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Law & Order

Season 8

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Season 8

158 :08x01 - Thrill

A young delivery man is found shot to death and the murder trail leads Detectives Briscoe and Curtis to the two teenagers who placed the order. When McCoy and Ross realize that one of the suspects' confessions is protected in the name of religion, they strike a deal to ensure that justice is served.
Guest Stars: Charles Levin as Mr. Shuster | Michael Marrona as Dale Kershaw | Susan Blommaert as Judge Rebecca Steinman | Cynthia Hayden as Mrs. Green | Pat Moya as Deborah Curtis | David Edward Jones as Police Officer | John Fiore as Detective Tony Profaci | Donna Murphy as Carla Tyrrell | James Handy as Mr. Wheeler | Sig Libowitz as Stan Shatenstein | Suzanne Costallos as Mrs. Wheeler | Ellen Muth as Adele Green | Rob McElhenney as Joey Timon | John Tormey as Tommy DeLuca | Bill Christ as Father Gervais | Thomas McHugh as Detective Byrne | Nick Wyman as Judge Gavin Mickerson | Ava-Maria Carnevale as Mrs. Timon | Anne Lange as Headmistress | David S. Howard as Mr. Morris | James Doerr as Sheehan | Bob Ari as Owner | Rosanna Carter as Mrs. Hemmerick | Herb Lovelle as Mr. Hemmerick | Kevin Hurley as Brother | Christopher Innvar as Elliott Gill | Nick Corley as Latent Technician | Joe Zaloom as Avi | William Pitts as Phone Company Worker | Melissa Marsala as Marlene | Bryan Greenberg as Matt Wheeler | Deirdre Lovejoy as CSU Technician | Al Cayne as Hispanic Kid | Beau Berdaht as Student | Jan Munroe as James Galva | Reed Birney as guest star |
Uncredited: Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration
Director: Martha Mitchell
Writer: René Balcer

159 :08x02 - Denial

Two maids disacover a bloody hotel room and a credit card leads the police into a wall of denials even if the victim is a newborn child.

Remade for Law & Order: UK
Guest Stars: Benjamin Hendrickson as Warren Talbert | Evalyn Baron as Rachel Shelton | James Rebhorn as Charles Garnett | Doris Belack as Judge Margaret Barry | Mark Zimmerman as Judge Nathan Murray | Gia Galeano as Gia | Gilbert Cruz as CSU Technician #1 | J.K. Simmons as Dr. Emil Skoda | Jan Maxwell as Sarah Talbert | Mags Chernock as Christina Talbert | Zach Chapman as Tommy Horton | Joel Colodner as Dave Carney | Marilyn Pasekoff as Dr. Glenda Allen | Barbara Tirrell as Judge Edith Markham | Margaret Devine as Sales Clerk | Melinda Page Hamilton as Jane Spoonser | Jack Marshall (1) as Steve Adams | Tom Carroll (1) as Gary Welsh | Bernie Sheredy as Mr. Horton | Karen MacDonald as Mrs. Horton | Clark Middleton as Forensics Technician | John Harrington Bland as Pharmacist | Jayne Houdyshell as Forewoman | Philip Anthony as Male Juror | Marjorie Johnson as First Female Juror | Susan Baum as Second Female Juror | Andrew Finney as Mendoza | Helen Hanft as Martha | Kelsie Morales as Maid #1 | Marchand Odette as Maid #2 | Melanie Vaughan as Professor | Ben Cain as Receptionist | Rich Clayton as CSU Technician #2 | Michael Dalby as Foreman | Julia Panely as Woman | Charles Stransky as Man | Craig Alan Edwards as Police Officer #1 | Susan Willerman as Court Clerk |
Uncredited: Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration

160 :08x03 - Navy Blues

An investigation into the murder of a Navy officer helps Detectives Briscoe and Curtis crack a rash of murder/muggings. But when the two cases are proved unrelated they find themselves up against the Navy. Later, McCoy and Ross do battle to win jurisdiction and confidential information.
Guest Stars: Joyce Reehling as Lt. Cmdr. Coleman | John Speredakos as William T. Ottenberg | Lee Shepherd as Lt. Cmdr. McIntyre | Kurt Knudson as Judge Ari Waxman | Helmar Augustus Cooper as Judge Lawrence McNeil | Paul Geier as Chuck Baxter | Joe Gonzalez (1) as Parking Attendant | Kate Walsh as Kirstin Blair | Daniel Von Bargen as Cmdr. Billings | Molly Price as Quartermaster Stroud | Reuben Jackson as Lt. Lopez | Jack Gwaltney as Jack Young | Patti LuPone as Ruth Miller | William Parry as Cmdr. Halibert | Steven Marcus as Louis Palumbo | Marge Redmond as Judge Laurie Tisdale | Sean Runnette as Headwaiter | Stephen Peabody as Service Manager | John DiResta as Det. Anderson | R.E. Rodgers as Off. Oliver | Bryan Hicks as Off. Lao | Robert Spillane as Mechanic | Richard Bierman as Garage Attendant | Jan Owen as Elderly Woman | Marc Coppola as Court Officer | Laura Ekstrand as Reporter #1 | Christopher Gabriel as Reporter #2 | Jery Hewitt as SWAT Leader |
Uncredited: Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration
Director: Jace Alexander

