapp as Foreperson
Director: Richard Dobbs

315 :14x14 - City Hall

The murder of a councilman at the City Hall sends EADA McCoy to the chamber doors of a federal court.
Guest Stars: Paul Austin as Ron Tabachnik | Julian Gamble as Ladder Company 66 Chief | Tovah Feldshuh as Danielle Melnick | Maggie Burke as Judge Georgina Franklin | Gene Canfield as Dale | Brian Delate as Sajek | Alvin Epstein as Stuart Rubin | Lance Reddick as Jamal Atkinson | Mark Zeisler as Peter Rubin | Sam Coppola as Judge Vance | Peter Rini as Assistant US Attorney Michael Cagnetta | Michael W. Howell as Charles Abernathy | Marc Damon Johnson as Mark Lanier | Ed Vassallo as Sonny Rodino | Geoffrey Wade as Drummond | Leslie Crocker Snyder as Judge Rebecca Logan | Toni DiBuono as Rita Antinori | Christopher Durham as Donald Foster | Sharon Angela as Vanessa | David Adkins as Williamson | Jim Ireland as Craig | Steve Hurwitz as John Clymer | Tony Freeman (1) as Andrew | Gia Galeano as Brady | Tony Torn as Court Clerk #2 | Belqui Ortiz as Intern #2 | Jordan Simmons as Intern #1 | Diana Henry as Mrs. Rubin | Jose Febus as Store Clerk | Molly Helfet as Woman | Ernest Mingione as Sergeant Butters | Sandy Moore as Owner | Jack Neary as Court Clerk #1 | Navida Stein as Jury Foreperson | Angel David as guest star
Director: Gloria Muzio

316 :14x15 - Veteran's Day

Detectives Briscoe and Green investigate the murder of an insolent anti-war protestor by a decorated Gulf War veteran grief-stricken over the Afghanistan combat death of his son. Claiming at trial that he was provoked by the man.
Guest Stars: Joe Morton as Leon Chiles | Joel Leffert as Harold Griffin | Selenis Leyva as Nila Cabrera | Helmar Augustus Cooper as Judge Lawrence McNeil | Tim Kirkpatrick as Benton | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | Charlotte Colavin as Judge Lisa Pongracic | Saundra Santiago as Mariela Silva | Wayne Duvall as Ron Gibbons | James Lurie as Paul Teague | Poorna Jagannathan as Rehana Khemlani | Nancy McDoniel as Diane Teague | Lenore Zann as Tina | Michael Mazzeo as Clerk | David Sajadi as Uniform Officer | Rik Alan Walter as Jury Foreman | George Palermo as Officer Jeff Dawson | Urban Ullman as Traffic Court Officer | Jerry O'Donnell as Dr. Downs | Iraj Anvar as Manny | Nick Basta as James | Sidney Williams as Ian | David B. Heuvelman as Warren Crawford | Tim House as Don | Joey Collins as Neil Shrader | Trent Armand Kendall as Chuck | Paul Calderon as Kenny Silva
Director: David Platt
Writer: Noah Baylin

317 :14x16 - Can I Get a Witness?

When the case of a murdered drug mule gets to court, McCoy faces an uphill battle finding witnesses that will testify in court.
Guest Stars: Gerry Becker as Gerard Wills | David Little as Judge Michael Schneider | Mark Zimmerman as Judge Nathan Murphy | Karen Shallo as Judge Anna Shiro | Joe Gonzalez (1) as Sergeant Martinez | April L. Hernandez as Shayna Rosario | Chadwick Boseman as Foster Keyes | Collins Pennie as Jimmy Gordon | Dorian Missick as Ronald Duggin aka Slug | Hazelle Goodman as Mrs. Gordon | Michael Louis Wells as Matthew Clemens | Kate Rigg as Sally Xiao | Jacques Cowart, II as Calvin Jacob Rivers | Dequan Henderson as Cox | Susan Kelechi Watson as Tanya Ware | Victoria Haas as Jeanne Hobbs | Diego Lopez as Eduardo Gomez | Ben Van Bergen as Mike | Alberto Vázquez as Robert Rosario | Marcus Carl Franklin as Tate | Yves Michel-Beneche as Jack | Bruce Ward (1) as Ed Connolly | Jared Miller as Technician Dino Renzetti | Bill Quigley as Court Officer | John Henry as Jury Foreperson | Christopher Benson Reed as Uniform Sergeant #2 | Sharifa Laguerre as Jannette Richards | Keisha Trim as Chantal | Dominique Deverau as Julie | Ta'rea Campbell as Young Woman | Jesse Shafer as Uniform Officer | Anita Flanagan as CSU Technician | Kevin Scullin as Court Clerk
Director: Don Scardino
Writer: Aaron Zelman

