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Love On Ice - Recap

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A young man in his boxers is pushed out of a house by a bunch of kids in jackets. They are all drinking and chasing him and tell him to drink a bottle of alcohol and then to jump into a lake. They tell him that they all have to do this. A professor teaches a group of doctors about the heart and theorizes about what people think that the heart is truly a portal to. He says that the ancient Greeks believe that the heart harbors the soul. He asks if that seems old fashioned or if they still have the beliefs. The doctor gets a phone call and leaves. There is a man at a car lot and someone tells him that his offer stinks and someone is willing to counter offer with a better deal. The man tells him to take the deal and he gets a text from an unknown number telling him his time is up. A student at a school is told by his dean that a year abroad will be good for him. He shakes his hand and leaves and the man's phone rings. The doctor is asking him if he got another email and the man tells him yes and that it has to end. There is another man that is about to go out and his wife asks him what he is going to do. He tells her that it is none of her business and he is going to work it out.

The doctor, car salesman, and dean are all waiting for the fourth man. The car salesman tells him that he is tired of waiting and he is out of there. He says if he emails them again they'll just and the fourth man drives up wasted and interrupting him. He says that he is there so now they can talk. The salesman beats him and the doctor stops it. The doctor says that he is too drunk to drive home himself and he tells him that they all have lives and lots at stake. He tells him not to screw with them. He goes to drive off and the fourth man looks in the window of his home to see his wife exercising. He walks off to the edge of a cliff and sits down to think. He starts to cry and says sorry and turns around and gets knocked off the edge by someone.

A fisherman spotted his body and they pulled his license. The coroner found contusions from getting into a physical fight. She tells them that she is betting he was killed higher up or somewhere else and then taken to the spot he landed and dropped down there. Detective Nichols notices that he has wounds on his knuckles and Detective Stevens says "poor killer". Nichols asks why she said that and she tells them that it is his nickname. His name was Killer O'Doyle and he made the majors and hit 48 home runs his third season. He got traded to some nameless team and then disappeared. Nichols asks the widow if he said where he was going and she tells them that he just said out. They ask if there were any affairs and she tells them that they hadn't been close for a couple of years. Nichols asks the widow if he owned anyone money and she says that he owed everyone money. She told them that he was sucking wind. Nichols asks about the bats that they have up and asks if they are from his most important games. The widow says that he was very proud of those bats and they are probably the last things of value in the house. Stevens asks where she was last night and she says of course they would ask because she is not distraught enough. She tells them that she was on the treadmill and watched Project Runway and tells them that she used to model showing them a picture she has hung up. Nichols asks if she can confirm it and she says her mother can as she was on the phone with her the night before. She tells them that she is bitter because her husband left her in financial dire straights but he had no insurance or money. She tells them that what she gets from his death is more grief. Stevens asks if she knew where his car would be.

A woman knocks on the door of one of the four men's offices and he says that he thought they would meet up at "the luncheon". She tells him that she just heard on the radio that O'Doyle is dead. She asks her what happened and if he killed himself and she tells him that he was found beaten in the park. He asks if he was robbed and she said that the police aren't saying much. She then asks how long it's been that they haven't seen him--two years? He tells her that it has been a while and says "poor guy". He then says that they have to go because her father won't be happy if they are late. The detectives go to talk to Captain Callas and she tells them never to trust the mother. She also thinks that if it wasn't a robbery it must have been family. They tell her that the widow doesn't gain anything financially. Callas says that maybe she just got sick of him. Nichols wonders outloud what goes on in her house.

The detectives are watching the news and they are making small comments about the baseball player but not getting in depth. They find out that he had a friend named Ron Robins who stayed in the Minors and is an assistant coach. They go to Staten Island and ask him if he had any enemies. He tells them that he had no enemies and tells him that he even had a charity for homeless boys. The man tells him that he lost touch when things got rough last year and they ask him why. He tells him that he started hitting him up for money and seemed desperate. The doctor and the dean are talking about what happened. The dean is assuming that the Doctor did it and tells him that no one is angry and they'll be his alibi. The doctor tells him that he was fine when he left him. He tells him to back off because he didn't do it and asks him how they know he didn't kill him. The dean tells him that they need to stick together and have the same story just in case the police come to them. He tells him that they have done this before and they have gotten their story straight.