161 :08x04 - Harvest

Detectives Briscoe and Curtis are called in to investigate a random drive-by shooting, but the victim's husband seems to know more than he's telling. Later, after the shooter is found, McCoy and Ross discover a discrepancy in the medical reports that unleashes a bevy of questions, like who's to blame - - the gunmen or a doctor with a growing 'God complex'?
Guest Stars: Daren Kelly as Dr. Kerner | John Ramsey as Judge Walter Schreiber | Andrew Pang as Dr. Hsu | Anthony Ruiz as Tico | Lee Cobb as Downey | David Lipman as Judge Morris Torledsky | Michael Nouri as Dr. Donald Cosgrove | Michael Durrell as Hilburne | Robert Stanton as Sutter | Armand Schultz as Marty O'Neal | David Marshall Grant as Charlie Harmon | Richard Thomsen as Mr. Fuller | Luce Ennis as Mrs. Fuller | Catherine Wolf as Dr. Nedermann | Kim Yancey-Moore as Judy Paxton | Maximiliano Hernandez as Leo Ramos | Carlos Pizarro as Elias Camacho | Alba Oms as Mrs. Camacho | Deborah LaCoy as Loretta Mason | Jason Weinberg as Tony | Louie Leonardo as Detective Sandoval | Liz Larsen as Daniels | Patricia Rae as Claudia | Zabryna Guevara as Lucita | Felix Solis as CSU Tech Scapelli | Andrea Bowen as Bess O'Neal | D.L. Shroder as Dr. Lavori | Angel Lanzo as Nurse Ruiz | Anthony Mangano as Officer Palacio | Christopher Lopez as Kid #1 | Robert Joseph Coffin as Court Clerk |
Uncredited: Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration
Director: Matthew Penn

162 :08x05 - Nullification

A security guard is killed and another is injured when a New York State betting facility is robbed by three masked gunmen. Upon investigation, Detectives Briscoe and Curtis are led to a quiet suburb -- and a militia that does its recruiting over the Internet. Later in court, McCoy is pitted against the outspoken leader of the group and finds himself questioning his beliefs -- and his and Ross' safety.
Guest Stars: John Roney as Walter Wells | Gerry Becker as Thomas Robbins | Ted Kazanoff as Judge Daniel Scarletti | Tim Kirkpatrick as Greg Kubie | Victor Truro as Judge Douglas Spivack | Barbara Spiegel as Judge Harriet Doremus | Christopher Rubin as N.D. Policeman | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | Christine Farrell as Forensics Technician Arlene Shrier | John Fiore as Detective Tony Profaci | Denis O'Hare as Phil Christie | Betsy Aidem as Kay Brant | Jesse R. Tendler as Matthew Brant Jr. | Walt MacPherson as Mr. Shelby | Alexandra Rhodie as Brinn Lehey | Andy Fowle as Lewis Cray | Gabra Zackman as Sarah Mandel | Michael Broughton as Andrew Parent | Tony Hoty as NYB Regular #1 | Cedric Turner as NYB Regular #2 | Ellen Zachos as Foreperson | Tom Kiesche as Court Clerk |
Uncredited: Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration
Writer: David Black

163 :08x06 - Baby, It's You (1)

