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Season 3

46 :03x01 - Undaunted Mettle

When a promising young architecture student is found murdered with a screwdriver, Detectives Goren and Eames discover that the victim's bold design for a new and prestigious downtown building strongly resembles those of a celebrated architect -- whose personal life is even more elaborate than his blueprints. By tracing a nexus of women, the detectives look for a connection between the slain man and the skyscraper designer in a byzantine case that would singe the pages of Architectural Digest.

Remade for Paris Enquêtes Criminelles
Remade for Закон и порядок: Преступный умысел
Guest Stars: Jessica Hecht as Meredith Breen | Laura Stepp as Sydney Laurette | Jim R. Coleman as Officer Weitz | Karen Ludwig as Bergen County Clerk | David Hall (1) as James Adler | Olek Krupa as Ben Laurette | Maureen Anderman as Abby | Meredith Zinner as Judith | Peggity Price as Sara Laurette | Jones Miller as Secretary | Nancy Farrell as Eileen | Ron Domingo as Marquez | Neil Jain as Ari | Linda G. Miller as Detective Morris | Joe Costa as Jess | David Costabile as Professor Roth | Rena Strober as Clerk | Sarah Bloom as Anna | Michael Hogan (3) as Noah Preston
Director: Steve Shill

47 :03x02 - Gemini

The bizarre but lethal point-blank shootings of two contact lens salesmen and a plastic surgeon put Detectives Goren and Eames on the trail of a suspect who might harbor racist delusions about the damage caused by cosmetic beauty enhancements. Their search seems to dead-end with a drug-induced paranoid man but when the police receive an anti-Semitic letter, Goren smells more than one possible slayer.

Remade for Закон и порядок: Преступный умысел
Guest Stars: Barry Del Sherman as Brent Anderson | Richard Barnes as Dr. Mishra | Albert Macklin as Arnie | Ann Marie Lee as Stephanie Parton | Michael Gill as Spencer Anderson | Michael Genet as Feingold | Anne Bobby as Betty Anderson | Jeff Blumenkrantz as Grigori | Melissa Hickey as Naomi | Steve Lebens as Detective Haggerty | Bob Sorenson as Mr. Pitt | Roma Torre as TV Reporter | Natalie Gold as Claudia | LaTonya Borsay as Cheryl | Stephen Zinnato as Singer | Teagle F. Bougere as Campbell | Sunita Param as Parveen | Lee Michael Buckman as Andrew Dryden | Rafael Sardina as Marty Ortega | Robert Jimenez as Detective Thomas
Director: Frank Prinzi

48 :03x03 - The Gift

When a young man is knifed and murdered, Detectives Goren and Eames discover evidence that links the crime to practitioners of a Santeria cult -- and their investigation soon narrows to two former convicts who dupe the mother of the victim into believing that she has special clairvoyant powers. However, in order to make a better case against the couple and track their involvement in the slaying, crafty Goren must get inside the exploited woman's head to convince her that she truly has a psychic gift.

Remade for Закон и порядок: Преступный умысел
Guest Stars: Michael Nouri as Henry Webster | Jane Adams (2) as Sylvia Campbell | Anne Twomey as Lyz Webster | Fran Brill as Ilene Maxwell | Antone Pagan as Eduardo Romero Mendez | Brennan Brown as Jerry Rivers | Jason Manuel Olazabal as Detective Upmann | Bobby Cannavale as Julian Bello | Michael Fawcett as Felandi Olds | Joan McMonagle as Joan | Rafael Osorio as Ernie | Patrick Samay as Severen | Adam Lieberman as Slate | Edgar Godineaux as Nestor | Lee Aaron Rosen as Clayton Webster (as Lee Rosen) | Florencia Lozano as Octavia Ruiz
Director: Alex Zakrzewski