318 :14x17 - Hands Free

After the remains of an eldery man are found, the detective's main suspect is a neighbor who has more than one skeleton in the closet.
Guest Stars: Dennis Boutsikaris as Al Archer | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | Peter McRobbie as Judge Walter Bradley | Susan Blommaert as Judge Rebecca Steinman | Megan Byrne as Myra Camp | Mark Kenneth Smaltz as Judge William Koehler | John DiBenedetto as Irv Groener | Frank Biancamano as Jimmy | Henry Stram as Eli Madison | Lee Sellars as Dr. John Faruzzi | Ronnie Farer as Diane Wharsey | Dean Nolen as Dan Enright | Colman Domingo as Ronald Gumer | Kate Miller (1) as Madeline Myers | Reiner Schöne as Marty | Sonia Manzano as Barbara Benitez | Patrick Garner as James Stryker | Kathleen McNenny as Jennifer Shelby | Millie Tirelli as Jill Kogen | Victor Anthony as Manny Esperanza | Christopher Wells as Mark Clark | Charles Reed as Evan Barry | Calli Sarkesh as Jack Wilderman | Carolyn Craig (2) as Stephanie Vandenberg | Milena Davila as Venice Munoz | Vaneik Echeverria as Manager | Lulu Roche as Andrea Brierly | Barbara Gulan as Claudia Kowalski | Dillon Woolley as Nick Kowalski | Joe Holt as CSU Tech Richard Hardwick | Paolo Andino as Jensen | Jack Neary as Court Clerk | Claudia DiMartino as Foreperson #1 | Nick Taylor as Foreperson #2
Director: Gloria Muzio

319 :14x18 - Evil Breeds

The murder of a Holocaust survivor leads Detectives Briscoe and Green to a former Nazi soldier and a neo-Nazi record producer.
Guest Stars: Lois Robbins as Laurie | George Bartenieff as Stefan Anders | Jordan Charney as Judge Donald Karan | Brenda Denmark as Leslie Nelson | Richard E. Hirschfeld as Assistant M. E. Brody | William H. Burns as Police Officer | William Atherton as Dan Jensen | Logan Marshall-Green as Kyle Mellors | Shirl Bernheim as Leah Glaser | Al Freeman, Jr. as Stan Wallace | Maryann Urbano as Rebekkah Meisner | Jon Krupp as Graham Wilson | J. Tucker Smith as Alec Brenner | Daniel Cantor as David Levinson | Walt MacPherson as Douglas Ashby | Santo Fazio as Joe Vasquez | Mary Jo Mecca as Pauline Morris | Eunice Wong as Denise Lu | Jonathan Tindle as Thomas Anders | George Feaster as Johnny Fagan | Angela Forrest as Clerk | Patricia R. Floyd as Melanie Gardner | Tom Aulino as Hospital Administrator | Jimmy Palumbo as Husband | Kola Ogundiran as Delivery Guy | Joe Wachowski as Guitarist | Keong Sim as Delivery Man | Maureen Flynn as Foreperson | Will Chase as guest star | Patrick Collins (1) as guest star