Briscoe and Curtis investigate the death of a 14 year-old fashion model and find that the cause of death was toxic shock syndrome. It is later discovered that although the girl died in New York, the toxic shock was triggered by a violent sexual assault that may have taken place at the victim's home in Baltimore. While the victim's parents retain an attorney to protect themselves, Detectives Briscoe and Curtis enlist the help of Baltimore Detectives Munch and Falsone to assist in the Baltimore end of the investigation.
Special Guest Stars: Richard Belzer as Detective John Munch | Yaphet Kotto as Lieutenant Al Giardello | Jon Seda as Detective Paul Falsone |
Guest Stars: Tom Tammi as Dr. Steven Janaway | Richard Litt as Gronbeck | Gia Galeano as Gia | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | John Fiore as Detective Tony Profaci | J.K. Simmons as Dr. Emil Skoda | Maureen Anderman as Gayle Janaway | Dan Hedaya as Leslie Drake | Zeljko Ivanek as A.S.A. Ed Danvers | Dan Frazer as Judge Barry McLellan | Richard Council as John Law | Taro Alexander as Paul Delacourte | Sam Valle as Johnny Ramirez | Pamela Nyberg as Jeri Stein | Anne Bonvegna as Cassie Nobels | Maribel Gonzalez as Lucia Cottone | Isabel Segovia as Ana Ramirez | Anne Frith as Sadie Appleyard | Ajay Kothari as Virgil Pipino | Melanie Vesey as Michelle | Billy Gillespie as Assistant M.E. | Mick O'Rourke as Cameraman | Bob Wilson (1) as Reporter #1 | Nancy Nichols as Reporter #2 | Dana Smith Croll as Reporter #3 | Ray Virta as Reporter #4 | Johnny Moreno as Detective #1 |
Uncredited: Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration
Director: Ed Sherin

164 :08x07 - Blood

Detectives Briscoe and Curtis are called to the scene when a new mother takes a leap off her balcony. The case becomes complicated when the baby is nowhere to be found -- and the evidence seems to show that the victim was pushed. When McCoy and Ross dig deeper, they discover a husband with a dark secret and an ex-wife with a serious problem.
Guest Stars: Bellamy Young as Ellen O'Brien | William Christian as Shawn Taitt | Angela Pietropinto as Nurse Ciaducci | Franchelle Stewart Dorn as Ms. Joyner | Lou Liberatore as Dale Brody | Joan Copeland as Judge Rebecca Stein | Mike Hodge as Leonard Hillman | Jack Davidson as Spense Carlyle | Josh Pais as Assistant M.E. Borak | Stephen Mendillo as Joshua Burdett | Deborah Rush as Frances Houston | Harry O'Reilly as Jerry O'Brien | Kent Broadhurst as Harry Stokley | Keith Randolph Smith as Morris Keach | Catherine Cox as Dr. Nancy Frieder | Marianne Hagan as Jane Levin | Donald Christopher as Doorman | Robert Montano as Clemente | Mark Jacoby as Ryan | Ruth Nerken as Rita |
Uncredited: Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration
Director: Jace Alexander

165 :08x08 - Shadow

The murder of a bail bondsman leads Detectives Briscoe and Curtis to discover a dirty lawyer who bribes his clients. McCoy and Ross teeter on the brink of good judgment when they set up a mock trial to nab the lawyer and uncover his connection within the District Attorney's office.
Guest Stars: Alexandra Neil as Lisa Harmon | Bruce MacVittie as Arvin Baker | Rosemary DeAngelis as Judge Sally Goldman | Miguel Sierra as Joe | Lil Henderson as Grandma Mays | John Fiore as Detective Tony Profaci | Jacinto Taras Riddick as Oscar Liriano | Don Billett as Ed Richter | Dominic Chianese as Judge Paul Kaylin | Marcy Harriell as Josette Vega | David Marshall Grant as Charlie Harmon | Bruce Katzman as Judge Allan Denham | Stu "Large" Riley as Frank Harker | Roger Pretto as David Baez | Denise Lute as Cindy Erlich | Kate Mara as Jenna Erlich | Divina Cook as Marta Liriano | Sharon Hope as Marguerite LeChevalier | Paul Klementowicz as Marvin Grady | Michael Kenneth Williams as Delmore Walton | Philip Price as Judge Jeffrey Heiser | John Hartmann as Property Clerk | Mario Mendoza as Man at Phone Booth | Johnnie Mae as Mama Mays |
Uncredited: Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration
Director: Matthew Penn

166 :08x09 - Burned

A murder confession left on the wrong answering machine prompts Detectives Briscoe and Curtis to reopen a two-year-old arson case that claimed the life of a little girl. The evidence leads to the victim's teenage stepbrother -- an unstable kid sheltered by his politically connected grandfather, a longtime friend of D.A. Schiff's with a secret of his own.
Special Guest Stars: Anne Jackson as Judge Jane Simons |
Guest Stars: Michael O'Hare as Roy Lawlor | Joseph Siravo as Stan Kaminsky | J.K. Simmons as Dr. Emil Skoda | Robert Vaughn as Carl Anderton | Mia Dillon as Elaine Anderton Lawlor | Sam Huntington as Terry Lawlor | Bob Dishy as Lawrence Weaver | Sylva Kelegian as Sandra Lawlor | Ellen Lancaster as Lois Garey | Tess O'Brien as Grace Killeen | Tom McCarthy (1) as Tony Collabro | Camillia Sanes as Ellen Rattinger | Joe Pacheco as Salvatore Hess | Brenda Spohnholtz as Theresa Green | Peter Lewis as Ted Vlanos | Tom Demenkoff as Brady | Richard Donelly as Norm Crispin |
Uncredited: Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration

167 :08x10 - Ritual

Detectives Briscoe and Curtis jump to the wrong conclusions when an Egyptian man is found murdered. But the case turns more bizarre when Ross discovers that the prime suspect, a visiting doctor thought to be a terrorist, specializes in female circumcision. Later, McCoy faces a moral dilemma when the case comes to trial.