The detectives go to the coroner and she updates them on the victim. She tells them that the time of death is sometime between midnight and three am, he was well over the legal limit in regards to alcohol, and the stomach contents were a bar mix. Nichols speculate that maybe his death is a result of a bar fight. The other detective wonders if it was a loan shark and Nichols says that they only kill as a last resort. He says that he is still thinks that it is something personal. The coroner tells him that he got hit with something that had a smooth edge and Stevens tells her that she is describing a baseball bat. The coroner says that it is a poetic ending to his life. The detectives go to talk to Callas and she says that she thinks that it was a personal crime, too. They talk about him being a degenerate gambler and owes money in regards to business debts. Callas tells them to check into if the mob had any stake in the restaurants. She tells them that she got a pre-requisite letter from the chief of detectives who also happens to be a baseball fan. She says that there is nothing like death for a comeback.

Stevens provides the information of investors and says that she doesn't think that any of them has a mob connection despite three of them having surnames that are Italian of origin. She says that none of them are in the offenders database. She does say that three of them are connected to the victim as they went to school together. The people named are the three men that were with him the night that he died. Nichols gets a phone call and they found his car. They went to Duffy's bar and his car is there. He said that he knew him but he didn't see him the night before. Nichols notes his high alcohol level and the bar owner says that based on the way he parked, he was probably already intoxicated. Stevens asks for charge slips and he goes and gets them. He tells them at eleven pm there are pretty much regulars but there were a couple of men he didn't know. He said that one table had men that were in dirty work clothes and the other table of guys he didn't know looked just like regular guys. He then gives them the victim's bills and IOU's. He says he never hounded him and let him drink. Nichols tells him he was a hell of a friend.

Nichols gives a theory that the victim had a feeling the meeting wasn't going to be a good one so he probably got drunk beforehand so that he could muster the courage to go there. He says that he was so drunk he couldn't even park and they clearly met out there and he never gets inside. He asks for tire tracks to be done out there and the woman says that there has been a lot of traffic. Nichols tells her to just do it anyway. Nichols theorizes that it was someone he knew and trusted. They go to talk to the car salesman. He tells him that it was a shock because they were close and went to high school together. He says that they also were on the same baseball team. He tells them that he was happy when he made majors and even went to every game. He tells Nichols and Stevens that when he tanked it hurt all of them because they staked the money in his business after that. He was good at first but it was clear that they were all going to lose their shirts. They ask if there was a falling out and he said that there wasn't. Nichols asks how he hurt his hand and he says it was a PT Cruiser with a faulty hood latch.

The detectives go to talk to the dean and he tells them that they were going into a new venture with him and he kept them waiting. Stevens asks what the new venture was and he told them that it was autographs. He was going to sell autographs online. He said it wasn't a bad idea but the victim wasn't the guy to do business with. Nichols asks about the photos all over the his wall of past winners of a educational contest. Nichols notes that they are all good looking boys and the dean tells him that he thinks so, too. The doctor walks out of surgery and calls someone and says that he was in surgery and asks what is going on. The doctor meets up with the dean and they say that next the police will be talking to his wife at his house. The doctor says that he is going to get a lawyer and the dean says that they can't do that because the lawyer will try to cut a deal. He says that he knows neither of them did it but they can't be accused either. He says that they must stick together. He tells him about the fact that he told the detectives about the autograph venture. He tells him to hang in there because they are not rocket scientists and he is far smarter than they are.

The detectives go to talk to the doctor. He tells them that when the bar went down what he told all of the materials in the bar sold for seemed less than what they believed what it was sold for. He said that they were angry and they all went home. Nichols catches him in a lie and asks if he saw the victim drive off. The doctor tells him that he didn't and he left before he did. He says that for all he knew he went back in for a drink. Stevens ask him if he has ever been married and he says no and asks her why. She tells him that those are the kind of details a married man gets straight before he goes home and lies to his wife.