320 :14x19 - Nowhere Man

The murder of an ADA leads an investigation that uncovers a scandal that threatens the DA's office.
Guest Stars: Joseph Hindy as Franco Tortomassi | Merri Ann Milwe as Court Clerk | Doug Stender as Judge Joseph Flint | Peter McRobbie as Judge Walter Bradley | Robert Hirschfeld as Andrew Schrader | Drucie McDaniel as Patricia Clark | Steve Beauchamp as Paul Kadish | Mike Nelson as ESU Cop #1 | John Jellison as Mike O'Dwyer | Michael R. Bloomberg as Himself | Peter M. Karlin as Dr. Barton | Jeff Woods Garlin as CSU Technician | Vyto Ruginis as William Wachtler | John Viscardi as Anthony Biscotti | Steve Schirripa as Frederico Libretti | Paul O'Brien (1) as Ted Michel | Emily Zacharias as Emily | Julia K. Murney as Marge Hollenbach | Stephanie Bast as Susie Yee | Lou Ferguson as Alec Femaine | Henry Stolow as Daniel Tenofskie | Harry Danner as Judge Leonidas Midonas | Lee Wilkof as Eric Berner | Anne O'Sullivan as Sharon Parenti | Lucia Brawley as Estrada
Director: Martha Mitchell

321 :14x20 - Everybody Loves Raimondo's

Greed, treachery and disrespect shape the motives for murder when two men are gunned down at an exclusive restaurant.
Guest Stars: Jim Bracchitta as Jason Goidell | Lauren Klein as Judge Carla Solomon | Ed Wheeler as Matt Sturges | Michael Cullen as Chief of Detectives Dan Giletti | Connie Winston as Judge Shirley Taylor | Liz Larsen as CSU Tech Jessica Reed | George Loros as Alphonse | Lenny Venito as Sonny King | Bill Camp as Denny Rogis | Steven Randazzo as Pete Squiri | Susie Essman as Veronica Reynolds | Ray Abruzzo as Paul Raimondo | Joseph R. Gannascoli as Arthur Baldo | David Green (1) as Judge Richard Jenkins | Jeffrey Joseph as Rivers | Krysten Ritter as Tracy Warren | Vinny Vella, Sr. as Jilts | Gene Ruffini as Gambler #1 | Michael K. Weiss as Malcolm Sweltzer | Darlene Violette as Book Groupie | Lisa Datz as Lisa | Michael Ricciardone as Joey | Robert Arcaro as Jimmy | Bo Dietl as Carmine "Bumpy" Bustale | Damian Young as Judge Stephen Emerton | Stephen DeRosa as Stan Loomis
Director: Richard Dobbs

322 :14x21 - Vendetta

Detectives Briscoe and Green investigate the murder of a man who ruined his baseball team's playoff hopes and the list of suspects is long as a phone book. The detectives find out, however, that the actual killer has a very complicated history.
Guest Stars: Carolyn McCormick as Dr. Elizabeth Olivet | Mary Lou Mellace as Judge Antonia Mellon | Fran Lebowitz as Judge Janice Goldberg | David Little as Judge Michael Schneider | Abigail Lopez as Lisa Santoro | Al DeChristo as Detective Johnson | Angel Desai as Dr. Judy Waxman | Joe Bacino as Superintendent | Rick Johnson as Court Officer | John Bolger as Kenny Daniels | Ken Cheeseman as Jeffrey Bowerman | Ira Hawkins as Detective Adams | Yvonne Jung as Melissa Donner | Jerry Jaffe as Mandelbaum | Kevin Karrick as Ted Enwright | Joseph Tudisco as James Rooney | Don Puglisi as Ted | John Penwarden as Bob | Vincent Gerrard as Desk Clerk | Joanie Ellen as Waitress | Joseph A. Halsey as Bill | Giancarlo Esposito as Rodney Fallon | David Warshofsky as Walter Grimes
Director: David Platt