Remade for Law & Order: UK
Guest Stars: Steve Landesberg as Howard Cahill | Reade Kelly as Wally Quince | Josh Pais as Assistant M.E. Borak | Nan-Lyn Nelson as Dr. Eileen Armenta | Geoffrey Wade as Dr. Frederick Austin | Avery Kidd Waddell as Tariq Davis | Mark Cassells as Jack Harris | Marc Bryman as Scott Wheeler | John Fiore as Detective Tony Profaci | Samia Shoaib as Donna Khobar | Ray Genadry as Jeff Mohammed | Lia Yang as Emma Korimatsu | Les McDonough as Jed Brandt | Rob Kramer (2) as Anderson | Todd Cerveris as Rodney Most | Abby Lewis as Mrs. Newman | Wayne Scherzer as Carl Walls | Charley Scalies as Mario | Jacqueline Antaramian as Farrah Patel | Connie Nelson as Ana Zakarian | Emmy Rossum as Alison Martin | Ramsey Faragallah as Dr. Ismael Nasser | Maryann Urbano as Hamida Wazir | Aharon Ipalé as Mr. Tobak | Ava Haddad as Nari Martin | Cotter Smith as Eric Martin |
Uncredited: Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration
Director: Brian Mertes

168 :08x11 - Under the Influence

A hit-and-run accident that claims the lives of an elderly millionaire and a father and his young son hits Detective Curtis close to home and brings back painful memories for McCoy. In court, McCoy's motives and a judge's political agenda make Ross uneasy.
Guest Stars: Augusta Dabney as Mrs. Lavalle | Gene Canfield as Fred Norris | Pat Moya as Deborah Curtis | John Fiore as Detective Tony Profaci | Cliff Gorman as Judge Gary Feldman | David Garrison as Judge Richard Billings | Kathryn Meisle as Susan Young | Melanie Rey as Mrs. Galvez | Claywood Sempliner as Fischer | Daniel McDonald as Bernard Dressler | Elana Renderos as Tena Galvez | Robert Catrini as Carl Pettijohn | Chuck Montgomery as Bob Gilsdorf | Rony Clanton as Alternator Jones | Europe Harmon as Reggie Claxton | Susan Pilar as Gabrielle Barra | Joseph Dandry as Day Doorman | Michael Ciulla as Night Doorman | Matthew Lewis (1) as Judge Dennis Murphy | Arielle Kaplan as Serena Curtis | Lauren Kaplan as Isabel Curtis | Josh Stamberg as Mechanic | Patrick InZetta as Police Officer |
Uncredited: Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration
Director: Adam Davidson
Writer: René Balcer

169 :08x12 - Expert

When a forensic expert is the target of a botched assassination in a restaurant bathroom, Detectives Briscoe and Curtis must piece together the motive of a seemingly unassociated suspect. Later, McCoy and Ross stumble upon evidence that questions the ethics of the good doctor.
Guest Stars: Joanna Merlin as Deirdre Powell | Ben Hammer as Judge Herman Mooney | Christine Farrell as Forensics Technician Arlene Shrier | J.K. Simmons as Dr. Emil Skoda | Stephen Pearlman as Dr. Leon Mayer | Vera Farmiga as Lindsay Carson | Judy Kuhn as Beth Prentiss | Paul D'Ambrosio as Mike Thompson | Sam Catlin as Maitre d' | Mary Elaine Monti as Jennifer Solvan | Matt Loney as Larry Newman | Tracy Dillon as Jennifer | Natalie Picoe as Gayle Landis | Lisa Altomare as Marilyn | Michael DeVries as Darren Phillips | Fred Burrell as Arthur Rigg | Tracy Sallows as Carol Garner | Richard Hughes as Dr. Gillick | Jennifer Courtney as Karen Yellin | Jack Koenig as Hal Patterson | Adam Busch as Mark | Ron Faber as Pepitone | Angie Levrone as Cheri | Armand Dahan as Pretzel Vendor | Andrew Van Dusen as Andy | John Camire as Paul | Jim Sterling as Police Officer | Matthew Sussman as Attorney for Arthur Rigg |
Uncredited: Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration
Director: Lewis H. Gould