49 :03x04 - But Not Forgotten

In search of a missing bookkeeper, Detectives Goren and a pregnant Eames stumble upon a ledger's worth of bodies, including the victim's hitman brother who botched a job and was whacked two years ago -- and the tortuous trail seems to lead to an imprisoned mobster who is due for parole. But when a key suspect linked to all the slayings turns up face down in the river, the cops have to think outside the box to unravel the tangled web and that also could involve a crooked ex-cop.
Guest Stars: Katherine Cunningham-Eves as Cara | Tom Mason as Truman Merced | Patti Karr as Isabel Merced | Don Amendolia as Michael Carling | Liz Larsen as Frieda Merced | Joe Gonzalez (1) as Detective Rodriguez | Tim Artz as Bennie Messina | Michael Mastro as Hymie | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | Alicia Coppola as Isobel Carnicki | C.C. Seymour as Lacey | Denny Bess as Bolivar | Frank Liotti as Richie Limone | Jillian Crane as Josie | Judith Delgado as Yolanda Guerrez | January LaVoy as Rozlyn | Brian Hyman as Nelson | Ann Gray as Georgina Helms | Lawrence Nathanson as Josh Bern | Abraham Alvarez as Jimmy Limone | Terry Serpico as Earl Carnicki

50 :03x05 - Pravda

When a female newspaper reporter is murdered, Detective Goren and his new temporary partner Bishop find that the victim had romantic relationships with a fellow correspondent and the editor -- but the cops question the out-of-town alibi of the writer when he fails to file expense accounts. In addition, Goren also wonders why the editor seems to be covering for his star reporter who seems to have achieved acclaim for filing false stories.

Remade for Закон и порядок: Преступный умысел
Guest Stars: Glynn Turman as Roy Hines | Judd Hirsch as Ben Elkins | Armando Molina as Miguel | Count Stovall as Attorney Davis | Karen Tsen Lee as Valerie Huang | Buzz Bovshow as Charles Edward | Geneva Carr as Camilla | Gameela Wright as Detective Amanda Giles | Carlos J. da Silva as Guy | Sarah Burke (2) as Waitress | Carole Healey as Eleanor Janeway | Flora Diaz as Girl | Johnny Garcia as Carlos | Eleanor Glockner as Rose | Michal Sinnott as Katya Jalenak | Samantha Buck as Detective G. Lynn Bishop | Anthony Mackie as Carl Hines | Elzbieta Czyzewska as Katya's Mother
Director: Alex Zakrzewski

51 :03x06 - Stray

Since Detective Eames is on leave, Detective Goren is temporarily partnered with Bishop as they track a double-crossing "Bonnie and Clyde" couple whose nine bloody victims include two undercover cops investigating a illegal gun-running ring. To gain a foothold on slim evidence that began in an auto paint shop, Goren focuses on one suspect's mental processes -- and knows that his female running mate is pulling the strings.

Remade for Закон и порядок: Преступный умысел
Guest Stars: D'Monroe as Darren Exree | Dori Legg as Barbara Louis | David Haugen as Motel Clerk | Gano Grills as Detective Price | Gene Gabriel as Detective Alvarez | Jacinto Taras Riddick as Eugene Thomas | Gary Ray Bugarcic as Desk Manager | Alysia Reiner as Leslie Hurst | Samantha Buck as Detective G. Lynn Bishop | Rodney Hicks as Jerome Davis | Nikki M. James as Tamara Bates | Michael W. Howell as Jeff Dixon | Rafael Cabrera as Detective Williams | Yusuf Gatewood as Detective Lewis | Charles Holt as Detective Gilman | Rahad Coulter-Stevenson as Levon Marcus | Gerald Bunsen as Ed Levitt | Jeff Pucillo as Brian Sisto | Eliyas Qureshi as Feroz Khandwalla | Regina O'Malley as Sheila Michaels | Alex Tavis as First Uniform Officer | Michael Tennant as Pizza Guy | George O. Weaver, Jr. as Lovell | Luis Antonio Aponte as Court Officer | Mario Polit as Manny Oliverez | Ernestine Jackson as Agnes Bates | Frank Santorelli as Detective on Scene
Director: Frank Prinzi

52 :03x07 - A Murderer Among Us

When an Argentine immigrant is found slashed and beaten in the family's bathroom, Detectives Goren and Bishop believe the wounds were self-inflicted -- but her husband's history of violence makes the police think he could have been responsible for other racially motivated murders that were discovered by his wife. But since they cannot implicate the suspect in his wife's death, Goren explores the family's tragic history on both sides and struggles to find a link to the kneecap-murders of a string of Jewish men.