323 :14x22 - Gaijin

A Japanese couple visiting New York are shot during a robbery, the wife was killed while the husband only injured, but the Detectives' investigation leads them to find out that the crime was not random.
Guest Stars: Gerry Bamman as Judge Thomas Everton | Donna Hanover as Judge Deborah Bourke | Will Yun Lee as Hiroji Yoshida | Spencer Garrett as Stephen Olson | James Hiroyuki Liao as Bobby Ito | Ann Hu as Lucy Chen | Neil Pepe as Dr. Nelson | Bob Ari as Howard Lawford | Glenn Kubota as Akira Miyamoto | Keith Jochim as Leonard Franks | Tom Matsusaka as Hiroji Ito | Michi Kobi as Mrs. Ito | Hazel Medina as Darlene Nickerson | Sandra Mills Scott as Mrs. Lovell | Jim R. Coleman as Mitchell Logan | Brian D. Coats as Chris Roberts | Chris Chalk as Thomas Walker | Omar Jermaine as Carlisle Davis | Sean Kenin as Technician | Elizabeth Ann Howell as Lois Talbot | Miki Yamashita as Akiko Shindo | Barbara Lee GoVan as Dispatch Officer | Leslie Eva Glaser as Trainee | Chester A. Sims II as Oscar Hill | Philip George Kain as Reporter #1 | Kenji as NHK TV Reporter | Sam Turich as Police Officer | George Hughes as Johnson | Sean Williams (1) as Court Clerk | Nelda Faye Schmidt as Foreperson | Amy Hoerler as TV reporter
Director: Jace Alexander

324 :14x23 - Caviar Emptor

Briscoe and Green investigate the family members of a caviar businessman after he is found smothered in his bed.
Guest Stars: Abraham Alvarez as Rabbi Sassum | Thom Christopher as Alferandi Dilmanian | Jeffrey DeMunn as Professor Norman Rothenberg | J.K. Simmons as Dr. Emil Skoda | Tim Miller as Clerk | Maz Jobrani as Asher Koutal | Marjan Neshat as Yasmin Soleimani | Firdous Bamji as Ben Soleimani | Deirdre Madigan as Patrika | Sakina Jaffrey as Roya Koutal | Frank Converse as Stable Manager | Ted Sod as Bijan | John Thomas as Hooshang | Jonathan Hammond as Jacob Jedda | Lizzy Cooper Davis as Kelly | Elizabeth Norment as Judge Arlene Brewer | Tanya Berezin as Judge Janine Pate | Bob Sorenson as Dr. Steven Kurt, M.E. | Leslie Crocker Snyder as Judge Rebecca Logan | Dana Smith Croll as Lindy Frome | Musashi Alexander as Ricky Luna | Kirsten Sans as Assistant M.E. | Ana Andric as Housekeeper | Laura Michelle Smith as Foreperson
Director: Richard Dobbs
Writer: Roz Weinman

325 :14x24 - C.O.D.

Two women are prosecuted for murdering each other's husbands. This becomes hard to prove in court with EADA McCoy and ADA Southerlyn trying to put the pieces of this crazy puzzle together. Detective Lennie Briscoe retires from the 27th Precinct.
Guest Stars: Glynnis O'Connor as Anne Paulsen | Robert Turano as Detective Ed Pachuco | Joe Gonzalez (1) as Sergeant Martinez | Elizabeth Connors as Adele Byrne | Victoria Dillard as Belinda Gardner | John Benjamin Hickey as Aaron Solomon | David Brummel as Judge Gus Stamos | Terrence Laron Burke as Murray Gunderczak | Amanda Serkasevich as Blair | Stephanie Michels as Gloria Regelson | Darrell Larson as Arnold Barker | E.J. Carroll as Kevin Braken | Janet Sarno as Judge Monica Ferrante | Jesse J. Perez as Joe Rodriguez | Toks Olagundoye as Janette Gardner | Ronobir Lahiri as Motel Clerk | Alton Fitzgerald White as Boss | Alex Nevil as Manager | Ken Forman as Dempsey | Laura Hughes as Louise Hamilton | Kristi Flynn as Clarissa Hamilton | Andrea Navedo as Detective Ana Cordova | Langdon Bosarge as Fashionista | Joe Ricci as John Byrne | Marcos Muniz as Byrne Trial Foreperson | Maggie Maes as Gardner Trial Foreperson
Director: Matthew Penn
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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 13, 1990
Ended: May 24, 2010
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