170 :08x13 - Castoff

Detectives Briscoe and Curtis find themselves tracking a charismatic serial killer when they investigate the shooting of a doctor with a shining reputation -- and a dangerous sex life. Later, McCoy and Ross go up against a lawyer with a unique defense -- the murders are the result of too much television.
Guest Stars: Jon DeVries as Defense Attorney Greenwald | Jane Elliot as Randi Smolin | Dennis Boutsikaris as Al Archer | Emilio Del Pozo as Doorman #1 | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | Mitchell Lichtenstein as Edward Chandler | John Benjamin Hickey as Charles Thatcher | Edmond Genest as Warren Stevenson | Gene Saks as Judge Carl Samuel | Dennis Kelly as Congressman Fred Maxwell | Jane Summerhays as Mistress Pearl | Hope Chernov as Debbie | Patrick Husted as Darren Fuller | Michael Alexander Jackson as Randy Johnson | Scott Whitehurst as Lester Metcalf | Joseph Kamal as Derrick Lane | Stan Carp as Stu Steiner's Superintendent | Arthur Anderson as Old Man | Mary Diveny as Old Woman | Kelly Eviston as Jennifer Gaylin | Z. Wright as First Kid | J.D. Williams as Second Kid | Craig Bockhorn as Jury Foreman | Jerry Mayer (2) as Doug Gaylin |
Uncredited: Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration
Director: Gloria Muzio

171 :08x14 - Grief

When a man is found brutally beaten, Detectives Briscoe and Curtis must piece together a motive before they can find the culprits. A pair of protective brothers shed light on the case but confusion ensues as to who should be prosecuted for what crime. Later, Ross discovers a shocking twist involving an unlikely accomplice.
Guest Stars: Eric LaRay Harvey as Anthony Loomis | Karen Lynn Gorney as Monk | Marin Hinkle as Leslie Russo | Jonathan LaPaglia as Frank Russo | Stephen Singer as Baum | Hallee Hirsh as Gillian Laneti | Cecilia Hart as Greta Singer | Edie Falco as Sally Bell | Erik Jensen as George Harding | Ron Frazier as Judge Aldo Ianello | George Palermo as Joe Russo | George Bamford as Harry Singer | Marceline Hugot as Dr. Sandi Ruskin | Gregory North as Dr. Maxwell | James Joseph O'Neil as Jimmy Baxter | Sharon Washington as Sally Thaxton | Ami Rothschild as Melinda Black | Kiran Merchant as Dr. Adnan Gidamal | Daniel Blinkoff as Chris Ryan | Russ Vigilante as Gianni Lupo | Todd Stashwick as Roger Appel | Paul Romero as Evan Hayes | Stephen Wastell as Bartender | Kalimi Baxter as Andrea Jarell | Chuck Pfeifer as Kurt Jamison | John Combs as Steve Lanetti | Tonia Lynn as Rollerblader | Sabrina Avila as Jogger | Lizbeth MacKay as Park West Physician |
Uncredited: Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration

172 :08x15 - Faccia a Faccia

When a partially dressed corpse is discovered, Detectives Briscoe and Curtis find themselves faced with a dead FBI witness, an overeager hitman and a Mafia capo who's finding it hard to remember his own name. Schiff pushes to prosecute the mob for murder but complications force McCoy and Ross to find other alternatives.
Guest Stars: David Wohl as Ward Salsman | Philip Bosco as Dobbs | Rochelle Oliver as Judge Grace Larkin | Wally Dunn as Lee Frick | Merri Ann Milwe as Court Clerk | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | David Lipman as Judge Morris Torledsky | J.K. Simmons as Dr. Emil Skoda | Michael Rispoli as Johnny DeMayo | Kathrine Narducci as Vicky Grant | Rocco Sisto as Brendan Hall | Barton Tinapp as Adam Campos | Ken Marks as Agt. Ruggiero | Jack Willis as Duane Wheeler | Frank Savino as Alberto Napoli | John O'Leary as Ronny Napoli | Beth McDonald as Connie Zavaglia | Anthony Fusco as Barry Stovitz | Mark H. Dold as Lionel | Susan Blackwell as Gabrielle Ruffino | Zaniz Jakubowski as Susan Weiss | Max Chalawsky as Maitre d' | Tom Cappadona as Danny Maxwell | Edmund Davys as Front Desk Manager | Hugh Panaro as Hotel Clerk | Aasif Mandvi as Peanut Vendor | Ned Coulter as Manager | Peg Healy as CSU Tech | Lenore Loveman as Lina Rosen | Allen Swift as Jacob Rosen | Paul Eichel as Manny Ebbs | Mitchell Riggs as Police Officer |
Uncredited: Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration
Director: Martha Mitchell