Remade for Закон и порядок: Преступный умысел
Guest Stars: Thomas G. Waites as Lance Brody | Salem Ludwig as Mr. Seligman | Terry Burstein as Dr. Goldberg | Brenda Denmark as Phillipa | David Bishins as Richie Prescott | Dina Pearlman as Ruth Landau | Monique Fowler as Lena Brody | Felix Fibich as Mr. Fineman | Michael G. Chin as Mr. Hyon | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | Samantha Buck as Detective G. Lynn Bishop | Kay Walbye as Joy Brody | Christopher Durham as Jake Reno | Maria Thayer as Claire Brody | Lenny Delgado as Leo | Jennifer Macaluso as Jennifer Prescott | Rynel Johnson as Detective Belgrave
Director: Steve Shill
Story: Diana Son, René Balcer | Teleplay: Diana Son

53 :03x08 - Sound Bodies

When someone spikes the punch -- leaving three dead in an isolated island church -- Detectives Goren and Bishop first believe the murders are related to parishioner politics, but then discover a sorrowful sexual lifestyle among the town's jaded youth that points to three teenage girls who might be connected to the drownings of three former lovers. The heady Goren uses his knowledge of "Siddhartha" to query one of the girls whose undying allegiance to a male classmate is harrowing.
Guest Stars: Chris Gampel as Henry Leavitt | John Furey as Michael Koehler | Michael X. Martin as Jason Hendrix | Victor Slezak as Reverend Hale | Ann Crumb as Diana Miller | Bill Hoag as Rod | David Anzuelo as Detective Morales | Pamela Nyberg as Mrs. Hale | Les McDonough as Court Clerk | Samantha Buck as Detective G. Lynn Bishop | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | Denise Galik-Furey as Laura Koehler | Jason Marr as Wesley Stowe | Marco Verna as First Paramedic | Ashley Burritt as Liv Miller | Jim Walton as Sam Walker | Shayna Levine as Claudia Goodman | Leo V. Finnie III as Maurice Langlois | Lenore Borja as Rosaria Cruz | Jennifer Smith as Ginny Hendrix | Christopher Russo as Dr. Pace | Trisha LaFache as Carolyn James | Gail Dennison as Mrs. Young | Howard Pinhasik as Cleve Young | Suzanna Hay as Sharon Walker | Mike Lisenco as Mr. Lafferty | Kurt Ziskie as Rob Miller | Lavetta Cannon as Intake Nurse | Nathalie Paulding as Tina Walker | Billy Lush as Conroy 'Connie' Smith | Anne L. Nathan as Robin Ingles | Edward Feldman as Judge Max Feist
Writer: René Balcer

54 :03x09 - Happy Family

When a wealthy father is found savagely beaten to death, Detective Goren and temporary partner Bishop find a family album of suspects, including the victim's soon-to-be ex-wife, a nanny who cared for the couple's adopted Romanian sons and a suspicious aunt and uncle. However, after Goren delves deeper into the family's past, his only hope of sorting out the jumble of possible killers is to call for a clan reunion -- in family court.

Remade for Закон и порядок: Преступный умысел
Guest Stars: Josh Pais as Dr. Ralph Friedman | Anna Katarina as Helen Reynolds | Zach Galligan as Eddie Malloy | Wendy Barrie-Wilson as Mrs. Sinclair | Reiley McClendon as Jason Connors | Dennis Rees as Russell Connors | Stephanie Sanditz as Josie Marlin | Camilla Scott as Brenda Friedman | Samantha Buck as Detective G. Lynn Bishop | Angelica Torn as Paula Connors | John Cariani as Frank | Michael McCauley (1) as Detective Lawson | Elizabeth West (1) as Hester Laddimore | Bobby Daye as Stanley | Michael K. Weiss as Larry Rothman | Julie Fain Lawrence as Ms. Blake | Denise Cormier as Elizabeth | Bryant Fraser as Dry Cleaning Clerk | Chris J. Kelly as Sam Connors
Director: Frank Prinzi

