Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

"In New York City's war on crime, the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the Major Case Squad. These are their stories."

The final season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent features the long-anticipated return of Detectives Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio) and Eames (Kathryn Erbe) to the Major Case Squad. Terminated for insubordination a year ago, Detective Robert Goren has been reunited with his long-time partner Alex Eames at the behest of new Major Case Captain Joseph Hannah (Jay O. Sanders), a friend of Goren's since Academy days. In addition to plunging into colorful, dangerous mysteries, Goren has mandatory sessions with brilliant police psychologist Dr. Paula Gyson (Julia Ormond) that will ultimately help him unravel his tortured past, and to chart a course in the right direction.

When Detective Robert Goren is at a crime scene, nothing is overlooked. With a broad intellect and cunning instinct that borders on brilliance, this modern-day Sherlock Holmes brings a new level of scrutiny to the NYPD's Major Case Unit.
Detective Alex Eames is the perfect complement to Detective Goren. She understands Goren's eccentric techniques better than anyone, but as senior partner she isn't afraid to hold him accountable for the novel police procedures that he sometimes employs. If there's anyone who can keep Goren in check, it's Eames. She's his steadying influence.

Episode Info

Final: 10x08 -- To The Boy in the Blue Knit Cap (Jun/26/2011)

Goren and Eames investigate the murders of two staffers at a Web company involved in a heated lawsuit. Their investigation leads to a site that connects strangers who've had brief romantic encounters.
Vincent DVincent D'Onofrio
As Detective Robert Goren (S01-S09E02; S10)
Jeff GoldblumJeff Goldblum
As Detective Zach Nichols (S08-S09)
Kathryn ErbeKathryn Erbe
As Detective Alexandra Eames (S01-S09E02; S10)
Chris NothChris Noth
As Detective Mike Logan (S05-S07; recurring previously)
Annabella SciorraAnnabella Sciorra
As Detective Carolyn Barek (S05)
Julianne NicholsonJulianne Nicholson
As Detective Megan Wheeler (S06; S07E12-S08E14)
Alicia WittAlicia Witt
As Detective Nola Falacci (S07E02-S07E10)
Saffron BurrowsSaffron Burrows
As Detective Serena Stevens (S09E02-S09E16)
Jamey SheridanJamey Sheridan
As Captain James Deakins (S01-S05)
Eric BogosianEric Bogosian
As Captain Danny Ross (S06-S09E01)


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10x5: Trophy Wine recap: There is a delivery in an armored car. They are delivering wine to Bing Cullman. He is the wine importer. He talks to his wife and gives her a present to open after she has her photo shoot. That night, they have a small get together where they have some wine tasting... read more.

9x15: Inhumane Society recap: A prisoner is being visited by a man that tells him that he looks good. He asks if he is done with him. The visitor asks him what he is going to do when he gets out and they mention something about how he is going to get out in two months and he did something to make everyone hate him. The prisoner tells him that they are right to hate him because he had something good and threw it away. They flashback to a boxing gym. When he is about to box a group of people come in with a pitbull. The man demands that they tell them to go away. The kid in jail went off with them instead of practicing and went to a place called Maraschino Cherries. They ended up at a dog fight and it seems that they have all gotten busted by that. His friend Little Ron ended up ratting on him... read more.

9x16: Three-In-One recap: The show opens with a woman showing a man pieces of art by a five year old. They are all absolutely fantastic and the man says bring the artist so that they can meet him. Another man--a lawyer--is being checked out by a doctor and he is absolutely healthy. A woman gets out of her car and goes into an apartment. She asks if the painter repainted the trim of the place, because it is still wet. She is attacked by the painter who stuffs something in her mouth and puts a bag over her head... read more.

9x14: Palimpsest recap: Nichols has gone to London and he meets up with a woman who remains nameless and he is talking to her about one of his cases. It was the murder of a man that was a collector and seller of rare books. Nichols knows these men and while it appears pretty simple, it really isn't. The murderer made it look like they stabbed each other with swords in some sort of duel. Their medical examiner tells them that both men bled to death. Nichols sees that the one man would've had to use his sword in a hand that he had no control over. This is quite strange to the detective... read more.

9x13: The Mobster Will See You Now recap: The local mobsters are having a cook out and they are talking about what may be going on with their next job. Joel has realized that he is facing criminal charges for one of his "jobs" and he is being black mailed by a man named Les Tarney because of it. If Joel gives him three million dollars, he won't be charged. Joel goes to speak to his partner and she wants to tell Henry about all of it. Joel asks that she doesn't tell Henry. Henry has to take his friend Dom to the hospital and it seems that Les has been murdered... read more.
Recurring Guests

Steven Zirnkilton as Opening Narration (195 eps)
Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. (111 eps)
Anne Lockhart as Policewoman (10 eps)
Jay O. Sanders as Harry Rowan (9 eps)
Traci Godfrey as Detective Mattes (8 eps)
Ean Sheehy as David (8 eps)
Geneva Carr as Camilla (7 eps)
Hudson Cooper as Detective Rosemont (7 eps)
Samantha Buck as Detective G. Lynn Bishop (7 eps)
Julia Ormond as Dr. Paula Gyson (7 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: USA Network ( USA)
Airs: Sundays
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 30, 2001
Ended: June 26, 2011
Original Theme (Season 1 - Season 6) Lyrics
New Theme (Season 7 - Season 10) Lyrics
• Criminal Intent (Used In Netherlands)
• Criminal Intent - Verbrechen im Visier (Used In Germany)
• Kova laki: Rikollinen mieli (Used In Finland)
• Lei e Ordem: Crimes Premeditados (Used In Brazil)
• Ley y orden: Acción criminal (Used In Spain)
• New York, section criminelle (Used In France)
• Nomos kai taxi - Astynomikes istories (Used In Greece)
• Zakon i red: Zlocinacke nakane (Used In Croatia)
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