173 :08x16 - Divorce

Detectives Briscoe and Curtis unwittingly become embroiled in a messy divorce case when a psychologist is found stabbed to death only days before she was to present an annulment evaluation. Later, McCoy and Ross' proceedings are manipulated by the suspect's ethically challenged lawyer.
Guest Stars: Pat Hodges as Monique Hawkins | Jack Ryland as Judge Jay Derrick | Adam LeFevre as David Harrigan | DeAnn Mears as Judge Maria Gance | Victor Verhaeghe as Eric Belfour | John Fiore as Detective Tony Profaci | Jill Clayburgh as Sheila Atkins | Haviland Morris as Molly Kilpatrick | Tony Roberts as Paul Redfield | Michael Warren Powell as Leonard Gardner | Cliff Batuello as Doug Kaye | Karen Mason (1) as Brenda Hughes | Dane Knell as Father O'Brien | Larry Block as Stan | Robert Colston as Jeff Tyrell | Craig Lawlor as Billy Kilpatrick | Peter Boyden as Brad Chumkin | Sharon Scruggs as Kathy Jones | Thomas Bolster as Will Lauren | Cullen Wheeler as Fr. Marino | Suzanne Smith as Lisa Belfour | Leslie Nipkow as Linda Jones | Tony Devon as Police Officer | Veronica Blackwell as Clerk | Tom O'Rourke as Peter Behrens | Dennis Predovic as McGiven | P.J. Brown as Daniel Burke | John Wojda as guest star |
Uncredited: Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration

174 :08x17 - Carrier

Detectives Briscoe and Curtis find themselves in a dilemma about who is responsible for a young girl found shot to death in her bedroom following a wild party. Is the suspect the one who pulled the trigger or is there someone else who needs to be stopped from murdering more innocent women? McCoy and Ross must work around the law without destroying what they stand for -- the right to privacy.
Guest Stars: Patrick Tovatt as Judge Barry Abram | David Spielberg as Judge Alvin Hoyt | Glynnis O'Connor as Anne Paulsen | Gordon Joseph Weiss as Larry Adler | Merwin Goldsmith as Judge Ian Feist | John Fiore as Detective Tony Profaci | Leslie Denniston as Lenore Kiley | Susan May Pratt as Leslie Crowell | Heather Burns as Lana Madison | Fran Brill as Mrs. Stark | Ralph Byers as Mr. Kiley | Mark Jacoby as Doug Stark | Audrie J. Neenan as Judge Barbara Kaplan | Spencer Riviera as Billy Fields | Paula Newsome as Carol Mallon | Dan Grimaldi as Joseph Margini | Steve Paskoski as Max Paris | Ashley Carin as Gloria Ball | Robert Petkoff as Kyle Vessas | Jason Hayes as Kenny Stark | Norma Fire as Judge Jean Bryant | Cynthia Darlow as Bartender | Michael Pitt as Andy | Lou Bonacki as Super | Jefferson Breland as Doorman | Jim Stanek as Arraignment Clerk |
Uncredited: Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration
Director: J. Ranelli
Writer: David Black

175 :08x18 - Stalker

When a woman is found unconscious at the bottom of her apartment stairs, Briscoe and Curtis must figure out what happened -- before it's too late. In order to make his case, McCoy pits the two detectives against each other in the courtroom.

Remade for Law & Order: UK
Guest Stars: Joe Lisi as Chris Minetti | Roger Serbagi as Judge Robert Quinn | Brian Delate as Lloyd Fraker | Frank Girardeau as Ron Sebastian | John Fiore as Detective Tony Profaci | Robert Joy as Lewis Dutton | Susan Floyd as Andrea Blake | Stephen Gevedon as Russell Lowery | Harry Goz as Mr. Golavski | Daniel Oreskes as Mr. Wilson | Marilyn Rockafellow as Mrs. Blake | Yancey Arias as Paul Sanchez | Leon Addison Brown as Antwon Robertson | Greg Zittel as Gene McDermott | James Coyle as Jack O'Hara | Kate Rigg as Anne Forbes | James Shanklin as Matt Vasco | Nina Landey as Diane Carver | Darrin Baker as John Abbott | Lynette DuPree as Judge Joyce Randall | Mara Holguin as Alicia Bennett | Paul Crane as Peter Morgan | Greg Shamie as Billy Carr | Cheryl Clifford as Amber Carr | David Wagner as CSU Technician | Robin Martin as Foreperson |
Uncredited: Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration
Director: Richard Dobbs