55 :03x10 - F.P.S

When a young and female computer-game employee is found tossed off balcony Detectives Goren are initially distracted by a related hacker until they link the victim's penchant for gaming to her former employers -- two intense and talented game creators who are under pressure to deliver their next hit following popular "DeathMatch." But the investigation takes a different turn when Goren finds a third partner who was kicked out and demanded financial satisfaction and the detective understands the link between the brainiacs.
Guest Stars: Alberto Vázquez as Juan | Jordan Bridges as Jack Cadogan | Richard Litt as Morton | Glynis Bell as Judge Reisman | Kevin Geer as Computer Forensics Technician | Annette Arnold as Jody Colby | David Wilson Barnes as Abe McVee | Mike Finesilver as Dalton | Samantha Buck as Detective G. Lynn Bishop | Uliks Fehmiu as Alexi Romack | Christian Young as Raymond Chan | T.R. Knight as Neil Colby | A.D. Miles as Zach | Annie Burton Alvarez as Corinne Kennedy | Peter Bradbury (1) as Duane Forester | Hemky Madera as Carlos | Michael Earl Reid as Nicky Carlotta | Carlos Lopez (1) as Detective Bornstein | Bill Timoney as Henry Froman | David Ayers as Man | Eric Zuckerman as Lucas | Cary Wong as Court Clerk | Monica Meadows as Woman | Astrit Ibroci as Serge Romack | Jonathan Hova as Rautha | Rachael C. Smith as Ginny Carlotta | Ching Valdes-Aran as Mrs. Chan | Janet Ward (2) as Mona
Director: Darnell Martin

56 :03x11 - Mad Hops

When a promising high school basketball player disappears -- and the private investigator looking for him is murdered -- Detectives Goren and Bishop dribble around the local courts and find what could be a missing link -- unscrupulous gamblers and college recruiters. But the cops keep throwing up bricks until they discover that several other talented players have transferred to a high school with a championship tradition and they suspect a more personal connection might yield the winning clues.
Guest Stars: Suzzanne Douglas as Karen Watkins | Kevin Alexander as Detective Glenn | Daryl Mitchell as Player in Wheelchair | Venida Evans as Mrs. Rankin | Thomas Jefferson Byrd as Curtis Romney | Cortez Nance, Jr. as Demario Fergin | Frank Martin (1) as Bob Woods | Rosa Arredondo as Advertising Executive | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | Samantha Buck as Detective G. Lynn Bishop | Jude Ciccolella as Perry Powell | José Ramón Rosario as Diego Bracho | Kevin Phillips as Ben Watkins | John Krasinski as Jace Gleesing | Clifton Oliver as Kyle Davis | Malcolm J. Goodwin as Elvin Fergin | Richard V. Licata as Rolf Withers | Esau Pritchett as Steve Rutherford | Thea Vidale as Crystal Fergin | Henry Afro-Bradley as Mr. Edwards | Luis da Silva, Jr. as Marvin | Louis Martinez as Nate | Fred Boateng as Freddy | Antoine Orr as Dave | Jim Devoti as Dave's Buddy | Reginald Footman as Player | Carlos Franco as Corey Fergin

57 :03x12 - Unrequited

After they receive an anonymous letter, Detectives Goren and Eames exhume the body of an elderly man whom they discover was poisoned. The posse of suspects includes his artistic and ambitious widow and Harvey, a nebbish charity fund raiser with shady mob connections. The detectives hope to discover how the celebrity-loving Harvey gained his seed money to attract New York's high society as well as his connection to the widow -- but the key may lie with his bitter and resentful mother.

Remade for Закон и порядок: Преступный умысел
Guest Stars: Gerry Becker as Lawrence Bradley | Susan Barrett (1) as Kelly Finlay | Joel Fabiani as Daniel | Sal Richards as Nick Weaver | Rebecca Schull as Esther Gruenwald | Stewart Steinberg as Stan Newman | Michael Oberlander as George Salinas | Freddie Roman as Marty Chapman | Gloria Sauve as Della Carter | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | Casey Siemaszko as Harvey Gruenwald | Claire Bloom as Marion Whitney | James Rutledge as Ned Blake | Richert Easley as Gerard O'Keefe | Dylan Spiers as Dillon | Melinda Tanner as Judge Hefler | Gwendolyn Bucci as Jeanie Sebald | Ridley Parson as Winslow | John Pieza as Sylvio | Debbie Lee Jones as Mrs. Perry

58 :03x13 - Pas de Deux

When a solid citizen robs a bank and is killed by a bomb tied around his neck, Detectives Goren and Eames suspect that the victim had an accomplice who triggered the device, and they soon hone in on the murderer's next unwitting associate -- a bored New Jersey housewife. The investigators piece together the pair's bank-heist patterns, but they have to establish probable cause if they are to save the duped woman from a horrible death.