The detectives watch the funeral. Everyone there is throwing flowers. They note that Ron Robins puts a ball in his grave. Then they notice that the Dean's wife is more upset than anyone else and think she could have been the victim's type. They also note that the three men really do do everything together as they gather together. Nichols goes to talk to Robins and tells him putting the ball in his grave was a nice touch. Robins tells him that he also made sure his wife put the number 48 bat in there as well as dressed him right for the casket--cap and everything. Nichols tells him that that was the right thing to do and Robins goes on his way. Nichols says that based on how the Dean's wife is grieving she may want to share. He goes to talk to the dean and Stevens goes to talk to his wife. She asks if they were close and she says that all of them were close once. She tells her that it was a lot like a funeral that they all attended twenty two years ago and it has gotten to her. Stevens asks how they all met and she said they met in high school. While she is pouring her heart out her husband and his friends are walking towards her. She tells her that her brother was friends with them in high school and there was a silly club called the "hard guys". Her husband, the dean, interrupts and tells her that she has a murder to solve and to go solve it.

Stevens updates Nichols and he wonders who funeral she was talking about. She tells him that that was when "Mr. Congeniality" came to the rescue. He says that they would have been in high school twenty two years ago. They do research and Stevens says she hated high school. Nichols says that he didn't hate it. They find information on the person who died and it was Thomas Reynolds. Nichols figures out that the dean is married to his sister. Nichols reads that the dean and Tom were "inseparable buddies". Stevens finds out how he died and it was due to him drinking and drowning in the lake. They read the witness statements and the doctor, baseball player, dean, and car salesman all were the witnesses. They talk about the bonding affect due to tragedy and Nichols says it is a major problem if the bond falls apart. They tell Callas that they think that they may have drowned Thomas and lied about it. They say that the stories were all very neatly in sync just like the stories they are telling about the victim's murder. Stevens says if they are lying now they probably lied twenty two years ago. Nichols wants to bring them in together and Callas asks how that is going to work if they already locked down their story. They are going to mix them up and see who cracks. Nichols says that the toughest may be the dean and the weakest would be the person that feels the most remorse and fear.

The car salesman and the dean meet up and the dean manipulates and lies to him. He tells the car salesman that they were harassing his wife. The car salesman says that he never told her anything about the situation and the dean tells him that the gist is they are definitely building a case against him. They think that he was with the victim the night of the murder. The car salesman asks how they would do that and the dean tells him that he doesn't know how and says that that is what they told his wife. The dean tells him that they must have gotten the DNA from the cuts on his hands from fighting with him. The car salesman tells him that he is going to need a top attorney and he doesn't have the money for that. The dean says he can't help him but the salesman says that he isn't going broke because he married into money. Then he says that Tom's death worked out well for him. The car salesman reminds him that he said that they were in this together and that they would stick together. The dean says that the cops already know he did it and the car salesman says that nobody said that. The dean tells him that they aren't going to be as frank as he is being with him right now but he knows he did it just like he pushed Tom. The car salesman says that is crazy that they all pushed him. The dean tells him that that is not how he remembers it or how the other's remember it. The car salesman is upset because they decided to throw him under the bus. The dean tells him that they will have to testify that he has anger issues and the car salesman tells him that he is not going down for it.

The car salesman tells the secretary to hold his calls and pulls out a gun and looks over his show room. He starts crying and then kills himself. Nichols brings the picture of him and tells Callas about the suicide. He says that there is no sign of a struggle so it is not a stretch that he would have done it himself. He also tells them that he would like to see the rest of the five guys brought in. He wants to start with the doctor as he is the remaining weakest link. They interrogate the doctor and he says that in the interest of the respect for the salesman's and baseball player's memory they should drop the case all together. They bring up Thomas and they say that they think the ghost of him is haunting them. He calls it long simmering guilt. The doctor tells them that they all got drunk, Tom got more drunk, and he did something stupid. Stevens asks if he encouraged him to swim in a freezing cold river and the doctor tells them that they should have jumped on him and held him down. He says that it broke their hearts but it was no one's fault.