176 :08x19 - Disappeared

Detectives Briscoe and Curtis try to unravel the mystery of a high-class couple who disappear from their apartment. When their key suspect also vanishes, their only lead is a man cautious about divulging any information before he makes a deal with Ross. Facing a choice that could cost Ross her reputation, McCoy and Ross try to honor their informant's request -- and serve justice at the same time.
Guest Stars: Tovah Feldshuh as Danielle Melnick | Michael Medeiros as Matthew O'Dell | Donna Hanover as Judge Deborah Bourke | Maggie Burke as Miss Ridley | J.K. Simmons as Dr. Emil Skoda | Ken Welsh as Benjamin O'Dell | Steve Mellor as Mr. Fetzer | Lee Sellars as Nathan Faber | Liam Aiken as Jack Ericson | Seth Barrish as Ralph Staggs | Adam Heller as Theodore Spiros | Tony Di Benedetto as Bud Murphy | Hazel Medina as Janine Clayton | Priscilla Shanks as Theresa Stanhouse | John Nathan as Bob Stanhouse | Chuck Low as Hyram Jenkins | Elliot Cuker as Al Schmidt | Barbara Gulan as Anne Lewis | Roger DeWitt as Overton | Todd Gearhart as Kellogg | Christine Caleo as Reporter | Barbara Myers as Foreperson |
Uncredited: Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration
Director: David Platt

177 :08x20 - Burden

When Detectives Briscoe and Curtis are called in to investigate the death of a 13-year-old quadriplegic boy, they are puzzled by the clues. After a suspect is found, McCoy and Ross find evidence that questions whether the murder was motivated by mercy -- or thrills.
Guest Stars: Christine Jones (1) as Stapleton | Jane Connell as Mrs. Hodge | Gerry Bamman as Stan Gillum | William Severs as Judge Henry Fillmore | John Fiore as Detective Tony Profaci | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | J.K. Simmons as Dr. Emil Skoda | John Hickok as Joe Sutter | Heather Matarazzo as Stephanie Sutter | John Procaccino as Dr. Lyle Semenko | Maryann Plunkett as Lois Sutter | Jerry Lyden as Roy Cashman | Barrie Youngfellow as Dr. Emily Lindros | Stephen Stout as Dr. Keogh | Eric H. Moreland as Nicholls | Gregory Mitchell as Peter Gilbert | Gordon Connell as Larry Hodge | Julie Follansbee as Rose Bing | Karen Goberman as Martha McSorley | Louisa Holaday as Kara Vadnay | Laine Valentino as Bea Goring | Larry Sherman as Judge Colin Frazier | Danny Burstein as Howe | John G. Connolly as Anderson | Jim Taylor McNickle as Foreperson |
Uncredited: Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration

178 :08x21 - Bad Girl

Detectives Briscoe and Curtis investigate the murder of a police officer found stabbed in Central Park. The killer's sudden religious 'conversion' forces McCoy and Ross to battle over the death penalty. The outcome of the case and an old enemy's grudge endanger Schiff's chances for re-election. Meanwhile, Briscoe finds himself in a tough spot after his daughter is arrested for dealing drugs.
Guest Stars: Tom Wiggin as Ross Sanders | Robert Vaughn as Carl Anderton | Lynn Cohen as Judge Elizabeth Mizener | Mark Lotito as Detective Mallory | Julian Gamble as Appellate Judge P. Slattery | Stephanie Berry as Dolores Weston | Jason Kolotouros as Tilden | Cliff Gorman as Judge Gary Feldman | Isabel Gillies as Monica Johnson | Geoffrey Nauffts as Mr. Peterson | Neal Jones as Unknown | Jennifer Bill as Cathy Briscoe | Ana Gasteyer as Unknown | Ilana Levine as Emily Schoener | Joe Quintero as Jesse Rosado | Timothy Wheeler as Al Johnson | Michael Hyatt as Rachel Willis | Mark Price as DJ Freaky | Laurie J. Williams as Sharon Sutton | Robert DeBlasio as Louis Salvi | Phyllis Kay as Gina Salvi | Robert Hatcher as Martin Butler | Karen Bergreen as Emma Govans | Dyron Holmes as Isaac Alvarez | Rico Rosetti as Uni Quintana | Michael Corman as Jury Foreperson |
Uncredited: Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration
Director: Jace Alexander