Remade for Закон и порядок: Преступный умысел
Guest Stars: Charles Rocket as Donald DePalma | Emilio Delgado as Ari Hernandez | William Scott Brown as Detective De Leucci | Ruth Gottschall as Maureen | Delaney Williams as Ernie Dominguez | Bonnie Rose as Anna Shapiro | Tony Campisi as Bank Manager | Richard Furlong as Patrolman Damos | Robert Langdon Lloyd as Austin | Geoffrey Cantor as Will Timmons | Shirley Roeca as Angel Dominguez | Nick Sakai as Detective Tanaka | John F. Mooney as Waiter | Jeremy Knaster as Detective Strong | Edie Cowan as Tami | David Flaherty as Brian | Eric Jordan Young as Andre | Enid Graham as Marjorie Timmons
Director: Frank Prinzi

59 :03x14 - Mis-Labeled

When a pharmaceutical executive is found cut in half in midtown, Detectives Goren and Eames discover a greater crime when they learn that the victim was part of a scheme to ship tainted blood medications to Thailand for huge profits -- and the case takes a new spin with the sexual proclivity of one of the dead man's associates. The police probe deeper and pull the lid off a Pandora's box of craven corporate corruption in the competitive field of high-profit pharmaceuticals.

Remade for Закон и порядок: Преступный умысел
Guest Stars: Terry O'Quinn as Gordon Buchanan | Adam Grupper as Bernard Mailer | Stephen Bogardus as Steve Johannsen | Alex Wipf as Michael Clifford | Stu "Large" Riley as Limo Driver | Leif Riddell as Detective Bennett | Melora Griffis as Janet Teasdale | Daniel Sauli as Eric Dunlow | Paul Rolfes as Bellhop | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | Patrick Frederic as Matt Rye | Colleen Dunn as Ashley Heaton | Darren Goldstein as Clayton Sherwood | Matthew Dawson as Ruben | Morgan Hallet as Patsy Cannon Sherwood | James Nugent as Jed | Guy Messenger as Detective Innes | Joe Rydzewski as Larry | Priya Ayyar as Malepa | Pun Bandhu as Dr. Pirapan
Director: Joyce Chopra

60 :03x15 - Shrink-Wrapped

Detectives Goren and Eames delve into the murder of a young musician who was romantically linked to his married psychiatrist and they focus on her psychologist-husband -- but they discover the head-shrink couple are obsessed by playing dangerous mind games with each other. Knowing that acid was used on the victim's face further bolsters the Major Case squad's theory that the slaying was personal, and the key could be the pair's adult daughter who grew up as her parents' referee.

Remade for Закон и порядок: Преступный умысел
Guest Stars: Robert Trumbull as Bill Hefferman | Brent Spiner as Graham Barnes | Richmond Hoxie as James Penell | Ed Setrakian as Judge Ross | Tasha Lawrence as Tanya Coker | Patrick Boll as Frank Lasday | Danny Burstein as Luke Vinton | Walter Charles as David Clayton | Will Janowitz as Rico | Margaret Colin as Dr. Eloise Barnes | Joseph McKenna as K.J. Minkens | Jean Brassard as Phillipe | Cornell Womack as John Emery | Taylor Roberts as Camilla Barnes | Kristoffer Falcones as Jamie Ortiz | Gene Farber as Christian Lyle | Lyssandra Cox as Celeste | Eric Wippo as Derek | Danyon Davis as Curtis | Scott Johnsen as Detective Yeomans | K.C. Ramsey as Mike Hollinger
Story: Diana Son, René Balcer | Teleplay: Diana Son