The dean walks into the room and he asks what this is as he agreed to be interviewed but no one said that the doctor would be there. They ask him if it makes a difference and he tells them it is fine and they should get it over with. Nichols tells him that they are talking about Thomas Reynolds. Nichols shows the dean a picture of him and says that he looks sensitive, sweet, gentle. He asks what he was doing mixing it up with the "hard guys". Nichols asks if they missed the double entendre and the dean said that they were kids and of course they liked the double entendre. Nichols tells them that sometimes when boys want to be tough it is because they feel a tug in the opposite direction. He asks the dean if the feelings he ever felt for Tom confused or worried him. The dean didn't like his line of questioning and said he was going to walk out. Stevens asks the dean if he really wants the doctor to be questioned without him. The dean tells the doctor that he warned him about this. That they always go this way to manipulate. The dean says that neither of them are under any obligation and can just leave. The doctor tells him that they have figured out him and Tom. Nichols asks if the dean is a control freak and then asks if he always was. The doctor confirms it.

Nichols asks if he Tom died in sin. The dean says that it was an accident. Stevens tells him that there is no need to feel hopeless about an accident or feel bad about it. She says especially if the situation was very personal between them. That would of course weigh heavily on him. Nichols asks if he married Tom's sister because he wanted to possess the last piece of Tom Reynolds. Stevens says that maybe you could love him in the female form. Nichols tells him that he thinks that they are all trying to atone for that night. He says to the doctor that he fixes heart, isn't his still broken? They say that they studied the old case and know it wasn't like they told them. The doctor breaks and says that maybe it is time so he tells them the truth. He tells them that there was a ritual they did if someone wanted to be a hard guy. He says they got drunk and made him swim in the river. The dean says that they all did it in defense and the doctor says they all did it in October, not February when they made Tom do it. Tom was worried and said he might not make it. The doctor admits to killing Tom Reynolds. The dean asks why he is doing this and the doctor tells him it is because he is tired.

The doctor tells them that the dean told him that Tom raped him when he was passed out. They all got drunk and chased Tom and made him swim for it. Tom said he had to come back but then he drowned. Nichols asks if it was rape or if it was consensual and the dean tells him that they didn't break the law. Nichols tells him that the baseball player was about to reveal what happened and it would have ruined everything that he honors and worked for. The doctor says that they had seen him but he did not kill him. He tells them that the baseball player was in no condition to drive so he drove him home. He told him not to screw with them and he looked at him so sadly and that was the last time he saw him. The dean says that he is done and that there is nothing he can prove and walks out. Anne was there the whole time watching and she walks away. He tells her that he just wanted to spare her. She asks if he wanted to spare her from knowing what she has always felt which was that he never desired her. Or spare her from knowing what he did to Tom?

Callas says that they may have solved a twenty year old case but it doesn't help the case at hand. They want to know who is hiding what. Nichols says that they are going to go to Staten Island and retrace the steps. Stevens asks what Nichols' hunch is. He is vague about it and they go back to the victim's house. They look up and she is exercising on the treadmill infront of the window. They realize that he looked up and saw her but wonder if he is in a pool of light--why she didn't see him. They ask her why she didn't see him. She says she guesses she took a break and they ask if they can take a quick look around. They notice that there is one bat missing and she says it got buried with him. She says that if she had seen him she may have seen him she may have thought about how she was supposed to be living better than she is and how she couldn't stand one more day rotting in her house. The detectives bring up that they know about the blackmail from Tom Reynolds being killed. She said that she had no idea. Stevens says that it must have sucked when he lost. The wife says that she was pissed watching him losing again and again. She says that it was her right. Nichols says that she must have followed him to the park and hit him with the bat. She says he can't prove anything and he tells her that he can. Steven explains that they can exhume the body and also that she picked the wrong bat because number 48 is still in the casing. Nichols says that when his teammate got on her for not burying him with his favorite bat she used the one she hit him with instead. The wife begins to cry and sits on the steps and asks why she had to suffer for the death of Tom Reynolds? She said that he kept failing and he thought that he deserved to fail due to his guilt. She told him to prove he was a man and try to get money off of the rest of the "hard guys". She says that with all the money they had they could have paid off easily. She then says that the victim didn't "have the balls". She saw him sitting out there broken and she knew he failed again and she just lost it. The wife is taken out in handcuffs.