179 :08x22 - Damaged

Detectives Briscoe and Curtis investigate when two teachers are shot in a high school parking lot and a group of male students have sex with a developmentally disabled girl in an unused part of the school. McCoy and Ross must prove the case involves rape instead of consensual sex because they believe the girl did not have the sense to say no.
Guest Stars: Adam LaVorgna as Hayden McLauchlin | Claire Beckman as Amanda Novak | Jon Abrahams as Roscoe Johnson | Ron McLarty as Judge William Wright | Mark Lotito as Detective Mallory | Jim Moody as Judge Langlois | Jeannine Comeau as Brooklyn Foreperson | J.K. Simmons as Dr. Emil Skoda | Christine Farrell as Forensics Technician Arlene Shrier | Robert Clohessy as Painter | John Christopher Jones as Raymond Maxwell | Lauren Ambrose as Valerie Maxwell | Jennifer Bill as Cathy Briscoe | Gerry Rosenthal as Randy Baxter | Kate Skinner as Wilderman | Alison Folland as Gina Bowman | Julie Halston as Lapinsky | Irving Metzman as Jay Amsterdam | Molly Regan as Mrs. Davenport | Julia Weldon as Sally Maxwell | Amanda Sharkey as Judy Palnick | Dennis Ryan (1) as Lloyd Novak | Steven Mark Friedman as Nathan Shrieber | Melissa Marsala as Emily Bailey | Gregory Burke as Jimmy Marshall | Buzz Roddy as Moskowitz | Bruce Birns as Manhattan Foreperson | Mary Perez as Alicia Ortega | Johnny Dapolito as Danny Jones |
Uncredited: Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration

180 :08x23 - Tabloid

Detectives Briscoe and Curtis investigate when a female law professor who is a noted public figure is chased by a tabloid journalist into the street and killed by a car. Her husband, who is also from a well-known 'Kennedy-esque' family, fights to keep some of his own family secrets out of the press.
Guest Stars: Maeve McGuire as Betty Sanger | John 'Spike' Finnerty as Jury Foreman | Timothy Carhart as Warren Abbott | Joe Mantello as Phil Marco | Robin Groves as Judge Joanne Franklin | Gerrit Graham as Alan Bruder | John Slattery as Arlen Levitt | Peter McRobbie as Dr. Thomas Newstadt | Baxter Harris as Abner Parkes | Leslie White as Laura Abbott | LeAnna Croom as Julianne Lowry | David B. McConeghey as Judge Henry Fisk | Ellen Tobie as Phyllis Howard | Nell Balaban as Receptionist | Brant Spencer as Health Club Clerk | Brian Keeler as Paul Gary Fowler | Bobby Zarem as Himself | Robert B. Alexander (2) as Doorman | Spiro Malas as Taxi Driver | Andre Canty as UPS Delivery Man | Kelly AuCoin as First Assistant | Stephen Kunken as Process Server |
Uncredited: Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration
Director: Brian Mertes

181 :08x24 - Monster

A young African-American girl is found sexually abused, badly beaten and near death in the basement of an apartment building. Detectives Briscoe and Curtis must search for the 'monster' who committed the vicious assault. Their investigation is slow, due to a lack of cooperation from 'the bosses' that may have to do with Lt. Van Buren's lawsuit against the department. While the young girl hangs on to life, District Attorneys McCoy and Ross must find a way to work within the law to convict the abuser. Will the judge be fair, or will his past conflicts with McCoy and his attempt to unseat Schiff as District Attorney in the upcoming re-election get in the way? Meanwhile, Ross is torn between her career and having custody of her daughter, and Briscoe struggles with the death of his daughter.
Guest Stars: Robert Vaughn as Carl Anderton | James Murtaugh as Carter Newton | William Hill (1) as Joe Kusevitsky | Michael Cullen as Borough Commander James Dietz | John Haymes Newton as Judge Eric Caffey | Mark Lotito as Detective Mallory | Pat Moya as Deborah Curtis | Edward D. Murphy as Duncan | John Fiore as Detective Tony Profaci | Cliff Gorman as Judge Gary Feldman | Charles Malik Whitfield as Calvin Berry | Paul Calderon as Jesse Castille | Ami Brabson as Mrs. Richardson | Thom Sesma as Mark Considine | Starla Benford as Betty Wald | O.L. Duke as Antonio Chaikin | Angel Caban as Ralph Marra | Bernard M. Addison as Dr. Charters | James Reno as Eddie Soto | Shaunice Mudahy as Fiona | Malachy Cleary as Harry Spivak | Jason Towns as Troy | Kel-J Vann as Andres | Marvin Starkman as Rabbi | Kenneth Rock as Clerk | Raymond Anthony Thomas as Owen Stokes | Johnny Dapolito as Danny Jones | Michelle Hurst as Pizza Lady |
Uncredited: Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration
Director: Ed Sherin
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 13, 1990
Ended: May 24, 2010
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