61 :03x16 - The Saint

Detectives Goren and Eames probe the murder of an elderly woman who was poisoned by an anonymous package and set their sights on a crafty forger whose expertise is needed by a local church to verify documents proving the sainthood of 19th-century healer named Brother Jerome. But the investigators uncover a trail of conflicting old letters that could complicate the church's expensive campaign to canonize Jerome -- and they ponder how official sainthood can require a small fortune and human lives.
Guest Stars: Lois Smith as Elizabeth Bennett | Charlotte Booker as Ellen | Phyllis Somerville as Louise Politano | Malachy Cleary as Father Bill | Ruth Maleczech as Inez | John Roney as Detective Phipps | Thom Christopher as Judge Walton | Stephen Colbert as James Bennett | Timothy Doyle as Sean Sullivan | Brian Murray as Richard Sullivan | Lydia Grace Jordan as Charlotte | Edward Hajj as Blaine Devlin | Remi Sandri as Abel Keller | Marisa Vural as Samantha | Ronald Lew Harris as Neil Martin | Lisa Gorlitsky as Karen | Dennis McGeady as Andrew Bassett |
Uncredited: Anne Lockhart as Policewoman
Director: Frank Prinzi

62 :03x17 - Conscience

After a neurologist is found poisoned in a pool, Detectives Goren and Eames learn that she was performing research on a woman who's been in a vegetative state for six years -- and evidence points to suspects who include the comatose woman's son, husband and the victim's young assistant. But the case assumes a new dimension when the investigators discover an embezzled trust fund -- plus the fact that the victim was experimenting with communicating with such vegetative patients.

Remade for Закон и порядок: Преступный умысел
Guest Stars: David Manis as Charles Ergen | James Murtaugh as Ned Worley | Barbara Andres as Judith Worley | Judy Kuhn as Dr. Anna Ford | Phyllis Bash as Judge Gilcrest | Dee Pelletier as Laraine Farrell | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | John Savage as Mark Farrell | John Gallagher, Jr. as Gary | Jim Coope as Detective Cunningham | Tammy Morris as Nurse | Michael Macchio as Vic | Heidi Landis as Nurse Morales | Dawn Evans (1) as Woman | Bard Goodrich as Technician | Geoffrey Arend as Daris Macelvoy | Guy Boyd as Burton Foche | Tom Bloom as Neurosurgeon
Director: Alex Chapple

63 :03x18 - Ill-Bred

Bad-breeding and brooding on a tony horse farm result in a bloody murder of an attractive veterinarian who began to question curious drug use surrounding her equine patients -- but Detectives Goren and Eames lay their ears back when they uncover a barn full of sexually active stable mates who appear to be smuggling illegal drugs in their animals. Goren, in particular, seizes on the jealousy and class rivalries between the rich owners and the married couple who work for them.

Remade for Закон и порядок: Преступный умысел
Guest Stars: Tom Stechschulte as Roy Daniels (Stubbs) | Mark Pinter as James Townsend | Frederick Weller as Dale Mullen | Doug Barron as Luke Blansfield | Jeff Robins as Rabbit Winters | Rufus Collins as Dr. Neil McClintock | Kevin Sibley as Joe | Drew McVety as Dr. Zachary Reeves | Chance Kelly as Detective Finch | Tara Wilson as Pam | Dana Eskelson as Paige Mullen | John Rue as Thomas Findel | Kayla Ny as Shelley Townsend | Jack Drummond as Clare McCarter | Edward Sears as Teddy | Josh Phillip Weinstein as Kessel | Bronwen Booth as Marguerite Townsend | Tari Signor as Molly Simms | Sally Stewart as Tamarra Franklin
Director: Steve Shill

64 :03x19 - Fico Di Capo

The murders of a government mob witness and an undercover police officer put Detectives Goran and Eames deep inside the ugly family tree of a dying Mafia don whose last living son is being challenged by a ratty punk who's both smart -- and good with a knife. Their family feud is clouded by the possible involvement of cruel Russian mobsters but Goran keeps his focus on the young men who secretly call upon the bed-ridden don -- and the unlikely key could be a trail of juicy Sicilian black figs.
Guest Stars: Fulvio Cecere as Jim Farcas | Albert Makhtsier as Dmitri Petrovna | Mark Margolis as Mario Damiano | Fernando Lopez as Assistant D.A. Geraldo Perez | Irma St. Paule as Grandma Antonella Sale | Nicholas J. Giangiulio as Lorenzo Lucci | Karen Giordano as Gina Rigatello | David Valcin as Detective Hodes | Matte Osian as Raymond Tait | Leo Fitzpatrick as Richard Chops Cozza | Frankie Nasso as Mikey Damiano | Austin Basis as Lou-Lou (Louis) Versini | Kevin Cahoon as Paul | Snezhana Kushnir as Nina Grotsky Perez | Frank Adonis as Eddie | George Pesce as Benny | Sal Mistretta as Martin Halbretch | Elisabeth A. Furtado as Bea Mills | Geraldine LiBrandi as Nicoletta Lucci | Jason Jurman as Danny Lucci | Marina Kotovnikov as Svetlana | Greg Siebel as Phil | Geeta Citygirl as Shamoli
Director: Alex Zakrzewski

65 :03x20 - D.A.W.

When the adult daughter of a recently deceased woman is killed under mysterious circumstances, Detectives Goren and Eames focus on a pompous doctor after research shows hundreds of his elderly patients have suffered deadly strokes -- just before their heirloom jewelry vanishes. Goren hopes to poke a few holes in the not-so-good doctor's cottage industry by contacting the women in his life and exploiting the suspects longtime drug habit and considerable ego.

Remade for Закон и порядок: Преступный умысел
Guest Stars: Jim R. Coleman as Mr. Cook | Kevin Tighe as Dr. Edwin Lindgard | Wayne Scherzer as First Doctor | Kate Skinner as Meryl Cruthers | Arthur French as Mr. Hawks | Paddy Croft as Alda Morse | C.C. Loveheart as Tarin Morse | Karen Ziemba as Isabel Dawson | Leslie Hendrix as Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers, M.E. | Mark Woodard as First Paramedic | Franklin Ojeda Smith as Reverend Charles | Marilyn Berry as Mrs. Dobell | Steven Petrillo as Blevins | Jodie Lynne McClintock as Pia O'Donnell | Michael Cone as Mr. Selwyn | Tom Galantich as Chris Swann | Christianne Tisdale as Claudia Swann | Greta Martin as Valerie Perret | Michael Deeg as Detective Norris | Dennis T. Pressey as Lawrence Belling | J.C. Montgomery as Alfred Perret | Gary Cowling as Greg Lafond | Gretha Boston as Phoenicia | Cheryl Freeman as Janette Pearce | Keisha Alfred as Danielle Pearce | Gio Perez as Pedestrian | Greg Zittel as 31st Precinct Detective
Director: Frank Prinzi

66 :03x21 - Consumed

When three Hispanic men are gunned down on one night, Detectives Goren and Eames first suspect a hate crime involving an angry, off-center police officer until they discover that the clever culprit exploited the cop's sleepwalking problem as a cover for the slayings that involve a family fortune. During their probe, the investigators also home in on a mousy woman who lived next to the officer -- and they believe that she is highly motivated by revenge against someone.

Remade for Paris Enquêtes Criminelles
Remade for Закон и порядок: Преступный умысел
Guest Stars: Karen Sillas as Beth Landau / Elizabeth Post | Larry Pine as Bingham Post | Michael Garfield as John McHadle | Dion Graham as Detective Waites | Ron Lee Savin as Paul | Brian O'Neill as Robert Kelly | Richard Council as Detective Mellon | Bill Quigley as Detective Sayles | Bill Sage as Officer Tommy Callahan | Gerald Bunsen as Ramon Ortiz | Adam Auslander as Mike | Paul Knowles as Eduardo 'Eddie' Mercaldo | Scott Watanabe as Max | Robert C. Kirk as Sergeant Murray | Christine Farrell as Forensics Technician Arlene Shrier | Fidel Vicioso as Rafael | Aaron Marcus as Dr. Barnes
Director: Steve Shill
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: USA Network ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 30, 2001
Ended: June 26, 2011
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